M.A.C Bad & Bold Lash

M∙A∙C Bad & Bold Lash gives all your lashes the attention they deserve with M·A·C bold & bad lash. This radically subversive mascara is the ultimate rebel’s tool  to create a 360-degree lash look from top to bottom. The dual-chamber package contains a brush for upper lashes, a brush for lower lashes and different formulas in each. The larger brush delivers instant volume to the top, while the smaller brush creates direct definition to the bottom. Start a lash revolution! Be brazen. Bold. Bad. Bad. Bad!

Bell & Ross Introduces BRS NOVAROSA Women's Watch

Paradoxically, women’s models are the ones that reach the highest heights: the recent BR S Diamond Eagle led women on a voyage to the stars. Like a miniature Milky Way on the wrist, its dark blue dial features the Aquila or Eagle Constellation formed by scintillating diamonds. This chic model met with great success. Now, Bell & Ross enriches its family of stellar watches with a new collection for women, which is just as heavenly. The seductive and glamorous BR S Novarosa is inspired by the pink hues of Supernovae, the stars that explode in the vastness of space. It comprises three highly refined models that feature the BR S case, the smallest of the square watches. The design reinterprets the brand’s iconic model by introducing precious features that will delight women. The stunning pink of the dial evokes the explosion of a supernova that reveals a striking pink halo. These timepieces are true jewels of the watchmaker’s art.

Continuing the voyage to the stars of the BR S Diamond Eagle, the BR S Novarosa takes its name from a rare and spectacular astronomical event: the explosion of a star. This occurs when it reaches the latter stages of its life. It starts shining very brightly before exploding in an enormous cloud of dust. The shock waves are big enough to encompass an entire galaxy, which typically contains around 100 billion stars. This extraordinary phenomenon can last several hours. It is estimated that the star releases the same amount of energy produced by the Sun over thousands of years. These supernovae are some of the brightest phenomena of the universe and only two or three occur each century. Despite such rare occurrence and the difficulty in observing them from the earth, they astound and amaze those who have the chance to witness them.

For this new family of contemporary watches with a refined design, Bell & Ross chose the evocative name «Novarosa.». This neologism can be unpacked as follows : First comes the prefix “nova”, taken from supernova, the stars that illuminate the sky with unparalleled brightness at the end of their life. Next, the delicate suffix “rosa”, a tribute to the most feminine color. No matter the tone of pink cotton candy, pale, dusky or fuchsia, it is synonymous of seduction and romance. It is also the color of ingenuity, sensitivity, candor and purity. Finally, the expression “la vie en rose”, life through rose-tinted spectacles, evokes an existence filled with happiness and pleasure. Bell & Ross has chosen this color for the dials of the three watches, which are subtly decorated with a “deep sunray” pattern.  Lastly, “rosa” recalls the stardust caused by the explosion of a supernova, which often takes on this hue. This mysterious cloud sometimes regenerates and triggers the formation of a new star.


Saint Laurent Presents JOE Mid Top Sneaker

 Saint Laurent JOE mid-top sneaker, with its "Do it yourself spirit" gives a contemporary touch to the brand's signature. An off white version in stonewashed canvas and cream suede with hearts pins and a "Smoking Forever" tag printed on the sole. To complete the "Smoking Forever" sneaker, a style in black soft and shinny leather, with a "Bad Lieutenant" tag printed on its sole.


OMEGA's "NATO" straps evolved from the leather and canvas straps used by British pilots, navigators and army personnel during World War Two. For safety reasons, wristwatches did not use removable spring bars to secure their straps. Their fixed bars, often soldered, were less likely to break than spring bars so there was less chance of losing the strap in conflict situations. There are three 5-stripe fabric straps with stainless steel buckles and fitted keepers; three nylon fabric straps with grey, orange or red border; a brown Novonappa leather strap; and an all-black coated nylon fabric strap with fitted black keepers and polished buckle.


