《Dim Sum @ 蓮香樓 Lin Heung Lou》

一盅兩件(A port of tea with two order of different order of Dim Sum) is the regular gesture on a local daily's breakfast routine to begin the morning with. Lin Heung Lou 蓮香樓 is one of the very few traditional Dim Sum Tea Houses茶樓 that still follow the old traditional way of serving Dim Sum with a push cart trolley that produce many old style Dim Sum selection, in which most modern Tea House or restaurant neglect to do so due its time of production and possibly low yield. Mind the service, once you enter this Tea House, you will have to find your own table or seats and be prepared to share with others who were there before or after your arrival. Do not bother to ask for a menu as the Dim Sum lady will be pushing around with what's available on the cart trolley and feel free to stop her and get what you want.  Lin Heung Lou is a must-visit for the first timer in Hong Kong as this is where you will find the real sound and sight that make your trip unforgettable with a unique experience.

Address: G/F 160-164, Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2544 4556

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