LANVIN Spring 2021 Men's & Women's Collection - mylifestylenews' Bonus Pick

LANVIN Spring 2021 Men's & Women's Collection  is a dream as reality - a fantasy of fashion. Creative director Bruno Sialelli explores the notion of reverie, of memories real and make-believe, of fantastical characters and invented narratives.

A dialogue between the real and the imaginary informs the collection, just as the clothes themselves are an interplay of masculine and feminine, for him and for her. Captured in stills and motion image, the models become an ensemble cast, heroes and heroines of an unfolding drama.

Looks are devised in total - ensembles for the ensemble. They have gestures of quintessential Frenchness - blouses, foulards, slender tailleurs, eased suiting, a soft, soothed palette of sunbleached neutrals and pastel.

Outfits are carefully composed, with gloves, shoes, turban hats, sunglasses, referential to the glamour of interwar couture, and the fantasy of fashion proposed by cinema. Alongside the dream, reality.

Fabrics are honest, natural and true: silk, wool, cotton, cashmere, leather. They anchor the imagination, offering luxury with inherent value, quality and longevity.

Devised during lockdown, inspired by fleeting images drawn from movies and glimpses of magazine editorials, these images are fantasies of fashion. They are simultaneously reflective of a subconscious desire for escape, adventure - joie de vivre, recaptured again.

Subconscious versus conscious: there are echoes of key Lanvin styles, the ever-expanding vocabulary of the Maison, here refined and honed. Lanvin's emblem, designed in 1923 by Paul Iribe, inscribes buttons rounded like the bottle of the 1927 Lanvin parfum Arpège: Lanvin blue is a key shade.

The Modernist, rectilinear ‘Pencil’ bag, its contrasting feline zoomorphic hardware created in homage to Jeanne Lanvin’s collaboration with designer Armand Albert Rateau, is reiterated; the pillowy ‘Sugar’ bag, an accessory icon of Lanvin devised in the mid-2000s, is revived, rescaled, revisited. Jewelry underscores the house.

The ‘Arpege’ line, inspired by the fragrance’s flaçon and stopper, is joined by bijou based on petals of flowers, namely the rose and daisy - Marguerite was the name of Jeanne Lanvin’s daughter. Here, nature is sublimated into parures of cascading cast-metal petals.

Lanvin has always been a house based on collaboration, on community - as important today as it was to Jeanne Lanvin. Evoking the 1920s, when the Maison reached global prominence, Lanvin collaborates with the estate of the artist Romain de Tirtoff, known by his nom de plume of Erté.

An aesthetic synonymous with that decade, a selection of different Erté artworks are used as prints. Their imagery - women selecting clothing, jaguars referent to the ‘Pencil’ bag’ - seem like illustrations fictionalizing real-life as it happens, as surreal automatic drawings reveal subconscious desires.

The environment of the collection’s imagery epitomizes these ideas: Le Palais Idéal, an extraordinary example of naïve art architecture executed by Ferdinand Cheval, a French postman who literally made his dream. Built over thirty-three years at the turn of the twentieth century, his fantastical reimagining of a medieval castle became a point of homage and pilgrimage to artists such as André Breton, Pablo Picasso and Max Ernst. Anaïs Nin celebrated his achievement in an essay.

Here, the Ideal Palace becomes a total work of art, framing clothes devised for its imaginary inhabitants. Fantasizing fashion, realizing dreams. Voila, Lanvin.


Dior Cruise 2021 Collection - mylifestylenew's Top 10's Pick

Dior Cruise 2021 Collection
 is a choral work that celebrates the memory, values, culture and future of exceptional craftsmanship. In an experimental expression of ancestral savoir-faire, fabrics from the Le Costantine Foundation are used for a series of jackets, including the emblematic Bar. The motto of this unique place, “Amando e Cantando1”, is woven on the back of skirts.

