alice + olivia 2020 CNY's Pick

alice + olivia promises both fortune and joy by bringing in its stylish design codes and recasting them with the spirit of the season to celebrate on this Chinese New Year. Bold crimson serves as the dominant color of its offerings during the festival, echoing traditional Chinese aesthetics with long smooth silhouettes that flatter the body and express the self-confidence to take on the new year, come what may.

Red as red packets, as paper lanterns, as soft lips – from one facet of cultural beauty to one element of human beauty, alice + olivia’s gifts for the season use the same bright color to introduce its own leitmotif: perennially stylish, eternally unruffled, classic and tasteful. With ruffle mini-dress that combine style with utility, alice + olivia’s Chinese New Year pieces are certain to thrill and delight – bring joy to both the eye and the body in how they combine casual elegance with excellence in comfort.


MOYNAT 2020 CNY's Pick

MOYNAT Josephine PM bag in Taurillon Blush, madder & black and golden lock

MOYNAT Luggage tag "Stuart" in Taurillon Blush - Madder

MOYNAT Macaron Charm "Stuart" in Taurillon Blush - Tourterelle

Giorgio Armani 2020 CNY's Pick

Giorgio Armani celebrates Chinese New Year with a capsule collection for men and women crafted from refined textured fabric in an intense shade of red, the women’s range includes a dress, jumpers paired with matching slim-leg trousers, jackets and coats.

Applied to sleeves, pockets and hems, thin fringes add movement to the clean, feminine lines and enrich the pieces. In hues of ruby red, burgundy and blue, the men’s collection provides a wardrobe with sporty flair, made comfortable through the use of carefully crafted jersey, refined wool and cashmere.

In addition to sweatshirts, T-shirts and wool piqué polos, the line also features cashmere jackets and thin wool turtle-necks. The Giorgio Armani logo, surrounded by a graphic, Oriental-inspired inlay frame, stands out as a distinctive feature on the pieces.


TORY BURCH 2020 CNY's Pick

Tory Burch surprises you with the latest collection by sending their Chinese new Year's greetings with red products by introducing a rat mini shoulder bag as well as other festive accessories to embrace the "Year of the Rat".

Tory Burch Year Of The Rat Applique Sweater

Tory Burch Medium Wallet

Tory Burch Rita The Rat Top-Zip Card Case

Tory Burch Rita The Rat Espadrille

Tory Burch Rita The Rat Mini Bag

Salvatore Ferragamo 2020 CNY's Pick

 Salvatore Ferragamo ushers in a diligent and positive Chinese New Year of the Rat. 2020 rings in the Year of the Rat, the first of the 12 Chinese zodiac signs. As the first in the 12-year cycle of signs, people adopting the Rat as their zodiac are generally regarded as positive and hard-working. This bodes well for the new year, and its positivity is amplified with the bright, auspicious reds featured throughout the highlighted items this festive season!

The lipstick-red version of Vara flap-shoulder handbag and Vara bow flap bag were special created as a dedication to the Chinese New Year! The match of red leather and golden metal featured good luck and passion for a new year.

Salvatore Ferragamo has created a red silk scarf illustrated with beautiful floral blossoms and embellished with cute little floral earth mouse that are sure to give a sense of delight to the celebrations!

An homage to the Chinese New Year celebrations, the tie has a playful pattern with earth mouse, the symbol of the new year. Perfect with a casual look or to complete a formal outfit.

Small Leather Goods are emblazoned with a stylized House logo, the clutches that carry a sophisticated touch of red to spruce up the proceedings.


VERSACE Presents Versace Eros Flame New Men's Fragrance

VERSACE presents the Versace Eros Flame the new men's fragrance, strikes you right through the heart. It bears an important message for new generations about the dignity of love and the power of diversity. The fragrance for a strong, passionate, self-confident man who is deeply in touch with his emotions. He simultaneously perceives present feelings and savours the eternal scent of true love, transporting us from the real world to a mythological universe, the home of heroes who transform their imperfections into strengths. “The spark of true love is the dream that each of us pursues. True love captures the soul, body, and mind and never lets you go. It takes your breath away because without your beloved, you no longer feel complete. True love consumes everything in an eternal flame of passion.” - Donatella Versace.

