Montblanc Introduces First Smart Headphones

 Montblanc introduces its first Smart Headphones, MB 01 designed for optimal comfort, enhanced functionality and uncompromising quality. Foldable and compact, these sleek travel companions complete Montblanc’s tech travel offering that contributes to making business and leisure travel more seamless, productive and enjoyable from departure to destination.

“We set out to create headphones that would strike the ideal balance between advanced technology, sophisticated design and comfort, because that’s what really matters to Montblanc travelers, whether they are aboard a long-haul flight, on a conference call at the airport or simply trying to recharge while on the road,” says Nicolas Baretzki, Montblanc CEO.

Travelling is an essential part of the luxury business lifestyle. Quality headphones have become an essential accessory for today’s traveller. To meet the demands of those who live life on the road or in the air, the Montblanc smart headphones feature:
Latest wireless technology
Active noise cancelling technology
Advanced technology for impressive sound quality
Ergonomic design for greater comfort
Fine materials and quality craftsmanship for durability
Google Assistant for a more personalized on-the-go experience featuring voice activated device control and commands
Functions across a broad range of Bluetooth devices, including iOS & Android

“When developing these travel essentials, our focus was not just on creating headphones that would deliver performance and reliability, but also a design that was very distinctive with larger headphones to comfortably cover the ear, as well as sleek metal and leather finishes that give it that unmistakable Montblanc flair. When they are on the road, whether business or leisure, intrepid travellers want stylish accessories that help them stand out wherever they go,” says Zaim Kamal, Montblanc Creative Director.

An experienced team of award-winning engineers and designers collaborated on the development of the headphones to achieve great sound quality, comfortable wear as well as a stylish look consistent with the Maison’s heritage of fine craftsmanship and timeless design. Sound expert and visionary Alex Rosson lent his acoustic mastery and audio engineering expertise to the creation of headphones that would deliver a signature Montblanc sound. Come in three different combinations: black leather with chrome metal finishes, brown leather with gold coloured metal finishes and light grey leather with polished metal finishes. Each pair of headphones comes in a fine fabric pouch with a USB-C charging cable, Audio Jack cable and an airplane adaptor.


Hermès SS2020 Men’s Ready-To-Wear Collection - mylifestylenews' Top 10's Pick

 Hermès SS2020 Men’s Ready-To-Wear Collection strides through the summer with confidence and lightness. His summery nonchalance flourishes in ample and generous volumes, which convey a sense of happy freedom. Fluid and airy materials make him feel laid-back and some pieces are even reversible. Here, the emblematic materials are reinvented in total simplicity with ingenuity and know-how.

The silk scarves, in their original tones or overdyed, are assembled in cheerful and relaxed configurations on jackets and shirts. His journey leaves the memory of a relaxed and spontaneous silhouette. Mint, aqua, plum, and bubble gum pink are the invigorating and colourful flavours of his summer.

Khaki, mint, celadon, lagoon, aqua, plum, bubble gum pink, tobacco, rust, corn, desert, sand, silex, hemp, foam, white.

Lines and Fabrics:
Blousons with ribbing and straight blousons with knit collars, coats in rubberised lambskin, contrasted lining and waxed edges. Blousons with V neck in knit, sweatshirts with hoodand over-shirts with short sleeves in velvet lambskin and smooth lambskin inlays. Straight blousons with detachable collar, zipped coats with zig-zag topstitching and pleated trousers, belt with snap-on tabs in Étrivière lambskin. Sweatshirts and jogging trousers in fleecy metis goatskin.

Parkas and windbreakers with zipped high collar in crinkled technical canvas with checks or in water-repellent Toilight with mini-gingham or checks. Zipped over-shirts with short sleeves and sweatshirts in braided cotton voile. Zipped parkas and sweatshirts with hood in technical cotton gabardine with zig-zag topstitching.

Zipped sweatshirts with hood and cardigans in water-repellent cotton weave in striped Ottoman. Windbreakers with zipped high collar in raised technical corduroy cotton. Three-button shirt-jackets, zipped blousons and large shirts in silk scarf patchwork, original version or overdyed. Three-button jackets in water-repellent Toilight with mini-gingham or checks, or reversible checks / mini-gingham. Three-button jackets in crepe cotton serge. Three-button jackets, double patch pockets, in crepe cotton serge or crinkled checks.

