Longines @ Asthmometer-Pulsometer Chronograph

Longines Asthmometer-Pulsometer Chronograph is no exception to the rule and has the advantage of providing medical information as well as being a fine-looking timepiece. It demonstrates the fact that the precision of a chronograph is necessary not only in sport. This new instrument is based on a model brought out in 1963 which was intended essentially for medical use. The new product not only shows the time but also measures heart rate and respiration. While the pulse and respiration scales can be extremely useful in a sports context, during training sessions for example, they also provide a doctor with valuable information as to the patient’s vital functions. Thus, it is a healthcare instrument in the broadest sense but at the same time a milestone in the brand’s history. The original model dates from a period when diagnosis could depend very much on the precision of the instruments used. The polyvalence of this new chronograph is evidenced by the noticeable beauty of its design, different colours being used for its various purposes. As a medical instrument, it echoes the principal design features of the product on which it is based. The red heart rate scale and the blue respiration scale can be easily read off from the outer edge of the silvered dial. The 12 numeral and the eight gilded applied indices blend perfectly with the hands and the counter circles, which are also gold-plated. The steel case, which has a diameter of 38.50 mm like the original model, is enhanced by the bevelling of the horns. The black alligator strap adds the final touch of sleek elegance to this doctor’s watch.

Van Cleef & Arpels New Fragrance @ Rève EDP

 Van Cleef & Arpels New Fragrance @ Rève EDP is a dream world. Around Her, all beams with radiant purity and serene harmony. The flowers, trees and plants exude a mottled white, delicately tinged with powdery pinks, soft greens and iridescent ivory. Butterflies incrusted in diamonds and spinels, multi-coloured sapphire hummingbirds flutter in the air. This incredible garden is home to the most unique, most amazing, most enchanting of perfumes. A thousand floral, musky, fruity scents burst forth in intoxicating swirls. She is immediately captivated, so much so She wants to retain the fragrance of this special place. She brushes her hand over a few flowers, a scent gathers instantly. A fragrance, clear and refined, is born. In this ode to femininity, the middle notes reveal lively, almost honeyed, osmanthus, combined with majestic lily. Offering further facets to its composition, the top notes immediately enthral with pear and neroli. Warm tones of sandalwood and amber punctuate the enigmatic sillage.
Top Notes : Neroli & Pear
Heart Notes : Osmanthus & Lily
 End Notes : Sandalwood, Musk & Amber

Salvatore Ferragamo Eyewear @ SS2013 Collection

Salvatore Ferragamo Eyewear SS2013 Collection incorporates the signature details of the brand’s identity for a timeless, elegant collection of frames. Playful details such as the iconic Vara bow, touches of bold leather, fashion-forward color blocking, and metal buckle detailing make up a collection that is elegant and innovative. <SF118SL> This Men Classic aviators are updated with unexpected touches of leather rimming at the lenses and the temple tips. The Ferragamo logo is located on the metal temple end piece. Available in Palladium with Blue Indigo leather, Shiny Dark Gun with Black leather, Shiny Dark Brown with Dark Brown leather, Shiny Gold with New Bisque leather, Shiny Gold with Light Brown leather, Shiny Gold with Aubergine leather.
<SF638S> This sharp, geometric style features a unique material mix with metal temples and zyl tips. A small Ferragamo logo accompanies the metal Gancino detailing on the temple end piece. Available in Black, Tortoise, Sea Blue, Bordeaux Brown.
<SF646S> Sleek zyl is sculpted to create this oversized, rounded frame. The signature Vara two-toned bow is featured at the temple end piece. Available in Black, Striped Brown, Striped Green, Striped Violet, Striped Red. <SF658SL> Sculpted zyl is accentuated with the Vara bow in leather or crystal fabric at the hinge piece. Available in Black, Brown, Tortoise, Striped Honey, Petrol Green, Striped Purple. 
<SF2650> This frame features rounded lenses surrounded by beautiful zyl. The iconic Ferragamo logo is subtly etched along the dual temple colorations. Available in Crystal Blue, Crystal Pink, and Crystal Green. <SF2646> A bold rectangular shape is featured on this masculine frame. Small metal screw accents are stylish additions around the hinge and the iconic Ferragamo logo is subtly etched along the temples. Available in Black, Brown Horn, Light Brown Horn, and Grey Horn.
<SF2649> This injected plastic frame is feminine and stylish. The rounded-square fronts feature the gradient trend and the Vara clasp, engraved with the Ferragamo logo, is placed at the hinge. Available in Black, Tortoise, Forest Green/Beige, Brown Rose, and Red Coral. <SF2650> This frame features rounded lenses surrounded by beautiful zyl. The iconic Ferragamo logo is subtly etched along the dual temple colorations. Available in Crystal Blue, Crystal Pink, and Crystal Green.

