TIN LUNG HEEN - The Height of Cantonese Dining Refinement

It is almost like an experience to experience the dream by having the opportunity to savour one of the world's best and refined Cantonese cuisines with realistic excitement and a blissful world class gastronomy adventure. The dining experience at the two-star Michelin Tin Lung Heen in  The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong is the height of Cantonese dining refinement. mylifestylenews writes.

Located on the 102nd floor of the Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong, Tin Lung Heen sits atop of Kowloon’s International Commerce Centre and probably takes the prize for the highest Chinese restaurant dining in the world. The dining room is located one level below the main hotel lobby and occupies one side of the building with dramatic Victoria Harbour views out to the close lying islands just out of Central and parts of Kowloon.

Apart from the view, the interior design has some “WOW” elements as you are cosseted in a fine dining setting that has a sense of grandeur, due to the cathedral ceiling height with gigantic lantern lighting. The huge ‘library wall’ of decorative objet d’artlarge comfortable dining chairs and the elegant table tops setting goes well with the floor to ceiling wall of windows with bright and spacious seatings that create a seamless flow throughout the entire dining space, contrasting with the contemporary oriental interior design that gives a sense of formality and to enjoy the views of the surrounding scenery in daylight. Of course that doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to relax and enjoy your experience, as the service is not overpowering and they give you space to enjoy your food without hurrying you along. As this is located in a 5-star luxury hotel, naturally you will have certain expectations and we can assure you that you will not be disappointed. Things are calm and orderly, neatly stacked and tidy, Tin Lung Heen creates a relaxed and classy ambiance to savor the lavish local and regional specialties at its best, including one of the best traditional Dim Sum in town.

Helmed by Michelin-starred Chef Paul Lau Ping Lui alongside with his dedicated culinary team,  Chef Lau has one of the most unusual and intriguing CV’s in Hong Kong food scene that has won him uncountable awards in culinary fields through his vast experience over three decades. Having worked in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Dubai, United Kingdom and now Hong Kong, Chef Lau is highly regarded as one of the top Cantonese chefs in Hong Kong for being an expert in Chinese culinary arts. Inspired by anything around him, Chef Lau keeps abreast of the emerging trends and development in Cantonese Cuisine by delivering the most classic nostalgic Canton flavours that you want to remember. Chinese cuisine is no doubt one of the most diverse cuisines on earth. There are scores of regional Chinese cuisines all around mainland China, but even within the colourful and diversified regions there are ethnic and cultural groups who will eat entirely different cuisines of their own. Such individual dynamic gastronomy not only wins so many foodies’ hearts over the years and also has inspired numerous renown master chefs to follow the food steps and better transform the heritage cuisines with their contemporary skills to refine many other old and delicious recipes to continue the legacy and transform into nouvelle Chinese cuisines and dishes. Chef Lau brings his refined and exceptional Cantonese culinary style of cooking to tantalize your taste buds with many relishing local mastering dishes.

The menu is pretty much straight forward, classic contemporary Cantonese food that is best to delight your palate. There is none of that funny business by doing this mix-and-match kind of Asian fusion for only paying esteemed homage to its tradition and flavours and this won’t happen here. Paying attention to the true taste with prestige ingredients sourced is the only goal Chef Lau would like to  present to his diners. The a-la-carte menu is extensive, but you can also opt for traditional Cantonese Dim Sum or a classic six-course tasting set menu among other well designed mixes of variety, no matter what the occasion – and this is a great place for celebrating occasions. It is just a joy to be so high up and looking out to the beyond while enjoying a casual lunch in such an esteemed Michelin restaurant and so to the food.

Barbecued Iberian Pork with Osmanthus Flower Honey> 
<Steamed Spotted Garoupa Dumpling with Coriander>
This is the first part of the Chef’s premium selection of a Dim Sum dish served alongside with osmanthus flower honey glazed barbequed Iberian pork. A yin and yang effect in terms of colours and palate! Get crackling on these flavour packed Char Siu (Barbecued pork) which came in two portions – 1 portion with two lean pieces of meat and another portion with meat that was half lean and half fat. Traditionally, Char Siu is oven barbequed in low and slow heat until they are tender and juicy inside, a lightly desired charred effect on the crust and with the ultimate melt in your mouth effect that makes this juicy piece of meat pork Char Siu so heavenly. Piece after piece and bite after bite, every morsel is utterly a guilty pleasure and you just do not want it to end. Sinful yet with a complete satisfaction. Despite the osmanthus flower honey being a little too sweet, but a minor quibble, the Char Siu was delicious and with two different portions, it gave a chance for comparison and the fifty fifty lean and fat meat was our preferred choice. The steamed garoupa was executed in the style of Siu Mai, chunky, juicy and tender meat topped with the garnish of ginger and spring onion creating a fresh and pungent flavour. Absolutely refined and delicious!

