H&M X TOGA On Archive Classics With A Twist

H&M announces a unique collaboration with the Tokyo-based independent luxury label TOGA and the collection will comprise exciting reimaginings of TOGA’s archival hits for men and women, given contemporary twists. Founded in 1997 by Yasuko Furuta, TOGA has gained critical acclaim and a devoted international fanbase for its experimental takes on wardrobe classics, defined by a genderless, fiercely individual approach to fashion. Yasuko Furuta has built her brand on playful but cool pieces that explore sensuality in unusual ways, and this collection is true to her founding mission of exploring new ideas that become future standards. TOGA favourites - hybridised trench coats, deconstructed striped shirts, plissé skirts, dresses with clever cut-outs, and exacting tailoring - are all at play in the TOGA ARCHIVES x H&M collection.

For women, classic tailoring in navy, grey and black features dashes of eccentricity, such as bead embellished pockets or silk scarf cape detailing; meanwhile dresses and skirts in bold floral and gingham prints pair cleverly with deconstructed knitwear. For men, eye-catching scarf prints appear in reversible bomber jackets, on loungewear and on a hybridised trench coat, alongside reworked sweaters and shirts. “Fashion is a great way to express your interests immediately and non-verbally. It’s much faster than a conversation about the artwork you are interested in, or the music or books that you like. When I first launched TOGA, I wanted to make clothes for people who are filled with curiosity and who are unafraid of change. With this collection for H&M, I am excited that a broader range of people will be able to discover and enjoy TOGA designs,” says Yasuko Furuta, founder and creative director of TOGA. 

“At H&M, we have always admired Yasuko Furuta for imbuing her clothes with a very strong sense of personality. She enjoys the challenge that comes with creating an avant-garde look that is also easy to wear. It was a pleasure to spend time with her and her team, being inspired by designs from the TOGA archive. I can’t wait to see how customers all over the world style these playful but cool pieces, particularly the sensual TOGA signature cut-outs”, says Ann-Sofie Johansson, Creative advisor at H&M. The TOGA ARCHIVES x H&M collection will be available worldwide in selected stores and at hm.com from September 2.


JAEGER-LECOULTRE Presents The Reverso Tribute Small Seconds In Green

When the Reverso was created in 1931, the Manufacture immediately recognised the design’s wide appeal beyond the sporting arena for which it was originally conceived and, within the first year, began to offer colourful variations on the original black dial. In chocolate brown, red, burgundy or blue, the lacquered dials created a stylish and exuberant contrast with the case metal and – at a time when coloured dials were rare in watchmaking – made the Reverso appear even more modern and distinctive. Over the decades, the Reverso has appeared with a variety of dials and in different case sizes without ever compromising the integrity of the original design and in 2016, Jaeger-LeCoultre returned to the stylistic codes of the original 1931 model to create a series of Tribute models. For 2021, recalling the early use of colour that distinguished the Reverso, La Grande Maison presents the Reverso Tribute Small Seconds in Green. The rich tone of the sunray-brushed lacquer dial and matching leather strap is reminiscent of the deep green of the pine forests that surround Jaeger-LeCoultre’s home in the Vallée de Joux.

The dial features all of the signature design elements of the Reverso Tribute: the hours are marked by applied indexes rather than numerals. Their faceted shape echoes the form of the Dauphine hands and adds visual depth to the lacquered surface. In the lower half of the dial, the circular track of the small seconds display provides a counterpoint to the linear geometry of the dial and case. Echoing the sunray brushing of the dial, a sunray pattern on the inside of the cradle is visible when the case is flipped over. In keeping with Reverso tradition, the solid metal back of the reversible case is an ideal canvas for personalisation with a motif or engraving. The owner can choose to keep this personalisation hidden, as a private pleasure, or to turn the case over, so that the back becomes the front. The slim 8.5mm case houses the manually wound mechanical Jaeger-LeCoultre Calibre 822/2; a rectangular shaped movement with small seconds designed expressly for the Reverso, it offers a power reserve of 42 hours. Reconnecting the Reverso to its roots in the sport of polo, Jaeger-LeCoultre began a collaboration in 2011 with Casa Fagliano. Celebrated throughout the polo world for its handmade boots, Fagliano has created straps for a series of special Reverso models. In keeping with the relaxed modernity of the Tribute collection, the calf leather strap of the new Reverso Tribute Small Seconds, made to Fagliano’s signature design, is in the same green as the dial, creating a unified aesthetic that underlines the timelessness of the Reverso design.


JIMMY CHOO Presents The Beach Capsule Collection

Jimmy Choo introduces The Beach Capsule Collection plays with the new JC signature monogram in a gradient of colourful sunset sorbet shades across pool slides, espadrilles, handbags and accessories.