ANNA SUI 2013 Autumn I Collection @ Ring Rouge

ANNA SUI Autumn 2013 Collection celebrates the 15th Anniversary of Anna Sui Cosmetics by introducing new and exciting products in honor of this momentous occasion by introducing the Ring Rouge. Beautifully designed like a luxurious, antique piece of jewelry, this ring is not just a lip product but a statement-making accessory. Inspired by a vintage ring that Anna’s mom gave to her, Anna wears hers everyday and considers it her good luck charm; also rings are the iconic fashion accessories to best represent her unique style.
Ring Rouge can become your very own lucky charm and your favorite fashion accessory to spice up your unique styling! A purple gem surrounded by Anna’s beloved roses opens to reveal a brilliantly translucent lip gloss. Available in a range of 8 vivid shades ~ dazzling purple (200), Fuschia (302), Coral Pink (300), Anna Red (400) Clear Pink (301), Natural Orange (600), Glittery Beige (700) and Dazzling gold (800), each shade is formulated with the signature clear gloss oil making it at once translucent and hydrating. Pearls suspended in the base, add glitter and sparkle to each shade while long-lasting shine and hydration ensures your lips will be glamorous all day long! Perfect for the fashionable woman on the go, Ring Rouge will add spice and glamour to your autumn look while guaranteeing perfect Lips anytime, anywhere.
Anna says “People always tell me my hands are my best feature! I love ornamentation, and I’m a big collector of vintage jewelry…particularity rings. I like to wear 3 or 5 rings at once, all-the-better to accentuate expressive hand gestures as you talk!”

MCM @ Candy Bag

MCM Candy Bag is a n urban Styler, comes in a series of candy-coloured mini bags to infuse summer with vitality by the refreshing colours. Urban Styler highlights the elegance and delicacy of the bag without neglecting its practicality. The collection showcase the high-graded colours and simple yet chic style. The colours of Candy Bag include pink, mint green, lemon, coral and classical black. Each appears in its pure colour, having its own charisma and expressing independent fashion attitude. The bags are made with top-quality leather and exquisite handicraft. The bags are dainty yet having considerable capacity, adding a sense of beauty and delicacy. Designed to be carried by hand or shoulder for various fashionable styles. With its clear-cut and three-dimensional format as well as the golden MCM brass plate and reflects the brand’s long-lasting heritage.