The Bottle design is fiery red, intense and masculine, to unequivocally recall the passion of love. The Medusa at the center of the bottle and the Greek key motif place the fragrance at the heart of the Versace universe and are the mythological custodians of its precious content. Standing out at the center, in gold, is: VERSACE EROS FLAME. The Medusa, a recurrent iconic symbol of Versace, is a precious jewel-like seal fused in gold on the cap, representing a power that surpasses the confines of time. The box echoes the distinctive elements of the bottle: the Medusa and Greek key motif give the vibrant fiery red background an unmistakably masculine touch. The fragrance is cold and hot, sweet and spicy and light and shadow. The olfactory notes of Versace Eros Flame are characterised by strong contrasts in which the most noble and elegant ingredients enrich and enhance one another. The head notes are particularly vivacious. Fresh, juicy Italian hesperidic fruits such as lemon, tangerine and bitter orange are warmed with notes of black pepper from Madagascar and enveloped in aromatic wild rosemary. Through an olfactory wave of pepperwood, geranium and rose facets, we reach the base notes where precious woods such as Texas cedar, patchouli coeur, Haitian vetiver, mountain oak moss accord and sandalwood subtly blend to create a soft and sensuous roundness with the tonka bean that perfectly intermingles with vanilla. Versace Eros Flame is a persistent and enveloping fragrance that is simultaneously virile, an ode to passion and a celebration of sensuous rapture.

Olfactive Family:
Hesperidic - Amber - Woody
Chinotto Accord
Wild Mountain Rosemary
Patchouli Coeur
Haitian Vetiver
Black Pepper from Madagascar

The images of the advertising campaign go straight to the heart and encourage an important change in the classic perception of beauty, rewriting the story of Eros in a new and unprecedented edition focused on the theme of diversity. The new image of Versace Eros Flame, in fact, proposes a modern interpretation of Canova's iconic "Amore and Psyche" sculpture, where a man embraces a woman played by the beautiful Gigi Hadid. In this modern campaign, the story still encapsulates a mythological mood. It represents sudden love, that lasting moment of a fleeting glimpse that is already a thing of the past. The perspective of the shot allows us to focus on the sensuality of the strong, masculine physique against the pale silhouette of the woman, both lying on a Versace throw. The commercial offers us a vision of the laboratory of Versace Eros Flame. The fragrance seems created by small tear-like drops of various essences. They are tears of love from a story that has lasted thousands of years and is tied to Psyche's desire.


HOI AN Shangri-La Dubai - A Modern Vietnamese Treat With Old Flavours

With a modern treat from old flavours, Hội An restaurant in Shangri-La Dubai reinterprets your palate of its Vietnamese balance diet from the historical central coastal province of Hội An. mylifestylenews writes.

While there are more and more Asian influenced restaurants opening in Dubai in the past decade and more recently, how many of them are candidly truthful about the authenticity and taste from its country of origin? Everyone who travels to Asia knows Vietnamese food but not many have the know-how to appreciate its flavour of origin especially those with a passionate touch and presented to your table with a soulful taste.

Hội An is a city on Vietnam’s central coast known for its well-preserved UNESCO World Heritage Ancient Town, cutting through with scenic canals and surroundings. While fresh greens, herbs, fish, meat and even water from the neighboring villages that was once a prominent Vietnamese trading port, Hội An was best influenced by the Chinese, French, and even Japanese for its cuisines expansion from the past to present day. Shangri-La Dubai has brought the riverside food stalls and street food taste of Hội An to this city since 2003 and remains one of the few Vietnamese restaurants in town that continue to excite your palate with a taste of the true Vietnamese.

