《The Dark Knight》

 Another most anticipated films by Christopher Nolen and the best performance ever by Heath Ledger. The Batman series is getting darker & darker and full of extraordinary actions, even if you are not Batman fan, <The Dark Knight> is something that you never want to miss.

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《Sex & The City》

Finally, it made it to the big screen, heaps of fans were waiting anxiously since the end of the TV series which attracted tens of thousands of it fans who follow what and how the four girls enjoying the lifestyle, love and sex. Thank you for not letting us down but having a huge fun and endless laughter through out the entire film. We are certainly waiting hard for the next sequel.  Show us more of your girl's power.

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Fun, exciting and lots of good action in this film. You will love this hero for his self-created power and magic. Paltrow is always good in this kind of role that she played, simply hilarious and stunning. One of the best summer movies of the year and it was simply entertaining.

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