45R Opens @ Harbour City

 Since its debut in 1977, 45R has been committed to bring the most refinedand meticulously made garments with attention to the finest details. Echoing with the brand’s traditions, the new concept store at Harbour City adopts a massive use of distinguished Japanese Cypress (Hinoki), which could only be found in Japanese Shrines and temples, to build the walls and homelike drawers. The unique kind of timber is smooth, delicate, aromatic yet durable.
One of the interior highlights is the impressively enormous blue dyed wooden wall. The timbers are painted by hands and each is one of a kind to deliver the genuine as well as contemporary atmosphere.The clear display of the drawer made of paulowniais a combination of classic material and modern design. The brand new concept store seeks to bring a feeling of serenity and enjoyment for one’s senses as the smell of beautiful cypress and the touch of natural AI indigo garments works their wonders.

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