Dior Presents The New Plan de Paris Line From AW2023 Collection

Dior presents the new Plan de Paris pieces celebrating the streets of the capital, from Faubourg-Saint-Honoré, where the founding-couturier found his lucky star, to 30, avenue Montaigne, the iconic Dior address that radiates the excellence of savoir-faire . Presented for the first time at the SS2023 ready-to-wear show dreamed up by Maria Grazia Chiuri, a map of Paris once again adorns this season's selection of bewitching creations, such as the J'Adior pumps and Dway mules. Like an invitation to stroll, this motif – shaded in wonderfully graphic tones of beige and gray – equally comes to life on the Lady Dior and Dior Book Tote. Irresistible, the Lady D-Lite is reinvented in a version embellished with delicate embroidery revealing emblematic Parisian Monmeents.

The Ultimate Surprise, this Print Also Magnifies a Refined Condaining A Pair of Exclusion Dior Tribales Earring PE ARLS, They are sublimated by a pendant in the shape of the eifel tower or the arc de triomphe, Stitched with Beads similar to a goldsmith's ribbon. Exceptional models to be discovered from July onwards in boutiques and pop-up stores from Beijing to Seoul. An ode to the magic of the City of Light, which has constantly inspired Dior since its beginnings in 1946.


Ying Jee Club Presents Classic Mini Egg Custard Mooncakes

Ying Jee Club’s classic Mini Egg Custard Mooncakes makes a return for this coming Mid Autumn Festival by popular demand. The two MICHELIN Star Cantonese restaurant has exquisitely handcrafted daily by Executive Chef Siu Hin-chi and his culinary team, the Mid-Autumn Festival treat conveys a respect and appreciation to the annual tradition, using only the finest ingredients and free of preservatives. Its crusty shell and silky-smooth egg custard filling are meant to impress palates of all ages. The mini mooncakes are presented in a set of six kept in an elegant teal jewel box, it is an ideal choice for showing one’s love and care to friends, family and associates during the festive time.

Available for pick up from 15 to 28 September 2023, these delectable mooncakes are the perfect way to celebrate the festival with family and friends. For purchase more than 20 boxes can enjoy a special price of HK$388 per box, while those who buy 10 to 19 boxes can enjoy a price of HK$418 per box. Starting from 1 September 2023, the mooncakes will be priced at HK$468 per box. For further information, please contact the restaurant at 2801 6882.




盛夏接近尾声,某些和大自然打上交道的时尚品牌时刻融合环境,对号入座。来得及在换季前赶接夏天尾班车,在夏季促销血拼下,可能还可以捡个漏,心头好得手話咁易。Michael Kors 2023 春夏系列游走城市与度假胜地,将Urban Resort的时尚概念拉近,集结城市的奢华时尚与悠闲的生活态度,将城市的时尚与度假胜地的绿色植物并列,要你置身于繁华都市的绿洲,仿如度假胜地,城市度假,顾名思义,平衡都会的严谨快速与休闲的度假魅力两全其美地展示都市与自然的融合。


系列选用了大量的白色、裸色,柔软的长衫、露指凉鞋等,一一皆是在度假时会选择穿着元素完美混合了你在城市环境中需要的俐落剪裁、舒适不失焦点 。从裙装、长衫到剪裁精致得体的西装外套等清爽的白色、黑色印花、热带石灰和大胆的罂粟色与珍珠、银色、沙丘和金色,将柔和色调搭配地相得益彰。浪漫的流苏、亮片和丝质面料为整体服装轮阔加入了动感和和随性氛围,其中也加入了建筑风格的金属配饰,让整体造型在都会摩登及休闲中取得完美调和。


起伏的山峦犹如弥漫着诱人的魔法,吸引徐徐靠近,让身躯浸没在神秘的力量中。黄沙乱舞,山鸣谷应,日影在地平线上冉冉爬升美不胜收的风光在眼前层层铺展,教神往不已。赋有诗意的Hermès 爱马仕2023年春夏女装系列牵引的流动不仅是风景四方八面皆上演着蜕变:色彩自景物中汨汨流淌,映照粼粼金光,骄阳般的褐红、硫磺般的赭黄,恍如川流不息。披上精心挑选的衣裳,内心祈求踏实丰盛的感觉让赭黄、玄黑、沙黄和棕红轻拥身躯仿佛前来寻找临时的归宿,只为于黄沙中起舞;晨曦中,穿上轻柔的粉红,只想留往微凉的暮色漾然回归大自然的怀抱




