RADO x Tej Chauhan @ Red Dot Award For The True Square

RADO presents this year’s Red Dot Award and will use this as an incentive to continue to live up to its reputation: creating designs that break new ground with unrivalled materials. Design has always been a key part of the Rado DNA. The Swiss brand is thus particularly delighted that the True Square x Tej Chauhan has been presented with the Red Dot Award in the Product Design category. The colourful timepiece, the result of a collaboration with industrial designer Tej Chauhan, picks up on the futuristic visions of pop culture with the means of a true “Master of Materials”.

The international Red Dot design competition, based in Essen, Germany, honours outstanding designs in the categories Product Design, Brands & Communication, and Design Concept year after year and has become established around the world as a coveted quality mark. More companies and studios have taken part in this year’s edition than ever before. The Rado brand is therefore all the more delighted to be able to add a further important design award to its CV. An overview of the award-winning model can be found on the Rado website.

The True Square x Tej Chauhan is proving itself to be a worthy award winner, which epitomises Rado’s design and material expertise. Its design is inspired by the timeless future visions of pop culture. The basis for Tej Chauhan was our ground-breaking True Square – the first square watch made from high-tech ceramic, whose flowing shapes are created using injection moulding. The high-performance material is presented here in matt yellow – a colour that poses a real challenge during manufacturing – and is complemented by a bracelet consisting of cushion-like leather elements. Silver-coloured, white, blue, red and orange elements stand out against the matt black background on the dial. The watch is driven by a Swiss-made automatic calibre with up to 80 hours power reserve.


Giorgio Armani SS2021 Denim Collection

Giorgio Armani SS2021 Denim collection offers a concise selection of garments characterized by an unconventional sartorial use of the classic blue canvas. The combination of Armani elegance in a fabric, full of history and personality, is used directly for some garments, or evoked through precious fibres for others.

Contemporary cuts, high-quality materials, attention to detail and innovative workmanship characterise these sophisticated garments, dedicated to an elegant and dynamic clientele.

The men's collection has a strong leisure feel: bomber jackets, hooded sweatshirts, shirts with stand-up collars, t-shirts, trousers with elasticated waist, are adorned with logoed motifs all over their surface, which can also be found on caps, slip-on shoes and small bags.

Denim is recreated in cashmere or cotton; jacquards exude a richness that creates an elegant contrast with the sleek lines, perfect for the city. The jacquard logo on denim and jersey is a distinctive element of the collection.

The women's collection has a self-aware, urban allure. It is composed of a dark overcoat with contrasting seams, a trouser suit, a petite jacket over wide trousers, a double-breasted caban, and a blouson worn with soft trousers.

Denim is the fabric of choice, in shades of blue and grey: stretchy, embroidered with embossed leafy petals and pinstripes.

The micro-striped linings and logo buttons are the seal of a sophisticated and discreet elegance.



First presented in 2018, Horological Machine N°9 – nicknamed HM9 ‘Flow’ was a tribute to the extraordinary automotive and aeronautic designs of the 1940s and 50s. The result was a case like no other that echoed the epoch’s flowing, aerodynamic lines. Despite its striking external appearance, MB&F founder Maximilian Büsser described the engine inside HM9 as “the most beautiful movement we’ve created to date”. What other logical step was there to take, if not to encase the HM9 engine in a transparent sapphire crystal shell?

Presenting Horological Machine N°9 ‘Sapphire Vision’ – aka HM9-SV. An outer hull of sapphire crystal and precious metal, curved and bubbled and precisely fitted together in three parts, is sealed with a proprietary combination of patented three dimensional gasket and high-tech compound bonding process. Two fully independent cantilevered balances channel data into a differential that turns two heartbeats into one coherent time-pulse. Ultra-precise conical gears efficiently turn the engine’s energy and information current through a 90° angle to feed the time display on a sapphire crystal dial, marked with Super-LumiNova.

On the reverse, co-axial beneath each of the balances are propellers: twin turbines that spin freely as an element of pure visual interest, waiting for someone to begin a new type of exploration. Two years after the initial HM9 Flow ‘Air’ and ‘Road’ editions conquered land and sky, HM9-SV takes us to the depths of the ocean – the last realm on Earth that still holds a wealth of untold secrets. Before you is an exploratory vessel from Atlantis, powered by a divergent technology both familiar and strange to our eyes. Externally, the lines of HM9-SV glide over the blueprint of its Road and Air-designated predecessors. The laws of fluid dynamics remain dominant in its design, although the hydrogoverned objectives allow HM9-SV to take a more lenient approach to the sharp inward angles and parabolic curves of the previous Flow versions. From a technical standpoint, the reworked dimensions were necessary to account for the differences in material properties of sapphire crystal; although extremely hard, sapphire can fracture sharply under pressure whereas a metal would merely deform.

