Harry Winston Presents WINSTON With LOVE

The House of Harry Winston explores the intense feelings of love, through a fine jewelry collection that chronicle its extraordinary phases. Forged in diamonds and colorful precious gemstones, the collection is a true expression of L.O.V.E. Much like an acrostic poem, each letter represents a different phase of love – the crescendo of an emotion that is innately felt, but at times, hard to express. From the first light of affection, to a passionate obsession, to the ultimate vow and an eternity together, with each phase the feelings of love grow stronger, and more meaningful. Of all of life’s gifts, these feelings are among the greatest. Like rare diamonds and gemstones, love is a force of nature not to be reckoned with. This is Winston with Love.

Mr. Harry Winston once exclaimed, “Jewels are more than my love and my life; they are an insatiable obsession.” Mr. Winston’s enduring passion for precious gems was a constant throughout his life and served as the guiding light for all of his endeavors. As a House rooted in an unwavering commitment to the most exceptional gemstones, this passion continues to run deep today. Examining the infinite possibilities of this most heartfelt sentiment, the collection encapsulates each stage of love, focusing on variations in color, movement, meaning, and form. The collection, completely made by hand, offers a modern interpretation of the signature Winston design aesthetic and consists of 39 pieces, separated into four unique chapters: L – Winston Light; O – Winston Obsession; V- Winston Vow; and E – Winston Eternity.

The first stage of love glows with excitement and light through jewels full of color and luminosity. Sparks, a series of pendants, earrings, and rings, captures the fiery form of a firework bursting in the air and embodies the feelings of the very first spark. Available with three different colored center stones – red rubellite, blue tanzanite, or orange spessartite – the radiant, mixed metal rays found on each piece are set at varying heights and feature an artful assembly of brightly coloredgemstones and diamonds meant to evoke the complex distribution of flaming light. Brilliant Glow is an extraordinary high jewelry suite that demonstrates the House’s breathtaking gem-setting expertise. The centerpiece of the suite is a one-of-a-kind necklace that exudes the fluidity of a piece of fabric as it delicately graces the neck with a brilliant composition of diamonds, yellow diamonds, pink sapphires, spessartites, and rubies. At its core hangs a sweet heart-shaped yellow diamond – a subtle nod to the start of budding new romance.

L. Winston Light 
The second stage is filled with a burning passion that knows no bounds. Like two souls in the night, the Dancing Flames series consists of two high jewelry suites that pair vibrant gems with diamonds in modern settings that capture love’s intense heat. A pair of chandelier earrings, with a subtle gradation up the ear, cascade with diamonds and fiery gemstones in hues of orange, purple and red, while its complementing hair accessory and ring reimagine the intricacies of wild flames. The second suite centers around a high jewelry necklace set with a central sugarloaf ruby emboldened by diamond, purple sapphire, spessartite, and ruby flames. Flare, a series of highly dimensional earrings and rings in three colorways, is a formidable representation of its namesake and speaks to the House’s undeniable expertise, as each is constructed using the complex technique of mixed metal pave.

O. Winston Obsession
An undeniable love has led to the ultimate commitment – a vow to one another. The Winston Promise pendant, ring and earrings, depict a subtle heart motif with diamonds, rubies, yellow diamonds and pink sapphires, set in rose gold. Adding a contemporary touch, the half heart earrings are a mismatched pair that, when placed side-by-side, reveal the full motif. In Dual Hearts, the name says it all. Two extraordinarily matched heart-shaped rubies are set on top of a cluster of breathtaking diamonds. The beauty of these pieces – rings, pendants, and earrings - are in their simplicity. Diamonds appear to float on top of the skin, in true Winston fashion, and the addition of two red rubies add a romantic touch to an iconic House design.

V. Winston Vow
The last phase of love celebrates a lifetime together. Two interlocking hearts, in diamonds, rubies and pink sapphires, make up the Sweet Heart pendant, earring, and ring. A pure representation of love, these pieces celebrate life’s vast possibilities with gemstones that seemingly have no beginning or end. The pinnacle of any love story is the idea of an eternity together forever. The Endless Love suite, adapted from an archival Winston design, pairs diamonds and rubies in a signature twist motif. A perfect representation of the intertwining of two souls, the magnificent necklace elegantly frames the neck, while the matching earrings elegantly climb the ear, and ring, which celebrates the eternal embrace of love.

E. Winston Eternal
The utmost precision and attention to detail are required to express the beauty and complexity of love. Winston with Love embodies the House of Harry Winston’s passion for expressing deep, intangible emotions in the world’s rarest gemstones through unparalleled craftsmanship and design.

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