Tucked away on level one of the Shangri-La Dubai hotel on Sheikh Zayed Road, Hội An restaurant welcomes you with its black iron tall gates slanted along the hallway adorned with old framed photos of Hội An’s historical architecture on the light burnt-orange wall. By stepping further into the restaurant, the traditional hand painted colored lanterns with different flora and fauna motifs and even sceneries from the heritage town are hung all over the ceiling in the restaurants.

The hue of blissful lights from the sea of hanging lanterns enhances the entire room with a calm and festive mood. The ambience is set to be dimmed for a reason to let you embrace the surrounding of a typical Hội An’s living lifestyle.

Colours and decorative items hanging set the tone, but there are also hand carved wooden panels with a lotus flower motif that create a unique point of reference and add a neutral tone to all the colour, which ties together the former port city’s melting-pot colonial history in a snapshot. The moment you are seated, you can’t help but notice the burnt orange glass show plates with yet another modern take on the lotus flower motif, which we loved, as the table setting is very neutral beyond this show plate, so this pop of colour is very attractive to the eye.

With an entirely Vietnamese Kitchen and leading service team, the crafted menu is presented in a contemporary style applying a liberal imagination to the culinary technique with passion, offering a mesmerizing blend of traditional Vietnamese flavours with a wide variety of delectable must-try and signature dishes by using ingredients mostly from the country of origin and Asia to closely stay truthful to its taste.

<Hoi An Tasting Platter> 
Consists of six different varieties of small bites to tease your palate with Hoanh Thanh Tom Hurn (Boston lobster ravioli with shiitake mushrooms, dried scallop crumbs, organic apple salad with a mango gastrique and coconut reduction) which required quite a culinary attention from various combinations, that putting such an exquisite flavour on the palate is the absolute highlight of the platter selection followed by the Vit Cuon La Lot (Grilled duck and foie gras sausage wrapped in betel leaves served with nuoc cham sauce). This is another not to be missed that tempted us to have a separate order on its own. Other selections included Tom Bao Xa Ot (Lemongrass and shrimp lollipop served with chili and tamarind sauce) which is also very tasty, Tom Chien Gion (Crispy coconut prawns in a rice basket with tropical fruit salsa) Nem Hai San Chein Gion (Crispy rolls with shrimp and shiitake mushrooms served with rice noodles, mint, coriander and fish sauce) and Goi Coun (Fresh Vietnamese summer roll with a choice of chicken, prawns, lobster, vegetable or tofu).

<Vit Cuon La Lot>
Grilled duck and foie gras sausage wrapped in betel leaves served with nuoc cham sauce – a mixture of dipping fish sauce. This simple dish has a superb presentation and flavor to match and it was cooked to perfection, with a touch of salad to round out the overall palate.

<Goi Coun>
Fresh Vietnamese summer roll. We picked chicken & prawns and was expecting a light roll, but the rice paper was too thick and not piquant enough to distinguish the main ingredient. Pleasant to taste, but not to our expectations.

<Nom Bo Nuong> 
This Vietnamese beef salad with pineapple, cherry tomatoes, cilantro, mint and peanuts. This dish was superb and an incredibly tasty and harmonious dish that is not to be missed. Largely due to the quality of the beef and how it was cooked to offer the freshest taste. The combination of vegetables salad topped with that crunchy deep fried shallots were well judged in cooking technique, flavor and texture.

<Thap Cam Nuong> 
Vietnamese mixed grilled satay skewers platter with Sot Lac (peanut sauce) with the combination of Muc Nuong (Cuttlefish marinated with garlic and ginger), Ga Nuong (Organic chicken marinated with galangal and kaffir lime leaf), Bo Nhat Nuong (Australian Wagyu beef MB7 marinated with soy sauce), Tom Nuong (Tiger prawns marinated with lemongrass) and Ca Tuyet Nuong (Black cod fillet marinated with signature sauce). This platter created mixed feelings. To be honest, the only skewer meat that stood out was the beef, as the meat was very tasty and cooked to just the right timing. All the others seemed to have been cooked for too long and dried out and were not that pleasant to taste. The accompanying watery peanuts sauce was also lacking that punch of flavor.