VALENTINO 2017 Women Eyewear Collection

VALENTINO 2017 women eyewear collection  is a homage to the beauty and individuality of contemporary women. These oval metal sunglasses WMN - VA 2003 combines an austere design with stylish, sophisticated materials. Rimless lenses, fixed with visible screws and characterized by a slight side mesh inspired by post-industrial style. The slim temples have acetate temple tips signed by iconic studs, which are also featured in the adjustable nose pads. The comfortable, lightweight model is available in the following colour schemes: pale gold with brown lenses and gunmetal/ruthenium with green lenses.

These stylish square glasses WMN - VA 3006 feature a key bridge with sparkling transparencies and colours. The frame front coloured by a transparent profile creates the illusion of a double layer, like a light, revealing veil. The slim metal tubular temples are joined to the front part by a visible rivet and finished with comfortable acetate temple tips signed with the iconic studs. The model is available in both black and blue, with silver temples, havana and poudre with pale gold temples, and bordeaux with gunmetal temples.

These acetate glasses WMN - VA 3008 feature a stylish rectangular profile. The model’s austere linearity is softened by the precious contrast of the sparkling crystal fabric inserts on the frame front. The logo is heat-embossed on the shaped temples and characterized like all the collection by an iconic stud on the temple tips.

 The different versions play with sophisticated combinations of colours between the frame front, the crystal fabric insert and the temples: transparent dark grey with a blue insert and Havana temples; havana with a matching insert; poudre opal with a matching insert and pale havana temples; gradient marbled red with a blue insert; striped blue havana; black with a contrasting red insert.

These square acetate sunglasses WMN - VA 4005 are a feminine interpretation of rock style. The striking frame front features precious sparkling crystal inserts, while the temples feature an embossed logo and temple tips characterized by the iconic Valentino stud. The model is available in the following versions: havana and transparent, with gradient cognac lenses; and blackandtransparent beige, with gradient smoke grey lenses.

Large square sunglasses WMN - VA 4008 characterized by a series of overlays: held together by functional, discreet studs, the nylon profile and coloured lenses create an unexpected, ethereal effect. The key bridge – reinforced by a metal insert that supports the adjustable nose pads – is topped by a straight double bridge. The slim temples, fixed to the frame front by a visible hinge, have acetate tips signed with iconic studs. In the three versions of this ultra-light model, transparent nylon is coupled with: silver metal and smoke grey lenses; pale gold metal and pale gold mirrored lenses; gunmetal metal and black mirrored lenses.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso One Duetto Jewelry

When the Reverso arrays itself in all its finery, an exceptional piece of jewellery is born. Jaeger-LeCoultre presents a new interpretation of the Reverso One Duetto Jewelry in pink gold, channelling a rare elegance and femininity inspired by pure 1920s and 1930s Art Deco – the era this iconic watch first came into being. Emanating from our master jewellers’ delicate labours, its pink gold bracelet strap is made of geometric links set with highly original diamonds. Its boldly graphic lozenge motif also spreads across the dial on the reverse. This model, full of character and feminine styling, takes its place resolutely among the most precious pieces of the Reverso collection. Majestically bringing together the Grande Maison’s Fine Watchmaking and High Jewellery know-how, the Reverso One Duetto Jewelry in pink gold offers a veritable jewel for a lady’s wrist. Its character is infused with the spirit of Art Deco, whose elongated lines bring an utterly feminine aesthetic, both to the rectangular dial and to the lozenge pattern that makes up the reverse and the links of its 18-carat pink gold bracelet strap. This reversible model also features the three emblematic gadroons. Ever since its emergence, Art Deco has been avant-garde and it never dates. Its philosophy of simplicity, where form follows function, is more relevant than ever.

In this model, Jaeger-LeCoultre’s master jewellers present women with an exalted vision of Art Deco simplicity, like a projection of women’s new status in that era. They were times of unprecedented emancipation, as women’s bodies and minds broke free of their fetters. This new freedom was apparent in looser clothing, where waistlines disappeared under flowing fabrics; hair was cut into short bobs, and cloche hats made their appearance. For the strap of this Reverso One Duetto Jewelry, the Jaeger-LeCoultre master jewellers designed a supple bracelet of perfectly intertwined links that glides around the curve of the wrist also reflected in the faintly concave shape of the case. It’s a real pleasure to wear. All the artistry of the master jewellers went into gem-setting each pink gold link of this bracelet individually.
That painstaking virtuosity is echoed in the design on the reverse of the watch. On this pink gold dial, the lozenges create a graphic mood with clean forms reinforced by the delicate setting of brilliant-cut little diamonds. This subtle femininity also reveals itself on the front, in the softness of a Bali mother-of-pearl dial. The Arabic numerals flow gracefully as if drawn by hand. Gold delicately outlines the corners of this face, emphasising the geometrical purity of its lines. Even the crown has been carefully designed on this piece, with lozenge-shaped facets to reflect the play of light.