Oversize pullovers and cardigans in cotton and cashmere, embroidered with lambskin. High neck pullovers in cashmere and silk, été indien drawing. Tee-shirts with Tunisian collar and cardigans in crepe cotton with offset colours. Étude pour un carré tee-shirts with short sleeves in cashmere. Tank tops in cotton crepe. Shirts with baseball neckline, shirts with pockets and drawstring high collar, blouson-shirts with short sleeves and transformable collar, in plain cotton poplin. Collarless shirts, with blouson collar or baseball neckline in crepon cotton.

Large shirts with supple collar or high collar in cotton poplin with stick stripes, in washed silk or in graph cotton weave. Shirts with drawstring high collar in graph cotton weave. Tee-shirts in cotton jersey and unframed overdyed silk scarf. Large trousers with double tour belt in cotton drill, in cotton serge, in stretch cotton serge or in denim.

Pleated trousers and belt with snap-on tabs in cotton drill, in cotton serge or in technical cotton gabardine. Trousers with elastic waist in cotton serge, in crackled or striped cotton poplin. Pleated Bermuda shorts in cotton serge.


BALLY Presents SS2020 Graphic by Nature Collection

BALLY SS2020's Graphic by Nature Collection explores the continual interaction between design and the environment, demonstrating a structural approach inspired by the convergence of natural forms and Swiss modernist architecture. Playing on this theme, the Ray family of outdoor- inspired bags and the Disentis sneaker, are integral styles for the new season that perfectly highlight the  interconnected relationship between nature and modernity.

The new Ray looks towards Bally’s heritage of mountaineering and innovation, and brings it up - to - date with directional silhouettes and colorways, inspired by sun rays as seen from the mountain top. Each style features an embossed leather patch with a mountain motif referencing archival Bally graphics. Multi -colored cords, straps and technical webbing details conjure up explorer inspirations, with luxury leather craft, functional interior and organization, whether the Runn backpack or Rast tote.

Equally bold is the Disentis range and its Dickens sneaker, with extra-large soles and fluid, natural lines. Two-toned in contrasting black and white, the shoe pays homage to the hiking boot and also features a Bally mountain motif. It’s elegant, fabric construction joins the solid rubber sole, giving versatility and edge for all occasions.


KIEHL'S Introduces Vital Skin-Strengthening Super Serum

 KIEHL'S Introduces Vital Skin-Strengthening Super Serum with 200% stronger skin penetrates skin up to 8 layers deep & visibility improve 8 signs of aging. An ultra-lightweight and fast-absorbing serum infused with 11kDa Hyaluronic Acid and an Adaptogenic Herbal Complex that helps strengthen the feel of skin’s resilience, suppleness and plumpness to visibly address signs of aging for healthy, youthful looking skin after just four weeks. While skin aging is a natural, inevitable process, the rate at which it occurs can be accelerated by both internal and external factors. Due to these factors, early signs of aging such as dullness and transient surface textural changes can appear as early as 18 years of age. One of the known accelerators of skin aging is stressors, which may come from inside or outside the body and can be short- (i.e. running to catch the subway) or long-term (i.e. ongoing exposure to city pollution). The constant assault skin faces from the urban environment is an important emerging external aging factors, and requires attention similar to that of UV-induced damage.

These stressors can contribute to early signs of aging by weakening the skin barrier. Stressors can activate signals that trigger the local release of cortisol in skin, a stress molecule, making skin vulnerable to free radical damage, leading to development of early signs of aging such as loss of resilience, suppleness, and radiance. Kiehl’s chemists have created a formula that helps 200% strength to combat these unavoidable, daily stressors and visibly improve 8 signs of aging – Texture, Fine lines, Elasticity, Firmness, Radiance, Dehydration, Pore, Uneven skin tone.



鞋履展覽 巴黎現場直擊

參加時裝周的其中一個bonus highlights就是去逛一些與時尚相關的展覽。滂沱大雨的巴黎二月天既無阻來者的雅興,活動緊接而來,其中一個讓人引頸以待的時尚活動正是Christian Louboutin首次在法國舉辦的L'Exhibition[niste]鞋履展覽。選址雖在暨非比尋常和不怎樣時尚的十二區,但歷史悠久兼經歷過無數大時代的Palais de la Porte Dorée舉行;原因無它,除了展館負責人主動誠邀和它本身的收藏品被他深深吸引之外,此區亦正是他童年成長的活動地帶,曾經帶給他無限的美好集體回憶和一些不解的緊密聯繋的情意結。

