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ocating dining destinations for those in the know foodies is always fun to track down and you are never at a loss to find something special in Hong Kong if you have the right contacts. Blending the old with the new, Sing Yin at W Hong Kong never fails to please when it comes to authentic Cantonese dining cleverly elevated to a more refined taste and utterly full of pampering, emotionally and craving satisfactory Cantonese delicacies in a contemporary modern setting. mylifestylenews writes.

Cantonese cuisine is one of those comfort food delights you can never get enough of, especially when you are in the home of Cantonese Cuisine, Hong Kong - food of paradise that is unlimited and always full of pleasant surprises for its taste of origin and some even brings you back the best childhood memories that once granny’s way of preserving the right kind of recipe that has been respectfully brought down over generations.

The W Hong Kong is known for its hip vibe and cool creed, but they also want to ensure that guests looking for authentic Cantonese food are not forgotten and their in-house signature Sing Yin restaurant hits the spot. Sing Yin literary translated as “Star Banquet Cuisine”, focusing on true classic Cantonese dishes and maybe throw in the odd dish or two with a twist to excite its patrons to explore this to the max and dine like a star.

The 112-seat Sing Yin restaurant is set in an evocative urban setting, designed by international architect and interior designer, Steve Leung, who recreates the unique features of Hong Kong’s streetscape in a groundbreaking contemporary sense
The triplex ceiling high narrow entrance is decorated with an elegant setting for you to enjoy the peace and harmony at the foot of Lion Rock and discover the culture of the legendary cosmopolitan city.

Charming interiors come with dim lighting and glass wall partitions separating the dining room seating offering exclusivity for private dining.

The dining hallway setting caters for small groups with cart-setting style against the elegant black and white marble wall and flooring alongside with silky upholstered cushion bench seating for a more intimate dining experience and creates a seamless flow throughout the entire dining space juxtaposed with the elegant and subtle tableware setting.

Sing Yin is helmed by multiple award winning Executive Chinese Chef Simon Wong for his carefully crafted set menu that is re-imagined and elevated Cantonese cuisine to new heights as he has one really good palate and true understanding of food and flavour as well as a mainline to the purity and the balance of food by bringing out the best from the carefully chosen prestige ingredients used through his legendary culinary skill. He just wants the best companion by putting the right stuff with the right skill and excels in it. A hearty a-la-carte menu as well as delicate Dim Sum dishes are among many other signature dishes being mastered to delight your palate through Chef Wong’s gastronomic journey. It’s time to indulge!

<Sing Yin Deluxe Combination Platter>
This delicate deluxe combination platter comes with three different cold and warm appetizers. We started off with the Jellyfish Marinated In Vintage Vinegar As expected with such a classic “banguet feast” appetizer dish, this was extremely crunchy jellyfish, but what a clever twist to add the vintage vinegar that offers a pleasant aromatic flavour and this takes it to another level, making it so complex and tasty on the palate. A must try!  We then moved on to the succulent Roasted Crispy Suckling Pig that was an absolutely perfect rendition of one of our favourite dishes. The crackling skin was absolutely crispy to the max and the meat was so flavoursome, never too greasy and never enough. The last bite on the plate was the beautifully  Crispy Sliced Lotus Stuffed With Crab Meat  - Another triumphant creation by Chef Wong that came with a perfect combination of a crispy outer shell and delicate yet meaty crab meat being stuffed inside that is not dominating and extremely satisfying on the palate. It was also such a good counterpoint after the richness of the suckling pig. Put this on your hit list!

<Double-Boiled Chicken Soup with Black Wolfberry and Sea Cucumber>
This light chicken consommé is packed with flavour and is simply so heart-warming. The lightly cloudy broth was extracted from the additional ingredients that added some texture but never took away from the key highlight, which could have been enjoyed just on its own, but it made for a lovely presentation with the floating wolfberry that adds a hint of sweetness to the taste.

<Braised Boston Lobster with Fresh Chinese Yam and Chenopodium Quinoa>
Deliciously cooked and artfully presented food deftly balances contemporary influences with unwavering respect for tradition on a large hollow pasta dish plate. The meaty lobster was so fresh and tender, tasting the sea almost immediately and well paired with the really crunchy diced yam that is full of fibre, absorbing the entire accompanied sauce that is simply umami. The quinoa adds another element that is visual and subtle in flavour on the palate. Overall a winning combination that shows Chef Wong's crafted culinary skill.

<Braised American Angus Beef Rib with Gravy Sauce>
Soft, tender, juicy and flavoursome. The meat was sensationally braised in precise cooking with succulent taste, garnished with Bok Choy roots. The gravy was the cherry on top with the added bonus of dried mushrooms, with an all-round quality which cannot be denied. This is a great dish for beef lovers!

<Braised Noodle with Abalone, Ginger and Spring Onion>
Seemingly Chef Wong’s master creation focuses a lot on his most sought-after dishes that uses the braised cooking technique to bring out the best of the chosen ingredients. The presentation on this dish may be quite monotonous yet let the ingredients speak by itself as this quintessential Cantonese noodle dish absorbed the gravy thoroughly and harmoniously in taste with the entire combination of flavours that was so delicious. A good way to end the savoury sojourn. Yum!

<Sing Yin Singature Dessert Sampler>
Osmanthus Pudding Jelly Such a classic and all time favorite desert visually admirable and also taste wise. It provides a refresher for the palate after so many of the rich tastes.  The Crispy Red Bean Sesame Ball - Another classic and brilliantly executed. Fluffy and a little richer in texture that was packed with flavour with sweet red bean filling and was a nice contrast on the palate after the osmanthus pudding jelly and then to round up with the hearty, warm and creamy Almond Soup - This well-like Cantonese soup base and delicious desert that has such a harmonious and delightful flavour to end Chef Wong’s culinary sojourn and you can’t get better than this rendition.

The whole evening was pleasant and ticked all the boxes of the best dishes and to highlight the meticulous yet complex cooking techniques that Cantonese culinary is renowned for. The service was perfectly timed and they listened to our every request and always attended to our table at just the right time throughout the evening. You simply must make a bee line for Sing Yin and indulge your culinary senses. Chef Wong’s epicurean perfection focuses on high-level selected ingredients. It was indeed a lucky treat to be able to experience the master chef’s creation with realistic excitement and blissful world class gastronomy adventure. As the name suggests, you can dine like a star at Sing Yin or at least savour the star-rated feast from its renown Cantonese dining and taste from many of their signature star dusted dishes that convey a refreshing interpretation of contemporary and a truly quintessential Cantonese gastronomy, the hearty Sing Yin W Hong Kong is where you need to go.

Tried & Tested:
Location: 5/5
Design & Decor: 4/5
Food & Beverages: 4.5/5
Service: 4.5/5
Value For Money: 4.5/5
Experience: 4.5/5

1 Austin Road West, Kowloon Station, 
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 3717 2848

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