jax coco Coconut Water @ Just Got Cooler

jax coco Coconut Water Just Got Cooler. This stylish, 100% pure coconut water is sourced
directly from the Philippines and is the world’s first pure coconut water to be packaged in premium glass bottles. Jax Coco’s bottles and tetrapaks now landed in Hong Kong's major supermarkets as well as top bars, eateries and hotels. Liz Hurley and Sophie Ellis-Bextor can’t stop tweeting about it, music legend Elton John is a co-owner and Stella McCartney’s husband Alasdhair Willis designed the chic glass bottle packaging. Sold internationally from Sydney to London, New York to Singapore, Jax Coco is truly a lifestyle brand that promotes a healthy and positive way of life and the brand has close ties to fashion, music and art.
Jax Coco is produced from the finest coconuts in the Philippines. The coconuts are cracked, emptied and the water is micro-filtered to ensure a fresh and smooth taste. With no added sugar or sweeteners, coconut water is packed full of essential electrolytes including: Magnesium, Sodium, Phosphorous, Potassium and Calcium. It contains Lauric acid, which supports the immune system removing toxins and increasing the digestive tract's ability to absorb nutrients. Interestingly coconut water shares the same electrolytic balance as human blood and it is the ultimate hydration for the body whether at work or play. Naturally free from fat, gluten, cholesterol and preservatives, coconut water is low in calories-  a 200ml glass contains just 36-48 calories (nearly half the amount of orange juice). “Jax Coco is more than just a health or sports drink,” says co-founder Jane Gottschalk and mum of four. “It’s important to us to promote the exceptional benefits of coconut water and show how it transcends into all aspects of daily life."

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