MICHAEL KORS @ FALL 2014 Ad Campaign

MICHAEL KORS FALL 2014 Ad Campaign is a balance of high glamour and laid-back ease. The Michael Kors and Michael Michael Kors campaign was shot by Mario Testino in Southern California and features Karmen Pedaru together with the new face of Michael Kors Mens, Benjamin Eidem. “Benjamin has the rugged elegance that perfectly captures the essence of the Michael Kors man,” says Michael Kors. The campaign imagery encompasses two scenarios. In one, Pedaru and Eidem were shot as a couple in a cinematic jet set arrival. The other centers on Pedaru and Eidem traveling on a private plane with a group of friends including models Cindy Bruna, Tian Yi, Corey Baptiste and Ian Sharp. “This season, I was influenced by the easy lifestyle of California, and I wanted the images to express my jet set sensibility but with a relaxed attitude,” Kors continues.

Marc by Marc Jacobs…A Character @ After Party in Hong Kong

Recreating the spirit of New York's FW2014 runway show, the “Marc by Marc Jacobs…A Character” fashion meets art installation by Marc by Marc Jacobs' Creative Director, Katie Hillier brought a whole new energy to Hong Kong and held a presentation and after party in Hong Kong recently.

“Marc girl is rebellious above all. She wants to be part of a cultural scene and in on the nuance without looking predictable. An individual within the tribe. Part manga ninja, part motocross rider, part Japanese culture junkie, part cute utilitarian girl. Her look and energy are infectious and charming. She has an attitude and a bravery with the way she dresses and an inherent contrariness that goes against existing trends. Fashion is important to her but once she has sufficient knowledge she can start to mess with its values, have fun with it. Music and art and culture and sharp wit are also integral to her existence.”Said Katie Hillier.

An intimate after party was held with Katie’s good friend DJ Nathan G. Wilkens from UK who spun the deck. An array of fashion influencers like Korean pop-artiste Chaelin (CL) and Taiwanese actor Sunny Wang also flew in from the region.

PRADA @ Made To Order Lace-Up Shoes

PRADA Made to Order lace-up shoes project offers a wide range of options to create a truly personal, customised shoe. Each model can be made in 32 different colour variations in order to have a single shade shoe in cobalt blue, scarlet, mango, soleil, white etc, or in one of the two-tone combinations, such as scarlet and black, mercury and white, and black and white, to name but a few.

The five different coloured Micro soles complete the colour palette. In addition to the brushed calfskin, fine leathers such as crocodile and python are also available. The resulting product is a shoe that embodies the client's personal preferences and specific choices. Once the colour and material have been selected, the customer's initials can be branded in a gold colour on the sole.

This exclusive Prada Made to Order lace-up shoes service will be available at Prada Alexandra House store from now on. The shoes are ready for delivery approximately 60 days after the order.

La Vivana @ DELICATE CARE Moisturizer & BRILLIANCE Neck and Decolleté Cream SPF15

For generations the people behind the brand La Vivana have seen their mission in emphasiszing the beauty of women with valuable and precious accessories. Convinced by the unique qualities of the alpine edelweiss, La Vivana uses its vegetal active components as basis for the extensive line of skin care products. In conjunction with highly effective ingredients the organically grown edelweiss counteracts as active ingredient complex AATC® the aging of the skin. Due to the thoroughly selected ingredients this exclusively developed formula is La Vivana’s basis for a premium skin care. The <DELICATE CARE Moisturizer> refreshes the skin and gives smoothing care and invigorating moisture. It combines high quality edelweiss extract, shea butter and grape seed oil with hyaluronic acid, amino acids and sucrose. The active ingredient complex will leave you looking beautifully refreshed and radiant, your skin is vitalized and moisturized. The <BRILLIANCE Neck and Decolleté Cream> offers protection against these signs of aging. An immediately noticeable firming effect and reduced wrinkle depth leave the skin looking younger while the highly active decolleté booster prevents the loss of elasticity. Skin is proven to be firmer, smoother and softer. The integrated light protection provides extended preservation of these effects.It combines luxurious diamond particles, edelweiss and red algae extract with newly developed anti-wrinkle polymers, resveratrol and dipeptides.

