dunhill x Yang Yang AW2021 Advertising Campaign

dunhill x Yang Yang AW2021 Advertising Campaign for the third consecutive season. Presenting key looks from the latest collection, the Chinese actor showcases the interplay of utility and formality, the homespun and urbane, in his own contemporary style. There’s a summation of dunhill signature pieces and materials; amongst them, the Split Hem Trousers, Strap Runners, Lock Bag, and bonded, paper leather all appear.

Central to the collection and the campaign, the dunhill Compendium Parka explores the idea of multi-functionality, inspired by a utilitarian men’s compact found in the dunhill archive. A versatile garment that can be worn in various ways, the coat can be zipped away to become a jacket, its lining detached to become a separate piece in its own right. Vibrant tones are apparent across this season’s accessories offering. The wool striped scarf, with it’s contradictory and playful colour palette, celebrates the practicality and joy in rediscovering found objects.

A reinforcement of the House’s longstanding automotive heritage, the new era GT Lock Bag features precision quilting reminiscent of the seating found in modern grand touring cars. Shown here in Neon pink and Chrome yellow. Highlighting dunhill’s lasting connection with Yang Yang and the evolution of signature House icons, the AW2021 campaign brings together dunhill past, present and future with an easeful sophistication.


LOEWE AW2021 Eyewear Collection

LOEWE AW2021 Eyewear Collection combines different styles, materials and fittings, characterized by iconic branding and shapes. In line with LOEWE’s Creative Director Jonathan Anderson, this collection also includes a reinterpretation of the Paula’s Ibiza diving mask revisited with a new bold modern shape typical of LOEWE’s approach to fashion and craft.

LW40073U (30G / 30A) 
This limited-edition model for men introduces a new rimless mask with refined details on the oversized front. The model features temples enriched with a new subtle metal jewelry end tips along with over-injected nose pads and lenses enriched by two decorative metal bars. The design is available in two strong shades such as Endura gold with gold lenses and Endura gold with solid smoke lenses.

LW40067U (30E)
Part of the new metal story, the style introduces a sophisticated use of the material in the eyewear collection. The model, a reworked archetypal shape, has a pilot metal profile from the bridge to the endpieces.

This frame also introduces new metal temples with jewelry end tips and over-injected nose pads. The design features a color palette balanced between classical and trendy shades with solid brown lenses.

LW40069U (30B / 16B)
Metal, the protagonist of this new eyewear collection, is featured in different models combining unisex and chic feminine lines with a universal fit. The material underlines the stylish shape from the shiny front over the temples to the branded jewelry end tips.

Other details include over-injected metal nose pads and a reinterpretation of the existing anagram temple with a smaller decorative logo. The design is available in classical or trendy shades with gradient grey sand or gradient smoke lenses.

LW40068U (16A / 30G)
The new metal story introduced in this collection continues with a round shape combining unisex and more refined lines with shiny front and temples. The round metal profile accompanies the shape of the frame from the bridge to the endpieces of the model. Characteristics of this new design are over-injected nose pads, new metal temples with jewelry end tips and the lasered logo. The style is available in classical or trendy colors with gradient smoke or gold mirror lenses.

LW40072U (53B / 45G)
This model marks the introduction of a new style in LOEWE’s thin acetate story. The style is characterized by a geometric angular cut following the original “Filipa” inspiration. To further enrich the model, the temples feature square end tips with the lasered anagram and dedicated thin metal hinges. The model is available with a havana acetate frame combined with gradient smoke lenses and a transparent brown acetate frame with solid brown and bronze flash lenses.


A|X Armani Exchange AW2021/22 MUSIC IS MY MUSE Advertising Campaign

A|X Armani Exchange AW2021/22 MUSIC IS MY MUSE Advertising Campaign where music is an all-encompassing form of expression in itself, and marching along to its beat also means choosing how to represent yourself.

Shot and filmed by Steve Mackey under the creative direction of Katie Grand: a vividly coloured mix of creativity and invention, of gestures and style.

Images that are never still, in which sounds are imagined through movements and colours, through the light that modulates on the backgrounds and on the subjects.

The photos and videos portray a new generation of musicians, dancers and models: individuals who use clothes as elements of their own personal narrative, one that is constantly evolving. 

Lin Yap, Stella Jones, Connie Constance, Farhan, Junior Choi and Alfie Husband look into the camera, avert their gaze, express themselves through their bodies. They are wearing jeans, trainers, silver windbreakers and down jackets, watches and glasses. They move to the rhythm, because MUSIC IS MY MUSE.