<Cac Loai Pho Viet Narn>
Traditional Vietnamese noodle soup with herbs, chili and leaf vegetables with a choice of Angus beef tenderloin, corn-fed chicken, tiger prawns, Wagyu beef striploin MB7 and Boston lobster.We opted for the Wagyu beef and were not disappointed, with incredibly tender and flavoursome meat. The pho was perfectly cooked to its smoothness silky texture and the clear broth was equally delicious and divine. For a Vietnamese pho fans, this is a must order.

<Steamed Seabass with garlic, lemongrass and dried scallops sauce> 
From its seasonal menu recommended by the service team. The meat was very delicate and beautifully cooked, but the sauce on the fish may have overpowering and overshadowed the fish itself.

<Rau Muong Xao Toi> 
Sauteed morning glory with garlic, chili and soy sauce is a typical Asian’s comfort food for a stir-fried vegetable dish. One of our favourite vegetable dishes of ours to accompany many of the dishes and cooked to just the right timing and method.

<Bo Xao Tieu Den> 
Seared Black Angus beef tenderloin with onions, capsicum, watercress and black pepper sauce is another standout dish with rich textures and flavours to be savoured. The beef was tender and the sauce was a delicious accompaniment to the beef as well as a bowl of steamed fragrant Jasmine rice is best to enjoy this dish with.

<Kem Soai Nuoc Cot Dua>
The chilled mango soup with coconut milk and coconut ice cream is a classic dish that rebalances the palate with soothing, sweet flavours and a refreshing texture after all the rich food consumed. The combination of mango and coconut is perfection personified.

<Xao dua voi so co la>
The coconut espuma served with passion fruit ice cream, salted chocolate crumble and dragon fruit salad is the pièce de résistance. Firstly, the whole dessert is contained in what looks like a baby coconut, but is, in actual fact, a hard dark chocolate sphere sitting on a bed of granulated chocolate and slivers of fresh strawberry. What a triumph! This was totally unexpected and shows such a deft French patisserie technique that we were blown away by its execution. Not to mention that every mouthful is to be enjoyed.

The evening came to a close and we had sampled such a good array of dishes to really understand the capabilities of the kitchen and can only surmise that overall the authenticity of the food is to be applauded! As one expects with every Shangri-La, the beverage list is very extensive and you will most definitely find a wine or other beverage to suit this kind of food. Service was overall attentive and with great passion – our server April exuded such passion for her country’s food and gave us warm and attentive service all evening – and we would definitely want to return after this experience. It is a great team from the kitchen headed by the young and talented Cantonese speaking Vietnamese Chef to the front of house and that inimitable Shangri-La level of service and food flavours is self-evident.

Tried & Tested:
Location: 4/5
Design & Decor: 4.5/5
Food & Beverage: 4.5/5
Service: 4.5/5
Value For Money: 4/5
Experience: 4.5/5

Lobster Ravioli
Duck Pate Sausage
Wagyu Beef Pho

Sheikh Zayed Road,
P.O. Box 75880
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Tel: +971 4 405 2703

Reviews are based on actual day of visit and experience. mylifestylenews reserves the right of final decision in case of any disputes. All images are photographed by mylifestylenews team without any photoshop enhancement and are the property owned by mylifestylenews unless otherwise stated. 


Bally 2020 Chinese New Year's Pick

 Bally welcomes the Year of the Rat with a Lunar New Year campaign, created in collaboration with Italian artist Virgilio Villoresi, and a limited-edition range of men’s and women’s shoes, bags and accessories.

The gifting collection includes a versatile mix of signature styles, featuring exclusive details from New Year red to matte metal hardware and leather trims.

For women’s, the Jharis triple clutch features a complete red color scheme including its iconic Janelle Buckle closure, while the elegant Brinelle sneaker sees a fluid red leather trim and rose- pink detailing from toe to heel.

For men’s, the Viber sneaker stands out with a striking red sole and laces, creating a bold aesthetic.

The ever-popular High Point family of leather bags and accessories receives a subtle update with red leather trims across popular styles, from the Havier backpack to the Harvey cross - body bag.