Issey Miyake Introduces New Fragrance - L’EAU MAJEURE D’ISSEY DESIGNED BY WATER

Strength and purity. 
Tumult and serenity. 
The masculine and the feminine.

A richly symbolic element, water is the source of inspiration for Issey Miyakes iconic fragrances. As he reinvents them, he returns to this original principle. In 2016, LEau dIssey Pure offered a contemporary interpretation of LEau dIssey (1992): the feminine dimension of water, in its most limpid form. Just a drop. The promise of life, of nature in the making Today, LEau dIssey pour Homme finds a new expression with LEau Majeure dIssey.

The strength of water, the tumult of waves
 The new fragrance takes its inspiration from water as a masculine symbol of strength and movement. Water, in a major key. Primordial. Essential. Elemental. Water as the principle of creation. Fashioning matter by its perpetual motion. Polishing a piece of wood, stone or glass to perfection. LEau Majeure dIssey draws its power from this limitless energy, contained by a flawlessly mastered gesture. And it brings the focus back to the foundation of Issey Miyakes creative process: design, in its purest form.

A bottle polished to perfection
After revisiting the iconic lines of LEau dIssey with LEau dIssey Pure, the designer Todd Bracher offers a contemporary interpretation of the architectural silhouette of LEau dIssey pour Homme with LEau Majeure dIsseySculpted by tumultuous waters, the shape of the bottle is as polished as sea glass. Its translucence emphasizes its powerful lines. The subtle blue-grey hue of the lacquered base, reflected by the fragrance, highlights its smooth volumes. The name of LEau dIssey Majeure forms a bold logo block. This imposing and graphic signature reasserts the key role of typography in Issey Miyakes aesthetics. The brushed metal cap recalls both the texture of moving water and the cap of LEau dIssey Pure. The synergy between the masculine and the feminine has been a vital part of the Eauxs DNA from the outset: seen in profile, the bottle of LEau dIssey pour Homme contains the shape of LEau dIsseys. In the same way, LEau dIssey Pure is embraced by LEau Majeure dIssey. An inspired gesture, reflecting the dual symbolism of water.

A scent of salty wood
 Just as the bottle of LEau dIssey Majeure recalls sea glass shaped by tumultuous waters, its scent is an evocation of driftwood, sculpted to perfection by the sea. The original fragrance of 1994 was inspired by torrents and waterfalls. To reinvent it, Aurélien Guichard and Fabrice Pellegrin draw their inspiration from the power of the ocean with a striking, soaring accord of salt and wood. Like sunlight caught on the crest of a wave, radiant bergamot and grapefruit add sparkle to bracing aromatic notes. An onshore wind blows sea-spray on an innovative wood note, suffused with salt and minerals. Connecting the scent with LEau dIssey Pure, an overdose of Cashmeran evokes the smooth, sensual grain of driftwood smoothed by the sea. Vibrant ambery woods magnify the potent trail of this New Wave aquatic scent for men.

A campaign focused on design
Asserting the primacy of design in Issey Miyakes creative process, the advertising campaign of LEau Majeure dIssey is focused on a powerfully evocative object: the bottle. Imagined by the artist Yugo Nakamura, a master of interactive design and a close collaborator of Issey Miyakes teams, the film shows turbulent water yielding mysterious shapes. An angle. A wave. A letter. A logo. Of the clash between water, steel and glass, the pebble-smooth bottle is born.

 Designed by water.

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