日与夜的交替,衍生了MARNI 2023春夏系列。品牌秉持多元创新精神,通过严谨而极具颠覆性的审美语言,带来个性满满的设计。每个日落皆为日出,正因太阳从未真正在某处落下,而是在不同的时空继续前行。正如彩虹,无法追逐、正如列车,若要赶乘,唯有等待、正如回忆,忆如潮水,亦逐渐消退、正如未来,漫步而来,悄然现身。因而,日落并非属于太阳的一种现象,发生在地平线上,而是身体的现象,燃点天际的火焰。日落与否,取决于观赏的人如果你在对的时间对的地点出现,便能创造日落。但,如要天时地利永伴身侧,那便需永不止步。倘若恰逢日落雨霁,坐盼天虹,尝试创造众人同行的旅途。正如日落,正如彩虹,正如未来,没有你,一切都不会发生。

这深的时尚对话,你未必能董洞悉天机,但明者会明。品牌代表着一种玩趣精神坚持友善的人文主义价值观,在材质和色彩方面进行大胆尝试,对于印花图案混搭和廓形也独具天赋。 MARNI的美学概念充分映射创意总监Francesco Risso的设计理念古灵精怪而优雅的气质代表着无尽可能,是对理想的向往,是对前卫生活方式的探索。这种精神内核驱动MARNI与艺术世界的持续对话,时刻在设计系列中充分展现。


CAPELLA SYDNEY - Dream A Little Dream Comes True

Arrive in style, relax, unwind and indulge, breathe and soak in as much as possible from the amazing transformation of the already century old building where modernity meets contemporary interior design, the epitome of Capella Sydney set
s the benchmark for a new luxury statement in a Sydney footprint of a five star staycation above all others. mylifestylenews writes.

Centrally located in a beguiling landmark and a hallmark building that occupies an entire block off Farrer Place, this latest luxury addition is situated on Bridge Street, just a short walk from the harbour and forms part of the historic sandstone precinct buildings clustered around the Circular Quay waterfront. This may not be what you’d expect to find in bustling Sydney, even if, being familiar with the Capella hotel group portfolio, you’ve prepared yourself for something different - exuberant, austere or something in between, but above all modern - chances are Capella Sydney will give you a bit of a jolt.

The former heritage listed 1912 Edwardian style Department of Education building on Bridge Street is now the luxury accommodation of Capella Sydney which is probably a once-in-a-generation project that has revived the story of an important local historical figure. Capella Sydney has gone through a painstaking transformation after an extensive multi-million dollar renovation over 7 years. As a new pillar of the Sydney heritage hotel scene, Capella Sydney is the latest to add to the city’s luxurious accommodation, transforming a historic building into an urban oasis. Yes, they are multiple types of marble and pillars, and is unquestionably an Australian hostelry with a distinct POV of its own that’s expressed in myriad ways, but is firmly entrenched in the city’s sandstone precinct that has its roots in historical Sydney.

If the walls could talk, they would tell a tale of notoriety and prestige. The opulent Capella Sydney continues to welcome the domestic and international elites since its opening in March 2023. To celebrate the noble beauty that has been refined with a modern touch, the arrival experience takes your breath away and what lies within has a new story to tell in tandem with keeping so many historical flourishes that have been lovingly restored because they should be given a new lease of life and enjoyed by a new generation of culturally curious guests.

While at the same time creating one of the most beautifully renovated buildings in Sydney as of 2023 - the facade is Unesco protected no less! In the mesh of traditional and current aesthetic elements, style collaborates with design to give a fresh new look. The meticulous restoration and re-imagining has been done in partnership with Make Architects and they have created light and airy interiors that dispose of that old-fashioned fussiness to create a youthful vibe, cast in a warm palette and suffused with natural light. There is a genuine warmth to this sensitive renovation and comfort and style with great design dominates the interior of Capella Sydney that is exactly what the brand has in spades.