Pan-Fried Turnip Cake & Preserved Meat Topped with X.O. Chili Sauce> 
<Steamed Shrimp Dumpling with Bamboo Shoot>
The turnip cake texture was just right, being soft and sticky and lightly pan-fried to a golden brown colour. However, we felt the taste was too flat and bland. With the addition of a touch of X.O. chili sauce, this did add some life on the savoury palate whereas the Har Gau (steamed shrimp dumpling) was large and juicy, perfectly steamed with a crunch to the bite and the bamboo shoots adds that little extra touch by offering a hint of sweetness and crunchiness texture on the palate. Overall a wonderful cross section of Dim Sum delights and it really showed the excellence in cooking skills and palate taste which is to be savoured by everyone.

Steamed Crab Claw with Egg White in Hua Diao Wine>
This house signature dish takes years to master to be perfect, not only on its presentation but most importantly by focusing on the taste. Never too overpowering by each ingredient used to savour the taste of the produce in its own organic way. Chef Lau perfectly executed this classic dish for his diner to enjoy every morsel on the round plump crab meat with the generosity overflow of silky egg whites and enhanced by the premium Chinese Hua Diao wine. The presentation is spot on and the harmony of flavours is simply heavenly!

Double-boiled Chicken Soup with Fish Maw in Baby Coconut>
Another signature dish not to be missed! This delicate and tasty clear broth will definitely warm your heart from is double-boiled culinary methods to retain the essence of all the contents to be executed entirely and remain inside the young baby coconut that gives a pandanous aroma flavour that enhances the entire palate.

Wagyu Beef with Asparagus & Black Peppers>
What a simply divine rendition with perfectly cooked juicy and tender beef that is not overpowered by the piquant black pepper sauce. Kudos to the culinary skill. Nothing is best to end with a most satisfying fried rice a-la-Tin Lung Heen topped with roasted pine nuts and deep-fried crunchy micro white-baits to go with this flavoursome beef that is utterly enjoyable.

<Chilled Milk Pudding with Sea Coconut> 
<Steamed Glutinous Rice Dumplings with Green Bean Paste and Common Rue>
This milk pudding was like a panna cotta and it was a little bland in taste, but the sea coconut had a nice crunchy texture in sweetness, which livened things up a bit. Not our cup of tea, but enjoyable nonetheless. The mouthful size steamed mochi-like glutinous rice dumplings was a delight made with common rue - an ornamental plant and herb that gives the refreshing palate, fully dusted with shredded coconut alongside with a raspberry cookie were simply divine and a wonderful last taste to end the lunch.

We enjoyed the lunch experience. The views are fabulous and the space has that sense of occasion but is not overwhelming. It seems they cannot put a foot wrong and make you feel so welcome and special. Our server Francis who was so product oriented, knowledgeable and polite which we valued his attention to detail. While it is the passion that keeps Chef Lau on the go and motivated to maximize his talent by creating exquisite food for his diners with his exceptional culinary skill and know-how combining traditional and contemporary skills to create his very own cooking style, Tin Lung Heen has certainly set a high bar and you should not miss out on a chance to soak up the atmosphere and culinary talents for a truly quintessential Cantonese dining refinement.

Tried & Tested:
Location: 5/5
Design & Decor: 4.5/5
Food & Beverage: 4.5/5
Service: 4.5/5
Value For Money: 4.5/5
Experience: 4.5/5

Level 102, International Commerce Centre
1 Austin Road West
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2263 2270

Reviews are based on actual day of visit and experience. mylifestylenews reserves the right of final decision in case of any disputes. All images are photographed by mylifestylenews team without any photoshop enhancement and are the property owned by mylifestylenews unless otherwise stated. 

H&M & Mugler Celebrate Their Collaboration With A Multi-Facetted Show In NYC

H&M and Mugler celebrates the forthcoming launch of their much-anticipated collection with a cultural moment encompassing entertainment, music, performance and fashion with a multi-facetted show in NYC involving a concert, catwalk and party at the at the Park Avenue Armory in Manhattan, NYC recently.

