The CALVIN KLEIN UNDERWEAR & CALVIN KLEIN JEANS AW2018 global advertising campaign, conceived in partnership with Lloyd & Co., was shot by photographer Willy Vanderperre and videographer Shane Sigler. The multi-media campaign shot on location in Thousand Oaks, California in March, 2018 and stars Kim Kardashian West, Khloé Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian, Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner. The campaign, featuring black & white imagery.

The second installment of the siblings’ CALVIN KLEIN campaign continues the journey of the globally recognized #MYCALVINS movement. The audience is encouraged to participate by demonstrating what family means to them, using Join Our Family #MYCALVINS on social media, as well as uploading images to the live gallery at

Hermès AW2018/19 Women’s Ready-To-Wear Collection

 This is the beauty of enchanting gardens – they do not intrude. They inspire a new dream. Their tree bark is a material that seems familiar, but when you touch it... it surprises you. Never quite being what we are expected to be. Being in this garden with the intimate knowledge of all its paths and deviating from them.

Fifty-four women enter a winter garden at twilight. Walk in this light where you cannot distinguish whether you are inside or outside. Floating in between, a gang of girls in blue-black. Each of them brings something personal to the group, an intimate self-assurance that owes nothing to anyone.

 The light has faded, the time has come to capture the signs, signs of such density. The details of the pièces turn them into instant enigmas. Is that a bag there? No, it’s a shawl.

 The button on this Canadian coat? A clou Médor, of course. Look for long enough and you will find it everywhere. A leitmotif of Hermès leather goods, which finds itself inexplicably in the sharp triangles of Navajo patterns, and inspires lines and geometric shapes in movement.

In this garden of another nature, water-repellent calfskin is akin to leather, jersey embraces fur, light deerskin meets ribbed supple mink. Ribbed velvet-style knits choose a straight line and then change their path; taking a diagonal.

  Quilting reassures, protects and armours; coats have three pleats forming an almost invisible line on a low-set pocket. Informal details are added to this natural, whispered sophistication; a climbing cord, or a chain that suddenly serve as fastenings.

Thigh high boots seamlessly drenched in colour: andalusite-green, ultra-marine, and orange. Beneath this dream lies a rubber sole. If the sky is the limit, we never abandon the earth. We are there for her. So that, for once, shocking pink is not the enemy of auburn.

Along the footpaths, around the squares, walk fifty-four women. They wear dresses worn close to their skin, waists accentuated; their light leather coats floating in the autumn light. Fifty-four women together enact graceful and gentle movements. No more constraints. The present is not a problem, it’s a mystery. In the electronic half-light, someone is playing Debussy. I’ll wait for you, for water, ice and fire.


BALLY AW2018 Advertising Campaign

BALLY AW2018 Advertising Campaign remains true to the spirit of a bygone era English supermodel. Edie Campbell is joined by China’s Wang Chen Ming in Bally’s charmingly nostalgic autumn winter campaign. Carried away amidst a daydream, the campaign solidifies the Swiss brand’s refined sportswear aesthetic with a modern take on luxury.

Shot in the English countryside by American photographer Colin Dodgson with art direction by Ben Kelway, the subtly captured narrative of everyday existence results in an unassumingly powerful campaign in which Bally’s authentic heritage and contemporary product take prominence. Francesca Burns adds her elevated and individual twist to the styling in this atmospheric portrayal of a late 70s summer evening.

Giorgio Armani Kicks Off Emporio Armani SS2019 Collections @ The Hangar of Milano Linate Airport Today

Giorgio Armani presents the Emporio Armani SS2019 collections in the hangar of Milano Linate Airport today. For the first time, the airport is hosting a fashion show, turning into an unexpected backdrop to the Emporio Armani SS2019 Men’s and Women’s collections. Exceptionally, the two collections will be shown together this season. The fashion show will culminate with the performance of an international pop star. Giorgio Armani says, ‘Airports are places full of symbolism. They suggest unbounded openness to the world outside. You take off to discover and learn, or come back after experiencing countless adventures. I liked the idea of staging this event in the same hangar which has been labelled with the “Emporio Armani” insigna and its iconic eagle logo since 1996 -  an image that welcomes the thousands of travellers who land at Linate Airport or functions as a farewell as they depart from Milan. The airport is the perfect space for Emporio Armani, the brand that embodies a free, adventurous spirit and continually reasserts its essence through a contemporary style.’

