CHUAN Restaurant - Intimate & Exquisite Innovative Fine Chinese Cuisine

CHUAN restaurant at the Palm Jumeirah Dubai will have your impression changed completely from your previous Chinese dining experiences with more sophistication in its classy and abundant flavours of Chinese gastronomy in a stunning design and décor ambience. mylifestylenews writes.

When the word CHUAN appears in any Chinese menu, it often occurs to us that hot and spicy food can’t be exempted and it automatically relates to Sichuan region’s dishes and delicacies. CHUAN also means creek or stream in Chinese and symbolizes wealth, calm, peaceful and harmony.

Tucked away on the tip of Palm Jumeirah in Dubai, the new dining precinct of The Pointe is surrounded by the sea and has very easy access if you are driving to this recently most sought after dining destination in Dubai.

On arrival you are instantly taken aback by the jaw-dropping view of the famous landmark Atlantis Resort and the largest dancing fountain light show in the UAE (if that is your thing) especially when you choose the al-fresco dining.

 What is more important is that you are even wowed by the incredibly spacious and classy interiors that set the scene for sophistication on all counts.

You will also marvel at the stunning wall decorations and designer lighting features that punctuate each private dining room and set an individual mood for each one, with the overall furniture design akin to Armani Casa, creating a very chic and elegant look.

Ensure to check out the wine cellar with a glass floor featuring over 3000 selection of wines from carefully picked regions globally – this is situated in the stair well leading to the upper level where the main bar and lounge is located, also beautifully interior designed with a darker tone and mood that is set for relaxation along with its in-house DJ spinning the groovy lounge tracks one after another.

Defining elegance in restaurant interiors seems hard to come by these days, as many eschew formality and go for that bistro/café feel.

CHUAN glass floor wine cellar

CHUAN most definitely wants their clientele to feel special as every design element has been thought through to the highest degree and attention to detail: think stunning hand-painted wall paper with peony flower and peacock motifs that you can’t stop looking at, ‘lilly pad’ wall bracket lighting that adds a gold metallic element juxtaposed against so much greys and browns, hand painted ceilings and walls by a master craftsman in tones of off-whites, blacks and greys depicting Chinese mountain gorge scenery that are very chic, imported marble that is specially cut and fitted and a selected small number of varying furniture styles and fabrics, all of which are striking in their simplicity yet majestically brighten and impose a grand atmosphere in the spacious dining areas.

CHUAN restaurant exudes elegance and charm in all aspects, with the elegant tabletops and fine dining setting giving you a feeling you already want to return before you have sampled a full evening of exquisite Chinese food. CHUAN serves elevated Chinese cuisines ranging from Sichuan province to Cantonese traditional flavour with a genuinely wide range of menu selections with every dish execution excelling in presentation to whet your appetite.

<CHUAN Negroni>
Combination of sweet vermouth and Campari stirred together with Japanese Nika from the barrel.

<Oriental Dream>
Spice rum, peach snap shaken together with kaffir lime and lychee juice and garnished with fresh lychee & lime leaves.

The specially designed Peking Roast Duck oven is worth a visit, through the glass window, where you will be able to see that your order is in good hands by their in-house master Peking Duck chef who looks after this infamous dish from preparation to table serving where the duck is skillfully sliced in front of you on a guéridon service trolley.

<北京烤鴨 Peking Roast Duck>
Half the duck is ideal if you come in a small party to leave room to savor other delectable dishes in CHUAN restaurant and needs no further introduction for this dish that was created since the imperial era. CHUAN restaurant’s Peking Roast Duck is superbly roasted and expertly thinly sliced with its glowing golden dark crisp skin and to be enjoyed by gently dipping into the refined caster sugar to sample the palate of  (Hua) that describes slipperiness and melt in the mouth effect with this delectable delight.