The smoother lines of HM9-SV minimise potential areas of mechanical vulnerability but they also reinforce its oceandweller’s aesthetic. The HM9 engine follows in the paths opened by the engines of Horological Machines N°4 and N°6, casting aside conventions of movement construction. Its threedimensional assemblage of wheels, gears, plates and bridges takes unexpected forms to inhabit the dynamic outer case, a beating union of mechanical viscera and endoskeleton in a crystalline body. A traditional balance frequency of 2.5Hz (18,000vph) may seem curiously anachronistic in a modern timekeeper, but the sensitivity to shock associated with a lower beat rate is compensated for by having two balances instead of one. Statistically speaking, two identically calibrated systems offer a better averaged reading than one system on its own, which may deliver anomalous results for any number of reasons.

To further reduce sensitivity to shocks, the HM9-SV editions feature a new shock-absorbing system: helicoidal springs placed between the movement and the case. The springs are crafted by laser from a solid tube of polished stainless steel, offering excellent elasticity and limited lateral displacement. Performing the task of averaging the time measurement from the twin balances of the HM9 engine is a planetary differential, the gearbox of the movement, which then delivers a final reading to be displayed on the perpendicularly oriented dial. This complex mechanical computation was partially revealed in the original HM9 Flow, with sapphire crystal domes set over each balance and with a magnifying pane mounted above the planetary differential, visually emphasising the importance of its chronometric role. In HM9-SV, every aspect of the engine is open to discovery; the eye can follow the interplay of components from barrel to balance, from differential to dial.

In order to seal the sapphire crystal exterior components into one watertight case, new solutions had to be created. A patented three-dimensional rubber gasket was already used in the original HM9 Flow to ensure water resistance when the tripartite case was bolted together. The 3-D gasket remains in HM9-SV, but the sapphire crystals are fused with the metallic frame thanks to a high-tech bonding compound, mastered via an in-house process involving a vacuum and high temperature. The result is a seal resistant to 3ATM (30m) of water pressure, despite practically invisible seams between the sapphire components and the minimalistic frame in 18K gold. HM9 Sapphire Vision comes in four editions, each limited to only five pieces: two editions with 18K red gold frame, combined with a NAC-coated black or a PVD-coated blue engine; and two editions with 18K white gold frame, featuring a PVD-coated purple or a red gold plated engine. Corundum, commonly known in its gem-quality form as sapphire crystal, is one of the hardest minerals known to man. It is surpassed in hardness only by a few other materials, notably diamond (crystalline carbon), which rates a 10 on Moh’s scale of hardness, while corundum is rated at 9. This exceptional hardness means that sapphire watch crystals are virtually scratch-proof, providing unparalleled legibility and material integrity over the long term, not to mention imparting a level of prestige that is not associated with regular silicate glass or transparent polycarbonate - the two most common alternatives to sapphire watch crystals.

Concurrently, this also means that sapphire is extremely 
challenging to machine in complex three-dimensional shapes, a challenge that is compounded by the small machining tolerances required in watchmaking. Since its very first creations, MB&F has worked with ever-increasingly complicated sapphire crystal components; HM2 ‘Sapphire Vision’, the double-arched crystals of HM4 ‘Thunderbolt’, the recent HM3 FrogX and the hallucinatory body of HM6 ‘Alien Nation’ are prime examples. Preparing the crystals for a single case of HM9-SV requires approximately 350 hours of careful machining and polishing; weeks of work that would be extended greatly if not for the 16 years of boundary-pushing sapphire crystal design that MB&F has accumulated since 2005.


Qeelin Presents A New Series of Wulu Legend

Qeelin presents a new series, the Wulu Legend with designs that drew inspiration from the Silk Road. Wulu’s iconic aesthetics pay tribute to the origins of the brand, and serves to tie ancient oriental wisdom with modern aesthetics. Since the founding of Qeelin in 2004, the pieces are famed with incorporating traditional symbolism into its contemporary aesthetics. Every unique jewellery by Qeelin is born of Chinese heritage and infused with modernity, celebrating the beauty of harmony in its artistry. It is with this cultural heritage approach that allows the brand to lighten the lives of the wearer.

