《Wu Xia 武俠》

Peter Ho-Sun Chan's past movies had not failed us, including this one. A good production with hearts with the efforts that he headed up north to make Chinese's Chinese movie was an ideal choice. And here he comes with his version of Wu Xia that made his fame globally with further recognition.We have to say with his childhood idol Wang Yu coming back to the giant screens after a few decades and his acting still that powerful is already a bonus to the film. Another plus side is Takeshi Kaneshiro who played the "cop" who were a fanatic of Kung Fu tour his audience to discover new dimension of viewing things in a different perspective. A very well made films with lots of strength and powerful screen play shall win the applause from it all.

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《Harry Porter & The Deathly Hallows - Part II 》

No matter how much of the die hard Porter's friend rate about it but still we find the conclusion of the past 10 years making this film to and end is just simply too straight forward. Perhaps, a drastic and dramatic ending with less formatted commercial Hollywood way of making films, could leave more noise after it. The ultimate battle between Porter and Voldemort was rather disappointed, action were not louder than words, so to speak but just dull. Although the alternative ending by Rawling has been unofficially reviewed and shocking her fans, wouldn't we all want to be loyal to the original screenplay? 3D or not, it is just a ripped off. However, what's done is done, perhaps the dvd later will satisfy her fans with other surprises. 

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《mercibeaucoup, @ FW 2011》

mercibeaucoup, latest FW 2011 fashion show in Hong Kong was fun and edgy. With the theme of discovering the mystery and beauty of the ocean world, this season's collection you may find many prints with colorful sharks, carps, jellyfish, octopus and even the big bear who enjoy hunting fish appears on its design. The good, the bad and the evil became the best matching style for the season. Lots of colors and with cutting-edge silhouette and layering with lots of quirky mix & match won many of her follower's heart. You may not see any "decent" style wear in the collection but to carry such outfit, a total look is totally required + a lot of attitude.

《Ice Cube Rings @ CHOPARD》

The new Ice Cube rings feature an extremely pure design entirely in tune with the times. While the geometrical spirit is still strongly present, the sheer finesse and majesty of the materials – white, rose or yellow gold and diamonds are asserted in a gentle yet unmistakably firm manner. The mini cubes form a single row lovingly winding around the finger. These jewellery items are so smooth and light that one can easily forget them and thus further they are gracing you fingers, day after day. Available in the three colours of gold, the new Ice Cube rings come in polished, gem-set or partially gem-set versions. According to the mood of the moment or the occasion, you can choose to slide one, two or three of them onto the ring finger, teaming them with others to create resolutely cool and fresh jewellery that is intensely personal and timelessly unique.

《Watches of Switzerland Opens @ Tsim Sha Tsui》

Swatches Of Switzerland opens its new store at K11 shopping Mall at Tsim Tsa Tsui recently. In conjunction with the opening, the new Krieger watches collection were being introduced, including their latest stainless steel and colored croc's straps. Other watches and jewelry brands includes Milleret, Xemex, BijouMontre, Epos, Le Sibille, Delaneau, Tiret and Buccellati as well as used antique watches.


《GIORGIO ARMANI Opens @ New Town Plaza》

Giorgio Armani opens its latest store at Sha Tin New Town Plaza, witnessing the opening event with Mandy Lieu and Andy Hui sharing their choice of skin care and comestic products that made them bright and shine especially when they are on stage. Mandy picked the Giorgio Armani Luminous silk foundation where Andy favored the Skin Mineral for Men.