Sylvester Stallone & Jennifer Stallone in Yves Saint Laurent Couture & Saint Laurent by Heidi Slimane The 88th Academy Awards

Sylvester Stallone in Yves Saint Laurent Couture by Heidi Slimane and Jennifer Stallone in Saint Laurent by Heidi Slimane on the red carpet at The 88th Academy Awards.

Alicia Vikander in Louis Vuitton @ The 88th Academy Awards

Alicia Vikander in a custom bustier silk taffeta yellow dress embroidered with silver and  transparent beads, mirrors and crystals as well as a custom made silver pumps with transparent plexiglass heels and Louis Vuitton Jewelery earrings and a ring while walking on the red carpet at The 88th Academy Awards.


The new LANGE 1 TOURBILLON PERPETUAL CALENDAR in white gold turns the 29 February into a holiday for connoisseurs of precision watchmaking - A secret holiday for owners of a perpetual calendar watch is 29 February. This is the date on which the Gregorian calendar gives us an extra day. The reason: the earth does not orbit the sun precisely once every 365 days. It takes 365 days, 5 hours, 48 minutes and 45 seconds. As a result, we are missing nearly a fourth of a day every year. To avoid Christmas eventually being celebrated in the summer at some point, every four years, an extra day offsets the difference between the solar year and the calendar year.

Once again this year, timepieces with perpetual calendars can demonstrate their capabilities. In two respects, actually: they must not only correctly transition from 28 to 29 February but then also jump directly to 1 March at the end of the day. This may sound simple, but it is a formidable technical challenge. It requires the development of a mechanical programme that maps the different durations of all 48 months across the entire four-year cycle. As a rule, this task is handled by a wheel with 48 teeth in which the durations each month during a four-year period are permanently stored in the form of gaps that have different depths.

With the LANGE 1 TOURBILLON PERPETUAL CALENDAR, A. Lange & Söhne’s product developers chose a totally different approach. They placed the month indication on a large circumferential ring that rotates about its centre axis once a year in twelve 30-degree steps. The display is endowed with recesses of different depths for the individual month durations as well as with a complex sampling mechanism that also takes leap years into account. Additionally, all displays of the perpetual calendar switch forward instantaneously, so they deliver precise readings at all times. The force needed for the switching cycles is gradually built up during a period of 24 hours. For this reason, the switching process does not affect rate accuracy. The mechanism is designed such that a first one-day correction is not needed until the year 2100. In 2100, the centennial rule of the Gregorian calendar omits the leap year and skips 29 February as an exception.

Adele in Valentino @ The BRIT Awards 2016

Adele wears a Valentino dress from Pre-Fall 2016 collection while 
performing at The BRIT Awards 2016 recently.

PRADA Presents The Pionniere & Cahier Bags

PRADA presents the Pionnière and Cahier bags where the Pionnière bag displays a strong, distinctive identity, sophisticated artisan workmanship, original brass details and elegant colours. Different worlds contributed to define the Pionnière bag: hunting inspired its soft, rounded shape similar to a hunter’s game-bag; uniforms and the army are behind the outsized shoulder strap; travel prompted its sporty, adventurous attitude. The Cahier bag exhibits details similar to those of ancient tomes. The bronze-coloured metal elements are reminiscent of the protective corners on old books; the use of Saffiano is evocative of hard covers; and the upper section of the flap which is usually in a contrasting colour brings to mind a book spine. Cahier is also emblematic of a sturdy, secure notebook to which we entrust our most intimate thoughts and cherished memories. Both bags are exclusively be available in the Prada stores of Milan, Monte Napoleone and Galleria Vittorio Emanuele; Paris, Avenue Montaigne and Faubourg Saint-Honoré; London, Old Bond Street and Sloane Street; New York City, Broadway, Madison Avenue and 5th Avenue.


The Dramatic Act In PLAYHAUS Thonglor

Instead of the usual choices for a hotel in the heart of vibrant, why not be more daring and stay in a themed roomed ‘Haus’ reminiscent of Broadway Bangkok (to be precise, Sukhumvit district, Thonglor). The vivid design boutique hotel PlayHaus Thonglor allows mylifestylenews to “play” a part in their dramatic act during our recent visit……

PlayHaus Thonglor is where your performance (and fun) begins! This design boutique hotel is tucked away just off the main thoroughfare of Thonglor, a very popular precinct for renowned restaurants, street food, lifestyle shopping and some great bars (a stone throw away from the renown Iron Ferries Jazz Bar) , offering a playground of urban exploration. Hence, there are many reasons to call this playful accommodation your own “stage” for a stay with a difference.