The event was attended by 
numerous members of the Mugler community including Pamela Anderson, Charli XCX, Chloë Sevigny and Lourdes Leon who all wore pieces from the Mugler H&M collection. The event featured a group concert by musicians Shygirl, Amaarae and Eartheater, all of whom star in the Mugler H&M music video and were dressed in exclusive looks from the new collection. Each artist performed a series of their own hits, before uniting to perform a new version of the 90s club classic “Music Sounds Better With You”, a track specially commissioned in celebration of the Mugler H&M collection.

The performances were punctuated by a runway show, alongside 
dance performances and DJ sets by Bobby Beethoven, Goth Jafar and Asmara at a subsequent after-party. The event was curated as a special hybrid, bringing together sound, style, live performance, club culture and dance, all while nodding to the theatricality and flamboyance that has been a signature of the house from its inception under Thierry Mugler through to its current incarnation under the direction of Casey Cadwallader.

With over 800 guests in attendance, the event encapsulated the sense of diversity and 
inclusivity that is central to Mugler and that underpins the democratic ethos of the H&M designer collaborations. Mugler has always been a house with a lot of cultural soul, and this event was a celebration of our long association with music, dance and performance. It was the ideal celebration of the Mugler H&M collection, and the perfect way to welcome people into our world – an unforgettable night built around freedom, personal expression and liberating, bold fashion.” – Casey Cadwallader, Creative Director at Mugler.

“This event was a true cultural moment – a tribute to Mugler’s long history of welcoming people into 
a world of transformation and self-expression. When you think of Mugler you think of show-stopping fashion and catwalk theatrics, and this was just that. – Ann-Sofie Johansson, Creative advisor at H&M.

“It felt amazing to be performing in the Mugler H&M collection. When you think of the history of Mugler you think of so many iconic musical moments and incredible performances, so it’s an honour to be included in Casey’s vision for this special celebration.” - Shygirl.


ROBIN'S TEPPANYAKI - To Please Your Palate

Tasting all things Japanese and taking the premium cut of meat and proficient culinary skills to the next level, you are certainly in for a pleasant surprise at ROBIN’S TEPPANYAKI in Regent Taipei, not only for its theatrical elements, but also the freshest and haute quality seasonal produce bursting with colours offers that is one of the best teppanyaki dinings in Taipei by offering you the simple yet umani flavours.….second to none to please your palate. mylifestylenews writes.

While ROBIN’S TEPPANYAKI is named after a long-serving maître d’ and respectfully paying homage for an employee who contributed his excellent hospitality throughout the entire operation over the years, the rest is history. Splurging on a quality piece of meat is always a great indulgence as it rides a balanced wave between flavour and texture and is straight forward to cook on the grill of a Japanese teppanyaki. Tucked away on the 2nd floor at the very far end annex in one of Taipei’s most well known luxury hotels, the Regent Hotel Taipei, ROBIN’S TEPPANYAKI would have to be one of the most sought-after gourmet teppanyaki-grill restaurants amongst the locals, as it has a very enthusiastic following and if you don’t book well in advance, you will be struggling to get a reservation. Point taken!

Set in a darker tone decor in an unpretentious casual and relaxing ambience, the interior brings with it a sophisticated modern vibe to match the understated refined milieu. ROBIN’S TEPPANYAKI is known for its nouveau Fusion French-style premium teppanyaki but we don’t really buy the idea of such recognition by those connoisseurs who prefer such traditional Japanese culinary flair to that being “fusionized”. Here you’ll get to appreciate the top quality produce and ingredients being used, which leaves no doubt this gourmet teppanyaki delivers to a very high standard as well as its attentive, gracious and discreet service. The arrival experience was warm and welcoming and we were quickly escorted to our designated seats. As we came a bit later, many other guests were already into the throes of their set menu and finished well before we had hit our stride, but the atmosphere is convivial, whereby you can have pleasant conversations without having to be too quiet.

Sophie promptly guided us through the big menu as there is a lot to take in and making decision is difficult when everything looks so tempting. ROBIN’S TEPPANYAKI offers a-la-carte menu service as well as a semi buffet section near the entrance with a separate dining room as well as the teppanyaki grill sittings and private dining rooms further in.

Another focus of the evening is that it is all about seasonable vegetables, so the menu evolves according to what is in season. While seasonal fresh ingredients are the main objective of produce being used here, we were quite taken with a box of the most colourful and beautiful looking vegetables displayed along the communal teppanyaki settings and it is hard not to take your eyes off such an appealing presentation. With the highlight being enormous fresh and chunky asparagus spears – both white and green – and Sophie indicated that asparagus is right in season and flown in directly from France that was only just arrived in the morning.  How could we resist?!

