《6 Minutes @ Tomo Kudo》

Japanese Ramen invasion have been quite overwhelmed in Hong Kong recently, everyone claims that they have their best either on their new invention or stay close with the passed on tradition, whether it is the secret broth base recipe, the home made noodles or the sliced thin piece of pork or better known as "Char Siu". With more than 60 branches worldwide, IPPUDO set foot in Hong Kong on 18th July 2011, a year later, second store is now opened in Admiralty by popular demand. Tomo Kudo, Senior Operation Manager talks to mylifestylenews the brand history and the way to enjoy a bowl of good ramen......
The first IPPUDO was opened on 16 October 1985 from the ramen capital, Hakata (Fukuoka) in Kyushu, Japan. Since then, it has  become the most popular ramen restaurant in Japan. Its founder, Shigemi Kawahara, was crowned Ramen King  in 2005 and holds a place in the Ramen Hall of Fame after winning the championship three times in a row between 1995-1998 (one of the highest awards achievement for Japanese Gourmet) , on "TV Champion Ramen Chef", a reputable Japanese television produced by TV Tokyo.

IPPUDO's vision is "To continuously innovate to remain true", we aims to offer an authentic Japanese ramen to our customers by integrating fresh and quality ingredients, authentic Japanese cooking methods and the ramen production and secret soup recipes for a fusion and innovative taste to redefine the authenticity of ramen.
A bowl of good ramen shall begins with the broth, that determines the ramen quality standard. The traditional way to enoy a bowl of good ramen being served when it arrive on the table before adding any other spices on to it, first you must have a spoon full by sipping the broth to taste its originality. From that impression, you may begin to add  the spices provided on the table like sesame (grounded or whole grain), chili oil and even by asking for more spring onion according to your very own preference.
Then it comes to the noodle's texture. Traditionally, the ramen chef will cook the noodle to a semi-hard thickness in order to provide the chewiness texture, while delivering the noodle into your mouth, making the slurping sound doesn't mean that is impolite but to show how much you are actually enjoying the ramen.
It is then followed by tasting the slice of Char Siu, the flavour of the marinated meat determines how much effort a ramen chef were made besides just looking after his secret recipe broth. That's another skill to show how an experience a ramen chef should be.
These 3 little steps are the basic ways to enjoy a good bowl of ramen, the broth, the noodle and the slice of Char Siu, of course, not forgetting to enjoy it while it is still hot. A bowl of good ramen soup shall not leave you feeling even thirsty and craving for more water to dilute the taste but to remain the after taste with its great flavour from the broth.

IPPUDO's Tonkotsu ramen broth is created using an elaborate cooking process with different parts of pork bones, giving it a rich and creamy flavour tailored to customers' tastes all over the world.
We have branches in New York and other Asia cities, the westerners and some other Asian customers may not understand and know how to differentiate the different broths to go with different ramen production.
To some of them, a broth is a broth, what we could do is we possess different levels of thickness in accordance with Hakata traditions, while IPPUDO's secret recipe gives them a uniquely crunchy and springy texture and innovative taste.
Every ramen chef has their own version of producing a good bowl of ramen by using the technique they were taught and that creates so many different style of cooking by providing more variation in terms of choosing your own favorites.
IPPUDO's named after Aka (Red) and Shiro (White) which has become an industry standard, and adopted by many other ramen restaurants.

Besides what we do best in ramen production, to ensure its highest quality, hospitable service, attention to detail, and unique ambience are as important to provide an exquisite and delightful ramen dining experience for its customers throughout the world.

《adidas X SHINE AGAIN Eyewear》

adidas presents <SHINE AGAIN> 10 years anniversary concept recently by featuring 2 pairs of limited edition adidas Originals Collection sunglasses with the name "Shine Again" on the side of the frame. The adidas Originals sunglasses collection is creating a stir,  inspired by the exceptional design of the 80’s metal sunglasses striking and eye-catching at all costs - adidas Originals are the shades for 2012. It is a  hit with the rock and hip hop stars from the onset.

《MCM FW2012 @ Munich Wildlife Ad Campaign》

MCM FW2012 advertising campaign communicates the empowering emotion of the brand by translating the brand’s DNA as well. The elegant campaign captures a sophisticated woman with a strong and a wildly empowered attitude. Unveiling rich new shapes and colors, the FW2012 collection pays tribute to all women that pioneered their own world with an untamed spirit. The advertising campaign was shot by the renowned Australian photographer Emma Summerton who worked for various international magazine with top model Patrycja Gardygajlo presents the new MCM FW2012 with signature bags for the campaign.