The exterior of the building is designed to look like a Broadway theatre façade and is very eye-catching (especially at night while the light is lit) from the main bustling Soi 55 and suppose to be easily found. It can be quite annoying if your Thai is lacking in practice and less fluent and when you are with a cab driver that is not familiar with the neighborhood, you may properly ended up driving around along the two way traffic on Soi 55 by just missing the right turn to find the exact location of PlayHaus Thonglor.

After a few “road-check” with the local motor-taxi drivers who stationed along the roadside waiting for their next passengers, our not so clever driver reached PlayHaus Thonglor in one square piece with the direction we gathered mostly by ourselves from asking around. Not to mention that a more than 20 minutes wasted on the road with the meter running.

The guest rooms are built around a selection of four famous musical plays which create the inspiration for interior design: <Romeo & Juliet>, <Mary Poppins>, <Aladdin> and <The Four Reigns> - a famous Thai musical. The 20 stylish, yet intimate rooms will surely revitalize your senses from the moment you open the ‘theatre door’ with your heavy iron theatrical key that is designed is like a theatre ticket.

The old adage of ‘bigger is better’ does not always equate with a great stay in our experience, so eschewing the international luxury branded experience for a change for this intimate accommodation more than met our needs. We chose the <Aladdin> themed room for no other reason than it was pleasing to the eye with some its burlesque design execution, eliciting notions of the mystical Arabian Nights with images in rich colours on the wall behind the bed. The bathroom is simple in design with enough basic supply of vanity, for a themed hotel like this, you really won’t miss or need the big brands luxury marble bathrooms and amenities, as you will be spending most of your time checking out the local scene.

The lobby is intimate, equally dramatic and attractive as you immediately feel like you are stepping into a theatre play house with props and posters adorning the walls and tables. Plus, there is the hotel bar titled “Behind the Scene” to add further whimsy to the theme of theatre, which is designed to look like a dressing room with big light bulbs and mirrors as well as red velvet draperies cushioning the backstage theater mood. The bar adds a touch of intimate glamour off the small lobby to complement the hotel’s overall theme and a place to sip a locally inspired house specially made exotic cocktails. They totally nailed these design with lots of characters.

The neighborhood is the star of this show/location, as there is quite a performance going on right on your doorstep. For a change we did not miss the usual big brand amenities and shock of shocks, no in house restaurant nor swimming pool, but right outside the hotel is so much to experience and feed your appetite on so many levels, starting with some exceptional local Thai street food, which is just a few steps away from the hotel. This street food is seriously good and running the business at all times of the day and night with different vendors.

Sometimes a holiday is not about staying in a hotel and taking advantage of all the amenities on offer, but getting out and about and exploring something new where the urban playground is at your fingertips and there you have hotel like the PlayHaus Thonglor which is fun and quirky yet with a sense for a whimsical experience and be a part of it, this place is a real find.

Tried & Tested:
Location: 3.5/5
Design & Decor: 4/5
Room Amenities: 3/5
Housekeeping: 3.5/5
Service: 3.5/5
Value For Money: 4/5
Experience: 4/5

 Design Theme Rooms

205/22-23 Sukhumvit Soi 55
Thonglor, Bangkok
Tel: +66 2467 3443

Reviews are based on actual day of visit and experience. mylifestylenews reserves the right of final decision in case of any disputes. All images are photographed by mylifestylenews team without any photoshop enhancement and are the property owned by mylifestylenews unless otherwise stated. 


 When was the last time you watched a movie that punched you to your stomach and got carried away by the story that reflects to your living live so much? The purest heart of all love makes you realized that this is what is exactly lacking in this modern day relationship to find truth love. Without much hesitation but to contribute the most effort to make it work and unfortunately many had failed themselves for not doing enough to maintain a good relationship but took for granted and led to jeopardy.

BROOKLYN is the a heartfelt movie of of Ellis (Saoirse Ronan), a young woman who moves from small-town Ireland to Brooklyn in New York where, unlike home, she has the opportunity for work and a new life for herself, finding work and first love in the process. When a family tragedy brings her back to Ireland, she finds herself confronting a terrible dilemma – a heart-breaking choice between two men and two countries. To contrast her dilemma even further, love comes to her in the form of Italian-American Tony (Emory Cohen) and completely changes her new life.

