SABAYON - Sunday Brunch Rendezvous

Dinning in one of Kuala Lumpur’s bespoke destinations perched atop 51 floors in the heart of the city with uninterrupted majestic views right at the bustling hub of Kuala Lumpur city centre, Sabayon ticks a few boxes to bring you an unforgettable stylish and picture-perfect Continental gourmet dining experience. mylifestylenews writes.

While the bygone legendary Equatorial hotel was previously known and was once a landmark for KL’s nightlife scene, making many star-dusted entertainments of endearing histories, hosting uncountable royalty and celebrity dinners from its conceptualized dining concepts and being named and leading the city’s forward thinking dining scenes in the past decades, there are plentiful certainties to be indulged in such an exciting dining destination to celebrate those very special moments.

And now the newly redeveloped Equatorial Hotel, to be precise - EQ Hotel, has made a posh and fresh comeback for an entirely new hospitality, dining and entertainment concept since the revamp. Reopening in September 2021, it is now in full swing delivering a next level of hospitality experience to the forward thinking and next generation with the best views in KL. More exciting and innovative dining experiences await.

Sabayon has stylishly crafted a new Sunday Sky Brunch experience to go with the new look of EQ hotel image. Forget the old and in with the new lush experience while they do not aim to go too far above and beyond the culinary expectations yet classically delivering the most anticipated contemporary European menu to delight your palate. From entrée, starter, main to dessert, the 4-course menu with 3 selections from each course to choose from, allowing you to indulge with the pairing cocktails, wine and of course premium Champagne generously and lavishly poured while chilling yourself by soaking up the most desired and magnificent Kuala Lumpur’s skyline that is unsurpassed for most other hotels and restaurants.

Stepping into the award-winning Sky Dining Sabayon while the lift door opens, the first impression is with the most iconic Petronas Twin Towers right in your face and this never disappoints. Contrasting the majestic views are the wall mirrors in between the hallways expanding the vision to an almost 270 degrees view from within. Such clever reflection illuminates and sparks the evening ambience with hundreds of ceiling high hanging petit mood light bulbs making your entrance even more elegant. A magical starry night has just begun!

While Sabayon is located on the highest floor with stunning views of the Petronas Twin Towers, the modern interior plays around with the contemporary velvety lounge chairs and furniture contrasting the earth tone linen table clothes setting as well as the gigantic tree well allocated almost in the middle of the room catching the attention from all walk-ins with its ever-ready wine and champagne section to be served and enjoyed at all times, accompanied by a full on, ready to rock and roll mixology premium liquor trolly to get you started.

Elegant and dreamy high ceilings accented by copper and bronze tones are embodied by a backdrop of the ever-changing hues of the KL cityscape. Tres chic and table settings are well spaced out to ensure privacy and be ready to indulge yourself in the star dining sojourn.

To kick off proceedings, you have the quintessential sourdough and salted French butter, so you are feeling rather happy at this first taste to root all the flavours that are to follow in this contemporary European dining with premium imported ingredients and locally sourced produce to immerse yourself. While you are making sure that your champagne glass is not empty, by establishing a good conversation with the manager is never a bad thing to start your brunch, not only knowing a more in depth understanding from the menu creation with selected beverage pairings but also to explore a couple more dishes that may inspire. If you are lucky, a few extras can be thrown in to enhance and deluxe your brunching experience as the brunch keeps your appetite in check. Here is what we got over brunch with lots of sharing and sampling:

<Hokkaido Scallop>
Two large and meaty Hokkaido scallops lightly seared, set on a base of rich cauliflower puree and topped with pine nut, shaved truffle & sultana grapes. So deliciously tender and juicy, beautifully presented on a blue stoneware capturing the best essence of the entire presentation.

<House Smoked Norwegian Salmon>
Classic plating of a roll of thick cut salmon with a caper on top and a sprinkling of fennel and onion pickles with a side of a dollop of crème fraiche. Simply satiable!

A large chunk of creamy and airy buffalo mozzarella heavily sitting on a bed of rughetta salad accompanied by the colourful halved heirloom cherry tomatoes and the almost see-through thin sliced intense flavoured air-dried beef that comes in quite an appetizing presentation topped with edible flowers. A perfect temporary cleanser from the sea to the farm of the previous two entrées.

<Poached Eggs>
Classic way of a poached egg dish well presented, perfectly cooked with that indelible soft centre yolks that sit on top of half a warm English muffin, drenched with a bed of home-made hollandaise truffle sauce accompanied by a lightly tossed green salad over olive oil and balsamic vinegar to balance the palate.

