To almost everyone's favorite super hero Superman return to the giant screen as the <Man of Steel> has certainly provided enough exhilarating action (perhaps a little too much, almost non-stop and need a breather) that would surely hit the generic blockbuster territory. This "prequel" of Superman's movie opens plenty wide eyes for his fans who thought they know their super hero well enough over the past decades until the <Man of Steel> unveiled more of his real identities, one of which that the man of steel, Henry Cavill is one of the first super Heroes that is played a non American actor. Do not expect the light and sweet neighborhood guy of hero (perhaps it will begin at the end of the film after Clark Kent has himself a job at the Planet). This reboot from a top-to-bottom, re-imaged of our already known superman need no approval from its audiences. With Christopher Nolan's produced version of dark and bitter heroes, the man of steel and the new and trendy costume (with no red underwear) inclusive. 
The 2013 version is bigger, darker and more violent and not particularly funny or sweet. One thing for sure is that you won't get bored by seeing the CG action here as everything was moving too fast, the power of speed were enormous with lots of damages on earth until you do not have a moment to think but to run for your life. However, this larger than life film was very well made and truly entertaining with its on going sci-fi action. Cavill's version of superman is rather handsome and natch but still something is missing in him, perhaps it was the less approachable and friendly face on screen projected to the superhero's likable fans.

Miloš Karadaglić @ Latino Gold

Montenegro born Milos Karadaglic first studied guitar at the age of 8 in his home and at 14, Karadaglic was invited to play at a concert hall in Paris and later traveled to Italy to meet classical guitarist David Russell, who advised him to enroll at the Royal Academy of Music in London. At 17, Karadaglic left Montenegro for England and graduated from the Royal Academy of Music with honors and went on to earn a masters in Performance as well as the Ivor Mairants Awards and the Julian Bream Prize among other accolades. A guitar virtuoso of a new generation and  following his debut <Mediterraneo>, Karadaglic released <Latino> in 2012 and <Latino Gold> is his continuation showcasing his love of Latin music. This special edition features the original album plus approximately 20 minutes of newly recorded material including class Latin hits < Besame Mucho>, <Girl From Ipanema>, <Mas Que Nada> and <Somos Novios> with new arrangements. Guita occupies such a central place in the music and culture of Latin America, Karadaglic heard sounds that moved him, saw places that impressed him and met people that inspired him, the aim for <Latino Gold> rhythm and style adds new tones and colours to the repertoire that has become such a big part of his musical life. 

JUE YAO @ Tchaikovsky Mendelssohn Violin Concertos

After having high hopes that these artists would surprise me with their artistry for some unknowns, this recording is rather disappointing. To be honest, we are not familiar with Jue Yao despite her technique shows some merit on occasion. However, during some of the showpiece sections in the first movement of the Tchaikovsky, she does not always hit the right notes and one gets the impression that she and the conductor are not at one with the music. To add to this scenario, the orchestra is very ragged around the edges at times, to the point of sounding perfunctory. It is a shame that such recordings are being produced, when there is not a collective outcome to present something special. The slow movement fairs better, given the tempo gives the artists time to enjoy the line, but once things move up a level in the finale, intonation becomes a problem again. Any attempt at interpretation is lost with such average to poor musicianship. The Mendelssohn begins with a more impassioned opening from all concerned, but quickly lacks any striking voice of decisive interpretation. Jue Yao sounds at times like a student going through the motions of technical exercise.  

Reviewed by : Mark I.



<Epic> is a magical and beautifully made 3D CG animated adventure comedy and crafted with enough flair to make for solid family entertainment. It hasn't let us down after watching the trailer for overed a year on TV and various social medias.  <Epic> allow us to explore and see what we don't usually pay attention to the living of a fantastical world unlike any other. <Epic> tells the story of an ongoing battle between the forces of good, who keep the natural world alive and the forces of evil who wish to destroy it. When a teenage girls finds herself magically transported into this secret universe, she teams up with an elite band of warriors and a crew of comical, larger-than-life figures to save their world.  There are some really good voice/cast led by the characters played. Beyonce Knowles as the Queen Tara, Colin Farrell as her captain of the guard Ronin, Josh Hutcherson as the youngster Nod, Amanda Seyfried as MK Mary Katherine and the bad guy played by Christoph Waltz as the malevolent Mandrake. Credits has to be given to film director Chris Wedge ( Ice Age) for making something relatively original ( based on a book by William Joyce) instead of recycling the same old pretty princess stories. <Epic> is a well-made youth oriented adventure film with excellent execution.

