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A true food connoisseur should know of the legendary French Chef Paul Bocuse for his and his family contribution to the culinary world of a long line being a cook dating back to the 17th century that brought classical French culinary art to a rare pinnacle of perfection while promoting the prestige of French cuisine throughout the world. It is hardly an exaggeration to say that in the landscape of today’s French cuisine, as in gastronomy in general, there is a “Before Bocuse” and an “After Bocuse." influence. Being one Michelin-Star Legend Paul Bocuse’s Protégés,  Gilles Reinhardt made an appearance at H one recently by preparing an unforgettable taste of Lyon in his learnt culinary skill inherited from his master to many other food admirers of Paul Bocuse's legendary classic French cuisine. mylifestylenews talks to Gilles Reinhardt from the guest table......

I am the protégé of Paul Bocuse and the executive chef of Bocuse’s three Michelin stars restaurant L'Auberge du Pont de Collonges

I first started working in Paul Bocuse restaurant in 1997, I worked from Commis de Cuisine to Chef de Cuisine in less than 3 years time, witnessing the gourmet mecca gaining the Michelin star every year. 

I was also worked for another Michelin Starred restaurant ‘Les Crayeres’ in 1999 but I returned to Paul Bocuse in 2000, and has worked in other regions for a wider exposure to different cuisines. 

I frequently participated in different prestigious culinary competitions and I was awarded the  winner of Coq Saint-Honore Trophy Paris in 2002 and earned the eminent and essential title of Meilleur Ouvrier de France (Best Craftsman of France) at Toulouse in 2004.

My master and my mentor Monsieur Paul Bocuse is now 86 years old and he is a legend in Classic French Culinary who stunned and shaped the culinary landscape with essential credits gained around the world, including being awarded ‘Best Craftsman of the Year’ in Meilleur Ourier de France Competition and being elected as ‘Chef of the Century’ by the most influential French Restaurant Guide Gault et MIllau. 

Monsieur Paul Bocuse is still working in full swing every evening in his beloved L'Auberge du Pont de Collonge, which has been awarded three Michelin stars consecutively for more than 40 years. We had also expanded his culinary kingdom to the United States and Japan.

Lyon cooking is very rustic and never fancy, it is always like what your mother has cooked. We use a lot of pork, liver, fat, bladder, belly, intestine and most of the insides with stuffing to create our own gastronomic.

Every region has its own specialty and done it in their very own unique way, it differ from the traditional French restaurant dining and relaxing Bistro style.

For this visit to Hong Kong, we have prepared 2 different Lyon-inspired Paul Bocuse's menu for lunch and dinner at H One restaurant.

The 4-course lunch menu is a refreshing Lyon fare using abundance of fresh regional produce which reminds you of a classic Lyon bistro full of relaxing vibes. We have the choice of soup to start with the classic <Soupe aux Truffles VGE 1975>, Truffle Soup ELYSEE 1975 with Puff Pastry or the <Fine Soupe "Fontange" Jambon Bettota> Cold Pea Soup, “Bellota” Ham, Green Oil and Balsamic Vinegar.

It will then followed by the <Salade Lyonnaise> “Lyon Style” Garden Green Salad, Bacon, Chicken Liver and Red Wine Dressing. 

As for main course, it would be the <Saucisson Pistaché aux Lentilles du Puy,Sauce aux Aromes de Lard> Pistachio Pork sausage, Lentil Beans and Bacon Sauce or <La quenelle de Paul Bocuse> "Paul Bocuse Style” Scallop Dumpling and Lobster Sauce.

The dessert would be <Tarte a la Praline,Sorbet Fromage Blanc et Gelée de Citron Vert> Sesame Praline Tart, Cream Cheese Sorbet and Lime Jelly.

For dinner, it is a more sophisticated 8-course dinner menu, which captures some of the splendid dishes of Paul Bocuse’s three michelin stars restaurant L'Auberge du Pont de Collonges.

<Escalope de Foie Gras Chaud aux Agrumes> 
Pan Fried Duck Foie Gras, Poppy Seed, Citrus Fruit and Balsamic Vinegar 
 <Gratin de Homard Fernand Point> 
Lobster, Cognac, Spinach and Lobster Cream Sauce.

<Soupe aux Truffles de Foie Gras>
Truffle Beef Consommé, Foie Gras and Puff Pastry

<Gnocchetti de Saint Jacques Truffé,Beurre Blanc aux Herbes>
Truffle Scallop Gnocchi, Leek and Herb Butter Sauce

<Granité Tatin au Calvados>
Green Apple Sorbet and Calvados Wine

<Supreme de Pigeon Roti "Bourgeoise">
“Bourgeoise Style”Pan Roasted Pigeon
<Viennoise de Dorade au Chorizo,Fricassée D'asperges Verte et Morilles,
Sauce au Champagne Rose>
Sea Bream,Chorizo,Asparagus,Morelsand ChampagneSauce

<Plateau de Fromages Assortis>
Assorted Cheese Platter

<Tiramisu a la Pomme Verte>
Green Apple Ginger Tiramisu and Almond Crumble

<Paris Brest ,Crème Anglaise a la Pistache,Chocolat Chaud a la Noisette>
Pistachio Custard Tart and Hazelnut Chocolate Sauce
<Soupe aux Truffles VGE 1975>
<Salade Lyonnaise> & <Saucisson Pistaché aux Lentilles du Puy,Sauce aux Aromes de Lard> 
  <Tarte a la Praline,Sorbet Fromage Blanc et Gelée de Citron Vert>
Superb Wine Pairing from French Connoisseurs owners of the celebrated Vavro & Co la cave from Lyon with exclusive vintages brought directly from France. 

Working in three Michelin stars restaurant is always under a lot of pressure, there are a lot of things to be consider and to up keep the standard. The press and the guests are one of the major people that we have to face in every moment.

For a good concept of kitchen management, you need to have a lot of patient, keep your heart and mind open, learn to listen and learn from each day get think out of the box and see the world outside to give you more inspiration.

A 20 people team is a good size of managing a Michelin star restaurant.

Butter are cream, high quality items like lobster, fish (white fish),  foie gras are the ingredients and materials that I most use in my kitchen.

As a chef, I would like to keep staying on Paul Bocuse name, I learnt a lot from my master, I learnt how to be strict and discipline, that was what I have achieved for being a chef.

I try to make simple and comfort food when I am at home. When I go out, I like to eat fried chicken and and fries.

On this Hong Kong visit, I would like to go to Shanghai Street in Yau Ma Tei to source for kitchen material, I was told they have very good selection for getting almost everything you would need in the kitchen.

My favorite possession is my chef hat, and I always dream of my hat.

My ideal living lifestyle is to live in my dream and make it through and not being contradicted.
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* Special Thanks to H View Group @ the interview arrangement.

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