Lastly, the legendary gadroons on either side of the dial are adorned with a brilliant-cut diamond setting that signals this model’s High Jewellery pedigree. Again, underlining how the Duetto movement with two faces of Jaeger-LeCoultre’s manually wound mechanical movement Calibre 844 owes its character to the watchmaking arts. With this new interpretation of the Reverso imbued with remarkable refinement and femininity, Jaeger-LeCoultre proves yet again that its iconic watch has a talent for reinventing itself while staying true to its design principles. It’s also a spectacular display of all the jewellery-making artistry within the Manufacture. This repository of inventiveness dwells in the heart of the Maison’s workshop « Métiers Rares™ », whose watchword and driving force is the desire to inspire fantasies.


Rick Owen SS2017 Men Collection

Rick Owen Ss2017 Men Collection titled 'walrus", an evolution of fall's collection name, "madstodon" - evolution being the key word here. Fashion is all about reflecting change and changes are happening. We can fear change and cling to the sentimentally familiar or cheerfully fling ourselves into the unknown. Remember how that used to feel? Owen propose a little of both and like thinking neither is wrong.

Jacket lengths are cropped with lengthened sleeves to change the posture and lift the torso upwards while pants swirl with volume and cascade, melting into the ground. These clothes are reaching and stretching and swelling and floating and sweeping.

T-shirts are twisted and mega-draped as irrationally as possible, creating striated volumes similar to muscles and tendons in a medical diagram - if a medical diagram were sketched by madame gres, one of Owen's personal, reassuringly sentimental, favorites.

These drapes show up again on the easiest of cotton doeskin zip from work jackets. Without the draping, these jackets offer a simple, modest dignity, especially when interpreted in rigid gleaming silk.

Black leather jackets are as high and tight as possible to mold to the rub cage and then release the volume of the jumbo bodybags worn underneath, to end dragging onn the floor.

Some pieces are embroidered with lines that radiate out from the gut - a linear interpretation of this collection's silhouette and a simple motif historically used to symbolize holistic benevolence, as in Christ's sacred heart or a smiling sun cartoon. These lines are then repeated in bronze turbo-bugle beading.

Owen's collaboration with adidas results in his new 'level runner', the sleekest version of a performance running shoe yet.

And the simple, modest dignity of Neil Young soundtracks this collection with his gentle 1970 ecological doom poem "after the gold rush". Owen likes to interpret this song as dealing with inevitable transitions gracefully.

VALENTINO SS2017 Women Collection

 VALENTINO SS2017 Women Collection is a new beginning demands a certain forgetfulness. In order to rewrite history one should forget about it and retain the essence, moving quickly and irreverently to explore the pleasures of metamorphosis.


Actions should be quick, guided by taste that edits, chooses, combines, unites: elongating, narrowing, keeping time as a value on the surface of things; stripping away of the superfluous to add intensity.

Eras should be crossed in an accelerated supercut, drawing an imaginary line that brings Hieronymus Bosch, the visionary inventor of fantastic heavens and hells, close to Zandra Rhodes, who has been invited to reinterpret the artist’s imagery with her pure and innocent lines.

By becoming forgetful, signs of a subversive and individual grace can be found dispersed in history: The Garden of Earthly Delights, the miniatures of the Middle Ages and the colors of the Renaissance, the Musician’s Hell and Paradise Lost.

Punk: a way of thinking that accepts and accentuates contrasts and imperfections instead of erasing them. The graceful poetry of color, even when it becomes acid and pungent.

The quest for the precious, without the preciousness.The end of the journey coincides with the start. It is women, represented in the plural: as individuals, not characters. A punk idea of humanism.