LOEWE X Junya Watanabe Comme des Garçons

 Loewe X Junya Watanabe Comme des Garçons Collaboration is a unique collection celebrating the special relationship between Spain and Japan. Loewe has invited Japanese designer Junya Watanabe to collaborate on a unique collection using Loewe’s luxurious napa and the know-how of its ateliers and marries Spanish leather with Japanese denim in a creative exchange that brings together the world-class expertise that each brand is renowned for. Loewe’s creative director Stuart Vevers first met with Junya Watanabe in Tokyo in November 2012. ‘We had a nice chat over a cup of tea,’ says Vevers. ‘From there, the collaboration began in an informal way.’ He was keen to create a collection with Watanabe, he says, because ‘I have always been a fan of Junya’s work, of the way he twists classics, and I wanted to see his take on Loewe’.
The collaboration is also timely, as 2013 sees the anniversary of two important milestones in the relationship between Spain and Japan. It is 400 years since the countries first established a formal dialogue after Hasekura Tsunenaga set out from Tokyo to Madrid to create a trade agreement with the Spanish royal family. And it is 40 years since Loewe first became available in Japan. ‘We had been talking about special projects during this year of Japan,’ says Vevers, ‘and everything came together.’
 The two designers set about building the collection, sending ideas back and forth across the world by email. ‘I have participated in collaborations before,’ says Watanabe, ‘but this is the first time I have collaborated with a specific designer at a brand. So I was nervous at the beginning. But all along, Loewe’s approach has been, “Request whatever you want and we will listen.” They have been really good to me. When I rather selfishly presented what I wanted to do, Stuart just said, “OK, let’s do it.”’
 Loewe’s ateliers produced prototypes in January 2013, and Watanabe travelled to Madrid to see them. ‘I was amazed by the way in which Junya’s interpretation of Loewe’s iconic elements was completely different,’ says Vevers. ‘He also showed us the Amazona bag in a whole new light. I’m confident that we have created a collection which will shake up the general perception of Loewe.’ Loewe and Junya Watanabe Comme des Garçons presents casual clothes executed to the highest luxury standards. There are plenty of nods to Watanabe’s urban utilitarian aesthetic in the collection, which cut-and-pastes Loewe’s super-soft napa with Watanabe’s denims in easy-to-wear pieces featuring a plethora of patches in tartan and polka dot as well as denim and leather.
This capsule collection consists of a jeans-style jacket made in napa, a patchwork leather skirt, a miniskirt in leather and denim, and two styles of leather and denim jeans for women; and for men, a denim jacket with leather sleeves and leather and denim jeans. The same interplay of denim and leather is featured on the bags. Available in four sizes, Loewe’s signature Amazona comes in patchwork leather and in leather decorated with denim patches, along with pouches, purses and a tote.
What’s more, this creative dialogue between the Spanish and Japanese brands is two-way, as Loewe has manufactured several of the pieces in Junya Watanabe’s collection for AW2013, which was presented at Paris Fashion Week in March. ‘For me, when it comes to selecting a collaborative partner, the deciding factor is whether their factory has the best know-how,’ says Watanabe. ‘This is what makes Loewe such an attractive partner. What’s more, the timing is perfect, as I had been trying to find the best leather factory to work with.’
The Loewe and Junya Watanabe Comme des Garçons presentation took place in Tokyo on 21 May 2013 and the collaboration will be launched at Dover Street Market Ginza at the end of August, and then available from the 1st September 2013 in 40 stores worldwide including Jeffreys in New York, as well as Loewe’s own stores and online at www.loewe.com

Shanghai Tang @ Jade Bamboo Satchel

 Shanghai Tang's Jade Bamboo Satchel collection manifests the beauty of simplicity and exquisite details. As an iconic style dominating the runways, structural handbags are the all time favourites for modern ladies looking for a clean silhouette and versatility. The Shanghai Tang Jade Bamboo Satchel reinvents this classic allure with unique oriental details of a sleek jade bamboo metal buckle and an elegant jade tassel. The lusciously soft calfskin leather and clean stitching presents a luxurious smooth touch. The Jade Bamboo Collection also includes a mini satchel, a waist belt, a necklace and a cuff, creating a stunning total look for this season.

GODIVA @ 2013 Summer Romance Collection

 For this romantic and hot summer, GODIVA partners again with Spanish artist Jamie Hayon for the Summer Romance Collection that is full of intense, heart-warming love. Colourful graphics and a bright spectrum on the packaging symbolize the magic of love that melts everyone’s heart with Cupid’s arrows sending loving blessings to all. The GODIVA Summer Romance Collection offers a range as sweet as lover’s concertos. Each distinctive classic chocolate carries a taste of summer love with the best flavours of the season just one bite will take your love to another level. The romantic packing of the GODIVA Summer Romance Gift Box brings endless love, delivering the warmest blessings and defining your love story. This Limited Edition release contains GODIVA signature pieces is no doubt, the ultimate gift for your lover.

