KIEHL’S Introduces Its New 2-0-1 Exfoliating Cleanser & Masque

KIEHL’S introduces its new 2-0-1 exfoliating Cleanser & Masque

The New Age Defender Exfoliating Cleanser completes the anti-aging regimen with a dual-action foaming cleanser and refining masque to help smooth the appearance of fine lines and improve skin texture. It is with this legacy that Kiehl’s introduced Age Defender for Men last year. This simple yet effective collection included a serum, moisturizer and eye cream to help protect men’s skin from the signs of aging. Today, Kiehl’s is excited to launch its latest addition to the Age Defender line: Age Defender Dual-Action Exfoliating Cleanser.

The collection’s new star product, Age Defender Dual-Action Exfoliating Cleanser, is a unique cleansing and exfoliating formula that can be used daily as a foaming cleanser to exfoliate the skin and remove excess oil and impurities, and three times a week as a 5-minute masque for a deeper exfoliation. Formulated with Moroccan Lava Clay and plant-derived Phytic Acid, the formula, when used as a masque, breaks down the tough layers of dead skin cells to smooth the appearance of fine lines and improve overall texture for a refreshed, younger-looking skin.

The collection also includes three other anti-aging formulas. First, Age Defender Power Serum, which represents Kiehl’s first-ever serum architecture for men. It is a lightweight formula that absorbs easily into the skin. The formula, with Cypress Extract, Hydrolyzed Proteins and Adenosine, helps visibly firm skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles for a more youthful, resilient appearance.

Then the Age Defender Moisturizer utilizes dual-action technology to exfoliate skin. It helps improve the elasticity and visibly firms skin. And the collection’s Eye Repair formula, featuring Rye Seed Extract, instantly brightens the look of the eye area and helps improve the appearance of dark circles, as well as smooths and visibly firms skin, while helping to improve the appearance of crow’s feet and under eye bags to complete the regimen. This collection works to help strengthen and visibly firm skin, plus minimize the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles to reveal more resilient, energized and youthful looking complexion within a simple anti-aging regimen.

COACH x Selena Gomez @ The Selena Grace Bag

Coach announces the launch of Coach x Selena Gomez, a new collection in partnership with the actress and singer. Featuring the Selena Grace, a bag designed by Selena in collaboration with Coach Creative Director Stuart Vevers, the offering also includes small leather goods and accessories available for a limited time.The Selena Grace is a double-handled carryall named after the star and the quality she most embodies. A staple that reflects Gomez’s effortless all-American style, it’s a go-everywhere bag built for real life. The Selena Grace features Gomez’s personal touches: a hangtag bearing her signature and a storypatch sewn inside with her empowering message: “To be you is to be strong.” The bag is further customized with “Love yourself first” in Selena's handwriting - a phrase inspired by one of her tattoos embossed onto the base of the bag.

The Selena Grace comes from a legacy of American authenticity, craftsmanship and unfussy luxury for which Coach is known, imbued with a youthful new personality. It is available in three exclusive colors: Selena Black Cherry, Selena White and Selena Red. The collection also includes bag charms, wallets and the Selena Wristlet. “It was really fun to create this collection with Selena and design pieces that are cool and feminine like her,” says Vevers. “When we designed the Selena Grace, it was about exploring the qualities Selena wanted in a bag and creating something that felt personal to her.”  “I’m very excited for everyone to finally see the design Stuart and I worked on together,” says Gomez. “I can’t wait to carry it, it’s totally versatile, perfect to wear day-to-night and it goes with everything.”


George Clooney Wears New OMEGA Seamaster Aqua Terra @ The 74th Venice Film Festival

George Clooney spotted wearing an OMEGA Seamaster Aqua Terra watch in Venice OMEGA brand ambassador George Clooney has appeared at the 74th Venice Film Festival in Italy to celebrate the premiere of Suburbicon, a film he directed and also wrote alongside Joel and Ethan Coen.

