Dolce&Gabbana AW2017/18 Men's Collection

Dolce&Gabbana AW2017/18 Men's Collection is a generation with culture and strong values which self-sustains itself by being a group and are not touched by external influences.

The show is called "I Nuovi Principi" and it is our new Gattopardo.

They communicate through social media with their own language which is lost on adults. They self-sustain, they stay in groups of similar people, they study, they invent jobs.

These kids are like Domenico and Stefano at the beginning but they have the ability to communicate quickly thanks to the internet.

They don't need the press because they self-sustain. They are normal kids who became famous thanks to the web.

Their style is their passion, they pay attention to style. They are not like models.

The guys wanted suits, they had the myth of elegance. Mix and match of prints and fabrics.

They want to dress well. To like themselves. These guys are a new group of pure masculinity.

For the finale, everyone is wearing a tux or morning jacket.

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