TOUS Reopens @ Harbour City

TOUS reopens its new store in Harbour City and translates the brand’s posh and elegant image through the pink, white and black color combination with an accent of grey to enhance the ethereal and euphoric ambience. The new store features clear and open display windows that are so inviting that encourage customers to feel and try the exquisite products of TOUS which are of the highest of quality from design, handcrafted processes and the use of precious materials including sterling silver, 18K gold, cultured pearls and diamonds.  Besides jewellery, TOUS has other collections including watches, apparel, shoes, handbags, sunglasses, perfume and stationery. All collections are stamped with TOUS famous Osito teddy bear. 


TOUS was established in 1920 in BarcelonaSpain as a watch maker and evolved into a jeweller. In 1950, the jeweller store was taken over by Salvador Tous, the second generation of the family and started designing unique and inspirational jewellery pieces for their customers. Today, TOUS has become a leading Spanish lifestyle and fashion brand which prides itself on strictly following its own beliefs of engaging 100% of all its resources to create pieces that are fun, Mediterranean-inspired, stylish, practical and easy to wear. TOUS defines “beauty” with features that go beyond reason and has exemplified this philosophy through their innovative and intelligent creations.

TOUS is still a family-run business today and is spearheaded by the four daughters of the Tous-Oriol couple: Alba, Rosa, Laura and Marta. Being the oldest daughter of the couple and the third generation of the family, Alba Tous Oriol as the President and Chairwoman of the company has been the major force driving the internationalization of the brand.