“During this period, I sought to give collective efforts a new dimension. Despite the disadvantages of distance, bringing a different perspective to our daily lives has given us strength and imagination,” says Maria Grazia Chiuri, who for this Cruise show has chosen to reconnect her creative passion with the region of Puglia, a place close to her heart.

Texts by the anthropologist Ernesto De Martino dedicated to the region’s traditions – which have influenced authors including Germano Celant and Georges Didi-Huberman – led her to explore their roots.

Puglia and its different energies, where magical beliefs such as Tarantism live on, have become in this particular context a concrete form of utopia, a new reading of the world.

Echoing the iconic, flower-embroidered Miss Dior dress by Christian Dior, artist Pietro Ruffo imagines a field studded with ears of wheat evoking a summer landscape. A narrative of untamed nature is transposed onto long, light cotton dresses, shirts and shorts.

Composing a symbolic writing inspired by the illustrations featured in the book De Florum Cultura – published by Giovanni Battista Ferrari in 1638 – Pietro Ruffo created five drawings of flowers adorned with adages such as “Les parfums sont les sentiments des fleurs2” (Perfumes are the feelings of flowers).

Maria Grazia Chiuri also wished to pay homage to the Luminarie that magnify and sublimate public squares and monuments with their luminous architecture.

A craft that has given life to a figurative motif on multicolored scarves, and is referenced in openwork and embroidered embellishments.

These illuminations are reinterpreted by the artist Marinella Senatore, whose committed work honors participatory art.

This collection is an example of the collective intelligence the Creative Director champions, combined with the extraordinary power of rhythms and rituals, music and dance, as a way of transcending oneself.


H. MOSER & CIE. Presents Endeavour Centre Seconds Concept Special Edition

ne of the very few independent, family-owned Haute Horlogerie brands, H. Moser & Cie. is able to ensure that every hand-made watch corresponds to the belief of its Founder Heinrich Moser and the values of the brand since it was created in 1828. Rather than simply recreating the past, H. Moser & Cie. strives to create its own future while inheriting watchmaking traditions by crafting countless masterpieces. Far-off Schaffhausen in the East, there is a watch retailer in Hong Kong with a similar family-owned background – Oriental Watch Company, rooting in Hong Kong for 60 years while promoting prestigious watchmaking culture and serving its clients with professionalism and devotion. Limited to only eight pieces, the Oriental Watch Company Endeavour Centre Seconds Concept Special Edition embodies H. Moser & Cie. and Oriental Watch Company’s unique take on Haute Horlogerie and their earnest appreciation for one another. Sharing the dedication in bearing the torch of traditional watchmaking and brining innovation to the industry, it is only natural that the two family-owned businesses chime in immediately, despite the distance in their respective origin. In commemoration of the 60th anniversary of Oriental Watch Company, H. Moser & Cie., as the company’s close partner, has created a special edition Endeavour Centre Seconds Concept for the occasion, celebrating the companionship between the two and its shared belief in the art of watchmaking. A manifestation of H. Moser & Cie.’s philosophical reflection in minimal “Concept”, the Endeavour Centre Seconds Concept is a purely minimalist Concept model equipped with a dial void of indices or logo.