The summer ready collection sees the introduction of the first swimwear line with sunbleached yellow and mint green JIMMY CHOO logo one pieces alongside triangle and bandeau bikinis featuring the same sorbet degrade JC monogram print.

Sunglasses offer stylish shade with oversized frames in pastel pink and black featuring the JC brushed gold hardware on the arm and a tonal degrade of the JC monogram, lenses reflect the collections celebration of colour with sunset inspired lenses.

An oversize beach towel completes the collection of summer ready accessories. The collection includes styles for both women and men.


Harry Winston Presents WINSTON With LOVE

The House of Harry Winston explores the intense feelings of love, through a fine jewelry collection that chronicle its extraordinary phases. Forged in diamonds and colorful precious gemstones, the collection is a true expression of L.O.V.E. Much like an acrostic poem, each letter represents a different phase of love – the crescendo of an emotion that is innately felt, but at times, hard to express. From the first light of affection, to a passionate obsession, to the ultimate vow and an eternity together, with each phase the feelings of love grow stronger, and more meaningful. Of all of life’s gifts, these feelings are among the greatest. Like rare diamonds and gemstones, love is a force of nature not to be reckoned with. This is Winston with Love.

Mr. Harry Winston once exclaimed, “Jewels are more than my love and my life; they are an insatiable obsession.” Mr. Winston’s enduring passion for precious gems was a constant throughout his life and served as the guiding light for all of his endeavors. As a House rooted in an unwavering commitment to the most exceptional gemstones, this passion continues to run deep today. Examining the infinite possibilities of this most heartfelt sentiment, the collection encapsulates each stage of love, focusing on variations in color, movement, meaning, and form. The collection, completely made by hand, offers a modern interpretation of the signature Winston design aesthetic and consists of 39 pieces, separated into four unique chapters: L – Winston Light; O – Winston Obsession; V- Winston Vow; and E – Winston Eternity.

The first stage of love glows with excitement and light through jewels full of color and luminosity. Sparks, a series of pendants, earrings, and rings, captures the fiery form of a firework bursting in the air and embodies the feelings of the very first spark. Available with three different colored center stones – red rubellite, blue tanzanite, or orange spessartite – the radiant, mixed metal rays found on each piece are set at varying heights and feature an artful assembly of brightly coloredgemstones and diamonds meant to evoke the complex distribution of flaming light. Brilliant Glow is an extraordinary high jewelry suite that demonstrates the House’s breathtaking gem-setting expertise. The centerpiece of the suite is a one-of-a-kind necklace that exudes the fluidity of a piece of fabric as it delicately graces the neck with a brilliant composition of diamonds, yellow diamonds, pink sapphires, spessartites, and rubies. At its core hangs a sweet heart-shaped yellow diamond – a subtle nod to the start of budding new romance.

L. Winston Light 
The second stage is filled with a burning passion that knows no bounds. Like two souls in the night, the Dancing Flames series consists of two high jewelry suites that pair vibrant gems with diamonds in modern settings that capture love’s intense heat. A pair of chandelier earrings, with a subtle gradation up the ear, cascade with diamonds and fiery gemstones in hues of orange, purple and red, while its complementing hair accessory and ring reimagine the intricacies of wild flames. The second suite centers around a high jewelry necklace set with a central sugarloaf ruby emboldened by diamond, purple sapphire, spessartite, and ruby flames. Flare, a series of highly dimensional earrings and rings in three colorways, is a formidable representation of its namesake and speaks to the House’s undeniable expertise, as each is constructed using the complex technique of mixed metal pave.

O. Winston Obsession
An undeniable love has led to the ultimate commitment – a vow to one another. The Winston Promise pendant, ring and earrings, depict a subtle heart motif with diamonds, rubies, yellow diamonds and pink sapphires, set in rose gold. Adding a contemporary touch, the half heart earrings are a mismatched pair that, when placed side-by-side, reveal the full motif. In Dual Hearts, the name says it all. Two extraordinarily matched heart-shaped rubies are set on top of a cluster of breathtaking diamonds. The beauty of these pieces – rings, pendants, and earrings - are in their simplicity. Diamonds appear to float on top of the skin, in true Winston fashion, and the addition of two red rubies add a romantic touch to an iconic House design.