The Hangover III

This time, you don't need to get drunk (actually the end credit did) to make a mess of your life and there is no flash back for what damage was done. The epic finale to <The Hangover> trilogy has finally come to an end with no wedding, no party and no hangover and yet with with sober mind. Unfortunately it is less a comedy than an angrily dark action thriller and offers nothing compelling by ending it. Mr. Chow (Ken Jeong) became the highlight of the film instead of their messy pals and what happened in Vegas, stayed in Vegas and best end in Vegas, <The Hangover III> made that happens to conclude the dramatic and formulaic pick-up-the-pieces story structure. It is simply too straight forward and lazy plots built for such comedy with excessive violent The longer you hang out with these guys, the less fun they are to be with and this is one of the best ways to find a hole in the desert to bury this. That goodness, the hangover is finally overed.


MIKIMOTO @ 120th Anniversary Perpetuating Perfection With Pearls

 In 1893, Kokichi Mikimoto, founder of the company, produced the world’s first cultured pearl and was determined to grace the refined beauty of women with pearls. For 120 years, driven by its passion for lasting beauty, MIKIMOTO has been telling lyrical stories with luster pearls, each a miracle created by nature that best represents the graceful femininity of women.
 Celebrating this important year, MIKIMOTO proudly presents five masterpieces of the 120th Anniversary Collection, including a delicate necklace consisting of 120 pieces of 12mm South Sea pearls. Another necklace collection perfect for adorning daily looks and “A World of Creativity” Collection inspired by the power of water is also unveiled.
The truly original necklace with 120 pieces of 12mm South Sea pearls and the 4.2cm pendant paved with dazzling diamonds is elegant and sleek, portraying a future full of dreams and hopes. 
Water is the source of life. Inspired by this powerful element, “A World of Creativity” Collection perfectly blends the beauty of nature and the glamour of pearls. Cascading pearls and diamonds shine like the mysterious yet fascinating shooting stars. The chain adorned with pearls of the choker can serve as a link lock or pendant to complement different looks and moods.
A long strand of pearls is the perfect choice for a casual look or dressed up style. The exquisite bow adds a touch of gracious liveliness. Wear it as a single strand or double strands to showcase your unique personality.
MIKIMOTO’s catalogue “Pearl” recorded the history and culture of jewellery from the Meiji period to the Showa period, allowing collectors to have a better understanding of the classic styles and the design concepts. In 1923, the catalogue featured a pearl necklace for the first time. As celebrating the 120th anniversary of the invention of cultured pearls, MIKIMOTO revisits this classic piece and presents a modern interpretation to commemorate the key milestone. The exquisitely carved clasp and pearls arranged in size gradations manifest a timeless and harmonious beauty.

MIKIMOTO High Jewellery Collection (Rose Garden) Inspired by the romantic rose garden, lustrous South Sea black and golden cultured pearls are juxtaposed with sparkling diamonds, portraying the alluring beauty of roses in the most dazzling way. The White Bouquet uses the South Sea and Akoya pearls and diamonds set in different heights create a lively, structural design that celebrates the miraculous power of nature.

Matthew Goode X HOGAN @ AW2013/14 Ad Campaign

HOGAN announced Matthew Goode as their AW2013/14 ad campaign new face. The campaign shot by photographer Nathaniel Goldberg features Goode in a scenic home setting of distinctive charm. Goode's intense magnetism and talent together with Goldberg's artistic flair give all the shots a modern sophistication that perfectly translates into Hogan's unique contemporary lifestyle in distinguished accessories of great quality and laid-back elegance.
"What I like about Hogan is it elegance and timeless as well as casual and that goes with everything." Says Goode.