Driven by a desire to return to the essential, the Schaffhausen manufacture has redefined the notion of luxury and human watchmaking by stripping away the superfluous and focusing not simply on displaying the time, but embodying a true expression of emotion – a spirit that perfectly coincide with Oriental Watch Company’s customer-oriented belief. The watch has been one of the most popular models in Oriental Watch Company since it was introduced six years ago. The fumé dials in daring and surprising colours has also become H. Moser & Cie.’s signature. H. Moser & Cie. introduced three models in different versions last year on the fifth anniversary of the Concept series. In 2021, H. Moser presents Endeavour Centre Seconds Concept Special Edition in honour of the 60th anniversary of Oriental Watch Company. In addition to the graceful proportions, harmonious forms, high-end finishes, and 100% Swiss Made manufacture calibres, the novelty features a “60” engraving, interpreted with a specially created font type, at the 12 o’clock position on the Cosmic green dial to commemorate the diamond jubilee of the retailer. Crafted with white gold, the 40 mm three-hand timepiece houses the HMC 200 self-winding manufacture calibre featuring patented double-hairspring. The Endeavour case is matched with a profound yet energetic Cosmic green dial while the rim of the back case is engraved “Oriental 60th anniversary”. Apart from the signature fumé dial, H. Moser & Cie. has also fitted the special edition timepiece with another hallmark of the brand – a double balance spring produced by Precision Engineering AG – as a dedication to the 60th anniversary of Oriental Watch Company. Thanks to this pair of matching balance springs, the displacement of the point of gravity undergone by each spring as it expands is corrected, significantly improving precision and isochronism in a continuous quest for perfection. In addition, the paired balance springs compensates for any positional errors by keeping the centre of gravity always in the middle.

Mr. Edouard Meylan, CEO of H. Moser & Cie. said, “Oriental Watch Company is one of the most established and reputable watch retailers in Hong Kong and the region. The double balance-spring, the fumé dial and the Concept series are the signatures of H. Moser & Cie. By incorporating these elements, as well as the specially designed ‘60’ engraving, in the special edition timepiece, the bonding between H. Moser & Cie. and Oriental Watch Company is closer than ever. With this special edition timepiece, we hope to celebrate the diamond jubilee of Oriental Watch Company while showing our respect for the company’s devotion.” Mr. Dennis Yeung, Managing Director of Oriental Watch Company Limited, remarked, “H. Moser & Cie.’s creations are always full of character and surprises. For nearly two centuries, the Maison keeps moving with the times while inheriting the true essence of traditional watchmaking. These shared motivations are exactly the reasons H. Moser & Cie. and Oriental Watch Company have had a close relationship over the years. In many cultures of the East, ‘60’ often signifies one complete cycle that would lead to a new beginning; in the West, it happens that ‘60’ also denotes a complete cycle in time-measuring. 60th anniversary would be a new milestone for Oriental Watch Company as well as its partnership with H. Moser & Cie. I sincerely look forward to seeing more new creations from H. Moser & Cie. in our stores and continuing to go side by side with the brand.”


SHANG PALACE Shangri-La Dubai Presents 2021 OXpicious Chinese New Year Menu

Celebrating Lunar Chinese New Year in Dubai may not be as extravagant as many other major festive celebrations in this region yet the tradition is not forgotten, Shang Palace culinary team in Shangri-La Dubai continues the legacy by bringing back the ancient tradition with a special crafted OXpicious menu that prospers and brings good luck especially for those who celebrate this most likable Spring Festival by enjoying the reunion feast by sharing and spreading the blessing to others simultaneously. mylifestylenews writes.

Chinese New Year dishes are always signified with good wishes, every ingredient used in cooking shall offer an auspicious sign of luck, prosperity, good wealth and health and so forth. It is not only delicious but also to warm your heart by enjoying such a lavish feast during this annual anticipated occasion. 2021 marks the Year of the Ox in Chinese lunar calendar and ox symbolize hardworking, strong faith with physical strength, have ideals and ambitions for life and attach importance to family and achieving their goals by consistent effort. A traditional Chinese New Year reunion dinner is held on the Lunar New Year’s Eve where every member of the family will travel back to their family home or hometown to get together not only to get the latest hot “gossip” update from among the family members or relatives through a great feast over the round dining table.  Hence, over a good meal and good laughter with the closest company means the most to every Chinese by gathering together to celebrate such an auspicious occasion. Shang Palace at Shangri-La Dubai presents their 2021 OXpicious Chinese new year’s 金牛賀春 – The Golden Ox Celebrates Spring Festival menu with 10 traditional Chinese dishes for your to savour the OXpicious lunar new year with the extension till 26th February 2021 which is the 15th day (last day) of the Chinese new year lunar calendar with an additional value add-ons (serving for 4 people) with a choice of the abundance Seafood Pot or/and the OXpicious Wagyu Pot to indulge yourself in this festive spring with prosperity.

