《Source Code》

Cut the chase, go direct to what you believe is the only truth. This thriller pack film is relatively exciting leave alone the action but the sentimental values are human. A very interesting twist at the end of the entire experiment, we leave that to you to go into the cinema to find out.

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《Introducing Champagne Salon 1999》

The 1-Michelin Star SPOON by Alain Ducasse is partnering with the prestigious Champagne Houses of Salon and Delamotte for the Hong Kong Launch of Salon's 37th and last vintage of the 20th century, with an exclusive 7-course Champagne Salon & Delamotte Dinner on Wednesday 4th May. The dinner hosted by Mr. Didier Depond, President of Champagne Salon Champagne Delamotte will be in Hong Kong for this event.The 7-course menu created by SPOON Executive Chef Philippe Duc, paired with 7 unique vintages of Salon and Delamotte Champagnes. Priced at HK$2988 + 10% service per person. Reservations can be made at +852 2313 2256 or e-mail to spoonbyalainducasse.hk@interconti.com

《Mr & Mrs. Single 隱婚男女》

A very bad copy of <The Devil Wears Prada> even in their denial. Extremely pretentious acting and probably one of the worst Patrick Kong's 10th films comparing his very own Hong Kong love romance trilogy. Mind you, the entire movie was in Mandarin and it does lose the essence of balancing the humor and acting from getting a Hong Kong actor to do the main lead.

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《Limited Edition Headphone @ GUESS》

This trendy & fashionable headphone with the identical upside down triangle GUESS logo could be yours to match the best casual outfits with your favorite Jeans. Go check out the GUESS stores near you and find out more, perhaps try it on yourself and pick another nice pair of new GUESS jeans to match with. The limited edition headphone offer is on now while stock last.

EVISU London @ Royal Wedding Limited Edition Jeans

As part of EVISU's 20th Anniversary, the brand is proud to launch an exclusive limited-edition, hand painted jeans to commemorate the April 29th Royal Wedding. These exclusive customised jeans combined details and expert craftsmanship with EVISU's signature heritage selvedge denim. Each pair is priced £290 and made to order with the selection of back pocket featuring a hand-painted Union Jack and EVISU Kamome logo, in your choice of gold or silver. There are only 29 pairs available globally with number on the branding patch, under "29.04.11" to represent the Royal Wedding date. This limited edition Jeans are available now by Pre-Order only. For details, go to  http://international.evisu.com/collections/new-arrivals/products/regular-fit-xx-jeans.

《Valentino @ Friends & Family Special Sales》

Golden Week Shopping Events @ Times Square

Entering  this May Golden Week, Times Square has a couple of exciting events for their shoppers. All you have to do is shop, shop and SHOP, lots of redemption and games awaits you to win and with more prizes to go home with. Movies tickets,Ocean Park tickets, Dining vouchers and other not to be missed surprises awaits.
Tel: +852 9830 5022/9579 7716


《I.T @ Hysan One Grand Opening Party》

I.T put another huge step forward by opening its Hysan One store to house I.T, I.T Men, i.t, BAPE and varied in-house brands as well as a one-of-a-kind exhibition site, connecting shoppers to the latest news in art and fashion. This 25,000 sq.ft. four-storey unique concept store is masterminded by renowned designer Masamichi Katayama. Exquisiteness and elegance are blended together to raise this artistic, diverse architecture, embraced by black, sleek walls divided by glass displays framed by woo-patterned cement panels. Hundreds of celebrities and socialites shared the delightful moment at the opening night party.

《Etro Arnica Exhibition》

Etro unveils a new exhibition dedicated to its classic and timeless Arnica print bags with the presence of Mr. Jacopo Etro. Etro's Arnica (paisley) print has become an icon of the house since it was developed 25 years ago by Gimmo Etro. It first appeared in the brand's home collection, before making its way onto the first Arnica bag in 1982. It was then became the house's most iconic print and the line of handbags has since evolved to include over 150 new styles each season. In conjunction with the event, 2 styles of Etro Fairy Bags were designed as limited edition exclusively for JOYCE, a tote or a carryall.

《Warehouse Clearance Sales @ Times Square》


《Fendi Pop Up Store @ IFC Mall》

Pop up Store is another easy come easy go way to promote or sell a product, a new kind of marketing strategy for a brand to create a friendly approach and fresh ideas to their loyal customers for a new shopping experience, it even catch more attention for the unknown who is new to the brand. This new FENDI pop up store in IFC Mall surely has what it got to offer to the passerby.