THOMAS SABO @ Charm Up Your Summer

Between 11 and 24 of August, THOMAS SABO will be wowing all fashionistas with the perfect companion for summer, the trendy Charm Club Shopper. When purchasing Charm Club articles worth more than HKD$2,000, This exclusive tote bag will be yours as an exclusive Charm Club Shopper for free. The en-vogue design in black-and-white with golden butterflies make this stylish accessory a veritable summer eye-catcher.


The Italian Opera House Bristot by Alberto Alboreggia

In 2008, the year of the Olympic Game in Beijing, Alberto Alboreggia started his Italian Restaurant, Tavola in Beijing. The restaurant became a popular restaurant for the Italian Olympic Team, and also AC Milan Football Team. Chinese celebrities like Gong Li, Jiang Wen and Jacky Chen spoke highly of Alberto and his restaurant. While filming “Karate kid”, Will Smith celebrated his son Jaden birthday party Tavola. After his expansion of Tavola to Shanghai and now brought his culinary skill to Hong Kong and opened Opera House Italian Restaurant & Bistrot. The Como born Chef Alboreggia has a rich experience working in renowned hotels and restaurants around the world and started early his professional way. Coming from a cooking family, his first experience was working in a family restaurant in the south cost of Spain, Puerto Banus. Alboreggia was then started with Conca Bella - a gourmet restaurant awarded with one Michelin star and 16 Gault points. Alboreggia joined Kempinski Group and worked in Greece and Jordan (where he had an honor to cook for her Royal Highness Queen Rania) and received the title of the Youngest Executive Chef in the group. In 2006, he moved from Europe to China to create his first Italian restaurant in Beijing to continue sharing his authentic and sophisticated Italian cuisine to many others. The Italian Opera House Bristot in Hong Kong design concept is not minimal, not cosmopolitan, not cold, but with a cozy sophisticated, warm heart-touching to create comfortable atmosphere. It is a place that looks like has always been there, a place to be, to feel home. The ground floor's ambience red brick walls are aged with time, the Venetian chandelier, old hexagonal tiles play with the mood of an Italian house in the countryside. The next level up is with proper dining tables and setting in a more classy and contemporary way. It is indeed the prefer choice but yet we still can't help but wonder how is the name The Italian Opera House Bristot is related to the decor and ambience. mylifestylenews went for a tasting......

<Goose Liver Combination: Porto Wine Terrine & Pan-fried with Blueberry>
Hot and cold French goose liver creates the perfect balance of creamy richness and tart Italian blueberries. Only the top class foie gras from France make the cut. The pan-fried liver is paired with a sauce of sweet, plump berries, while its delicately steamed and chilled partner is served with refreshing homemade mint jelly.

<Pan-fried Hokkaido Sea Scallops, Porcini Mushrooms, Taleggio Cheese & Truffle Oil>
Hokkaido scallops are undoubtedly Japan’s best, and here at the Opera House, only the best will do. These plump and tender scallops are paired with earthy porcini mushrooms, taleggio cheese and a hint of truffle oil, all authentically sourced from Italy. Crispy beetroot adds a final textural, rustic touch.

<Iberico Pork Cheek Risotto, Pan-Fried Goose Liver & Blue Berry Sauce>
Iberico pork cheeks are marinated with rosemary and red wine for 16 hours, preserving the meat’s intense juiciness, tender bite and mesmerising taste. The cuts are then slow cooked at 84 degree Celsius to perfectly balance the meat and fat, served with French foie gras in tart blueberry sauce. The underlying risotto captures the full sensation of creamy, lightly sweet and sour accents in this dish, imbued throughout with cheesy truffle flavour.