BVLGARI 2021 B.zero1 Rock Jewellery Collection

BVLGARI B.zero1 collection built a name for itself in the jewellery world and beyond, boldly representing BVLGARI's propensity towards future and innovation. A symbol of self-expression and character, inspiring and inspired by true visionaries. It was 1999 when BVLGARI decided to blaze its own trail fusing the fluid and determined lines of Rome’s Colosseum with the industrial inspiration of tubes in the cylindrical and entirely unconventional design of the unprecedented BVLGARI B.zero1 collection ring.

An alignment of avant-garde and Roman inspiration, the original jewellery design has been relentlessly interpreted with bravery and innovation, until it was presented on its latest appearance in 2020 with the new studded core of the unapologetic BVLGARI B.zero1 Rock collectionToday, BVLGARI B.zero1 Rock collection brings new perspectives on self-expression affirming itself as the ultimate icon of individuality and fearless spirit with the introduction of 6 new references.

The unquestionable hero piece of the collection’s latest novelties is the showstopping 18 kt white gold necklace, a sparkling interpretation that conquered, with its 7.20 carats, the status of most precious BVLGARI B.zero1 Rock collection jewel to date. An unprecedented collision of striking design, exquisite jewellery artistry and alluring versatility, the necklace features an original chain motif with every single link echoing the iconic ring’s distinctive edges and its rounded, audacious shapes. Even the proportions are faithful to the ring, as if each element became a BVLGARI B.zero1 collection measure unit – an approach to design inspired by visionary architect Le Corbusier and his studies of measurements based on human body metrics.

An ode to innovative jewellery design and ingenious craftsmanship, the gold chain necklace is made of individual modules, each one composed of three hand-set and assembled elements, representing a unique marriage between industrial design and the legendary BVLGARI’s jewellery making know-how. Made for those who are unashamedly open-minded and always looking for new inspirations, the BVLGARI B.zero1 collection necklace offers 3 different styling options, with or without pendant and with an additional thin 18 kt white gold chain, sold with the jewel, on which to thread the rounded pendant. 

But it doesn’t stop here. The bold charisma of the restyled chain also extends to an 18 kt rose gold necklace sporting a pendant with cutting-edge black ceramic highlights on the rims and to an 18 kt yellow gold iteration studded with diamonds on the edges. The unmistakable touch? BVLGARI B.zero1 Rock collection’s irreverent studs set on both pendants’ central band. The distinctive designs come with matching 18 kt gold rings, completed by a stackable 18 kt rose gold bangle with studs framed by black ceramic accents.


Rue Royale Restaurant Dubai – A Touch of French Flair By The Waterfront

Along the water complex of shops, fine restaurants and entertainment, the 1.5-km seaside promenade at The Pointe Palm Jumeirah may possibly spoil you for choice when it comes to deciding which eatery that would possibly tackle your palate, but Rue Royale Restaurant Dubai disseminates a touch of French Flair with their culinary delights.  mylifestylenews writes.

Nestled on the west marina of The Pointe, the location is relatively easy to get to and once you park, it’s a short walk to the promenade by following the signage that may offer you a further navigation by finding the exact locale. It sits smack bang with a perfect view of the Atlantis, The Palm alongside with the immense dancing fountain! Naturally, views are all quite well and bewitched by it especially when you choose to settled in the alfresco area.

The name is inspired by the famous street in Lyon, Rue Royale, but other than that, any other connection is tenuous. Opened in 2019, the gastronomy was brought in by the Two Michelin star chef Mathieu Viannay, the culinary mastermind behind La mère Brazier in Lyon serving French bistronomique cuisine. Viannay was brought out to Dubai to open this new concept. What the reality is - a French restaurant with a Middle Eastern “twist”. The menu was presented on a tablet where the French menu is not that extensive and the other half of the menu is given over to Iranian cuisine, with the already très French restaurant titled endorsed. We were instantly puzzled and started off the evening feeling a little bit apprehensive.

The interiors at first glance seemed quite polished, but after looking at the finer details, some things just didn’t make sense. There seems to be a garden theme for the interior design reminiscent
Le Jardin Secret with a hanging circular feature over the centre of the dining room, from which white cutout leaves tangling around with layers of circles adding a somehow arty touch yet not quite juxtaposing the centre light installation of glass baubles that cascade down toward the ground. Definitely not for the romantic kind, if you are looking for the typical dimmed lighting French dining ambience.

