BALLY Presents SS2020 Graphic by Nature Collection

BALLY SS2020's Graphic by Nature Collection explores the continual interaction between design and the environment, demonstrating a structural approach inspired by the convergence of natural forms and Swiss modernist architecture. Playing on this theme, the Ray family of outdoor- inspired bags and the Disentis sneaker, are integral styles for the new season that perfectly highlight the  interconnected relationship between nature and modernity.

The new Ray looks towards Bally’s heritage of mountaineering and innovation, and brings it up - to - date with directional silhouettes and colorways, inspired by sun rays as seen from the mountain top. Each style features an embossed leather patch with a mountain motif referencing archival Bally graphics. Multi -colored cords, straps and technical webbing details conjure up explorer inspirations, with luxury leather craft, functional interior and organization, whether the Runn backpack or Rast tote.

Equally bold is the Disentis range and its Dickens sneaker, with extra-large soles and fluid, natural lines. Two-toned in contrasting black and white, the shoe pays homage to the hiking boot and also features a Bally mountain motif. It’s elegant, fabric construction joins the solid rubber sole, giving versatility and edge for all occasions.


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