<七彩撈魚生 Chinese Rainbow Combo Fish Plate>
The Chinese New Year Dinner begins with “Lo Hei” or “Yu Sheng” – a tossing salad with raw fish to be reminiscent as the wishes for a better achievement for your work as well as better wealth and prospect. The condiments are just as important as the main dish ingredients and the combination of ingredients has to be raw for its activeness, alive and better achievement in work and life, ranging from a combination of julienned greens and salads such as carrot, chili, turnip, cucumber, pickle, pomelo, onion, parsley,  deep fried potatoes and sweet potatoes, capsicum, spring onion, ginger, sesame, crushed peanut, crunchy crackers, seaweed, salt & pepper, plum sauce and special sauce and etc to get the colorful rainbow effect and with a bed of sliced salmon. This is the most important start to the celebration and the salad is to be tossed together by everyone on the same table as high as possible with good thoughts and wishes that must be spoken out aloud. Every toss spells out with good wishes and blessing in bustling noise to share such a jolly time. This is a very tasty dish with some delicious fresh salmon. The variety of ingredients certainly was heading towards a traditional ‘mix’, although in some Asian countries there is a lot more complexity due to double the number of ingredients, but this was more than satisfactory. Even though this ‘salad’ is well mixed, each mouthful imparts more of some ingredients than others, so it is always surprising and pleasant each time you take a bite. The intention by making this festive dish and present it onto the table especially in this region counts, as there were lots of mise-en-place involved to make this a truly memorable dish to celebrate in such festivities. In fact, the fun of tossing together with good blessing for this dish counts, OXpiciously delicious!

<Seafood Pot>
This additional bonus add-on is on top of the Chinese New Year menu and was beautifully presentated in a Staub rectangular casserole dish and it was packed with flower crabs,scallops, mussels, fish, prawn and squids. Enjoying this dish is like a treasure hunt, the more you enjoy eating from what was displayed on top on the serving dish, the more you will discover for more treasure hidden beneath. This generous portion of seafood is served with spicy water based soup stock that is superb and sensational. You definitely need to have a big appetite to enjoy all of this and Chinese New Year is all about over indulging with many dishes. Do not hesitate to ask for a bowl of fragrant steamed jasmine rice which is the best compliment to enjoy such a felicitous Seafood Pot dish.

<經典點心拼盤 Trio Dim Sum>
While steamed Dim Sum dishes are not exactly for Chinese New Year, restaurants these days would do it as an extra value and for the courtesy by popular demand. The vegetable dumpling’s wrapping paste was a little thick, but still a successful rendition and enjoyable in flavour on the palate. The deep fried prawn spring rolls with cheese and mushroom was a surprise hit, being absolutely perfect in every way and just the right crispiness and a winning combination that was so delicious! The fish dumpling paste was rather too thick that affect the delicate dim sum savoring palate, but this was all about presentation and that “WOW” moment and at least the culinary team was willing to go extra the miles to please.

<濃湯鮑魚羹 Emperor Steamed Abalone Soup>
While soup dishes are an essential must-have when it comes to Chinese dinner, the ancient Chinese knew how to make good clear soup for its wellbeing intention in the past and old and traditional recipes are being shared among good chefs and many others till present. This particular soup is meant to be served thick with a silky smooth texture but not overly starchy. Emperor signifies supreme stock where premium composition of ingredients such as abalone, chicken dried scallops and so forth are used to create the stock base with refined julienned shitake mushroom and other assorted variety of mushrooms simmered for hours to extract its natural aroma, accompanied by a mini whole steamed abalone served on an abstract designed soup plate.