<Mushroom Consommé>
A well-made consommé is always a delightful entry for the meal especially when the natural aromatic porcini mushrooms are used adequately to elevate the clear savory stock that is always most contented. The quintessential consommé stock with oodles of flavour and small chunks of mushroom that are redolent of the forest floor. A rather well warm palate cleanser if you have been having those bubbly fluids poured unlimited. YUM!

<Spaghetti alla Chitarra>
Small portion of spaghetti served just over a mouth full yet precise to tantalize your appetite. This classic pasta dish ticked all the boxes, al dente texture to perfection with an intense roughly minced veal ragout meat topped with large slices of parmesan cheese that oozed flavour and then some!

<Pan-Fried Snapper>
First main dish came to our table was this generous portion of expertly pan-fried snapper with crispy skin and a rich flesh well paired with spinach. A truth homage to the dish was accompanied by the unavoidable classic French beurre blanc that created a delicious counterpart with piquant flavour. A triumph!

<Roasted Duck Confit>
A delectable confit canard is hard to come by. Light and crispy on the skin with fat and oil being reduced to create that less greasy palate. The moist, soft and tender flesh easily pulled off by a gentle slice of the fork and knife is the basic “must-have” character for a triumphant duck confit. This intense flavour of tender gamey meat is complimented by a lentil cassoulet and a rich reduction of duck jus to dial down the richness and we simply loved it!

<Lamb Navarin>
A triumph of execution with tender flavoursome meat that you know just falls off the bone is packed full of flavours and the new potatoes that were cooked to light and rather crispy on the side accompanied with seasonal autumn vegetables. Another most satisfying dish to pamper.

<Duo Sorbet>
While one sorbet won’t easily satisfy your craving, Sabayon culinary team decided to pamper you with their duo Yuzu & Raspberry Sorbet. You cannot surpass this interpretation of these two classic refreshing sorbets that are rich and delicious, yet delights your tastebud again after all the courses we have just gone through.

<Vanilla Panna Cotta>
A beautiful rendition of silky-smooth panna cotta with a vanilla emphasis that is ornamented with a touch of strawberry. A must try!

<Chocolate Tart>
Think dark, chocolatey intensity with Madagascan vanilla gelato that is so moreish. A chocolate lover’s delight and one of the best ways to conclude by savouring the crafted brunch menu.

Service is rather attentive and prompt, drinks are poured liberally and food came to the table without rushing you in, everyone seems to be having a great time and you wish it wouldn’t end as early as 3pm. In between, you have to ‘stop and smell the roses” – aka take in the view from all angles, admire the chill surrounds in the relaxing ambience and make sure you don’t miss any favourites and max out the time you spend in Sabayon. This is a classy affair and everyone seems to want to dress up to impress and enjoy. Sunday champagne brunch is always a joy when quality gourmet food with limitless pour of bubbly together with your family and great company that will make you want to book ahead for another one! Be warned that they seem to be fully booked every week, so plan in advance!

In case you decided to stay on a little longer and to watch the city’s rooftop and above all ground legendary sunset, adjourn yourself to Sky 51 - KL’s top bespoke outdoor rooftop bar that offers handcrafted cocktails prepared by seasoned mixologists. Signature cocktail Every Sip Takes You Home featuring Gin, Elderflower, Lemon, Tamarind, Coconut and Soda Water is simply so refreshing and certainly will quench your thirst. For the masculine you, the classic smoky Negroni comes with Gin, Campari and Sweet Vermouth is another most sought after drink to unwind.

The enormous instagrammable sky bar provides you the front row seat to the best panoramic views of the city, spanning from the KL Tower to the Petronas Twin Towers as far as Genting Highlands and beyond. VIP members will have the upper deck to party in private. The lustrous new rooftop bar is ideal for social get together.

Spectacular KL skyline sunset view above all ground you won't get tired of.

Once home to the legendary Blue Moon club in the roaring 1980s, it is now reimagined and reborn as BLUE, and the new cozy interior set to uphold its iconic heritage for you to unwind with live performance. BLUE beckons with its wide selections of signature house pouring brands and cocktails that dazzles your palate.

Diamonds won’t shine any brighter than the sparkling evening skyline of Kuala Lumpur especially when gazing out from the soaring vantage point towering 51 stories. Give the special occasion that extra shine by indulging yourself for a refined dining experience as well as a stylish brunching weekend followed by an unrivalled sunset cocktail moment. The sky dining experience in EQ hotel is a legendary dining reborn. It is time to be out and about, have yourself a picture-perfect and haute memorable rendezvous.

Tried & Tested:

Location: 5/5

Design & Decor: 5/5

Food & Beverage: 4.5/5

Service: 4/5

Value For Money: 4.5/5

Experience: 5/5




Equatorial Plaza

Jalan Sultan Ismail

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Tel: +6 03 2789 7777

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