45R Opens @ Harbour City

 Since its debut in 1977, 45R has been committed to bring the most refinedand meticulously made garments with attention to the finest details. Echoing with the brand’s traditions, the new concept store at Harbour City adopts a massive use of distinguished Japanese Cypress (Hinoki), which could only be found in Japanese Shrines and temples, to build the walls and homelike drawers. The unique kind of timber is smooth, delicate, aromatic yet durable.
One of the interior highlights is the impressively enormous blue dyed wooden wall. The timbers are painted by hands and each is one of a kind to deliver the genuine as well as contemporary atmosphere.The clear display of the drawer made of paulowniais a combination of classic material and modern design. The brand new concept store seeks to bring a feeling of serenity and enjoyment for one’s senses as the smell of beautiful cypress and the touch of natural AI indigo garments works their wonders.

YSL @ Parisienne Palette

YSL Parisienne Palette dressed in black lacquer, this ultra-slim, chic and travel-friendly palette follows the Parisienne on her most daring adventures. One day mysterious and seductive, the next natural “French touch” or sophisticated “Couture”. She can completely restyle her cheeks, lips and eye make-up at any time, daring to reinvent herself and become her own make-up artist. Comes with a wide panoramic mirror, and, for the first time, includes Couture colours created by Lloyd Simmonds, true legends of the Yves Saint Laurent heritage and inspired by the lights of Paris, the eternal symbol of femininity and elegance.


6 Minutes @ Friedrich Wille

Since its establishment by Michaela Frey in 1951, FREYWILLE has undergone continuous conceptual development and transformed itself from a small and purely Austrian manufacture to a business that is active around the world. And now the throne had passed on to Friedrich Wille, the CEO of the brand together with the brand Creative Director slash wife Simone Grünberger-Wille and the artistic team to create a contemporary visual language with an ever-stronger identity that is all its own. Wille told mylifestylenews how the brand's evolve in the past and now during his short holiday visit in Hong Kong recently.
FREYWILLE was founded in 1951 and creates artistic precious fire enamel jewellery with a very limited production in a manufactory and guarantees the highest quality standards in design and fabrication.at the original address in the centre of Vienna. 

It was then recognized as the global leading jeweler of artistic enamel with the unique and colourful designs, it stand out by filling a niche in the luxury jewellery market.

With over 60 years of the establishment by bringing reformation to the company that was founded on the principles of hand crafting wearable art in the finest enamel, the brand was born due to the passion of the artist and designer Michaela Frey for fine enamel works and the growing popularity of her lovely floral designs led to the development of a brand worldwide expansion.

The original FREYWILLE style was a brand new style of enamel ornamentation and high quality fire enameling techniques. It was created in the 1980’s by a team of young designers, goldsmiths and experts of fine enamelling.

I took over after the founder passed away in 1980 and became the sole owner for the brand and developed a new, academically trained design team under the direction of Simone Gruenberger-Wille who modernised the FREYWILLE designs while holding on to the traditional highly developed company values and excellence in artistry. 

FREYWILLE is 100% privately own. Over the 60 year of development, FREYWILLE has led to our presence of 100 flagship boutiques over 4 continents as of today.

The jewelery that we produce both lives from and speaks of this insight: on a laugh evoked by the daringness of a color composition, of the feeling of joyful passion elicited by a successful painting of nature, of a seemingly enchanted memory recalled by a single well-drawn line.

We use the radiant colours of our enamel technique and the creative power of our imaginations to create a miniature, shimmering new work of harmony in every piece of jewellery. It is also a homage to the miracles of this world and to their colorful bounty.

It is always a desire for FREYWILLE to use its creation to make visible that which is wonderful about human existence, not just the beauty of nature in all its glory but also of that magic in the things that only the perspective power of the heart can allow to shine. 

The emotion, the humanistic, education in history, the old Latin world and the old Greek philosophy,the people influence as well as the aspect of art speaks the language of our heart and in which it describe FREYWILLE style.