<茶香熏雞 Smoked Chicken>
The presentation was pleasant, but while it was meant to be served warm, it was on the tepid side and the texture of the chicken meat that was smoked with black tea was for its fragrant was a little mushy and yet didn’t bring out the best of the chicken taste of itself as a compliment. Serving with the factory produced red sweet chili sauce is rather touristy and lazy yet not quite the best match for such a renowned Chinese dish. This was the most underwhelming dish of the evening to our dismay.

<紅燒鯛魚 Braised Local Sea Bream>
For a classic and traditional Chinese New year’s fish dish, an entire whole fish has to be served together with the head and tail, bones included as it expresses a sign of accomplishment and fulfillment. Fish dishes are also signifying a prosperous life and with abundant years of brimful happiness to come. The sea bream was lightly fried to get its crispiness on the outside and then braised in a very delectable sauce from the Chef’s secret recipe. It was not overly cooked and was the most enjoyable dish of the evening. It may seem a lot for two persons, but we made short work of it and so good that before you knew it, it was all gone!

<脆皮燒汁雪花牛 Crispy Wagyu Beef
You can’t go without a beef dish especially for the year of the Ox. The premium cut of the Wagyu beef was lightly battered and deep fried to get its crispiness. Five thick slices of tender and juicy Wagyu beef came with a delicious flavour, topped with asparagus and button mushroom on the overpowering hoisin sauce which was quite unnecessary as the beef itself is already a winner.  So less is more!

<濃湯芝士龍蝦 Braised Lobster with Cheese in Seafood Sauce>
Lobster was halved and well placed on a large serving ceramic plate with a delightful red orangey color topped with cut spring onion and cherry tomatoes. The presentation looked appetizing and the lobster may seem big in size but there wasn’t much flesh on its body. The meat was also a little mushy and the cheese was a tad overpowering, Supposed a highlight of the entire menu yet not at its peak.

<薑汁芥蘭 Sauteed Kai-lan with Ginger Sauce> <牛肉水餃 Beef Dumpling>
The Chef combined the last two savories on the menu onto one serving plate. This is a winning combination of a dish. Dumpling is another essential Chinese New Year dish especially for the Northern Chinese. Minced beef was well marinated and wrapped over a thick flour paste and sent to boil in hot water. By dipping in black vinegar is a usual practice to enjoy this savory but over here, the culinary team came out with a delicious homemade chili sauce that elevates the palate for the dumpling. The kai-lan (green mustard leaf) was well stir-fried in ginger sauce in high heat in the shortest time to remain the crunchiness on the stem and soft and green on the leaves. Simplicity at its best and utterly delicious!

<年糕 Chinese Rice Cake>
Sticky rice cake is a very traditional Chinese dessert that comes in many forms and styles of serving. Superb in presentation with an entire ‘Koi Fish’ came to life signifying unity and sticking together as a family. It makes a prosperous fitting end to our Chinese New Year celebration of culinary delights.
 Memorable dining experience always come with a discreet and attentive service and they don’t rush you in between courses either. Simon, our server of the evening was so personable and friendly and took the time to ensure that we understood each dish and the tradition behind it. Each dish presentation was delightful, with different plating, a mix of different ceramics, etc and well thought through to provide an attractive culinary journey that elevated the evening to that special moment for the OXpicious Chinese New Year.

Tried & Tested:
Location: 4/5
Design & Decor: 4/5
Food & Beverage: 4/5
Service: 4.5/5
Value For Money: 4/5
Experience: 4/5

Braised Local Sea Bream
Seafood Pot

Sheikh Zayed Road,
P.O.Box 75880
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Tel: +971 4 405 2703

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討好自己                   現實逃避
大年初四,農曆新年氣氛在即,延續今年撞正赤口的情人節餘温,在充滿節日氣氛和色彩的二月,有绝對的理由去討好自己,繼續SHOP BUY、買,堅持牛逼兼四萬咁口去拜年。雙佳節齊共慶,一團和氣,已是道理;珍惜此刻,抱擁歡樂,好運連,去開啓牛年新氣象,大紅大紫大豐收,開開心心、齊齊整整和充滿暖意地過一個浪漫、時尚、安康、紅噹噹的辛丑年。