The whole dining room has an open view of the vibrant modern kitchen, each side of which is partitioned by a huge glass and wrought iron wall in the style of a French conservatory, which is quite picturesque, at least. Fabric panels of contrasting material also hang as decoration, but are hanging at different levels – not deliberately, so looking haphazard. Raised plaster reliefs in flowers motifs decorated at the corner on the walls with an attempt to create a feeling of being in a French jardine, yet rather more Moorish Spain influenced. 
Elegant French Christofle cutleries are used by pushing the envelope further for an up-market touch alongside with flatly ironed double layers of table cloths well set up. Across the main dining room there is an adornment with Iranian style arches and finished with modern element mosaic tiles. The neither-nor interior trying to blend in two different cultures with not so much of similarity in terms of design and décor seems rather confusing. Nevertheless, everyone loves a touch of French cuisine, don’t they? We certainly do. So we decided to clear our minds of the confusing messaging and as the name Rue Royal suggests, we definitely opted out of the Iranian menu option and kept our focus squarely on the designated French menu instead and placed our order.

<Stuffed Mushrooms>
This dish is a baked portobello mushroom topped with a snow bed of grated parmesan, buffalo mozzarella and parsley, served with lightly grilled and tossed zucchini. A delicious combination of ingredients with the mushroom redolent of the forest floor and a generous portion as well, it is delightfully fresh on palate and simply delicious.

<Tartare de Boeuf a la Francaise>
This presentation was a timbale of small, diced pieces of beef that were nicely seasoned and tender and a pleasing taste on the palate. The Dijon mustard also provides a pleasant kick on the bite yet less dominating nor too pungent which is another blessing.

<Citron Escalopes>
These pan-fried scallops came in a lemon supreme confit with butter and fresh baby spinach. The scallops were well seasoned and nicely seared to a light burnt crust on top complimented by a zesty butter citron sauce and whole peppercorns, the leafy spinach counter balanced the citrusy sauce and harmonized the entire dish. The scallop could be easily cut with just a touch of the knife. Nicely done and highly recommended!

<Citron Chicken Supreme>
This chicken dish is delightfully presented with a bed of sautéed colorful spring vegetables – baby carrot, snow peas, string beans and broccoli as well as round baby potatoes. The grilled chicken breast and thigh marinated on lemon and herbs may need more time to soak in the flavour as it was rather bland in taste. The aroma of the lemon sauce was the first stimuli for the appetite but the breast was rather dry. The dish overall was very enjoyable, plus the vegetables were cooked to perfection. That is always a challenge to master a chicken dish as such where the breast meat is cooked to perfection but the thigh is still uncooked evenly inside or the breast meat is rather overly done while the thigh remained moist and tender. And the latter was presented to us.

<Boeuf Rossini >
This dish is such a classic – a beef fillet with pan-fried duck liver atop all sitting on a bed of potato pancake and drizzled with truffle sauce. The presentation was stunning but on first bite, that ‘wow’ factor didn’t occur – the meat was not as tender as it should have been and was quite grainy, chewy and slightly dry despite it was cooked to our medium rare liking. The lightly crusty pan seared potato pancake turned out to be the star of this dish that was utterly delicious and unfortunately being let down by the rather bland, stale and uninteresting duck liver.

<Entrecôte Boeuf Grilled Black Angus >
This was by far the highlight of the evening and the kitchen nailed this dish. The beef came with two sauces – honey glazed soy and mushroom – and a side of fries (how could you not have fries with a premium cut of entrecôte which is quintessentially French in all regards). The Black Angus is incredibly flavoursome, with a well balance of meat and fat perfectly cooked as requested. A gentle slice with the sharp steak knife is all you need to enjoy such beauty. When a premium cut is offered on the menu, usually, you do not need much accompanying sauces but Rue Royal has its way to tempt you by enjoying the meat without leaving any drop of the devlish-ly homemade sauce. A must order!

<Mille Feuille>
Our supposed last taste of the evening and it finished on a high note with the caramelized flaky and crispy puff smoothly stuffed with the cream filling ice cream, which was equally delicious. A classic French dessert carried off with panache!

<Dessert Buffet >
A dessert ‘buffet’ platter of cut fresh fruits, mango cheesecake, madeleines, pecan nuts, pistachio choux pastries, macarons and marble cake was delivered to us by surprise. This is what they serve for afternoon high tea, beautifully presented, neatly aligned in order and joyfully worth a snap shot! While we were not enthused about every bite, overall a great value and a wonderful way to try out a multitude of different flavours from their dessert selection.