On Ellis’ return to Ireland due to a family tragedy, she feels that life is different and maybe she should not have left after all, but small towns remain as small towns and this is a critical part in her decision-making process and a key element in the film’s plot development. The film leaves an indelible mark about how losing family members either through migration or death can create dilemmas that can be resolved in unexpected ways and out of heartache happiness can be found by some.

Adapted from Colm Toibin’s New York Times Bestseller by Nick Hornby – familiar by his own books and script adaptations such as An Education, About a Boy, High Fidelity, among others and is directed by John Crowley - an Irish television, theatre and film director with a couple of dab hands that really know this material extremely well.

The star of this film is the luminous Irish-American actress Saoirse Ronan, who brings real life experience from both of the worlds at odds with each other in this touching story of romance and emigration that so many migrants experienced over the centuries, as it were. The film is set in the 1950’s when America is on the rebound after the second world war, Ellis arrives in Brooklyn amidst a period of great development and happiness, but as expected, the transition is not an easy thing, even when first love comes her way.

This film has a great supporting cast of characters played with aplomb by some greats such as Jim Broadbent, Julie Walters, Domhnall Gleeson and Emory Cohen to name but a few,  you will be constantly swept up by all this experience and delightfully drawn characters. Julie Walters’ role as the boarding house ‘mum’, Mrs ‘Ma’ Kehoe, is a standout and absolutely delightful by adding many laughs to the film.

The settings for this film are picture postcard perfect and portray life on two different continents most convincingly, with a challenging journey by ocean liner as the connecting link to both worlds. As the director John Crowley references, “vast numbers of people in the world do not live in the country that they were born in, so there is a lot of economic migration that is forced upon some through personal choice and hence this story is completely relevant and truthful to that experience emotionally.

 This emotion is superbly drawn out of all the characters every moment in this film, there is a richness of experiences to be had from all concerned. This is a film which has such a strong message of hope that deserves a huge audience due to the marvelous story telling and cinematography and most of all, great acting from a huge cast of characters.

Review: 4.5/5


So Spa At Sofitel So Bangkok @ A Sense of Place Inspired By Mythical Himmapan Forest

Inspired by the Asian folklore of the mythical Himmapan forest, So SPA in Sofitel So Bangkok is a luxurious centre of well-being that invites discovery and exploration. Yet. the  spa journey leaves mylifestylenews to ruminate about the overall experience……

The moment of arrival is spectacular, as you are presented with a stunning view from the 10th floor of the Bangkok skyline across the green treetop canopy of Lumpini Park. This is one of those ‘WOW’ moments that builds up the level of anticipation for the spa treatment ahead.

This urban spa retreat blends French sophistication with Thai expertise, offering a wide-ranging selection of the best and most effective health and beauty treatments inspired from time proven world traditions combined with forefront and refined French cosmetology for an outstandingly deep rejuvenation.

The spa reception staff are very welcoming and the waiting area is a chance to gaze out to the views, chill out and slow down the heart rate. The usual questionnaire was presented to be filled up for the get-to-know-you-more for further requirements and special attention to be looked after for those who has back injuries, shoulder pain and so forth.

While the welcome tea was offered, it seemed rather off hand by just plonking some tea down in front of us without any explanation. Passion and care are certainly needed here but they rushed back to the desk, which we found rather off-putting at this point, a little lacking in details for sure. Nevertheless, the therapist soon appeared and it was time to retire to our treatment room with those amazing panoramic views again. We went  through the foot cleansing ritual, although this one involved cleaning the foot with warm water with further cleansing/exfoliating outside of the foot bath, a silent plus point added back to the value.

We chose the So Exhilarating Body Massage, as it was recommended as one of the signature treatments. It is described as a euphoric and soothing body massage, combining a rocking and tasteful experience that will shape and tone up your silhouette. For spa addicts like us, the reality was less impressive. It was a pleasant experience with a therapist that knew what he/she was doing, but it was not a body massage that made any particular impression, as there was basically no pressure at all, but merely a sequence of long massage strokes in the usual sequence, even with further pressure requested during the treatment. Also, it was hard to make sense of the body rocking sequence, At the very beginning, we were wrapped up in linen/toweling with our face down before being rocked on one side and then the other quite quickly. There was no discernible effect created at all, but a strange feeling that you were being wrapped up and pulled to one side and then the other. This lasted only at most around 10 minutes, but seemed not particularly holistic or bringing energy to the body, nor the most effective use of time, as it did nothing but jolt us out of the relaxation mode we were already in.