不知不覺                   抽離
新年新正頭,出手要固然要濶卓,新手袋示新貴,但不刻意顯身貴,穿戴著紅色或黑色粗花呢格特別版的MICHAEL KORS SoHoJet Set手袋,寓意闔家團圓。同時,將充滿祝福的紅封包放進新手袋,在禮贈至親至愛的同時,讓傳統節日變得有時尚感又溫情。農曆新年系列廣告的靈感取源於中國經典電影,色彩艷麗的劇照捕捉了珍貴的歡聚時刻與傳統文化,也正是這些賦予了春節更特別的意義可與親朋好友圍坐在年夜飯桌旁,享佳餚美食,品飯後茶點,與愛為伴,慶賀新春佳節。


漫天的是非               穿我的真理
新年「鞋鞋」聲,未必啱聼。但穿上一雙型格,特別以象徴吉祥富貴的牡丹花為題的全新「Forever Bloom」系列的Giuseppe Zanotti去慶賀新春又如何?手繪的牡丹花圖案穿梭於整個系列當中,以奢華時尚的設計演繹花開富貴的祝福象徵,細膩的筆觸在男女裝平底鞋的腳尖位置,以及騎士靴和運動鞋的鞋身增添精緻的粉紅色牡丹圖案。系列以永恆經典的黑白皮革配色打造出中性的Talon中筒鞋、女裝綁帶騎士靴、以及尖頭平底鞋等時尚單品。讓你穿透歲月的美麗去賀新春。


一團和氣                   是道理
FURLA新的一年為你加持好運,靈動吸睛的「Super Cow」與你攜手開啟全新旅程,一路冒險闖關,伴你在新的一年牛氣沖天,元氣滿滿。新年的別注系列以Metropolis系列為創作開端,經典迷你斜揹袋有圓底、方形、超迷你方形、卡片套及鑰匙扣掛飾。靈感來自可愛有趣的乳牛公仔,款式以黑白為主色調,將經典乳牛印花圖案印於牛皮袋身之上,配合應節的新年紅色鑲邊,襯托出新年喜悅氣氛。經典的Metropolis鎖扣,更搖身一變為生動的小牛鼻,寓意新一年牛氣沖天;袋蓋上立體可愛的牛耳和牛角,刻畫出頑皮充溢的乳牛造形,與你一起開啓牛年新氣象,過一個開心牛年。


其實不自卑               其實不自欺 
SAINT LAURENT的農曆新年限定產品, 致敬農曆新年的紅色SOLFERINO系列手袋及限定CLASSIC SAC DE JOUR NANO皮革手袋, 以獨特金牛鎖扣為你帶來牛年祝福。黑白奶牛紋配色的Niki手袋及短靴以及一系列牛角配飾,如花火燦爛, 擁抱自我信念, 釋放無畏力量,與您共同迎接新年。


Versace重新詮釋了品牌經典Medusa圖案慶祝牛年,活力十足、神采飛揚的印花,彰顯了中國傳統文化。醒目的色彩使人置身於熱情洋溢的新春佳節,以大膽的設計和樂觀態度去迎新接福。系列服裝與配飾將Medusa Amplified印花加以重新詮釋,光碟狀的Medusa印花以滾動唱片為原型,其靈感取自於年輕音樂人通過服飾風格展現自我的精神。 系列設計以兩種不同風格的奪目配色,無論是混合活潑生動的紫羅蘭色、嬰兒藍、薄荷綠和日光黃的粉嫰色調柔和搭配或是結合了黑色與金色的經典搭配,以華麗璀璨的姿態去拜年。新年宣傳告由亞裔攝影師張家誠掌鏡,通過一系列關於財神的華美圖片和動態影片,祝福品牌追隨者金玉滿堂,春回大地、光明喜樂、吉祥如意,傳播歡樂氣息,恭賀新禧。


DRiFT Seafood Kitchen & Bar - A Sensory Delight of Beach Front Dining

With a sensory delight that serves up the freshest catch-of-the-day and an easy-breezy crafted menu, DRiFT seafood kitchen & bar at the InterContinental Fujairah Resort strives every way to delight your demanding palate. mylifestylenews writes.