《VERSACE New Fragrance @ Yellow Diamond》

Versace new fragrance Yellow Diamond is the new luxury fragrance by Versace. It is as pure as sunlight, an extraordinary bright hue that radiates with a fiery intensity, sparkling the way that only a diamond can. It is a pure sensuality, pure transparency, pure light: once more an authentic jewel of rare beauty unveiled in a fresh and vivid floral perfume; a new, captivating and voluptuous fragrance of true femininity, confident in her charm, in harmony with the unmistakable glamour of Versace.
The fragrance unveils like a burst of light, gleaming and glistening. The crystalline luminosity of citron from Diamante the generous freshness of a pear sorbet fused amongst sparkling notes of bergamot and dynamic accents of neroli. The rare elegance of orange blossom shines through the light of freesia and mimosa and the natural transparency of nymphea. The sensuality of ambery woods the sunny and vibrant character of palo santo wood the refined presence of musk.
The bottle is a unique creation, the luxury of clean geometry. A design of timeless elegance, an exquisite modern piece of unrivalled beauty. Essential lines, precisely placed facets to maximize colour and brilliance. The very elegant and faceted crystal cap seals a bouquet of extreme pureness. Cut as a real diamond, it creates amazing effects and games of light. The design of the box is inspired by a characteristic baroque Versace decoration, a very sumptuous and refined dress for the most rare and desired jewel. The shades of colour range from pale to vivid yellow. The logo in sparkling blue, almost electric, stands out on the front in stunning contrast.
The Advertising Campaign was shot in Paris by Mario Testino with the creative direction of Donatella Versace, the advertising campaign for Versace Yellow Diamond shows the Australian top model Abbey Lee Kershaw. Infinite beauty reflects itself in the transparency of a diamond and radiates all around beams of crystalline light. A bright, ethereal and luminous image. The rarity of a ray of sunshine that reveals a new sensorial dimension.

《Naomi Watts Wears TOD's》

Naomi Watts wore TOD’S Gommini in black leather while on the set of her new film <Diana> in which she plays the lead role of the late Princess Diana.


LEONARD FW2012/13 @ Heartbreak Hotel Collection

LEONARD FW2012/13 Heartbreak Hotel Collection are based on Leonard's signature look, black jersey dresses with very long sleeves are stamped with paisley patterns, a symbol of the house alongside the orchid. A plant made of crystals embroidered on muslin illuminates the black of a leather jacket embossed with cherry blossoms, while denim pieces coated in Japanese lacquer remind us of the fashion house's heritage.


 Far from fading into the background, each element comes into its own.And so new concepts are formed: the marble and mouldings of the Haussman-style company headquarters embellish a gabardine 'Qipao' dress and jacquard tuxedo trousers shot through with silver thread, with the famous Leonard band on the sides. The collection also features bejewelled cuffs. The pieces are tied together by the use of Asia as a source of inspiration. Highly sculpted "Pagoda" shoulders and a Mao collar lend structure to an Osaka fabric jacket, typical of Leonard.Several details of a Japanese print adorn short dresses. One is covered by a veil of grey trompe l'oeil organza lining, the other, which features leather facings, contrasts with a black coat.


The fabrics chosen give the impression of giant painted frescoes. Jerseys are printed with Japanese-style flowers and birds reminiscent of the veins of marble. Dripping with pearls, a bolero in silver fox fur accentuates the contours of the flowers which travel down the length of a Mao collared blouse and skirt. Asian imagery appears everywhere - the belt of a geisha dress, the drape of an imperial robe, a stark and edgy take on a Coptic motif. The leathers have a metallic shimmer, a band based on the mouldings breaks up the black and golden jacquard, the pencil skirts are slit.


Unconventional references lend movement to the material.  On cashmere, lilies are edged with beige leather. The moulding band moves along the different angles, revealing an infinite array of facets. A burgundy muslin, which is both transparent and opaque, is striated by gabardine or inlaid with leather.


Then, like a musical cycle drawing to a close, the bright colours fade, a sweater marbled in grey and a black jacquard resurfaces.  Between the French elegance of Leonard and the neo-sophistication of Maxime Simoëns, a mermaid dress, scattered with sparkling trees, sinks little by little into the night.