The progress of aesthetic interpretation often derives from the original concept and the fusion of the new ideas. In today's highly globalized world, Chinese and Western cultures are complimenting each other in its own unique and distinctive ways at the same time. Dennis Chan, Founder and Creative Director of Qeelin, once again set off from Dunhuang, the city that inspired the brand’s conception. There he journeyed on the oldest section of the legendary Silk Road, in order to experience the interaction and integration of Chinese and Western civilizations over the past millennia. With renewed inspiration, he incorporated the exotic features of the Silk Road to the Qeelin’s classic Wulu series, and provided a new self-expression in the multi-cultural landscape from the gourd designs Qeelin is famed for; and with that, the Wulu Legend series was born.

The Wulu Legend series is divided into designs for daily use and special occasions. For daily use – Commercial Set – the pieces are inlaid with 18K rose gold and diamonds with rubies as embellishments; the ones for special occasions – Couture Set features classic Wulu silhouettes to symbolize happiness and longevity. The ruby in the centre forms a pattern that depicts a rich Western Silk Road style. The surface of the jewellery is all inlaid with diamonds, shining brightly to showcase a sense of modernity and prosperity. It is also a new way for millennial to express themselves.

In order to showcase Qeelin jewellery's philosophy, the brand invites you to enter a playful and approachable world where the brand boldly uses urban dance elements and social media hot topics as inspirations. By employing a younger and more modern way to express the collision of tradition and contemporary culture, the series is the epitome of self-expression of the new generation.

In Qeelin's design philosophy, the functions of a jewellery piece are not to simply give an extra oomph to the wearer’s style, but to explore different creative ways to showcase the pieces and make this daily ritual fun. Together with Qeelin, it is high time to discover the beauty within yourself.


BVLGARI x Dom Pérignon Present A Captivating New Limited-Edition Collaboration

BVLGARI Serpenti x Dom Pérignon Rosé was born from the encounter between two Maisons guided by common values and vision, today embodied by their creators. Creative Director Lucia Silvestri and Dom Pérignon Chef de Cave Vincent Chaperon concurred on how the two iconic Maisons are driven by perpetual renewal and bound in myriad ways, but above all, by their shared inspiration and singularity.

For Dom Pérignon, the creative act is reinventing itself with each vintage; an absolute commitment to bear witness to the harvest of a single year, whatever challenges it brings, even going as far as not declaring a vintage. BVLGARI Serpenti x Dom Pérignon Rosé takes this inviting encounter between Italian and French savoir-faire, and elevates it to a symbol of savoir-vivre.

For BVLGARI, it is the singular nature of a gemstone, the veritable "fingerprints of nature" as no gem is identical to another. And while always revering its cultural legacy. BVLGARI's jewellery creations rewrite the rules and constantly reinterpret new stories.

The limited edition’s wooden case opens to reveal a custom interior lined in BVLGARI’s signature saffron colour and deep fuchsia. Inside, a bespoke BVLGARI Serpenti necklace sensuously circles a magnum bottle of Dom Pérignon x BVLGARI Limited Edition Vintage Rosé 2004. In an alluring display, the necklace’s snake is rose in colour to woo Dom Pérignon Rosé. Returning the admiration, the bottle covers itself in the snake’s scaled motif, and its rose-gold label echoes the snake’s hue.

The Serpenti necklace is accompanied by a case of three magnum bottles of Dom Pérignon x BVLGARI Limited Edition Vintage Rosé 2004. Each one is engraved with the BVLGARI Serpenti pattern, exalting the inimitable thrill of experiencing the wine. Just four BVLGARI Serpenti x Dom Pérignon Rosé Limited Editions will be created, available only on demand beginning in 2021, in London, Milan and Tokyo.


Montblanc Introduces The Sartorial Collection

Montblanc introduces the Sartorial Collection that is a modern classicism of an icon re-invented. While trends come and go, some designs stand the test of time. The Montblanc Sartorial Collection is a hybrid between timeless classic design and bold contemporary style, an ever evolving collection for those seeking to leave their mark, accompanied by leather pieces that strike a balance between heritage and modernity. Central to the aesthetics of the collection is the reinvention of an icon - the Montblanc “M” – re-engineered as an M-shaped front pocket. Beyond a focus on sartorial style, the Montblanc Sartorial evolution features new functionalities so the leather pieces can be used or worn in multiple ways.