Beachfront dining is always on everyone’s wish list as it conveys a sense of being footloose, fancy free and away from the constrictions of dress standards as well as fussy dining. After all, we all do need some good dose of Vitamin Sea sometimes especially when we are on a mini staycation. Nestled along the Gulf of Oman, with blue sky favouring this locale almost everyday throughout the year, DRiFT has the ideal middle ground location – at the beach, while not on the beach and yet you can indulge the nature by hearing the waves, seeing the water with some creature vacation comforts and unwind with the Fujairah crisp winter sea breeze.

DRiFT is a beachfront bar and grill bristromique concept restaurant right next to the resort’s main swimming pool, so it pulses with chill vibes to create a relaxing state of being.

DRiFT’s interior has the feel of a chic bistro, with wood and iron design highlights that creates a modern and chic twist industrial design motif juxtaposed with the big earth tone shade tiles to keep things quite neutral against the bright sun from outside, plus adorned with ceiling wooden fans and metal brass chic dimmable hanging lamps that offer a different mood and cozy ambience during day and night.

The U shape well stocked “Tiki” bar is the center stage of DRiFT’s interior, surrounded by tailor-made stylish high bar stools with a rather narrow slick stainless steel bar marble top where a huge variety of liquors are on display making it an easy access for the bartender to showcase their signature cocktails right in front of you. Chalkboards are seen above the bar with various signature cocktails and an unusual collection of gins being introduced to quench your thirst at your liking. Ask your bartender for some unique concoctions that may possibly surprise and delight you!

Al fresco dining expanded to a well laid out wooden floored terrace, shaded on the elevated area or direct Vitamin Sea of your choice that lets you hear the waves gently lap onto the beach and to enjoy the cool evening air with the spectacular mountain ranges in the background just visible in the twilight.

Outdoor aligned table settings are simpler and friendly and guaranteed all seafront facing. Quart tube pyramid patio gas heaters well allocated in proper distance to warm you up in Fujairah winter evening at the outdoor setting also adds a more romantic mood for dining.

Three sunken round lounges decorated with colorful plush cushions surrounded a real fireplace that offers a relaxing corner for shisha as well as pre or post dinner drinks.

Don’t forget to look up in the dark sky with stars upon you, you may have possibly forgotten when was the last time you gazed at the stars especially for those of us who live in the all time illuminated concrete jungle way too long to appreciate that nature is there for us to embrace. It is simply another blessing to take full advantage of such opportunity arisen by doing so at DRiFT.

Rest and relax with a great menu to indulge is what you can possibly expect at DRiFT. The restaurant serves up specialities cooked on the Charcoal oven Josper grill. The menu has quite a good variety of offerings, the essentials are those selected fine seafood and some prime cuts of meat, so you could say that all tastes are catered for. Minus the fine dining setting, tabletops are simple, as they want the food to do the talking.

DRiFT interior by night

DRiFT al fresco dining

While we were deciding what to order, an amuse bouche arrived. The langoustine with green pea puree topped with blacked tapioca and Beluga caviar is simply delicious, mindfully presented and the caviar really piques the taste buds. A pleasant surprise!