It comes with all the usual accoutrements, but the julienne spring onions, cucumbers and carrots were most perfectly cut. There are additional sauces – sweet chili and chili soy bean (they are usually catered for those non Peking Roast Duck enthusiasts who think they must have such accompaniments to complete their way of craving and enjoyment), authentic NOT! But the dark sweet plum sauce is the most traditional and the perfect accompaniment. Just so you know that small amount of meat is served and eaten with the provided condiments and wrapped in a freshly steamed thin pancake. The pancake arrived folded which proved rather difficult to open up for placing the meat and vegetable, slices of cooking papers place in between each pancake may well be a better solution for not ruining your manicure, just in case. The meat was quite flavoursome and enjoyable, being CHUAN restaurant’s signature dish.

<象形海鮮餃 Steamed Scallop and Shrimp Dumplings>
These are textbook copy dumplings that are so delicious and a must try despite dim sum is not regular to be ordered over dinner yet still a good snacker!

<脆皮牛肉薄餅 Crispy Beef Pancake>
Pancakes wouldn’t normally featured on a menu in fine dining, but this is a stunning dish –(Nuo) texture on the palate expresses the soft hugginess yet crispy and great comfort food elevated with a brilliant execution and you will put this one on your bucket list to come back to!

<三文魚沙拉土豆仔 Salmon Avacado Cup Salad>
This is a stunning presentation with the casing made out of wheat flour which hides the delights within: tasty salmon, mayonnaise and wasabi sauce, all home-made. For Chinese cuisine this is very unique and expertly executed in composition - reminiscent of the Indian savory snacks - Chaat, but more exclusively done and so moreish!

<揚州燙干絲 Shredded Dried Beancurd with Soy Sauce – Yangzhou Style>
While the sauce is the soul of this dish with a homemade secret recipe of soy sauce – Yangzhou style, the evenly refined julienne beancurd is always being forgotten from the master skill of the chef to present in “snow mountain” peak motifs and garnished with tomato and ginger. This is a classic dish done well and a harmony of flavours that is to be savoured!

<松茸湯 Matsutake Soup>
The soup is composed of Matsutake mushrooms and cordyceps flowers in chicken stock, which comes as a beautiful clear broth that is so heavenly in flavour and must be enjoyed before any heavier dish that could possibly ruin your palate. Yet more comfort food executed to perfection and simplicity at its best!

<珍菌佛跳墻 Mushroom Fou Tiao Qiang>
Another memorable dish, but it is important to know that this classic “Buddha Jumps Over The Wall” is bookmarked in the annals of Chinese cooking as a quintessential soup and they nail this perfectly in flavour and texture and delight your palate.

<蠔皇20頭南非吉品鮑 South Africa U20 Braised Abalone>
The U20 abalone is more than just a mouth-full size, well-braised for hours with the reduction sauce that is utterly delicious and the abalone plays second fiddle, having given its life to the sauce. This dish may not resonate with everyone, depending on your predilection to abalone cooked in the right way, but for aficionados of this particular dish, it is spot on!

<原隻龍蝦麻婆豆腐 MaPo Tofu with Whole Boston Lobster>
Superb presentation with the lobster flesh de-boned and lightly stewed with the silken tofu which is best accompanied with a bowl of fragrant jasmine rice that is a total no brainer. Despite the sauce was a little watery and the flavour was not as dominating which MaPo tofu should  be for its salivating desire on the palate by wanting more, the lobster meat is quite tasty and the rice aids in soaking up the delicious flavours – a dish that has to be enjoyed!

<蒜茸粉絲蒸扇貝 Steamed Scallop with Minced Garlic and Vermicelli>
It is an all time favorite and winning dish especially for scallop lovers that is done by steaming with minced garlic and a light soy sauce. The vermicelli soaks up all the freshest natural flavours from the giant size halved scallops, so tender and pleasantly enjoyable.

<清蒸石斑 Steamed Hammour with Light Soy Sauce>
A whole fish that is perfectly steamed, with firm, but tender meat and it is utterly moreish! There is no better way to enjoy a most palatable fish by being simply steamed, drenched with light soy sauce, ginger garnished with fine julienned scallion, a total homage to Haute Cantonese cuisine.

