Depeche Mode @ Delta Machine

It has been for too long since DEPECHE MODE their resonant album in 1997's <ULTRA> and the band seems have been very content in capitalizing on their self-defining signifier instead of trying to explore the uncharted territory with almost every four years with an album to release. People who make machines, they use the term "delta" to mean "change" but it doesn't seem apply  to the synth-pop Band Depeche Mode anymore. Their relevance in the pop realm these days in comparing to other bands who had their start in the early 80's post-punk and free-for-all (U2, The Cure) influences the revolution in music without any doubts. <Delta Machine> was produced by Ben Hillier indier-than-thou music style, includes 3 songs with lyrics by Grahan and the band's 13th album maximizing the most electronic sensibility all over with hyperdramatically singing as they ever have. hey made rules for themselves in their music and sometimes it is more fun when they break them. Depeche Mode made a nice come back but not quite hitting the peaks despite their evolution from their early lightweight disposable pop music in the 80's by mastering the electronic pop that finely balanced raw emotion and futuristic rock n roll but to reconfiguring the grooves of the albums they make without pushing forward new noises by making the music more powerful.

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