V. Winston Vow
The last phase of love celebrates a lifetime together. Two interlocking hearts, in diamonds, rubies and pink sapphires, make up the Sweet Heart pendant, earring, and ring. A pure representation of love, these pieces celebrate life’s vast possibilities with gemstones that seemingly have no beginning or end. The pinnacle of any love story is the idea of an eternity together forever. The Endless Love suite, adapted from an archival Winston design, pairs diamonds and rubies in a signature twist motif. A perfect representation of the intertwining of two souls, the magnificent necklace elegantly frames the neck, while the matching earrings elegantly climb the ear, and ring, which celebrates the eternal embrace of love.

E. Winston Eternal
The utmost precision and attention to detail are required to express the beauty and complexity of love. Winston with Love embodies the House of Harry Winston’s passion for expressing deep, intangible emotions in the world’s rarest gemstones through unparalleled craftsmanship and design.




有些夢你很想延續,有些夢必須儘快蘇醒,無論做夢是否逃避現實或漠視當下現實的真相,也許夢境只是虛幻,但做夢的過程卻展現人性,而且毫無疑問確有其事。傳説中的Medusa曾是雅典最美麗動人的女子,Athena女神也注意到她的美貌,並因嫉妒和憤怒對她加以責難,最後更將她逐出天庭。結果,這位魅力懾人的Medusa蛇髮女神如神仙魚般橫渡大海,並潛入深海更深處,不但沒有斷魂,開啓了一個位於海床的烏托邦 - Versacepolis。這個神話與未知的現實相遇之地,海洋雖然洶湧,但也能洗滌心靈、撫慰人心、讓人抖擻精神。 Medusa則以勇氣和力量,掌管這個國度,孕育出一群堅毅自信的新世代紅男綠女。

世上有超過百分之八十的海洋未曾被探索,也沒有地圖標示。事實上,經研究和記錄的月球表面比例比海床更高,因此湛藍的海洋仍然是個謎。Donatella Versace悠然將神話演變為現實,創造一些顛覆性的事物,能反映所有人內心的變化;在全球努力適應新常態之際,帶我們走進湛藍深海的Versacepolis國度,一探2021年的Versace春夏系列。這個以水底世界作為背景的時裝展,就是一個夢想新的世界、一個以奪目色彩和奇特生物構建的世界、一個人人都能和諧共處的世界。這個色彩繽紛的系列洋溢著快樂的氣息,樂觀、夢幻、積極等正能量,透過衣裳為你帶來歡樂,吸引贊許,讓熱愛Versace的忠粉能融入幻想,暢遊夢境之中,讓自己峰巔一下最要緊。
系列的設計靈感來自海洋自然世界,以及融入自然的概念,以自信的態度,展望樂觀和充滿希望的未來為出發點。品牌以標誌性Trésor de la Mer 印花描繪海底生物,並以奪目色彩展現新意,去點綴設計和造型。褶襇細節彰顯品牌的工藝:Trésor 印花被放大,因此即使布料經過仔細打褶,圖案也能保持完整。原始世界的魅力引領我們潛進深海,遨遊夢幻之境。大自然、運動精神、性感誘惑和夢幻想像,在愉悅的生活中互相交融著。起伏的海浪,長裙和晚裝上如浪潮的輕盈荷葉邊,啟發了Onda海浪形重曡剪裁的衣襬線條。全新系列洋溢澎湃活力,破格不凡,色調絢麗耀眼,印花活潑大膽,巧妙露出肌膚的剪裁,展示Versace一貫的攝人魅力。
今季新登場的La Medusa手袋系列以品牌的經典標誌命名。Medusa的頭像不但傲立於Versace位於Via Gesù原有總部的大門,也從品牌創立之初,便成為Versace重要的一部分。La Medusa系列風格脫俗,觸感舒適,以柔軟皮革製成,垂墜柔美的外型體現年輕清新的態度。手袋備有多種玩味奪目色彩選擇,不再在赤地上獨行,全部配以淡紫色襯裡,並可選配琳琅滿目色彩的Greca肩帶配襯,使有趣的新設計份外出眾。可會離群?
世上有多少個繽紛樂園                  任你行

Hermès SS2021 Men's Collection - mylifestylenews' Top 10's Pick

Hermès SS2021 Men's Collection is a carefree expression of lightness and simplicity. Silhouettes are streamlined and suggest a timeless casualness. For a soft, smooth summer, the fabrics are fresh and light.

In a carefree, crossover design, jacket and blouson borrow the characteristic stripes and suppleness of the shirt. In the spirit of reciprocity, the shirt adopts the volume of a blouson.

A play of striped shirts gains linings, panels and double closure. Come summer, leather reinvents itself with finesse; the deerskin reveals its sensuality, the technical calfskin its versatility. Stripes and Chaîne d’ancre motifs are subtly sketched in metis goatskin’s variegated hues. Refreshing blues, pure stone tones, almond green. Fluorescent strokes.