<蘆筍百合 Stir-fried Asparagus and Lilly Bulb>
You must order a vegetable dish to cleanse the palate and the combination of the seasonal white and green asparagus together with lily blub lightly stir-fried in garlic and seasoned to flavour simply makes your day and adds value to your order. With a firm springy bite and simple flavours that is truthful to its taste of origin. It wasn’t on the menu per se, but as each vegetable existed in other dishes we tried our luck to have only these two combined and it was just what we had hoped for.

<黑胡椒爆炒頂級牛菲力 Wok-fried Supreme Beef Fillet>
A good portion for one person that was served in three separate pieces, the meat seemed a little bit tough to cut, but fully absorbed the piquant peppery sauce served with tomato and mushroom. Worth trying!

Now while we had ordered more than we should, that is a very typical approach in a Chinese restaurant, as you want to get an overview of more than one or two dishes to see how the kitchen can create authentic flavours and consistency. Our expectations were exceeded and we were overjoyed to find a truly authentic Chinese restaurant that has a chic and elegant dining atmosphere and a great dedicated menu that is honest and unpretentious which you can absolutely trust. The service is discreet and helpful and they make you feel very relaxed and comfortable, which is what you need for any dining out occasion. We were particularly well looked after by Joraisalyn – our server- and Vinu – the bartender/sommelier for his signature cocktails tastefully presented. A special evening out is always memorable when the service meets or exceeds expectations so that you don’t have anxious moments about the menu or drinks selections and this team is about as good as it gets. As the water fuses everything, so is CHUAN restaurant. Sit back and go with the flow. Nothing was too much to ask by enjoying an evening with heavenly culinary creations that represented elevated Chinese cuisine. It is a bonus when this happens outside of China or Asia but in Dubai for more than just a bite of innovative Chinese cuisine.

Tried & Tested:
Location: 4.5/5
Design & Decor: 5/5
Food & Beverage: 4.5/5
Service: 4.5/5
Value For Money: 5/5
Experience: 5/5

CHUAN Restaurant

The Pointe (West)

The Palm Jumeirah, Dubai

United Arab Emirates

Tel: +971 04 564 3888

Reviews are based on actual day of visit and experience. mylifestylenews reserves the right of final decision in case of any disputes. All images are photographed by mylifestylenews team without any photoshop enhancement and are the property owned by mylifestylenews unless otherwise stated. 

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The fusion of illustrator Arielle de Brichambaut’s talent with the know-how of the house’s artisans, under the aegis of Benoit Pierre Emery, creative director of La Table Hermès, reveals the warmth and radiance of yellow and creates harmony between the material, colour, and design. An ode to summer and conviviality, Soleil d’Hermès illuminates your table.

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In the pursuit of rooting Valentino in the present time, the Creative Director, changes the perspective, maintaining the same direction. It is the identity that creates aesthetics. The campaign stages a Valentino community that brings together street casting with more recognizable faces such as Tina Kunakey, Dixie D’Amelio, Christian Coppola and Amanda Prugnaud. This community is so intimate that it generates authenticity and intimate sensuality.

A space where connections merge: Le Progrès Café, as a sacred place where communities meet creating a personal and social exchange. Michael Bailey Gates is the photographer of the new Valentino Campaign. The American talent that has a unique eye for lighting and composition shot diverse and unique characters in the Café, highlighting the boundlessness of individuality



Alila Hinu Bay - Salalah Luxury Tropical Getaway

ith the soft opening of Alila Hinu Bay Resort adding to the list of luxury resorts along the Oman coastal line, Salalah is becoming the resort mecca for this region, thanks to the soothing climate that is ideal for a tropical getaway. mylifestylenews writes.

A few years back there wasn’t much choice, but all that is changing now. Salalah as a luxury resort destination is fast becoming recognized as the tropical resort mecca on the southern coast of Oman, due to the breezy and low humidity tropical temperature especially over the Middle Eastern winter that never gets too hot or too cold throughout the year, unlike Muscat, which can get very hot and sticky in the summer.