是次展覽不算是經典或詳盡的回顧,只是一個穿越Christian Louboutin創作世界的旅程,去歌頌他三十年來對所有文化和藝術的好奇為核心並賦予創作。這些年的里程,Louboutin 已經成爲了一個家喻戶曉的代名詞,而一對Louboutin鞋履更成爲宇宙最強,不但縱橫時尚界,更橫跨樂壇、電影、電視連續劇和籠統的流行文化;標誌性的紅鞋底佳話連連 ,一時成爲身份的象徵。他不時將傳統與詳細的藝術知識相結合,創作靈感從巴黎到里約熱內盧,從葡萄牙到不丹,從埃及到英國等,將不同的元素加入創作,使他的作品更加豐富和復雜。展覽刻意沒有進行明確的計劃,而是縱橫交錯,誠邀了他欣賞和敬佩的藝術家和友人合作、透過對媒體的喜好和他鍾情的事與物,以十個不同主題的區域帶來十種讓人期待 莫名的興奮與驚喜。創意指導一職由他本人執行,並由Olivier Gabet策劃展覽和Bureau Betak負責製作。

沿著寬闊的大理石樓梯,穿越紅色的鞋牆,進入了名為EARLY YEARS的展廳。在這個房間裡的彩色玻璃窗戶是由巴黎Maison du Vitrail的玻璃大師Emmanuelle Andrieux的指導下為展覽特別設計和製作而成的。奪目耀眼的彩色玻璃窗戶列出了Christian Louboutin Parisian Women巴黎婦女、Theater劇院、 Couture高訂、 Art藝術、 Trave旅行、Craft工藝、 Sexuality性慾和Innovation創新八個組成的部分。窗戶還重申了他對裝飾藝術和手工藝行業的最初依戀,同時又自我提及了對鞋履的崇拜類型;這不僅是對鞋履的迷戀,更傾向拜物主義,而且貫穿了時裝的歷史,鞋履不再是配飾,而是真正的藝術品。此展廳亦展出他第一個鞋履系列的設計,他用極少量的預算和意想不到的材料在自己的小公寓裡製作出巧妙並帶點幽默的手工藝品,例如Maquereau(鯖魚)鞋是他創作的第一對鞋履。透過早期的始作,可以看到Louboutin的作品中註入了無限幽默和創造力,物料循環使用,充滿著諷刺意味的題材元素以及富有詩意的設計。透過雜誌封面,初始草圖和獨特的造型照片得以對外界的發放,重新捕捉了八十年代和九十年代的審美視覺,讓奢華更升華。正正就是這種大無畏的精神,位于巴黎Rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau的專賣店成功俘虜了萬千新歡,尊貴客戶從麥當娜到摩納哥公主Caroline對他獨有的紅色鞋底招牌式設計無所不愛,令他享譽全球。

我們對Christian Louboutin的鞋履設計藝術認知和感覺,大多數的程度上是來自對繪畫和插圖的掌握。在進入第二區域的一條走廊,通過SHADOWS的裝置,輪廓的概念在這裡起著有相關重要的作用,因為鞋子不僅起到了身體和腿部的作用;最重要的是,它是一條線,一個輪廓。 同一款鞋但不同的尺碼,透過利用了複雜的縮放過程,保留必須輪廓的能量,一種命題的和諧,切合建築上的原理,讓我們知道無論鞋子的大小如何,暗影都會保持不變。名為MASTERPIECES的圓形寶藏展廳,巴黎雕塑家Stéphane Gérard用人造地岩石製成巨型的THE PALANQUIN轎椅寶座,由來自塞維利亞Orfebreria Villarreal負責製作,再由加爾各答的時裝設計師Sabyasachi Mukherjee工坊精美刺繡配上裝飾。 每個細節都是由Christian Louboutin與來自不同文化和視野的工匠合作設計, 混合了裝飾品和豪華及精湛工藝,帶你進入不受約束且一絲不苟的巴洛克式世界。同時,它也是從童話故事灰姑娘到綠野仙踪的魔幻鞋履和奇妙故事的中心點。另外,值得一提的是以精致及暴力美學盛名的巴基斯坦當代藝術家Imran Qureshi聯乘的櫥窗裝置,以胭脂紅和金箔混合去展現一個戲劇性的場景,仿佛看見的就是一雙用黃金和血液製成的鞋子,頗爲觸目。


Flora Miranda SS2020 Cyber Crack Collection - mylifestylenews' Top 10's Pick

Flora Miranda SS2020 Cyber Crack Collection

The purposeful use of misinformation is not only a weapon that has been used in wars for centuries, it cracked our system persistently in the last decade. The heavily loaded phrase “Fake News” is one of the main causes of distrust in our news system, because “Fake News” have the power to recognise the structure of networks - they turn them around, influence them and use the power of in favour of often criminal or dishonest causes. With the rise of the internet, the weapon of misinformation has experienced a renaissance, because online activity is often protected by anonymity.