Pale blue, Mediterranean blue, storm blue, almond green, stone, gravel, off-white, rope, white. Fluorescent yellow.

Blousons with removable collar and striped ribbing, over-shirts with drawstring high collar. Straight blousons, blousons with removable collar, sweatshirts with hood and zipped sweatshirts. Suits with three-button jacket and secret pocket, one-pleat trousers and belt in braided strap canvas. Straight jackets with double front and shirt-jackets with patch pockets.

Pullovers with boat neck, sleeveless pullovers with V-neck, pullovers with polo neck and short-sleeved pullovers. Zipped shirt-blousons with short sleeves and buttoned high collar, shirts with gusset collar, large shirts with double sleeve, large collarless shirts with striped detail. One-pleat trousers, elastic waist and patch pockets, one-pleat trousers and belt in braided strap canvas and wide trousers with patch pockets.

Deerskin, metis goatskin with striped print and sketched links, technical calfskin with reversible fluorescent water-repellent Plume canvas. Striped cotton poplin and sketched links or with inlaid shirt stripes, mini-armoured cotton. Linen and cotton flamed canvas. Striped cotton poplin with end-on-end rhythmical stripes, inlaid shirt stripes or with open-work links, crispy technical canvas.

English ribbing embroidered in leather, mouliné cotton, Perspective géométrique cashmere and silk. Fluorescent water-repellent Plume canvas, cotton poplin printed with La Danse des chevaux, plain cotton poplin, with inlaid shirt stripes or with end-on-end rhythmical stripes. Cracked cotton poplin, cotton poplin with playful stripes, plain technical canvas or with crispy stripes, water-repellent cotton drill, stretch cotton serge.

Haut à courroies Cargo bag in H canvas and Evercalf calfskin, sports bag in Evercolor calfskin and Togo calfskin. Slim d’Hermès watch, case in stainless steel and strap in Barénia calfskin. Mr Farrier scarves in cotton and silk. Pendants in palladium metal and horn, double tour bracelets in Tadelakt calfskin and snap-hook clasp. Belts in strap canvas and bridle leather, or in rope and bridle leather. Sandals in calfskin.


VALENTINO Haute Couture SS2021 Collection - mylifestylenews' Top 10's Pick

VALENTINO Haute Couture SS2021 Collection celebrates the human: the mind that conceives and the hand that creates and gives value. Through a work process that sits above time, they produce timeless objects molded on the individual.

The rituals, the process, and the values of Couture are timeless.

Time as a code and a value, to reset and reprogrammed in a Couture of today that updates classic rituals and processes through garments designed to express oneself, as anyone desires.

Women, men: naturally, smoothly. A wardrobe that draws and opens up possibilities. Verticality as a tension in which what is complex is resolved into vibrant simplicity. Fabric as a material elevated by handwork, as a texture that incites discovery and surprise.

Raised on the highest heels, the long and lean silhouettes are accumulations of elements, stripped of every evident artifice, of prints and decorations, which up close appear different from how they look from afar. The pullover is in fact woven fabric; a solid surface swarms with petals, or dematerializes into folds of ribbons.

Line, the texture of the fabric, the warm and cold neutrals and the acrylic glares, do all the talking. The apparent preciousness becomes silent, intimate, just as the interchangeable and protective simplicity of the pieces is intimate. Sudden, flashes of daring.

The temporal code of this recoded Couture becomes a digital tale in the collaboration with Robert Del Naja: a self-standing, complete document of the long process of the Atelier.

The information on the making of, of the collection, the faces of the artisans, the time lapsed photo shoots of the work in progress on the tailoring dummy, become algorithmic sequences elaborated and set to music by the machine; trained by creative partner Mario Klingemann.

The human feeds the mechanic, the manual activates a neural and digital process, in the quest for a new humanism. Through the synthetic filter of artificial intelligence, the emotional aspect of Couture emerges, with the celebration and enhancement of human quality: a code that regenerates itself endlessly while remaining timeless.


Giuseppe Zanotti SS2021 Metamorphosis Collection

iuseppe Zanotti’s SS2021 collection brings the idea of transformation to a new level. It’s a step-change that started by first reflecting on the results of the past few years and all the unexpected and diverse experiences that have fed into them up to now. As we hold a mirror up to the societal changes we are experiencing, the collection seeks to break down every barrier, every limitation and aim for the absolute. In this new dimension, the concept of seasonality gives way to a constant flow of ideas that transform a story into multiple chapters. The desire to rewrite one’s own stylistic code translates into a language that is insistently of-the-moment. The choices behind the women’s collection are clear, precise and categorical. Starting with the silhouettes and continuing through to the color scheme, which alternates from pure black to bold, bright colors to subdued tones, like antique pink and light brown

The new NORTH booties crafted in suede, with a 6-inch heel, they feature American Western details yet exude a certain Parisian chic. From their gold star embellishment to their pointed silhouette, these boots exude the collection’s seasonless statement with their strong, androgynous energy.