Alila Hinu Bay is currently in a soft-opening phase and ups the ante on any resort in this region, although technically it is not in Salalah central but tucked away in secluded Hinu Bay that is part of its charm off the historical fishing town of Mirbat, a coastal area in between Jebel Samhan and the Arabian Sea.

Only an easy 60-minute drive north east of Salalah, you are transported to another-worldly landscape of a nature lover’s paradise which can be experienced on a seemingly endless bay and with a private beach on a tropical oases. It is not yet fully mature in terms of landscaping, but the fit out and hospitality services are firmly in place and beginning to make a mark.

Alila as a brand is renown for picking unusual locations before anyone else and making it unique, surprisingly different. The arrival is signature Alila – you turn off the highway and drive through a small local ‘village’ which shortly leads to a long winding driveway that takes you to a stunning lobby entrance that has that Alila hallmark of memorable architectural design elements.

The lobby itself doubles as the lobby lounge/library, with a large table and chairs at each end, thus making it feel more residential and welcoming.

This looks onto a terrace which in turn overlooks the entire resort, thus the perfect vantage point to soak up the atmosphere of your temporary home away from home plus the Arabic Sea view to mesmerize you.

The resort stretches over 45 hectares and comprises of five types of accommodation, broken down into 96 guestrooms and 16 villas which are the ultimate expression of contemporary style. All guest rooms/villas and amenities are completed and in operation, so the soft-opening phase offers everything that you could possibly want in terms of software and hardware.

The landscape of this resort is quite unique, so don’t think lush green lawns, but rather a rocky terrain of an ecological landscape, so that guests can gaze upon the natural composition of the site. Thus the intention is not to mask the natural beauty, but to enhance, with a minimal intervention of building components as a commitment to sustainable operating standards.

The rooms and villas are well spaced out in groups, some with beach views and some with lagoon views, so you never get that congested feeling wherever you go. Our ‘home’ for this stay was a One Bedroom Pool Beach Villa which covers some 166sqm.

The interior design is very residential and thoughtfully designed with the tones and shades of a natural earth color in the large living room with a touch of Omani sensuality. 
All this is adorned with the brown monochrome curtains that are also extensively present and well accompanied by the perforated design lamps with a hint of the Orient which add a sense of elegance and sophistication to the entire cozy ambience.

The earthy palate of color tone rugs and sofa are well matched with practicality and comfort in mind and with the right dose of flair. You will probably think this is a design you will want to replicate at home!

The bedroom is a sanctuary for blissful sleep and exudes pure comfort and elegance with an incredibly comfortable king bed that looks out to the terrace. 
It is incredibly spacious and so luxurious, thoughtfully designed with comfort and practicality being the priority.

The dramatic headboard takes centre stage and creates an ambience of refinement and contemporary feel adorned with the bedside Orient motif hanging lamps as well as a wooden fan, all of which is directly looking out to the beach and bay with sun lounges and a plunge pool together with a majlis cabana on the outside terrace. 

Right behind the bedroom is the oversize bathroom with his and hers vanities and two rain showers attached on the ceiling giving you ample space while you shower.

The free-standing outdoor bathtub in a small enclosed courtyard adjacent to the shower room is the most desirable place to be – it is all open plan, so the feeling of space is magnified.

While the beach amenities is still a work in progress, there are already some shaded lounges to enjoy the peace and quiet sea side.

Besides, the resort has two swimming pools, the lengthy pool looking down from the elevated Orchard restaurant with a dramatic entry way of the resort that reflects the modern classic vibe of the entire property, settling the scene for a relaxing feel and expresses a subtle and understated luxury aligned with elegant cabanas and facing the bay and waterfront.

Then a much larger pool that sits atop at SeaSalt restaurant, also allocated with plentiful elegant cabanas and with direct views overlooking the lagoon and waterfront, and of course food and beverage accessibility at your fingertips.

The pool deck area is spacious and almost every corner with direct sun light access, if having a “barbeque” is your ideal sun-kissed getaway. You have it all covered!