While in town, George was spotted wearing an OMEGA Seamaster Aqua Terra from the new collection. The 41 mm Master Chronometer model features a symmetrical stainless steel case, a grey dial and a grey rubber strap. It can be found under the reference number:

The KENZO Move

 KENZO Creative Directors, Carol Lim and Humberto Leon have successfully established a new and modern point of view for the French house famed for its rich history of prints and democratic accessibility. In advance of the arrival in store of the house’s new collection entitled “KENZO – La Collection Memento N°1”, a collection that revisits archive pieces from the time of the house’s founder Kenzo Takada, the American duo are excited to announce the launch of their new unisex sneaker, The KENZO Move. “With the versatility that sneakers play in everyday life and for all occasions, we were excited to include the KENZO Move in “La Collection Memento N° 1”. By using an archival tiger motif and creating the new shape of the sneaker, we feel like this sneaker is perfectly relevant for today.”


凝聚時尚焦點 PART III

凝聚時尚焦點 PART III

喝采聲音   鼓掌聲音   迴盪著餘
2017秋冬季的時尚廣告宣傳大片,依然包羅萬象,精彩無比。品牌更延伸嚴選出亞太區代言人,讓品牌於潛力龐大的中國及鄰近市場維持強勁勢頭,俘虜亞洲市場BALLY更首當其衝以中國女演員唐嫣擔任品牌首位亞太區代言人,廣告由紐約時裝攝影師Briana Capozzi掌鏡,展示Bally全新發展方針所擁抱的自信美學。唐嫣與新晉男模特兒Antoine Duvernois於簡約的純白攝影棚進行拍攝。無添加的佈景讓他們的個性活現鏡頭前,創造出一系列發掘真我的硬照,彰顯全新系列所宣揚的嶄新品牌定位。

你不必假裝   你不必矯飾   誠實做回
中國名模雎曉雯更爲Salvatore Ferragamo 2017秋冬廣告《Ferragamo and I》亮相,讓大家與其品牌一同「墜入一場無盡的戀愛」之中,重點展現鞋履和手袋,以及品牌標志性的創意精神、優雅氣質與專業水準。廣告由瑞士攝影師 Walter Pfeiffer 操刀,為品牌創造出一種全新和充滿活力的敘事風格;Pfeiffer將產品及物件與生活互相融合,以不斷變幻的色彩及視角加以呈現,引人入勝,繽紛多彩而充滿趣味。搭配略帶詼諧感且充滿活力的動態鏡頭,隨性灑脫,令品牌的經典元素更爲醒目而搶眼。

我的表演       這些表演       其實是前
Sir Anthony Hopkins爵士也來湊熱鬧,為Brioni擔綱主演2017秋冬系列廣告,為品牌與全球傳奇男士的對話開啟了全新篇章。他與生俱來的優雅氣質,地位舉足輕重,深受Brioni男士推崇,亦是終極追求。廣告大片由攝影師Gregory Harris於洛杉磯拍攝,黑白圖像刻畫出爵士的堅定目光與非凡魅力;同時亦展現出Brioni服裝卓越的剪裁,彰顯自信,優雅信手拈來。

過檔CALVIN KLEINRaf Simons帶領品牌從新出發,並以205W39NYC命名的時尚廣告大片打響頭炮,將品牌提升,不斷的進化與演變。系列混合了軍樂隊制服的元素,塑膠透明外套,幹練利落的剪裁,仿古手工拼布,工裝以及美國西部服飾。全新形象廣告由資深攝影師Willy Vanderperre執鏡,由22位模特兒共同演繹,極具視覺衝擊的畫面效果 在品牌上一季以American Classics為主題的户外廣告牌前拍攝而成。這些印有上季形象廣告的户外廣告牌,其中包含藝術家Andy Warhol的作品,並均在拍攝前夕已被樹立在加州的沙漠中。本次廣告透過獨特藝術觸角與巧妙手法,讓墨守成規的高級時尚世界結合日常生活氣息。這次廣告可說是由外來者以戲劇化、浪漫式的觀點來探索美國,讓首席創意總監Raf Simons和創意指導Pieter Mulier夢想世界中的元素化幻為真。