From booties to sandals, it’s all about hidden gems. The new AGATA jeweled sandal, featuring a massive golden chain, channels a certain Broadway musical bravado. With its oversized decoration, block heel and square toe, it’s ready for its on-stage spotlight.

The evening 
NAUSICAA sandal on the other hand is wrapped in a cloud of organza and chiffon that exalts its time-honored craftsmanship. While the new “ring” flat evokes an edgy new spirit with its spiked rhinestone and asymmetrical square shape.

Turning to men’s, the season unfolds with similar stylistic changes. Shoes that appear heavy are actually crafted with ultra-light treads and embellishments. When it comes to proportions and balance, the seemingly disproportioned plays a leading role.

At the center of the men’s collection are the season’s new loafer and sneaker. The former IBISCO loafer is crafted in a floral silk jacquard reminiscent of patterns from the early 1900’s and is further enhanced by bold colors and luminous crystals.

The latter transforms sneaker culture into pure experimentation. Named the FEROX, its silk upper juxtaposes pop art motifs with classic florals for an unexpected graphic mash-up. By utilizing silk - a traditional evening material - the standard bearer of streetwear becomes something more transversal, lighter - a step closer to evening.


Ermenegildo Zegna XXX Summer 2021 NATURE | MAN | MACHINE Collection

Ermenegildo Zegna XXX Summer 2021 collection, a project that includes both clothing and a different way to present them fusing a digital and a live experience, is an exploration of the unique bond between nature and machine whose connection is the man himself, as a sensitive and sensible being.

2020 marks the 110th anniversary for Ermenegildo Zegna. The occurrence, which prompts to reassess and strengthen the core values of the brand and its responsible outlook, happens in quite a singular moment for the whole of humanity: a challenging time which is also the occasion to reconsider the reasons of one’s own presence in this world, and the worth of one’s own actions for the collective wellbeing of the planet and its inhabitants.

Having started as a textile mill to later encompass clothing manufacturing, Ermenegildo Zegna since its inception has had a strong connection with nature, seen not just as a provider of resources and raw materials but also as a unique richness of diversities to preserve - hence the Oasi Zegna.

Filmed in the archetypal Lanificio Zegna of Trivero and in the Oasi, the meta, or rather hyper fashion show is a subjective flow that seamlessly crosses lands and aisles, open air and operating plant to finally create a singular reality where the natural element and the textile loom merge in dynamic harmony while clothing perfectly defines new categories and new solutions.

True to the #UseTheExisting mindset which keeps informing the Zegna actions not only when it comes to the production of fabrics, the show happens in places that exist and that are profoundly telling of the Zegna ethos. As such, it is a responsible production.

A sense of fluidity and precision pervades the collection, both in the shapes and the chromatic choices. Volumes are liquid and generous, in ineffable and impalpable amalgamations of clay, cowslip yellows, hydrangea pinks, sienite greys, river stone blues, carabus greens and slate blacks; materials are lightweight yet firm - wool, hemp, raw fibers, linen, paper/silk, papery nappa, #UseTheExisting wools.

Experimenting with dropped shoulders, lowered collars, layered forms and a poetic sense of functionality expressed by outsized pockets and zips that allow volumes to expand, Alessandro Sartori extends the sartorial quest for new hybrid categories that defines his vision of Zegna.

Inspired by the osmosis of different worlds, he cuts outerwear in shirting fabrics, and vice versa, allowing the wearer a complete freedom of combination and interpretation when it comes to items.

What comes across is a sense of ease that is fluid and uncontrived, underlined by the mock turtleneck underpinnings that replace shirts under blazers and shirt jackets, by the duster coats and the liquid trousers that draw an elongated and nonchalant silhouette.

Rounded loafers with massive soles and sandals ground the looks. Tie dye prints enrich the layering of colors and textures, suggesting a further mimesis of man and nature.

“A moment like this can easily lead to a glorification of flawless precision of the machine - says Artistic Director Alessandro Sartori - but at Zegna, in respect of a humanist tradition that is profoundly Italian, we believe that the human being always sits at the center, in harmony with nature. It is sensitivity and creativity, human qualities par excellence, that get the best out of machines. Without man, everything would be soulless. This project reflects this union of sensibilities, which is also a balance of past and future, of inside and outside, in a cohesive yet multifaceted opus”.