Otherwise, you may just pause for a moment and discover solitude by taking a deep breath of the warm, salty air to feel the pure zen and restore the positive energy on this elevated pool deck.

A signature Spa is also available and is in another grand building along from the lobby. You will also find a high-tech well-equipped gym in the spa annexe. The spa is well facilitated with multiple changing rooms that offer steam and sauna, as well as a plunge pool for a post spa relaxation, so you are not going without by any means.

Food is such an integral part of the Alila DNA and they have ensured that the Alila Asian touches are at the forefront of the menu.

Breakfast is at the Orchard restaurant with extensive indoor and outdoor seating in an elevated building adjacent to the lobby, walking through the infinity arched hallway is quite inspiring and you have one of the best vantage points on the outside terrace seating to look over the entire resort. It is a perfect spot to watch the sunset while enjoying the gentle Arabian Sea breeze.

Inspiring arched hallway leading to The Orchard Restaurant

It is a sensibly crafted semi-set menu for breakfast - a buffet is so not necessary - while a set of fresh fruit, cold cuts and cheeses and bakery basket caters for your essential needs and then you choose your hot dishes, eggs and beverages with unlimited serving. Strangely Asian dishes are not available on the breakfast menu, but if you ask in advance, they can possibly make the magic work with a soulful Alila touch.

The resort has only two major dining outlets, so lunch and dinner is at SeaSalt and has a definite Asian bent to the menu, plus knowing the culinary team offers flavours from Italy, India, Thai, Indonesia, Malaysia and Arabic means that every element will be tailored to its authenticity and it was, which we were delighting in every time we ordered our meals

You can sit indoors or outdoors and given the pleasant weather, most choose outdoors over the Arabic’s winter. The open kitchen is visible from both vantage points and it is always fun to watch the chef brigade in action. The bartenders can whip up some great beverages, particularly based on flavoured tea and with quite attentive and prompt service.

Moonlight serenades at Alila Hinu Bay

Sunrise watching from our villa brings positive energy to the new beginning of the day

The whole point of the location is to be seemingly away from civilization and to chill in the privacy of your villa or pick the quietest pool maybe. To be able to embark on a destination experience unrolling along a natural beach on Oman’s coastal line that radiates sophistication and offering an indulgence of luscious lifestyle facilities, this haven of serenity has no reason not to be loved and we did not even consider any activities outside the resort.

However, should you wish to push the boundaries of interest, there are some tours you can do that enlighten you further as to the history and culture of the locale by discovering the hidden treasures that abound within this fascinating destination.

The signature Alila vibe is why you would want to book this resort by discovering the destination through traditions: out of the way location; a unique landscape; luxurious accommodation; innovative design; most satisfying cuisine; a well-seasoned team that can already deliver humble yet great hospitality that exudes from the roots of its people and their daily rituals, as well as easy accessibility from Salalah and wonderful weather that never gets too hot and sticky!

Being on holiday is much about celebrating your own choices in living and cultivating your personal priorities. 
We were mesmerized by the whole experience and felt we had discovered another unique Alila resort that is not yet on the travel itineraries of many well-seasoned luxury travellers due to the fact it has only been opened less than a year. Surely it will become a much sought-after destination in the not-too-distant future.

Perfection is defined individually but the hallmark of Alila defines the bespoke journey by having the destination know-how with all the ingredients of your lifestyle to make your stay a ‘surprisingly different’ Alila experience.

 Tried & Tested:
Location: 5/5
Design & Decor: 4.5/5
Room Amenities: 5/5
Housekeeping: 5/5
Food & Beverages: 4.5/5
Service: 4.5/5
Value For Money: 4.5/5
Experience: 4.5/5

211, Salalah,
Sultanate of Oman
Tel: +968 2337 3300

Reviews are based on actual day of visit and experience. mylifestylenews reserves the right of final decision in case of any disputes. All images are photographed by mylifestylenews team without any photoshop enhancement and are the property owned by mylifestylenews unless otherwise stated.