《The Body is.....Exhibition @ K11》

There are 15 mannequins models utilized the blank canvases portraying the human body in fashion espressed by 15 talented local young artists ranging from 12 o 18 from “Art Farm”, a creative art studio in Hong Kong. The exhibition are the heartfelt expression of the young artists' emotions executed in realistic, surrealistic,abstract and demonstrates the imprinted footsteps of their course defining self-identity towards fashion and the meaning of life.
Exhibition Date @ 27 February-30 March 2011


《Air France Wears PRADA》?!

In this cartoon charactor on the latest Air France campaign, do you see what we see as the lady seemingly was wearing the latest Prada 2011SS collection as what Melodie Monrose was wearing on the runway?! If so, why an Italian label on a French product?!Is that one of the classic French humour?

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《Just Go With It》

When you lost your trust in someone and you want to gain back the confident in your life and make it even more exciting, you got to watch this film. With Sandler's humor, sometimes it does let us down, even is just over acting or exaggerating, it will than make us dislike him in some way but you will like him back from his other side of humor, it will then touches your heart. Another surprises in this movie which Nicole Kidman really took up that role in the film?As we all think that role can be played by any Tom, Dick or Harry, Why did you do that Kidman? as we all know that you can handle 100 times better from that role. Is it the money or are you being threathened to do so or you just go with it? Guys, check her out in this film.

《Rabbit Hole》

 When the movie was release in the State, not many theaters wants to take it in. In order for Nicole Kidman to play the married mother who lost her child, she moved in to the set and used the same "bathroom" with Aaron Eckhart to get the feeling and emotion that they are actually the couple that married for years. We are pretty sure that after that, the love will only get through.
Kidman & Eckhart's acting was phenomenal and not forgetting our all time favorite Sandra O of her outstanding performance .

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《The Rite》

You have to believe before you can defeat IT. A powerful & dark movie with stunning performance by Anthony Hopkins.The show was on you Sir! As ever.

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《Meet The Parents @ Little Fockers》

The Fockers has come to "an end" after the previous two great prequels brought many laughter to the audiences. In this second sequel, it became bored and with the routine plots planned, it brought only boredom and add more yawns. If you were to look for a relax night out, this may fail you.

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《The Kids Are All Right》

Probably one of the best performances by Ruffalo with his loving and yet desirable charactor. Such a fun movie with pareantal guidance to the kids to understand much more about a non-heterosexual's family living. A not to be missed film of the year!

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《No Strings Attached》

Friendship is certainly has its benefit when you are not ready to get tight up with a relationship. No matter what, it is the fun that you want and enjoy what's around you. This light-hearted movie was fun but do not  expect to have any surprises. Not a bad choice to get lighten up a little when you have no other options.

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《127 Hours》

127% of emotion & 1.27 minutes of tears. Great movie direction, James Franco's unforgetable acting that touches everyone's heart and emotion that follow by tears. Not to be missed!!! 

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《The King's Speech》

Colin Firth is unbeatable......with his exceptional performances in his acting time. From Darcy to Mr. Darcy, from A single man to King Geroge VI. You have our hat off!!!

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《Mr. & Mrs Incredible 神奇俠侶 》

One of the funniest Chinese New Year Movies to begin the year with. Lots of unpretentious & pretentious gags well planned for its audiences. Only dislike was the re-dubbing of Cantonese VO that makes the entire movie irritating and lots the actual essence and spirit of the entire movie.

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《If You Are The One II 非誠勿擾 II》

We love the prequel and yet this sequel didn't let us down either although it has a change of the scenery, the second half of the film takes you to another journey of life, in fact a journey entering death plus lots of heartfelt emotions and tears. We have to give 2 thumbs up to our favorite actor Ge You, his black humor is so irresistible. Not forgetting Shun Hong Lei, his acting is also undeniably good. A very few good romance comedy film that produced in China but this blockbuster certainly has what it takes. Do we expect the 3rd trilogy, the answer is YES!


《The Green Hornet》

 Seth Rogen really did steal the entire show and with Jay Chau's debut on his first hollywood film, the chemistry between Rogen and him did reallly work. Christoph Waltz is another good actor that not to be missed! Well done guys, this film  was a great enetrtainment.

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We are not so keen on the 3D effect but for sure they are bunch of hugh fans out there. A good movie always speak by itself with this one is no exceptional. Richard Roxburgh & Ioan Gruffudd were the limelight of the movie.

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