What are the cracks in our system?
And what happens when the cracks become the system?

Who knows who provides our news? Who knows what’s real and what’s fake? The society we live in is built on trust, honesty and morality - the use of “Fake News” and the misuse of the freedom of the internet crack this system, creating instability and insecurity within our lives.

When political campaigns are built on certain information cracks in online networks, when presidents use social online platforms for their political agenda, when your online data can be leaked just like that - that is the moment you know the internet is transforming into a political tool for those in power.

It’s not that, for instance, terrorist groups invented a new strategy with their way of communication, they use the well known weapon “Fake News” with similar principals as the National Socialists in the 20th century, on a much larger scale through the internet and a possible reach of millions of people.

Addressing those current issues, the Antwerp based, Austrian fashion designer Flora Miranda calls upon those who feel like their system is being cracked: Take charge! Take power! Be creative, educate yourself, learn coding and understand the system so nobody can crack it up. Nothing in this world is good or bad, it’s always what we perceive it to be.

Miranda presented the cracks in our, in your system, playing with the borders of our perception by challenging meanings of visuals, in collaboration with the Italian artist Esther Stocker, who is known for her work with cracking paper and cracking grids that transform our perception.

The music played by the German electronic musician Alec Empire, who not only has a long history of fighting against cyber surveillance and the misuse of the internet for political purposes, but also will give the show the perfect mood: Cyber Crack.Take action, expose the cracks.


PIERRE SANG ON GAMBEY - Starred Blind Tasting Unfolds

Dining out at the 11th arrondissement in Paris has never a dull moment, thanks to its multi-cultural immigrants that have lifted up and added so much vibrancy in the neighborhood and made this one of the most visited gourmand precincts. Minutes away from the 4.6km long Canal Saint-Martin, The French-Korean brasserie Pierre Sang on Gambey is our most recent find over a blind tasting lunch.  mylifestylenews writes.

Since the opening of his first restaurant Pierre Sang in Oberkampf in 2011 at the bustling corner of Rue Oberkampf and Rue Gambey, the successful venture won him positive feedback and earnest recognition. His second venture for Pierre Sang on Gambey brasserie was born two years later on a surprising choice of location literary only a few steps away from the first. The Korean born French Chef  Pierre Sang is now a well-recognized Michelin chef  who has grown his empire to three restaurants, all on the same street and within a one block radius, 50 meters of each other and the fine dining concept restaurant Signature by Pierre Sang was the latest add-on to his ‘gastronomique’ sojourn in 2017.

With his French culinary background trained near Lyon and he went on with the adaptation on modern take after finding the tastes and flavours of his country of origin in South Korea when he was 21. After numerous internships and apprenticeships, he achieved the completion of Club Gascon, a Michelin-starred restaurant in London. At this juncture, Pierre Sang became almost a household name in the new age dining scene after his participation in the Top Chef Television show and finished as a finalist. And now to dine in Pierre Sang for its Asian-influenced French cuisine is  written on many international food aficionados’ check-box waitlists to be ticked. All of his three restaurants are open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner, with all three very busy while we were given a short tour of them all. Just like many well-recognized restaurants everywhere, prior reservation is inevitable to avoid any disappointment especially if you are coming from abroad for your anticipated meals and to explore an adventure with new dining experience.

Set in a very intimate ambience, Pierre Sang on Gambey has a very chic and cool feel to it. Industrial sleek was the first impression upon entering this tiny brasserie with exposed red brick walls and polished concrete floors that are warm and stylistically curated; this leads to a very rustic feel with roughhewn high and low solid wood tables, modern industrial slim line pendant lights that are very unobtrusive, the touch of comfort in the leather seats and bar stools with mostly counter-top settings especially those facing the open kitchen where the most action takes place are mainly the most popular by demand. Black is a dominant colour, but the interior has a glow to it and the 30-seatings is not incredibly spacious either, but you feel you want to be a part of this dining experience, no matter what.

“Same Same But Different” logos are used and represented for each of his three restaurants, which is a lotus flower in three stages of growth – closed, open and then blossoming. With the marriage of Korean and French cuisine, Pierre Sang never stops creating interesting menus to fascinate his diners-turned-fans. Modern and trendy cuisine is served here with prix fixe menu ranging from two to three-courses for lunch and up to six-courses for dinner. If you are an adventurous foodie with lots of curiosity, the Asian-influenced French cuisine will definitely be your cup of tea.