We create a value that money can't buy : the love aspect, being in paradise is the heavenly joy, the pure happiness in simplicity, and the nature and the simplicity in art .That are part of the core factors in FREYWILLE.

Artistic design is the focus of every piece of FREYWILLE jewellery. Each new collection is proceeded by continuous inspiration and original research in art history. Whether independently drawn collections or homage collections of world-renowned artists, each detail is the result of passionate design and careful research. The genesis of a new collection takes up to two years from the initial concepts and drafts to the launching.

FREYWILLE's unique technique of fire enamelling unrivalled technique sustains pure, vivid colours throughout the enamelling process. 

Step #1 Precious enamel (liquid glass) is the very basis of FREYWILLjewellery. Special colour combinations solely used by FREYWILLguarantee true colours in consistent tones. 

Step #2 Enamel is applied and burned in several layers, whereas each layer of colour requires a certain mixing proportion. In total, the grounding, applying, cleaning and firing requires 80 – 100 working steps and 

Step #3 The finished piece of enamel, a fragile colour intensive plate, is fixed in special gold mountings (24kt or 18kt gold) or mountings of rhodium-palladium.

FREYWILLE designs often pay homage to renowned artists and ancient cultures. They are deeply symbolic and capture original elements of their inspiration. Homage to featured artists include, Gustav Klimt and Alphonse Mucha, who are representatives of the art nouveau style, the controversial philosopher and architect, Hundertwasser, who astonished the whole world with his unique buildings and signature style onion towers, as well as interpretations of the beautiful romantic impressionist works of Claude Monet’s Iris Water Lily and Poppy flowers.

Older collections, such as the Venice collection feature construction elements of the most significant buildings in the city like the Doge’s Palace and the Clock Tower, symbolized by the
Lion of Venice. The Egypt collection features the Ankh while the Greco-Roman Collection depicts the Hellenistic Lion. The Contemporary Art collection shows bold geometric shapes
representing famous New York landmarks including Manhattan and the Chrysler Building and is popular with the men’s accessories.

The fun and playful Ode to Joy of Life Collection embodies the joy of living in its many expressions and emotions. This summer, FREYWILLE was launching the cheerful Floral Symphony collection as a tender tribute to nature and its magnificent splendour. At the same time it’s a homage to the Parisian Impressionists, Baroque Flowers and to First Love. The new and daring Spirit of Africa collection, takes us to a continent of old cultures, lavish nature and unique wildlife.

In celebration of FREYWILLE’s 60th anniversary in 2011, the luxurious logo collection Magic Sphinx has been launched. The Sphinx has been the symbol of our company as a logo since 1999 and is an emblem for creativity and freedom. She embodies the dreams of mankind, the power and elegant majesty of a lion, and the ability to fly like an eagle. Our deeply imprinted company values and continuous strive for creativity are embodied by the symbol of the Sphinx.

Globalization is what we would like to achieve, meanwhile, the focuses are on Europe, Russia, middle east and China. Since 2011 we opened two boutiques in the United States (in New York and Beverly Hills) and we looking into Japan market gradually.

Low yield production with exclusivity is our principal, we are here to make people by creating not just precious jewellery with passion but also a piece of art.

Brilliant colors in used and our unique enamel technique always has been FREYWILLE design DNA and has never been changed since. Thus, there is none or any closer competitors that could produce the same as what we do till date.

The theme of our collection is the harmonization of the content and form combines with the beauty of the radiantly colorful individual designs to produce a lasting cheerful feeling in the observer.

People who wear FREYWILLE are well educated, they love the culture and they are the individuals with special own taste.

My favorite possession is this IWC watch that gifted by my wife and I have been wearing it since 1/2 year ago. 

My ideal way of a living lifestyle is to get the balance in the professional work and private life. Human relation is equally important and in fact it is more than just being in wealth.
" I believe that art diverts our attention from everyday life,. Living with art enables us to live in higher spheres and significantly adds to our quality of life. Seeing the good and the beautiful in everything around us makes us more positive, interesting people and connects us with one another." ~ Friedrich Wille.
mylifestylenews @ Friedrich Wille