<Dibba Bay Hammour Fish and Chips>
Superb presentation – a bamboo Dim Sum basket on top of a skillet with the three sizeable fillets arranged standing on end and thick fat chips nestled to the side of the basket, garnished with sliced seaweed. Hammour is a local fish from Dibba Bay, thick and meaty and perfect for this dish. The fish was well battered with carbonated soda to create the fluffy, airy and crispy texture (an old recipe yet not many get it right but DRiFT nailed it). The fish was still firm but light to the bite and came with a creamy tartare sauce dipping, plus fat chips to meet your expectations in every way. Chef has been trying very hard to impress his diners with a very generous portion to share as well as how good fish & chips should taste. This is one of the best fish & chips we have had of late and best accompanied by their signature Passionate Strawberry or Asian Mystery mocktail.

<Lacquered Octopus>
This is the quintessential octopus dish with one very large tentacle that is juicy, tender and very easy to cut, laying on a huge bed of citrus risotto that absorbed most of the octopus dripping sauce, Yummy!. Topped with gremolatta chopped parsley, garlic and grated lemon zest are the best accompaniment to this gigantic octopus tail. Once again, the portion was very generous and the risotto was textbook execution, equally delicious on its own with a delicate citrus flavour. Not to be missed!

<Prawns Freekeh>
As we were eating on the coast of Oman, we thought we would spend more time sampling more seafood. Three fresh King prawns were expertly chargrilled, with a firm textured and meaty flesh served with parsley and garlic, mushroom freekeh (a cereal food made from green durum wheat, roasted and rubbed to create its flavour) and Zattar potato. We were expecting extra-large prawns as its name suggested but slightly to our dismay smaller, and yet still sizeable as we were told the local King prawns are not as large as some other regions. Do make good contact with the Chef as you may get an extra prawn on the serving if that is your lucky day!

<Grilled Seabass>
When catch of the day was being recommended, the grilled seabass was ordered and arrived to the table with another pleasant surprise. The jumbo seabass was lightly grilled to perfection – very meaty, juicy, well-seasoned and no sauce is needed to enjoy the taste on its own. Well presented and superb in taste and this is exactly how fish should be handled and prepared, and the kitchen has handled this with full marks.

<Herb Crusted Rack of Lamb>
If seafood is not your thing, a good quality premium cut of meat on DRiFT’s menu would be your next best alternative. On reading the menu, you would have probably thought a normal size portion, but somehow it was quite a meaty rack of lamb served and seemed a lot more than the mentioned 250gram weight. We asked it to be cooked pink and it was spot on (this was the chef’s recommendation too!). The Australia rack of lamb was juicy, tender and simple and beautifully presented, it came along with slow cooked green peas in Maldon salt. It was clear that the quality of the meat was important and really stood out – Perfection!

<DRiFT Forest>
Dessert is always a never miss opportunity, no matter how much we have eaten, as we always want to try the sweet culinary creations to understand the consistency of the whole evening’s culinary journey. Since we are addicted to anything that is cherry and one of the signature desserts on the menu has what we long for – DRiFT Forest. It was a triumph in presentation and a reinterpretation of a black forest cake. Great creativity has been applied to execute this stunning dessert. It was served with vanilla and chocolate crumble – a nod to the ‘cake’ part, but this is an absolute winner and you must make room for this dessert, no matter how full you are feeling after all the wonderful seafood and red meat on offer.

The evening went well and we were very well looked after by the attentive service team, especially Pradip. The food was a standout at least our orders for the evening did not disappoint, with the freshest ingredients used and the know-how from the culinary team to handle with care to not fail to please. We couldn’t have asked for anything more and can only say you cannot go to Fujairah without popping over to DRiFT where they gather the freshest yet ordinary ingredients to create an extraordinary meal. We left with an incredibly memorable evening to bring home.

Tried & Tested:

Location: 4.5/5

Design & Decor: 4/5

Food & Beverage: 4.5/5

Service: 4.5/5

Value For Money: 4.5/5

Experience: 4.5/5

DRiFT Seafood Kitchen & Bar

InterContinental Fujairah Resort

Al Aqah Beach, Dibba Road,

Fujairah, United Arab Emirates

Tel: +971 9 2099 999


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