GUCCI欣然由Glen Luchford掌鏡的2017年秋冬系列廣告,主題來自外太空登陸全球,饒富懷舊未來主義的廣告佈景,是品牌創作總監Alessandro Michele 參考195060年代科幻片,包括經典電視劇《星空奇遇記》,再糅合個人想像力的結晶。品牌從遠離太陽系的外太空截取到一系列視頻,再與異次元接觸,將新一季系列傳送至平行宇宙中,棲息於另一個時空的人造人、外星人、機械人和人類聯手,應對Gucci自遙遠星系入侵。人類角色與外太空生物和地球上的恐龍接觸,踏上超現實而迷幻的異星地域,迷糊間更瞥見太空船艙,構成野性而奇幻的影像。

各種規矩   種種規矩   即將要解
Moncler再度力邀兩位別樹一幟的當代藝術大師:中國藝術家劉勃麟與美國攝影大師Annie Leibovitz) ,共同創作2017-18 秋冬系列廣告宣傳照,書寫美妙詩篇。劉勃麟的演繹超凡,堪稱創造「不可見」與「不可能」的大師,借助其無盡創造力,再次撥動超現實主義的幻想琴弦。藝術家本人的身軀徹底融入自然實境,結合宏偉壯觀的北歐雪國,與源自高山文化的品牌基因互相輝映。品牌凴著對探險與挑戰的使命、與自然的聯繫和親密對話、極地的生命和血脈,以及無拘無束的自由氣息,重新成為一切的關鍵,綻放光彩。這次宣傳照取景於冰川縈繞的冰島,波光粼粼的海洋閃耀有如金屬光澤,鉛灰、岩灰等不計其數的灰度構成綿密的層次,與轉瞬即逝的湛藍相互交織,透射著極地秘境的魅力,詮釋奇幻地貌。龐大冰山,是巧奪天工的巨大雕塑,也是積累經年的冰雪結晶,如今更成為藝術家完全隱身其中的背景,為這片傳奇地貌賦予全新意義。

揭開畫面   請君主演   演出這好
Emilio Pucci在一虛構的旅途中,作為充滿求知慾的旅遊者,模特兒Joséphine Le Tutour 身處四周充滿視覺陷阱以及色彩斑斕的佈景中,盡情展現品牌本季的意念。以大膽創新風格見稱的Charlie Engman 負責執導及攝影,在他的充滿藝術美感的鏡頭下,是次拍攝完美地展露出模特兒混然天成的優雅中帶點冷酷的氣質。此系列是對一直視旅遊為藝術的Emilio Pucci的一種致敬。加入女性化的隨性美以及多樣的情感表達,本系列將現實主義與虛幻世界的聯繫表露無遺。


Anteprima Wirebag AW2017 CORSO COMO Collection

Anteprima Wirebag AW2017 CORSO COMO Collection is Inspired by the popular hang out spot of Corso Como for its delightful ambience, the namesake bucket-shaped Corso Como Wirebag comes in an impressively chic design with unconventional features to impress and to differentiate. As a practical replacement to usual drawstring tie closure, its unique annular flap with magnetic fastening allows easy but secure access to daily essentials kept in bag. The flap is also adorned with an oversized leather tassel for extra fashionable touch, it works to provide a contrasting material and to add texture to the Wirebag. This hand-knitted Corso Como Wirebag is a reinterpretation of usual bucket design which is rigid and stiff. It glows with practical benefits in terms of softness, elasticity and flexible capacity, by its leather-constructed base and the structural support from a layer of intricately knitted satin ribbon on its sides. From classic silver (HK exclusive) and black, to contemporary opaque khaki and fiery red, this versatile sling bag is becoming a new “sweetheart” of the season.