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19th JUNE




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Salvatore Ferragamo Presents "FERRAGAMO STUDIO BAG”

Salvatore Ferragamo celebrates the launch of “Ferragamo Studio Bag” under the Creative Direction of Paul Andrew with New York based, European artist Ana Kras. The studio is revered as a powerful space for creatives to design, photograph, dance and ultimately explore the endless depths of the imagination, just as it was for Salvatore Ferragamo himself.

The “Ferragamo Studio Bag” celebrates the founder’s first studio, the Hollywood Boot Shop in California with a digital project marking the first exploration of the distinct colours developed for the Pre-Fall 2018 Collection by Paul Andrew.  Through a series of images and short films, Kras opens up her private art studio as she celebrates talent and craft, each inspired by a distinct colour and style of the “Ferragamo Studio Bag”. Artisanal craftsmanship becomes the seamless link between Ferragamo’s dedication to Made in Italy, the Florentine tradition of handmade craft, and the delicate yet precise, refined movement of the artist’s hands – the ultimate tool of her trade across all media - a simple reminder of skilled workmanship.

Kras explores art, fashion and her creative process, “This bag symbolizes a desire for timeless iconicism, a merit the Ferragamo house is internationally known for and one I remember well from my youth.”

Kras embodies the essence of the “Ferragamo Studio Bag” woman: an independent, contemporary creative with effortless personal style and purpose, demanding form and function. The artist works in several different fields simultaneously - furniture and object design, interior architecture, drawings, paintings, sculptures, photography and fashion.

Two special-edition versions, one in metallic silver, the other distinctively colour blocked, celebrate the founder’s first studio, the Hollywood boot shop. Exclusively 95 of each edition will be produced as homage to this year’s 95th anniversary of the studio’s opening on Hollywood boulevard.

“Ferragamo Studio Bag” comes in three sizes and has a classical rectangular profile. Salvatore Ferragamo’s cutting-edge technical expertise has been applied to create a bag that combines strength and robustness in a lightweight and flexible profile. It is handcrafted from all-natural top-grade Italian leathers by Ferragamo’s highly-skilled Italian artisans. Metal studs dot the “Ferragamo Studio Bag” base.

GIORGIO ARMANI 2018 Eyewear Collection

Making use of the most advanced techniques, structural precision and maximum comfort set these Armani glasses apart. The metal frame features a round acetate frame front and curved bridge, fusing retro with modern for the perfect mix.

The balanced ultralight design boasts super sleek metal temples embellished with the Giorgio Armani laser-engraved logo and iconic rhomboid rivet tips. Available in light matte gold with a gloss Havana/red frame front and green lenses and in matte black with a gloss black frame front and smoke grey lenses.

The rounded phantos form of this model is the fruit of a highly sophisticated and innovative production technique. Special construction ensures all components are incorporated into a single piece. The nylon fibre frame front is soldered to the metal bridge and temples, seamlessly integrating them into a wellbalanced, ultralight frame that delivers on maximum comfort. Temples feature the laserengraved Giorgio Armani logo and iconic rhomboid rivet tips. Available in matte Havana or matte honey, both with a matte gunmetal grey bridge.


Tiffany 1837® 2018 Eyewear Collection

 This oversize shape in premium acetate features rounded temples with both the new Tiffany 1837® cuff décor and iconic hallmarks in fine enamel. Made for women who appreciate luxury finishes and signature details, the frame is available in exclusive acetates, including black on Tiffany Blue and NEW brown-spotted Havana on opal Tiffany Blue. Available in Asian fitting.

A rectangular shape with iconic Tiffany finishes is enhanced by an exclusive new palette, featuring new multi-shade Havana acetates for a colorful take on everyday glamour.

Reinterpreted as a functional part of the frame décor, the concave curves of the Tiffany 1837® wide cuff represent a modern hallmark of Tiffany style. Available in matte black, dark -spotted Havana with Tiffany Blue and black on Tiffany Blue.

Giuseppe Zanotti 2018 Summer Sandals & Accessories

Giuseppe Zanotti introduces a series of sandals and accessories for you to get ready and to flaunt with your well pedi-cured toes in this summer season.

Are you ready for it?


Roberto Cavalli SS2018 Advertising Campaign

Roberto Cavalli SS2018 Advertising Campaign is about empowered, conscious and dynamic femininity and celebrates women’s assertive sensuality with its Spring/Summer 2018 advertising campaign, the first developed by the brand under the creative direction of Paul Surridge. American photographer Zoe Ghertner lensed Dutch model Birgit Kos in the Californian Simy Valley.

The rawness of natural elements, such as dry grass, rocks and wood, creates an captivating contrast with the urban sharpness and elegance of the Roberto Cavalli SS2018 collection. Zoe Ghertner’s powerful light sensibility enhances the quintessential beauty of the feminine silhouette, highlighted by body conscious dresses with sheer inserts and ergonomic lines.   Standing in front of a wall, seated on hay or laid down on grass, Birgit Kos always communicates that sense of energetic sensuality defining the Roberto Cavalli women, who are deeply aware of their unquestionable, natural strength. A focus is on accessories, including the sophisticated handbags, which reveals the upscale artisanal quality of the Florentine fashion house.

“For my first advertising campaign for the brand, I wanted to work with a all-female team, which could better interpret the fiercely independent attitude of the Roberto Cavalli woman,” said Paul Surridge. “We opted for an outdoor set and natural light to capture an unfiltered, spontaneous, unpredictable moment infused with powerful energy.”