Montblanc Sartorial accompanies business nomads, city travellers and entrepreneurial doers on their journey from fast-paced days to sophisticated nights, from business adventures to relaxing escapes and everything in between. Crafted in black, deep blue or bold graphite leather, the pieces have been thoughtfully designed to reflect the ever-changing lifestyle of their owner, with the M-shape design as a constant throughout the collection.

Large, Medium or Small Backpack - comfortable and convenient bag of choice for fearless entrepreneurs or creative mavericks, featuring the signature M-shape pocket on the front of the bag.

Vertical and Horizontal Totes – a bag that strikes a balance between relaxed informal style and formal classic elegance, for days when work and play become just blend into each other.

Messenger Bag, Envelope or Mini Envelope - bold formats for the adventurous and the novelty-seekers who want to retain a touch of timeless elegance.


2021春夏時尚廣告大片 - 享樂當下眼睛想旅行

誰人用魅力               誰人用那誘惑魅力
與其時尚廣告締造出來的那一股獨特的魅力,不如說那股不可力抗的誘惑魔力,就是要你心甘命低以真金白銀去換取那一霎那的虛榮。頭腦被衝昏,十萬個願意,身心被俘虜,讓快樂瞬間展開,樂意跪下成爲時尚奴隸。這段時間,我們身體可能無法力行去踏上新的旅程,但眼睛想旅行,思遊萬里,適時片刻抽離,放鬆身心,舒緩壓力方能備受啟發。有見及此,各大品牌除了不斷大灑金錢,努力營造品牌形象抑或極力挽救正在沒落走下坡的業績,不時與不同領域的精英團隊或明星名人聯乘和合作,共同創造更高領域和不同形態的時裝大片,去瞄準新世代的消費群體,要你型得及時, Who is wearing what?,仿佛你就是其真正目標。透過最新時尚資訊如告示般傳遞,終極目的只有一個,就是要你消費!消費!消費!Buy BuyBuy!
意大利名導演Luca Guadagnino執導的Salvatore Ferragamo 2021春夏系列廣告,風格鮮明獨特,把優雅格調與懸疑色彩融合得恰到好處。這輯廣告包含了圖片和一段短片,靈感來源於Alfred Hitchcock的電影,由GuadagninoSalvatore Ferragamo創意總監Paul Andrew共同策劃,巧妙地融合藝術及華麗的色彩,營造出意味深長、錯中複雜的夢幻場面,帶出神秘與懸念交織的迷人氣氛。這輯廣告體現了品牌的精湛工藝與技術創新的優良傳承,並致敬荷里活(品牌創始人的首個成功之地)和米蘭(21世紀Salvatore Ferragamo的時尚集中地),全因這兩地與品牌均有極深的淵源。奢華時尚的手袋是廣告中的重點之一:全新的Trifolio手袋、Studio手袋,以及全新彩色圓筒手袋設計靈感源自Alfred Hitchcock導演的電影《豔賊》中演員Tippi Hedren使用的款。參與演出的模特兒有BosconoMaggie ChengJonas GlöerSamer RahmaAnok Yai等,透過自成一格的手法,以光線、角度與焦點去探索其中關於構造的奧秘,靜態的影像能夠讓觀衆注意到在影片中矢志探索的品質。影片叫人看得賞心,系列服飾及配飾大膽與精致的設計與米蘭的建築美學相互交融, 讓你仿佛身臨其境地體會到這種神秘、時尚的氣氛, 迷戀那赤的疑惑,穿上Ferragamo, 成爲故事中的主角, 一起去尋幽探密。
讓快樂     為我展開
與你一起享樂當下的FURLA 2021年春夏系列#FUNFURLA廣告更瑰麗登場,以一貫的意國風格展望將來,去宣揚樂觀與喜悅的精神。廣告照和影片揭開創意的新篇章,輕快愜意的生活態度瀰漫其中,從自由、愜意優雅、友情和連繫的主題汲取靈感,以全新的訊息和宣言去宣揚品牌的獨特美學,叫人興奮,要你融入其中、盡情作樂和擁抱當下。遼闊的地中海夢幻景致,晴朗的天空與閃爍的大海融合為一,為 #FUNFURLA 營造出別樹一幟的意境。這場仲夏白日夢在溫暖柔和的清風之下展開,把今季的設計置於廣告的鎂光燈之下。影子與輪廓交錯,主要留在背後的模特兒透過肢體語言表達出共聚、自由與輕逸的感覺。
盼艷陽常為你照   化作無盡愛
新系列的柔和色調營造出同色效果和強烈的對比,進一步演繹自由不羈的感覺。精心設計的造型在重量感、空間和色彩之間取得完美平衡。每個畫面均演繹品牌的核心傳統價值觀、包容性和精緻的意大利工藝。超乎想像的框架映襯獨特非凡的動態,演繹全新系列所流露的喜悅之情,讓人感受到一個新開始的到臨、激盪靈感之旅的開端;透過Cyril Giroux名曲《I tuoi baci》來表達這種情懷,要你沉醉於這個仲夏夢,張開雙眼,享受 #FUNFURLA