While we had hesitation at the beginning and now the apprehension is no longer required on the culinary front, it seems that the kitchen brigade can create and deliver a fair French flair from a couple of dishes that we have sampled. Some ingredients need a bit of tweaking and some dishes are highly recommended. Feruz, our server was attentive, but a bit more in depth product knowledge would be an advantage. Being a ‘dry’ restaurant (no alcohol being served) was a bit strange for us and to many other diners (perhaps) as French cuisine and refined wines go hand in hand for an enchanting dining experience but if that is not a deal breaker, then you can avail yourselves of some tasty mocktail concoctions to add a bit of colour to your table for pairing some refined gastronomy, and then some…in Rue Royal’s surprising fusion and unique way of dining experience.

Tried & Tested:

Location: 3.8/5

Design & Decor: 3/5

Food & Beverage: 3.8/5

Service: 3.5/5

Value For Money: 4/5

Experience: 3.8/5



Entrecôte Boeuf Grilled Black Angus

Rue Royal Restaurant Dubai

Palm Jumeirah

The Pointe Buiding #12B

Palm Jumeirah Road

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Tel: +971 4 241 2828

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GIVENCHY AW2021 Advertising Campaign

GIVENCHY AW2021 Advertising Campaign
, Creative Director Matthew M Williams continues to stake out fresh territory for Givenchy women and men.

In his introduction campaign for the House, emerging photographer Thibaut Grevet offers a 
self assured vision of beauty in all its diversity Building on Williams’ first season's campaign by Nick Knight, still lifes recall the vintage, product centric magazine advertisements of the Nineties.

Shot in a cinematic, chiaroscuro mood, key looks, leather accessories and jewelry appear laced in mystery whether shown full length or in closeup, the images convey the House’s modern new outlook through an insightful recasting of House emblems, contrasts of volume and texture, and statement making hardware.

proportions are steeped in elegance both lavish and austere, heightening the sense of personal expression and lived reality Staged in a dramatic black setting, the futuristic glamour of the AW2021 runway resurges.

From the dark emerges a striking cast from the Givenchy runway that distills the essence of 
the season’s silhouettes the sensuality of shearling, softly enveloping puffers, a strong shoulder, sculptural knitwear and makes each piece their own.

feat of architectural form, function, and savoir faire, the 4 G handbag this season fuses Givenchy’s signature polish with a contemporary, urban attitude. Now revisited in soft, padded lambskin textured by perfectly geometric grooving a finish achieved thanks to an intricate process of high frequency wave technology it offers an unexpected, disruptive take on era defining favorites like biker bombers and Fifties era car seats.

Available in matte black leather or lilac patent leather, it mixes daring hardware with G chains whose stylized links reflect Matthew M Williams’ love of unity and interconnectedness.


Dior Fall 2021 Collection

The Fall 2021 line is brought to life by a dual movement between field research and the return to the Atelier. This creative process began with the emblematic leopard print trench created by Christian Dior in the 1950s, a reiteration of the fur coat and accessories favored by one of his muses and faithful collaborators, Mizza Bricard. “I felt that her remarkable character, her inimitable extravagances of taste, would have an excellent effect on the phlegmatic temperament which I had inherited from my Norman forebears,” Monsieur Dior wrote about her in his autobiography.

In this collective and open territory, new desires converge around an emerging Pop attitude. Brightly colored, transparent, shiny and silvery creations nod to the Pop aesthetics of Elio Fiorucci, whose fashion look revealed emotions. They are mirrored by the extraordinary vitality of sounds, rhythms, and colors derived from the K-pop phenomenon, the all-female group Blackpink, which highlights the importance of singularity, both on stage and in real life. Fashion, they assert, definitively gives them as much power as music.

This collection is thus shaped by a transversal Pop philosophy, from Richard Hamilton’s* English Pop to Marco Lodola’s rather acidic New Futurism, and Andy Warhol’s psychedelia revisiting the Renaissance paintings of Paolo Uccello. Fashion becomes an experience to explore, driven by eventualities. Thus, a series of white T-shirts bearing multiple cuts and prints symbolizes an inspiring diary, a space where the imagination can roam freely.

Experimentation dialogues with tradition. Black is an absolute black. The millefleurs motif appears in printed silk velvets with an iridescent sheen. Lace is dressed in tie-dye. Embroideries are adorned with giant sequins, mirror discs with a stroboscopic surface.

Maria Grazia Chiuri’s essentials and Dior icons alike are reinterpreted: from the Bar jacket to the anorak, from shirtdresses to coats; this collection is designed with mindfulness of a need to reconsider strategies, clothing and identity, and endowed with a profound lightness buoyed by the Pop spirit, at once extremely energetic and hyper-sophisticated.