PRADA UOMO @ FW2013 Ad Campaign

 PRADA Menswear FW2013 Ad Campaign is an exercise in artful simplicity cut through with a dash of humor. Inspired by the irreverent world of 60s New Wave cinema, three actors, Christoph Waltz, Ben Whishaw and Ezra Miller, are the protagonists in a drama of wit and enigma. Renowned photographer David Sims captures the stars in a stylised interior populated with geometric furniture, designed by OMA for Knoll, borrowed from ‘The Ideal House’ conceived by OMA for the Prada FW2013 fashion show. 
The characters wait, caught in anticipation within a set of clashing references, colors and emotion. Each actor plays a distinct role, creating a trio of characters who bring their individual points of view and style to the collection. Christoph Waltz’s character evokes a studied sense of elegance, Ben Whishaw presents an alternative carefree charm and Ezra Miller brings a youthful air of mystery. For FW2013 Prada introduces a duality of wit and style at the heart of the modern man’s attitude to dressing.

2008 Penfolds Grange Scores 100 Points

2008 Penfolds Grange has received a 100 point score from one of the world’s leading wine magazines, America’s Wine Spectator. Published by Marvin R. Shanken, Wine Spectator awarded the 2008 Grange a perfect score, as reviewed by Editor-at-Large Harvey Steiman, and also awarded a further ten Penfolds wines scores of 90 points or higher. Penfolds managed the early-ripening Shiraz from precious older, lower-yielding, self-regulating vines. Rigorous harvesting and meticulous classification resulted in a swag of pristine fruit from Penfolds prime vineyards in the Barossa, McLaren Vale and Coonawarra. The deep colors, superb aromatics and dense ripe tannins all point to a classic Penfolds vintage. Penfolds Grange has a long history of excellence since its inception by creator, Max Schubert in 1951 (experimental vintage). Originally criticised by wine experts at the time, Penfolds Grange gained acceptance when the 1955 vintage was awarded Gold Medals at international and local wine competitions. Unlike any wine of its time, it changed the face of the Australian wine industry and went on to become a National Trust heritage listed wine.
Peter Gago, Penfolds Chief Winemaker said: “this is a wonderful and timely result for our winemaking and viticulture teams. This acknowledgement endorses the continued and impressive work undertaken in our own vineyards as well as the dedication and commitment of our ‘Grange Growers’.” Harvey Steiman states about the 2008 Grange: “An utterly majestic Shiraz, sleek and seamless, brimming with ripeness on a framework that allows for grace and expressiveness in equal measure.  The intensity of fresh blueberry and plum fruit holds attention until the nuances kick in, offering glints of exotic spice, coffee, cocoa, bay leaf and mint.  Shows tremendous presence without a lot of weight, the tannins present but not even close to getting in the way.  A great wine now with plenty of room to grow. Drink now through 2040.” The review appeared in the June 12, 2013, issue of Wine Spectator Insider.

SAINT LAURENT @ 2013 Eyewear

SAINT LAURENT 2013 eyewear BOLD 2 Unisex sunglasses in acetate with unique 7-barrel hinge and metal “CORNER SAINT LAURENT” detail on the upper front profile. Colours: transparent light grey with brown lenses, brown with grey lenses, dark havana with shaded grey lenses and black with brown lenses. 
CLASSIC 3 Unisex oversized wellington soft square-shaped sunglasses in acetate with metal “CORNER SAINT LAURENT” detail on the upper front profile. Colours: honey with brown lenses, dark horn with brown lenses, black with brown lenses and dark Havana with grey lenses.
CLASSIC 13 Men’s vintage-inspired sunglasses in steel with BARBERINI glass lenses. Colours: gloss black with brown lenses, rose gold with blue lenses and palladium / pink gold with grey lenses.
CLASSIC 4 Unisex wellington soft square-shaped retro-inspired optical frame in acetate with metal “CORNER SAINT LAURENT”detail on the upper front profile. Colours: dark green, dark grey, havana and black.