Giuseppe Zanotti Presents The Wild West SS2021 Collection

Giuseppe Zanotti SS2021 collection turns back the clock to the Wild West. Inspired from the uniqueness of American Country culture, the collection conveys the societal changes that we are experiencing.

JURI STAR leather loafers elicit the edgy spirit with a rebellious metal star embellishment, while providing exclusive comfort and wearability.

KALAMITY high heel sandals evoke a free-spirited attitude with its metal eyelets and metal star. Available in chunky heel and flat, these sandals exude a seasonless statement with touch of the Parisian chic.

NORTH ankle boots pull together a 6-inch heel and pointed silhouette that embrace the androgynous style seamlessly. Available in Men’s ankle boots, SHELDON STAR, the gold star captures the American Western details with a new urban vibe.


Giorgio Armani New Normal SS2021 Women Collection

Giorgio Armani SS2021 Women Collection is a timeless style finds its perfect expression in New Normal.

This is a selection of garments that is refreshed from season to season, distilling its spirit and discreet elegance into fluid silhouettes, of clean and pure design, crafted from fine materials that enhance the purity of the lines.

Soft fabrics such as burette silk, double linen and silk, linen canvas and ramie silk, silk satin, check shantung and Irish linen characterise the wardrobe of this season, consisting of impeccable jackets, fluid dusters, lightweight blouses, curved-cut trousers that stop at the ankle, shirts, as well as cabans, shorts, dresses, kimono coats and collarless jackets with exotic hints.

The palette of sandy neutrals, greys and pale blues with dashes of black is enlivened by noticeable textures, embossing, masculine patterns such as pinstripes, gingham, chevrons, and small necktie patterns.

Tone-on-tone embroidery adds a delicate touch, while linings and natural wood buttons provide thoughtful detail.

Low-heeled shoes and sandals, along with canvas and leather bags, complete the proposal.


Van Cleef & Arpels Presents Balanchine’s Jewels By Hong Kong Ballet

an Cleef & Arpels announced the 
sponsorship of the classic ballet Balanchine’s Jewels, by Hong Kong Ballet, as part of French May Arts Festival 2021 program. Jewels was created through the acquaintance of Claude Arpels and famed choreographer George Balanchine, co-founder of the New York City Ballet. Their shared passion for gems and dance blossomed into an artistic bond that produced Jewels, a ballet celebrating the beauty of precious stones. This masterpiece consists of three acts dedicated each to a gem and a composer: Gabriel Fauré for Emeralds; Igor Stravinsky for Rubies; and Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky for Diamonds. Since its premiere in New York in 1967, Jewels has become a significant work of the twentieth century.

Over the decades, Jewels has been interpreted many times by international companies such as the Ballet de l’Opéra National de Paris, the Mariinsky Theatre Ballet in Saint Petersburg and the Miami City Ballet. In 2007, it was performed in full at the London Royal Opera House, with the support of Van Cleef & Arpels.

The longstanding bond between Van Cleef & Arpels and the world of dance dates back to the 1920s, when Louis Arpels, a fervent ballet and opera lover, often took his nephew Claude Arpels to the Opéra Garnier, just a short walk from the Place Vendôme boutique. In the 1940s, the first ballerina clips were created at the prompting of Louis Arpels.

These creations featuring graceful dancers have since become one of the Maison’s stylistic signatures. Characterized by their vivacious lines, precious tutus evoking fluidly draped fabrics and elegant compositions, the jewels are crafted in three dimensions, sometimes displaying a delicate openwork. They showcase a wide palette of gems, orchestrating dazzling stories suffused with poetry and wonder.

Hong Kong Ballet’s new creation of Jewels will be 
staged for five performances from May 21st to 23rd at The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts’ Lyric Theatre.