While there is the impression of teppanyaki being all about show stopping tricks, what it is really about beyond the showmanship is expert cooking right in front of you and the culinary team excels at the best of this, but is not outshone by the perfectly cooked seafood, premium steaks from the U.S., or the Wagyu from Japan and Australia. Also, with such high quality ingredients, they let the natural flavours speak for themselves, with only a light seasoning of salt or pepper. Sauces are provided on the side should you wish to garnish, but in many cases they are not needed, as the flavour is already superb.

If you have dined here before you can request your preferred chef to cook for you. We instantly knew that we were in Chef’s good hands about what is right and proper to put on show and cook, so it is about representing the best produce and accompanying flavours. 
We were tempted by the set menu, but Sophie was quite keen to allow us to meander along a path of choice that took in our preferences and we ended up settling on about ten courses – this may sound ambitious, but each course is not necessarily about size, but more about ensuring quality and perfect execution on the grill as well as the umami flavour. We were ready to be amazed on all counts by starting with a bottle of bubbly Bollinger Champagne for the seafood front as well as an elegant bottle of 2007 Chateau Branaire–Ducru Saint–Julien from Bordeaux of its full bodied, bold, complex and a textural mouthfeel long finish to pair with the abundant meat flavours!.

<French Onion Soup Au Gratin & Lobster Bisque>
Out of the three choices of soup selections, we have let go of the Cream of Wild Mushroom Soup. Sophie assured us that it is a must try. Both soups were served on a large cup and saucer, the French Onion Soup au Gratin was so deliciously decadent in texture and flavour with lots of caramelized onions dominating the palate, quite similar to the French classic, served with two aromatic slices of garlic bread on the side. The quintessential Lobster Bisque was out-of-this-world with a certain consistency and focuses only on the umami palate from the sea, rich in flavour and every sip was simply a joy!

<French White Asparagus>
As mentioned earlier, we couldn’t help staring at the superb basket of vegetables sat atop the counter, with huge asparagus spears being the drawcard, so there really was only one way to execute such a beautiful vegetable which was the classic French way steamed and served with a bed of hollandaise sauce on the side. Because it is a teppan-grill, it is only steamed for a very short time, as the grill is very hot at 250c. The chef constantly checked the vegetable and ensured it was cooked to perfection. By adding hollandaise sauce for the pièce de résistance and garnished with thin slices of Iberico ham as an accompaniment. The thickness of the asparagus is 2.8 mm and was topped with Parisian Kaviori Caviar - such luxury and decadence. The asparagus had the perfect crunch and the saltiness of the ham and the subtlety of the caviar was a winning combination that will be etched in our memory. It was a perfect marriage with the Bollinger champagne and you could not have a more iconic combination of flavours with such a triumph in execution such as this course was. Simply sensational!

<Pacific King Prawns and Hokkaido Scallop with Honey Mustard Sauce>
While there was only two appetizers on the menu, we had one each. The fresh meaty pacific king prawns and large and firm Hokkaido scallops were artfully presented on a dark stoneware highlighting the colours with a large spear of green asparagus. So fresh in taste, so juicy and tender and just simply could not be ignored as the taste on the palate was heavenly!

<Pingtung Tilefish and Donggang Mullet Roe with White Wine Clam Sauce>
Locally sourced seafood with the fish being cooked together with the scale side down to create a really crispy texture and is absolutely stunning on all counts together with clams laying on top a long asparagus and sprinkled with the fragrant mullet roe which was another component we loved. As it provided a foil to the richness of all the other components, without question, each ingredient and flavour was in total harmony. It was utterly delicious and so en pointe without being overpowering in taste.

<Tainan Zucchini & Ginseng Root & Local Cacciocavallo with Wasabi Leaf>
A taste breaker before we ventured to the entrée. This chef’s special salad was like an elevation from the Ratatouille style and had one other special addition of a stretched-curd Caciocavallo cheese lightly seared to get the burnt effect which somehow was the “cream on the top” and had our palates salivating over such distinct and beautiful flavours.

<Surf & Turf - U.S. Prime Filet Mignon Steak with Freshly Caught Penghu Lobster>
The half lobster from Penghu bay was grilled with rosemary and thyme which was a highlight and served first separately before the steak - a very sensible sequence so that you can enjoy each part of the dish at the right temperature. Even though the herbs are disposed of before finishing cooking, the lobster meat still had the flavour, which is a distinct difference from the usual presentation in most restaurants and we were completely sold on this piquancy.