They pride themselves on their wine lists and each restaurant has their own curated list to create a distinctive pairing opportunity and our pairing was no exception, otherwise, you could easily look at all the wine on display to make your choice anyway.  A beautiful and generous glass of Laurent Perrier La Cuvee was poured (Pierre Sang is also the brand ambassador for the champagne house) on our arrival upon being seated and we chose the bar top dining with a big window by the entrance overlooking the street instead, to watch the world go by while sipping the bubbly champagne and that set the scene for much anticipation.

Basically there isn’t any menu given but questions were raised to avoid any food allergy or dislikes before the order is taken. Almost an Omakase concept by bringing the diners the freshest ingredients to the table on the current season’s favorites. While we were watching the open kitchen behind us and knowing that the food to be served is whatever the chef wants to cook and rather than tell you what you are eating when the dish arrives, they tease by letting you eat first and then testing your knowledge of taste to identify the ingredients. You absolutely won’t know what the menu beholds and only check on your table when you finish your plate that was served. First you to tell them what you have eaten before they tell you what was being served. The riddle will be spoken eventually. We loved this ambitious and unconventional approach yet comforting notion of diving into the unknown for a change.

The knowledge of the Sommelier is more than trustworthy and very well spoken in English, hence, wine pairing is recommended and we let them pair the wines with the food to come. Our starter was a Squid Inked Deep Fried Cod Fish Tempura garnished with succulent salicorne from Brittany and a sauce of crème fraiche and onion in pork ribs stock along with spinach leaves and beetroot as a vegetable base to sit the tempura on. The first impression was quite striking and the taste was superb. The crunchiness of the tempura was perfect and such a sensational texture and taste on the palate – full of diverse flavours, at once very exotic and creative in presentation, unexpected but still very French in flavour.

Beef Cheek was served as the main course over lunch with creamy mash, diced carrot in butter, crosne – a radish pickle which is a type of Chinese/Japanese artichoke, mustard beet, foam of foie gras and fermented Korean chili doen-jang paste as a substitute for mustard in Sang’s menu creation as a highlight and twist – which works. The tenderness of the meat cut like butter, and the doen-jang paste is an immense alternative for mustard and added a little kick and spicy piquancy to the softness of the beef while the crosne pickles gave a nice crunchiness with some sourness to counterbalance the richness of the meat, paired with the fruity ruby red Côte de Nuits Villages mise en bouteille par Dominique Laurent for an impressive balance of acidity and sweetness and lingering finish.

Dessert can only be described as an architectural assemblage on first glance! The Lemon Sorbet Clementine Ice Cream garnished with slivers of vanilla cream and white chocolate sandpaper meringue that have both savoury and sweet flavours. Then there was the Italian style recipe of almond sponge cake with Bergamont sorbet and gel with a white alcohol of rice. This creation blew us away. It is total triumph of flavours and textures that lingers and was a fitting end to a fabulous prix fixe lunch that never ceased to amaze us on all fronts.

Pierre Sang’s conceptual cuisines may be new to some Parisian palates for his Korean touches, but dishes are artfully executed with the commitment to quality and freshest ingredients sourced directly from the nearest Oberkampf’s market supply and his culinary team prepared with care and with creative intent conveyed distinctly in each dish. There are a lot of hidden gems in this gastronomic neighborhood to be discovered, with the warm and well-organized service to share their passion on their product know-how, Pierre Sang on Gambey is one spot on in a new gastronomical discovery.

Tried & Tested:
Location: 4.5/5
Design & Decor: 4/5
Food & Beverage: 5/5
Service: 5/5
Value For Money: 4.5/5
Experience: 5/5

8 Rue Gambey,
75011 Paris
Tel: +33 9 6731 9680

Reviews are based on actual day of visit and experience. mylifestylenews reserves the right of final decision in case of any disputes. All images are photographed by mylifestylenews team without any photoshop enhancement and are the property owned by mylifestylenews unless otherwise stated.