The massage treatment may well suits those ‘softies’ that may not know what they want when comes to a spa or massage treatment or have not had much experience and are afraid of any definite pressure. Perhaps, we shall ask a few more searching questions in our future visit before taking a recommendation and look to choose something that we feel will bring more satisfaction and relaxation.

Tried & Tested:
Location: 4/5
Design & Decor: 4/5
Room Amenities: 4/5
Service: 3.5/5
Value For Money: 3.5/5
Experience: 3.5/5


2, North Sathorn Road
Bangrak, Bangkok
Tel: +66 2624 0000

Reviews are based on actual day of visit and experience. mylifestylenews reserves the right of final decision in case of any disputes. All images are photographed by mylifestylenews team without any photoshop enhancement and are the property owned by mylifestylenews unless otherwise stated. 

VIVIENNE TAM Resort 2016 Collection

VIVIENNE TAM Resort 2016 Collection inspiration comes from the modern geometry. White Stretch Cotton Dress with Black Lattice Appliqué and Poppy Trim Neckline.

White Stretch Cotton Dress with Lattice Appliqué. The White Collarless Stretch Cotton Combo Techno Mesh Short Trench Jacket with Lattice Appliqué, White Wide Leg Cropped Pant with Lattice Appliqué and Poppy Waistband. White Cotton Crop Top with Lattice Opening Detail, Black Pleated Short with Polka Dot and Poppy Trim. White Pleated Short with Big Pockets and Lattice Appliqué arrangement of various geometric lines are seen on the garments in sportswear motif with traditional edge.

Lattice Jacquard Knitted Dress with Poppy Neckline. Black and white contrast accented with peach adds the young feminine look.

Lines and forms re-imagined enhance with different silhouette. Black and White Lattice Overlay Laser Cut on Neoprene Tank Dress. Black and White Neoprene Laser Cut Lattice Overlay Shift Dress. Silk Crepe and Cotton A-Line Dress with Column Appliqué Gingham Knit Crop Top with Mandarin Collar and White Mesh Trim, Khaki Wide Leg Pant with Lattice Appliqué and Poppy Waistband. Striped Black and White Pleated Top with Mesh Trim Neckline and Sleeves, Gradated Dot Cropped Wide Leg Pant.

KIEHL'S x Derek Zoolander @ The Grand Opening of The Derek Zoolander Center

Kiehl’s and Derek Zoolander continue their joint crusade against aging with the introduction of The Derek Zoolander Center for People Who Don’t Age Good (DZCFPWDAG), a state-of-the-art, anti-aging center in New York City recently. The public was invited to experience the center’s patented 6.5 step youthification program, which works to combat the signs of aging, and help people age good.

The event was held in the heart of New York City’s trendiest neighborhood, the Meatpacking District, at the intersection of 8th Avenue and 14th street.

The site was handpicked by Derek for its proximity to some of the most fashionable night clubs, fitness studios, and because this neighborhood has one of NYC’s largest populations of ridiculously good looking people.

DZCFPWDAG’s proven 6.5 step program was born out Derek’s aversion to other, traditional 12 step processes, and his desire for a leaner, more efficient approach to an issue affecting the population at large.

Kiehl’s, Derek’s expert counterpart in this ambitious endeavor, has injected their 165-years of skincare prowess into the program, ensuring maximum youthification in every single step and a half.

“We are thrilled to partner with Derek in the release of his latest film Zoolander No. 2,” shares Cheryl Vitali, General Manager of Kiehl’s Worldwide. "A longtime friend of Kiehl's, Derek has always expressed a great passion for having ridiculously good-looking skin. It was a natural fit for Kiehl's to collaborate with him in launching The Derek Zoolander Center for People Who Don't Age Good."

Clients at the Derek Zoolander Center for People Who Don’t Age Good was guided along their youthification journey by ridiculously good-looking and supple-skinned, male models. Each step of the program has its own dedicated activation within the center and targets a specific ailment of aging whether that’s Phalangeal Preservation, Scents or Sensibility test or Decontamination, among others.

Each experience works to reverse the effects of aging through the application of trusted products from Kiehl’s, the ageless New York apothecary. In order to further achieve their goal of reaching the 100% of the population impacted by aging, Derek Zoolander and Kiehl’s bring the DZCFPWDAG experience to the worldwide web at: TheDerekZoolanderCenterForPeopleWhoDon’tAgeGood.org