CALVIN KLEIN JEANS Accessories Refreshing Summer Shades

 This season, new handbags from the CALVIN KLEIN JEANS collection showcase their signature styles and playful textures and colors. In summer, there are many refreshing colors. The exposed edges of the box structure are light and easy to carry, bringing freshness and vitality to life.


VALENTINO SS2018 Eyewear Collection

VALENTINO SS2018 Eyewear Collection is grace, delicacy and pure dedication to sartorial culture pervade the vibrant and ethereal atmosphere of the Palazzo Mignanelli atelier, where timeless, elegant creations come to life every day. Pierpaolo Piccioli, Valentino’s Creative Director, guides the Maison‘s innovation, taking inspiration from the deeply humanist concept of creativity as an individual process.

The accessories feature the Valentino DNA with a contemporary aesthetic vision, going beyond the rules and embracing a blend of styles to express themselves and their uniqueness. In the Eyewear collection, the same aesthetic is present in a fascinating mix of designs, punk metal, sophisticated glamour, nylon, lightness, bold character and above all in the decision of signing all the temples with the stud, the iconic symbol of the Maison. A homage to the beauty and individuality of contemporary women.

Salvatore Ferragamo SS2018 Men's Collection

The leisurely lifestyle and understated elegance typical of the sun-kissed Riviera, from Italy across France, runs through the Ferragamo SS2018 men’s collection designed by Guillaume Meilland. Escapism at its best interpreted with a timeless yet timely appeal that conjures images of Alain Delon and Marcello Mastroianni in all their laid-back glamour.  Setting the mood is a breezy palette of earth-tones, ivory, gentle pinks and light blues that nod at traditional men’s shirting fabrics, plus flashes of hazy blues and deep mahogany.

From formal to casual, silhouettes are light, easy and deconstructed underscoring a work-into-week-end versatility and cool edge, defined by a crop of inventive fabrics and by signature details that are deeply intertwined with Ferragamo’s leather heritage and expertise.

Inspired by life at the seaside, soft terrycloth, corduroy and velour are revisited with a soft and lush hand. In solids or decorated with subtle marine patterns featuring wreathes of corals and seahorses, they are used for Bermuda shorts, coats and jackets. In a similar vein, spongy textures add a distinctive twist to a range of airy poloshirts and zipped cardigans. By contrast, a selection of classic British checks and sartorial fabrics with a dry, crisp hand are fashioned into fluid, unlined, minimal jackets, shorts and suits, oozing a casual disposition even on more formal occasions.

Roomy or slim, leather pieces also take center stage, unlined and stripped of any superfluous element yet unexpectedly detailed. Ample windbreakers feature a rubberized finish, sleek coats are bonded with jersey or organdie while suede jackets and shirts are delicately perforated with motifs borrowed from the art of broguing. Chunky fisherman knits complete the overall summery mood.

The shoes are quintessentially Ferragamo with rubber-soled penny loafers and booties adorned with the signature “Gancino” in organic materials such as wood and horn and clean lace-ups and slip-on moccasins in suede. Bags are structured and practical with mixes of canvas and leather in contrasting shades. From the promenade to the runway, the collection is at ode to a light-hearted elegance, redefining the house’s core values through a mix of legacy and immediacy.


Horological Machine No.7 ‘Aquapod’

First launched in 2017 – in red gold with black ceramic bezel, and in titanium with blue ceramic bezel – HM7 is back in a titanium case with a green sapphire crystal bezel, limited to 50 pieces. After pushing the boundaries of horological exploration by blasting into outer space (HM2, HM3, HM6), launching into the sky (HM4), and powering down the road and around the track (HM5, HMX, HM8), MB&F plunges into the water with Horological Machine No.7, aka HM7 Aquapod. Where jellyfish have a radially symmetric ring of neurons for a brain, Aquapod has radially symmetric rings displaying hours and minutes. Where jellyfish have a hood or bell on top, HM7 Aquapod has an imposing flying tourbillon regulating the power generated by the rotor, and transforming it into the display of time. The winding rotor’s tentacles are crafted from a solid block of titanium; their very three-dimensional nature makes machining and finishing extremely challenging. Underneath the tentacles, a platinum mass ensures powerful and efficient winding.

The organic jellyfish-inspired design of HM7 Aquapod is counter-balanced by the very mechanical horology within: a central flying tourbillon tops the concentric vertical movement architecture, with indications radiating out from the centre like ripples in a pond. HM7 Aquapod began its gestation as a horological jellyfish, and the architecture of its Engine is appropriately biomorphic. Jellyfish are radially symmetric, Aquapod is radially symmetric. Where a jellyfish generates power from food caught in its tentacles, HM7 generates power from its tentacle-like automatic winding rotor.

And then there's that bezel. While Horological Machine No.7 is not a dive watch, it is a timepiece comfortably at home in the water – so MB&F added the one element that all serious aquatic watches possess: a unidirectional rotating bezel. However, unlike every other dive watch on the planet, Aquapod's bezel isn't attached to the case, but floats apart like a life buoy. The 303-component, 72-hour power reserve HM7 Engine was developed in-house by MB&F. Spherically three-dimensional, all its mechanisms – from the winding rotor at the bottom, past the mainspring barrel and hour and minute displays, to the flying tourbillon on top – rotate concentrically around the centre.

The curves of the high-domed sapphire crystal are mirrored in the shape of the time display rings, which are not simply flat and angled, but are mathematically precise, curved spherical segments. And, like many jellyfish, HM7 glows in the dark. It glows where you would expect it to – on the hour and minute numerals – but also around the inside of the movement, to light up that flying tourbillon at night… and in addition, along the tentacle-like winding rotor so that its operation, too, can be appreciated in the dark.