Dior Coloring Book - Be Inspired

Dior invites you to marvel anew with a unique coloring book that takes you on a fantastical journey to the heart of 30 Avenue Montaigne. Explore the enchanted imaginary world of a lush, tropical jungle populated with wild animals, all elements of the toile de Jouy that received a dynamic reinterpretation for the 2020 cruise collection by Maria Grazia Chiuri. And now you, too, can revisit and reinvent an iconic House code that decorated the very first boutique, named ‘Colifichets’, when it was opened in 1947. Take some time out to have fun coloring these fascinating illustrations, (re)discovering the joys of drawing and “those wonderful little fortuities that reinvigorate one’s ideas”, as said Monsieur Dior, a man who, day or night, was never without his notebook and pencils.


COACH “Originals Go Their Own Way” Spring 2020 Advertising Campaign

COACH “Originals Go Their Own Way” Spring 2020 advertising campaign stars new face of Coach Jennifer Lopez in her first campaign for the house and global face of Coach menswear, actor and producer Michael B. Jordan, the campaign tells the story of authentic self-expression through the lens of its powerful cast.

Set in New York City, Coach’s home since 1941, “Originals Go Their Own Way” communicates Creative Director Stuart Vevers’ evolved vision for the house. Spontaneous, real and playful to reflect the inclusive and optimistic spirit of the house and New York City, it celebrates authenticity, individuality and those who forge their own unique way in life. Emphasized by the inspiring stories of Lopez and Jordan, both known as courageously independent individuals who have paved new paths while staying true to themselves, the campaign advocates for doing things your own way and expressing yourself through purpose and style.

To bring the campaign to life, Vevers worked with photographer Juergen Teller, whose partnership with Coach began in the fall of 2019 and has continued through its holiday and spring campaigns. Shot in iconic locations around the city, including the Edge at Hudson Yards and the High Line, where Coach held its show for the Spring collection, the images also feature the sculpture “Brick House” by the artist Simone Leigh. The public artwork, a 16-foot tall bronze bust of a Black woman which references numerous architectural styles, is a symbol of inclusion, optimism and strength that sits beneath the house’s headquarters, and was featured in its recent show.

“Originals Go Their Own Way” spotlights the house’s new Spring bags, including the Hutton, the Rambler, and the men’s Pacer Backpack and Belt Bag and a ready-to-wear collection featuring a bold new statement in leather, a reference to the house’s roots. “At the start of a new decade, I felt instinctively that it was right to celebrate the color, energy and optimism of New York, our hometown and inspiration as a house,” said Coach Creative Director Stuart Vevers. “I loved working with Juergen to bring my vision for Spring to life, and to tell the stories of Jennifer and Michael in a unique and authentic way.”

“I have a unique history with Coach that dates back to ‘All I Have,’” said Lopez. “It is a brand that embodies the essence of being born and bred in New York and I, of course, deeply relate to that. In all it creates, Coach promotes individuality and optimism in its style as well as a sense of authenticity and inclusion. Like me, we’re both New York originals, who create a unique mix of high-fashion with street edge. With Stuart’s designs and Juergen’s photography, we captured special and unique visual moments for this campaign with the iconic New York City skyline as the perfectly tailored backdrop.” 

“I’m proud to be part of the new spring campaign,” said Jordan. “The story of what makes an original is very meaningful to me for many reasons, and it was a great experience working with Stuart and Juergen to tell that story in a way that feels fresh and powerful.”


OMEGA De Ville Trésor In 18K Moonshine™ Gold & De Ville Trésor In Steel - 2020 Mother's Day Pick

De Ville Trésor In 18K Moonshine™ Gold
The timepiece includes a polished 36 mm case crafted in 18K Moonshine™ gold - a paler hue than traditional yellow gold and with a high resistance to the fading of colour and lustre over time. The sides of the case are paved with 38 single-cut diamonds in total. An additional diamond is placed on the crown amidst an OMEGA flower made of red liquid ceramic. In perfect balance with the 18K Moonshine™ gold hands is a gradient red garnet dial that has been coated with translucent lacquer for extra gloss. The red garnet leather strap also includes a buckle in 18K Moonshine™ gold. Turning the watch over reveals the OMEGA Calibre 4061, which sits just behind a polished mirror caseback, embellished by a metalized “Her Time” pattern.

De Ville Trésor in Steel
This beautiful De Ville Trésor has the perfect amount of precious stones. The slim 36 mm stainless steel case features diamond paving that curves along each side, as well as a crown polished with red liquid ceramic and set with a single diamond. The lacquered white mother-of-pearl dial includes applied Roman numerals and elegant 18K Sedna™ gold hands. OMEGA’s calibre 4061 sits behind a special mirrored caseback with a metalized “Her Time” pattern. Complementing the steel case of the Trésor is a nude strap.