When you can choose the best, let the experience take you to the unknown and at least that’s what we have done by stepping out from our comfort zone and taken in the unexpected next level pampering. Be ready to embark on an epic and boundless exploration of history and newly created luxury that uses some extraordinary architecture as a springboard to creating something old new again!

The facade is especially photogenic, it is undoubtedly chic and with a great sophisticated charm here. The lobby is elegant and chic with dimmed lighting that suits the cozy mood and ambience.

Beyond the lobby, the all-day-dining
Aperture spreads across the ground level if you enter from Bent Street that segues into an in-door “alfresco” lush courtyard decorated with the abundance of nature, including a seven-metre-high green wall featuring nearly 70 local species of flora is the first venue to emerge from the re-imagined Farrer Place foyer.

The artwork is noticeable but restrained and you immediately will have your gaze drawn in by the Amsterdam-based Studio Drift’s whimsical bespoke kinetic sculpture “Meadow” installation (the clipping eyes/dancing clam or jellyfish) catches everybody’s eyes upon stepping into this chic and stylish verdant canopy lounge flanked by two weeping figs to honour the recent grand opening with style being the main feature. This magical, light-filled space is just one piece of the stunning display throughout the hotel where the magnitude of the storied site and its transformation is on display and laid out logically.

Sitting beneath the installation of changing colors you are completely captivated, while beams of light shine through the expansive glass ceiling over a bright sunny day that add brilliance to the already nook ambience and it changes the mood after dark for a more intimate get-together.

The luxurious hotel brand has cleverly combined old world luxurious materials and design with an eclectic range of art work installations that elevate the living gallery to another level of comfort through art that has been transformed into the realm of imagination.

Being a new edition for the Capella brand it is in a class of its own. Capella Sydney has put the country on the map for a new luxury-accommodation tourism market, as it excels at this prime and alluring location in a neighbourhood that is never short of charm.

The privilege to be welcomed as their guest is to discover hidden gems and insider knowledge and there is no shame in asking the friendly Culturists about the historical re-installment by “testing” their knowledge to discover the unknown - as everyone has their own story to tell - and to possibly inspire you or brighten your horizon.

Jonathan Fambart, the hotel’s Chief Culturist has more than the off-the-beaten-track insight of this vibrant city for you to explore. Bespoke Capella history journey experiences such as local culture tours and adventures, and architecture walk are designed and curated to enjoy at a leisurely pace, giving you more time to discover the captivating cultural experiences so that you can truly be immersed in the memorable destinations.

With the intricate craftsmanship of the original building to ensure beauty is an over-arching ideal, the accommodation also does not fail to dazzle, as it is as unique as the property itself. The 192 guest rooms and suites have been restored to the Belle-Époque-era glory of its original, showcasing delectable walnuts, natural stones and deluxe textiles wrapped by the historic facade, which creates an oasis of luxury hidden away from the hustle and bustle of Sydney with modern additions and touches that are dovetailed with intricate craftsmanship of the original building.

While the rooms on levels one to six are in the heritage-listed part of the building - all connected by lifts and the magnificent original marble staircases with iron scroll work balustrades, the rooms on levels seven to eleven are in the new build that sits on top of the 1912 original.

We were upgraded and assigned a Skyline Suite on level seven with a view overlooking the urban flow and skyscrapers on Bent Street. The aesthetic is sleek and uncluttered, the 77sqm Skyline Suite is significant in size and style, separates the bedroom and living area and is beautifully detailed and designed to celebrate the building’s heritage.

The windows looking out to the view of the next buildings in the living area are not huge yet draw sensibly enough natural light to the entire sitting lounge area with lavish soft sofa, curated artwork creating a pretty reading-relaxing nook as well as a rather dimmed standing lamp and furnishing in a gentle palate of neutral tones that offers a calm, comforting tranquil atmosphere. This personal oasis
comes with contemporary elegance and timeless charm where you can enjoy exceptional comfort and space, seamless connection and is completely satisfying.