The eagle-topped hangar is now part of the collective imagination and one of the many locations linked to Emporio Armani since its inception, representing a "geography” of the brand, such as via Broletto, whose 1984 giant poster site has become part of Milan’s urban iconography, via Durini, where the brand opened its first store in 1981, via Bergognone, site of the Armani/Teatro, home of the brand's fashion shows, and via Manzoni 31, with its large concept store and Emporio Armani Caffè. Launched in 1981 as a collection targeting a younger audience, today Emporio Armani is a brand that works as a hub. It matches the way people move in the urban environment, and is inspired by an inclusive, democratic attitude. After the Paris and London show-events of recent seasons, the new destination of Emporio Armani’s journey is Milan, where it will occupy an emblematic space and will be presented through an innovative format. The brand’s signature democratic spirit will drive the event, which will be attended by a crowd of 2,300, including invited guests, staff and press, as well as a number of members of the public. Tickets for the public will be available via a special contest, held throughout the city of Milan, using a game-like format. The first one hundred randomly selected names, among holders of “passport” - those taking part in the contest will have to collect a series of stamps for in a special “passport” - will be the lucky winners who, accompanied by a guest, will be admitted to the soirée.

The event has been anticipated with a billboard campaign and the customization of the Linate Airport, as well as advertised on tram and buses throughout Milan. A special Emporio Armani Boarding capsule collection has been created for the occasion: sweatshirts, T-shirts and accessories inspired by the event-theme. The capsule will go on sale on 13th September in Milan and in the main Emporio Armani flagship stores worldwide later on, as well as on


Hermès AW2018/19 Men's Collection

Open air, warmth, generous volumes. Playful natural fabrics and technical materials. Evening wear with mineral nuances, large and small polka dots. That's the key elements for Hermès AW2018/19 Men's Collection.

Playing with grey, navy, greyish green, chrome green, quartz, black. Bright overtones - Royal blue, hazelnut, oxidized green, raspberry, cobalt, mahogany, chartreuse, bubble gum pink.

There are lots of wraparound coats, double-breasted coats, three-button coats. Parkas, trench coats with removable collars in sheepskin, blousons with ribbing, straight blousons, hooded blousons, sweat-shirts, blousons with knitted shawl collars, blousons with a bomber spirit.

Straight or double-breasted suits, three-button jackets, double-breasted jackets, padded jackets with drawstring back and staggered topstitching. Pullovers with round collars, oversize pullovers, raglan pullovers with buttoned collars,
high neck pullovers.

Shirts with straight collars, shirts with supple collars, shirts with high neck contrasted collars, shirts with ridged ribbing, shirts with playful pleats. Very narrow trousers, wide trousers with elastic waist and leather bottom cuff, pleated trousers.

Cotton and wool with herringbone pattern and leather detail, supple cashmere flannel, technical wool, reversible cotton jacquard with polka dots, silk tie jacquard with polka dots, wool braiding with checks.

Extra-fine cashmere with saddler top stitching, cashmere and silk with contrasted stripes, cashmere with playful ribbing, pop tv wool, endless road cashmere, wool and cashmere with two-toned arrows, tweed and stripes.

Cotton poplin, cotton and cashmere twill, cotton jacquard with polka dots, cotton with liquid tartan scarf print, silk. Supple cashmere flannel, wool broadcloth and cashmere, wool flannel, wool and mohair canvas, technical wool, stretch gabardine, cotton and wool with herringbone pattern, technical wool cover, cotton or silk jacquard with polka dots.

Emporio Armani Introduces The New Touchscreen Smartwatches

Emporio Armani introduces a new generation of touchscreen smartwatches further expanding the brand’s innovative wearables line - Emporio Armani Connected. Concurrently with the launch of the new smartwatches, a new selection of exclusive new pictures from the ADV FW18 campaign will be unveiled, featuring renowned singer and songwriter Shawn Mendes, now face of the entire collection of Emporio Armani watches.

Emporio Armani Connected’s latest smartwatches feature dynamic styling, the latest evolution of wearable technology, and a sleek design that honors the brand’s tradition of precision in watchmaking. Powered with Wear OS by Google and the Qualcomm® Snapdragon WearTM 2100 SoC, the new Emporio Armani Connected touchscreen smartwatches are compatible with both iPhone® and AndroidTM phones. In addition to the classic features of the Wear OS platform, the smartwatches includeadded functionality, finding new ways to keep customers connected to what matters most to them. The new Emporio Armani Connected touchscreen smartwatch features the new digital dial designs, a striking stainless steel case, and an eye-catching 1.19-inch AMOLED display with an ambient sensor to enhance battery life.