<U.S. Prime Filet Mignon Steak>
After such a highlight, it just gets better with the filet mignon that was so rich in flavour and tender. It was absolutely to die for and had us salivating at the very thought of the next course, as it was quite clear at this point that we were in culinary heaven by now! Another unbelievably fabulous steak specimen in all regards, the U.S. Prime Rib Eye Steak with juicy meat, tender bites and perfectly judged seasoned flavours that showed the reverence of the chef in how he ensures that the superb quality meat is left to speak for itself with very little intervention. Absolutely perfect!

<Signature Fried Rice>
Fried rice can seriously taste so good especially when you have your share in here. You are presented with finely shiny grains of rice with so much flavour and the perfect texture. How long does it take to master for a bowl of the most satisfying fried rice that words can’t really describe but to have it dance in your mouth to be able to have your best judge on it. This is truly a gastronomic treat from the skilfully trained chefs here! We weren’t going to have dessert, but Sophie insisted we sample the Fried Banana Ice Cream as there is a reason they only have one dessert and all we can say is wow, wow, wow! Ripe bananas are chosen and pan grilled to get the crispiness on the outside served with homemade vanilla ice cream. It was harmonious in texture and flavour. Simply sensational!

After such a stunning culinary journey we were lost for words. There was not one moment that we felt the food wasn’t hitting five stars, as every ingredient, every dish and every gesture was just palate and picture perfect in all ways. Our serving chef was engaging and his expertise with every ingredient that hit the teppan-grill was undeniably among the best. We were in awe of every plated dish that was put in front of us and this would rate as one of our most memorable dining experiences we have ever had and easily surpasses some Michelin restaurants we have enjoyed. From the care and attention to detail and carefully sourced superb international and local ingredients, treating them with simple reverence and respect ensured that the flavours are true. Pleasure is the ultimate outcome of all effort being put in from the entire culinary and the front of the house team will not be easily forgotten. There are many options in Taipei to enjoy a good steak and seafood night out, but we cannot imagine a place more special than ROBIN’S TEPPANYAKI at the Regent Taipei that will please your palate and can leave such a lasting impression. They certainly have made its mark and gotten the tick on all counts. We felt so blessed for such a wonderful and memorable indulgence.
Tried & Tested:
Location: 5/5
Design & Decor: 5/5
Food & Beverage: 5/5
Service: 5/5
Value For Money: 5/5
Experience: 5/5

2F, 3, Lane 39, 
Section 2, Zhongshan North Road,
Taipei, Taiwan
Tel: +856 2 2521 5000 ext 3930

Reviews are based on actual day of visit and experience. mylifestylenews reserves the right of final decision in case of any disputes. All images are photographed by mylifestylenews team without any photoshop enhancement and are the property owned by mylifestylenews unless otherwise stated. 


BLISS SPA W Hong Kong Introduces The Japanese Healing Stone Therapy

Perched atop the 72nd floor is the Bliss Spa W Hong Kong with inspiring Victoria Harbour view to admire together with a wide variety of rejuvenating spa and massage treatments to energize your body and soul, especially with the recent introduction of their signature Japanese volcano healing stone therapy. mylifestylenews writes.

Bliss Spa W Hong Kong blissfully opened its door in 2008 and has been a staple of the Hong Kong spa scene ever since. The arrival experience is a little underwhelming, lacking the zen and calm effect as the retail store setting with uncountable right-in-your-face brands of products on display creates a rather claustrophobic beauty clinic impression. The spa boasts over 14,500 square feet of relaxation space with two luxury coupes suites and nine treatment rooms overlooking the various aspects of this Asian metropolis.

But first, let’s talk about the stunning Couples Suite. Each suite is like a one bedroom apartment, with a big day bed in one window corner, a huge round jacuzzi tub at the other end of the room with the same jaw-dropping views, the treatment beds in the centre of the room and a toilet, experience shower and wardrobe space along the back of the room for whatever you bring along. While the bright ambience was not your typical spa oasis - think dimly lit with an interior design that lulls you into a sense of relaxation - the Bliss Spa treatment rooms are flooded by natural daylights as it is all about the views, so there are no artful touches that would normally associate with a "zen-sation" spa.

But the cheerful and attentive services turned things around especially when we are being the first to experience the latest signature treatment - The Japanese volcano healing stone therapy massage. Once we were escorted to the couple suite treatment room, it resonates with us as a spa experience should and here’s balm for the worn-out and depleted.