The indulgent accommodation features elegant furnishings and modern amenities with modern and intuitive technology that has been used inventively throughout and allows you to control lighting that has “art light” to highlight the gorgeous works or “bed light” for a more mellow mood together with multi-layered curtains and temperature. From the touch of the provided tablet next to the bed, 24-hour in-room dining and other useful information is just a touch away. Not forgetting the curated mini-bar with locally sourced products that comes complimentary with all the non-alcoholic beverages.

The huge and luxurious bathroom used to be a separate room but has now been opened up with a Claybrook oval bathtub
as the centrepiece. There are brass fittings and black trims, which comprises double vanities, dual head rain shower with premium and exclusive Haeckels amenities. The shower room is one of the largest we have ever experienced. Every detail has formed a cohesive design story, meticulously refined to offer a luxurious, unique and comfortable stay.

The modern touches and comforts allows you to curl up in the comfort of the heavenly bed and Frette sheets before tomorrow brings another grand experience and soak up the city skyline from the giant king bed without the worry of preying eyes. Experience the epitome of luxury and be immersed in the history and culture of Capella Sydney as you experience unforgettable moments, inaccessible to the ordinary traveller of this sanctuary in the bustling city. Housekeeping arrives twice daily and does an impeccable job and ensures there is heaps of hygge in returning to this cocooned comfort, a cozy contentment of some sort.

The 20-metre indoor heated swimming pool is another relaxation spot to chill  that might well distract you from the bustling city’s sights and tourist drawcards with
an entrance on level six via the entrance of the hotel’s Auriga Spa with an adjacent fully equipped high tech gym.

Cocoon yourself in this tranquil haven under a giant glass-dome ceiling drawing multiple natural light especially on a typical Sydney sunny blue sky day. Look up while you swim
and watch the clouds moving atop the surrounding buildings is another unique experience.

Enrich your world of a luxurious staycation with a convivial by savouring the unrivalled of French Bistronomique dinning at
Brasserie 1930 that in itself is architecture that can only be described as sumptuous in a bustling vibe or head to the intimate McRae Bar, this modern rendition of a Victorian-era drinking den is a nod to the original Scottish-born architect George McRae of the golden sandstone building.

McRae Bar


Otherwise, pop your head over to The Living Room, with the daily complimentary refreshments and snacks over the cocktail hour which begins at 5pm for all in-house guests.

This signature haven in all Capella properties is another gathering place well situated in a large airy public space with an abundance of cozy nooks and beverages and canapes that do not fail to please!

Breakfast serves daily also at Brasserie 1930 which is transformed to a graceful buffet setting with a yummylicious Continental spread from local sourced produce. Hot dishes are presented on a curated menu and cooked a-la-minute and be hungry to sample the wide selections from the classic Eggs Benedict to even some Asian best such as the meatball congee. Just to name a few.

What lies within tells the true story and every detail forms a cohesive design story, meticulously refined to offer a luxury, unique and comfortable stay. There are more sophisticated treats and this is what comfort is all about. By unrivalled anticipatory luxury service and endless enrichment of its kind, service is discreet yet attentive. Uncover what luxury means to you, sometimes luxury can be personal as there’s no better way to reconnect with the luxe of the heritage in Capella Sydney whether you’re looking to celebrate a special occasion with your loved ones or to rediscover the wanderlust within.

If you appreciate the dream of fulfilling, boundless wanderlust and lifelong immersive learning, Capella Sydney makes this a reality. A luxury, unique staycation journey of incomparable exploration awaits. This Capella group’s first foray outside of Asia is a triumph. The whole hotel is committed to an artistic feel and doubtless it has turned into an Instagrammer’s dream. The stunning embodiment of modern architecture and design excellence taking the benchmark for luxury down-under to new heights. Be ready to embark on an epic and boundless exploration.

From check-in to check-out, Capella Sydney is
a luxurious yet intimate and personal stay with incredible attention to detail and your world is about to get wider. Indulge yourself in pampered luxury, they go beyond the obvious to please and make every moment a milestone. Dream a little dream comes true and a journey celebrated!

Tried & Tested:
Location: 5/5
Design & Decor: 5/5
Food & Beverage: 5/5
Housekeeping: 5/5
Room Amenities: 5/5
Service: 5/5
Value For Money: 5/5
Experience: 5/5

Design & Decor

24, Loftus Street,
Sydney, NSW
Tel: +61 2 9071 5000

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