agnès b. DÉLICES @ 12 Brand New Signature Handmade Praline Chocolates

agnès b. DÉLICES introduces 12 brand new flavors of our handmade Praline Chocolate, the signature French chocolate bonbon comprises of different flavors that are so chic, elegant and deliciously irresistible. The <Banana Milk Chocolate> consists of sweet banana fruit puree with silky smooth milk chocolate makes it a perfect harmonious match with delicate texture. <Blueberry Cheese Milk Chocolate> comes with the fresh sour-sweetness of blueberries sauce and the unique aroma of cream cheese is the chocolate version of blueberry cheesecake for your indulgence. The <Cherry Milk Chocolate> delight your appetite with creamy milk chocolate filled with sour-sweet cherry puree added with sprinkles of dried cherry to enhance to the chocolate’s heavenly flavor.
The <Wasabi Sesame Milk Chocolate> is surely a creative chocolate adventure that spice up your taste buds with wasabi and chewy whole sesame seeds that gives a little Japanese twist to French praline. <Blonde Ganache Dark Chocolate> is surely a heavenly pleasure for all chocolate lovers. The <Crispy Rice Dark Chocolate> is the tempting snack that cheers up your day! Dark chocolate filled with crispy rice and hazelnut paste giving it a burst of irresistible aroma. <Double Ganache Dark Chocolate> is a double layers of luscious 40% and 64% dark chocolate ganache that guarantee multiple exquisite cocoa experiences. <Gianduja Hazelnut Dark Chocolate> comes with aromatic milk gianduja paste and hazelnut is a delicious chocolate creation that is fabulously smooth in texture. 
The <Peru Ganache Dark Chocolate> made from single origin 70% content cocoa from Peru, the finest quality dark chocolate ganache that presents wonderful flowery cocoa experience to chocolate lovers <Raspberry Violet Dark Chocolate> is a heavenly violet fragrance with a hint of sour-sweet raspberry, this dark chocolate gives you the flower blossom fantasy. <Tropical Fruits Dark Chocolate> have a relaxing treat with this dark chocolate praline filled with mango, banana and passion fruit that gives a tropical enjoyment - the marvelous combination of sweet fruits and the <Vanilla Coffee Dark Chocolate> is a temping blend of vanilla, Italian coffee bean and dark chocolate that is so creamy and almost latte-like – a luxurious daily treat for chocolate lovers!

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