The Japanese Healing Stone Therapy is essentially a hot stone massage in tandem with a pressured massage using a new range of oil products especially chosen for the hot stone treatment. It starts with your feet being placed in spa socks that moisturize your feet with heated cells of wax. Our therapists seemed very confident about performing this new massage and not once did we feel that there was some hesitancy. The first few moments were about getting us into that zen zone and getting the body to relax with a warm-up pressured massage while lying face down on our back, arms and legs. After a few moments, the hot stone experience begins.

The therapist holds one in each hand and expertly uses the hot smooth stones to massage our body and they are a wonderful sensation. It is easy to understand the benefits of the heat from the stones draining the bodies tired muscles of stress and reawakening the senses. For a millisecond you think the stones are a little hot, but you quickly acclimatize and enjoy the heat very much and the pressure being brought to the body simultaneously. The tension tacklers. Our signature treatment uses different-sized and shaped of natural  volcano healing soapstones bathed in the bespoke luxurious Japanese five elements therapeutic oils from Lapidem Tokyo to ease muscle tension, remove toxins and work on the deeper levels of muscle pain efficiently with its long-lasting healing effects and nourishing rich minerals. This is the perfect choice to loosen you up and sleep deeply after a long and hectic day. After approximately 20-30 minutes, the therapist segues into a signature body massage with the traditional hand massage treatment which allows her to get to those knotted muscles in those hard to get places on your body that the hot stones can’t reach and it is a wonderful combination overall. The final moments are spent getting a head and shoulders massage and then it is time to relax by optimizing health in balance and harmony. It was heavenly!

After we’ve been warmed with stones and pummelled back to peak health, make sure to stick around for a further body experience which is the 30 minutes Hokkaido milk super nourishing jacuzzi bubble bath. It is time to own the moment while marveling at the majestic view above all.  We then enjoyed a final rinse in the experience shower and this was another enjoyable moment with multiple jets of water spraying the body at different angles and heights. E
very home should have one of these.

It goes without saying that a Bliss Spa treatment will definitely refresh your skin, detoxify the body, quieten the mind, energize the soul and the senses can be pampered and uplifted. Such an experience is blissfully yours!

Tried & Tested:
Location: 5/5
Design & Decor: 3.5/5
Room Amenities: 4/5
Service: 4/5
Value For Money: 4/5
Experience: 4/5

1 Austin Road West,
Kowloon Station,
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 3717 2222
  • Reviews are based on actual day of visit and experience. mylifestylenews reserves the right of final decision in case of any disputes. All images are photographed by mylifestylenews team without any photoshop enhancement and are the property owned by mylifestylenews unless otherwise stated.

    Simon Holloway - dunhill's New Creative Director

    unhill announced the new appointment of Simon Holloway as the house new Creative Director. 
    Holloway studied Fashion Design at Kingston University School of Fashion and currently resides in London and brings with him a deep and rich understanding of English style and design codes. His aesthetic embodies heritage; creating timeless and quintessentially British collections. Simon joins directly from fellow Richemont Maison James Purdey & Sons, where, as Creative director, he successfully laid the foundations for a growing clothing and accessories collection. Further roles held have included Agnona and Ralph Lauren Collection, designing Luxury Ready to Wear, Knitwear, Shoes, Accessories, Fragrance and Home Collections. His Purdey successor shall be announced shortly. Under the tenure of CEO Laurent Malecaze, dunhill is moving forward with renewed dynamism and a rejuvenated strategic direction. Holloway’s appointment reinforces the focus on dunhill’s guiding principles of British craft, innovation, functionality and masculine elegance. “I am delighted to welcome Simon Holloway as the new Creative Director of dunhill. His creative energy coupled with his decades of experience in luxury, will be instrumental as we evolve and expand our House’s iconic codes in the context of today’s client. Simon’s sense of quality and craft, along with a clear understanding and appreciation of the dunhill DNA, will ensure we continue to innovate through products that are timeless, purposeful and relevant.” Laurent Malecaze, CEO, dunhill “It is a great privilege to be appointed dunhill’s Creative Director and trusted with the rich and extraordinary heritage crafted by its founder. Alfred Dunhill was a pioneer, an innovator and one of the most influential British tastemakers of the 20th century. His obsession with ingenuity and refinement established a House synonymous with purposeful luxury and quality - an enduring and powerful inspiration.” Simon Holloway, Creative Director, dunhill.