<Schiaffoni, Asparagus Sauce, Cherry Tomato & Taggiasca Olives>
Al dente Italian pasta marries the tart sweetness of organic cherry tomatoes, with the added savouriness of black Taggiasca olives, capers and fresh onion and parsley. The base for this light, invigorating entree is a velvety green Spanish asparagus sauce that complements the sunny flavours with creamy smoothness.

<Baked Seafood Skewer & Grilled Vegetables "OperaHouse">
Italian sea bass and prawns are the ideal companions for Norwegian salmon, capturing the crisp, savoury juiciness of the finest seafood to highlight their natural flavour. Four different organic Italian vegetables are lightly charred on the grill for a delicately sweet base, while a squeeze of lemon and pure Italian olive oil enhance the overall dish’s clean, fresh taste.

The chewy crescent of crust ins made from imported Caputo "00" flour and Italian mineral water, and left to rise for at least 36 hours. This results in a crisp outside that gives way to a soft middle, wrapped around fragrant buffalo mozzarella cheese, sweet basil and San Marzano tomato spread considered the finest paste tomatoes in the world. Rocotta, mushroom and ham round out the simple goodness of rustic baked bread.

<Prosciutto e Rucola Piza>
Prepared with our authentic imported Caputo “00” flour and Italian mineral water with at least 36 hours of rising process, this freshly baked pizza is bursting with rustic flavour. Homemade San Marzano tomato sauce is layered with salty prosciutto, creamy smoked buffalo cheese and cherry tomatoes, given extra bite with arugula.

<Grilled Wagyu Rib Eye Steak>
Choice of: Roasted or Mashed Potatoe or Grilled Vegetables.
The 700 gram steak is suitable for sharing among 2 to 3 people. Top quality Austrian Wagyu beef is slow cooked over a charcoal grill at 450 degree Celsius, maintaining its essential tenderness and juiciness. Seasoned lightly with a hint of sea salt, diners get the full impact of Wagyu’s rich, meaty flavour. A choice of grilled organic vegetables or mashed potato complements this dish.

<Opera House Chef Selection> (6 Pieces) 
Six individually handcrafted desserts are offered to match your every desire. The full, traditional taste of each cup stands on its own without too much sugar. Sample bites of fresh cream vanilla gelato, chocolate lava cake, tiramisu, creme brulee, chocolate mousse and panna cotta, six different desserts to match your every desire. This dish is a good choice to share between 3-4 people.

Ambience : 3/5
Food : 3/5
Service: 3/5

109-111 Queen's Road East
Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2520 6677 / 6678

Folli Follie @ AW1415 Ad Campaign

Folli Follie AW1415 Ad Campaign has chosen Greece once more as the ultimate destination to shoot. The international lifestyle accessory brand chose the most outstanding location, with a marvelous view in the capital of Greece, to present its new collection of jewellery, watches and accessories for the AW2014/15 collection. 

A sneak peak of the new campaign shooting reveals the Folli Follie girl to an ideal stylist adventure. The impressive Folli Follie collection is the perfect ally for the brand’s new campaign, offering amazing color combinations and reflecting a flawless sense of cosmopolitan cool. The playful shots capture the brand’s passion for life, as this is captivated through the walk the Folli Follie girl takes at an Athenian rooftop bistro with magnificent view.

BVALGARI First Ladies grand Complication Watch @ Il Giardino Tropicale di Bulgari

BVALGARI First Ladies grand Complication Watch Il Giardino Tropicale di Bulgari celebrates nature and perpetuates a theme nurtured by a rich creative legacy. Luxuriant vegetation, an infinitude of stars, animal colours, Bulgari’s history is marked by creations that have often been expressed as subjects from the natural environment. The new Il Giardino Tropicale di Bulgari provides clear evidence of this by perpetuating this thematic tradition for which Bulgari has become the most famous representative in the world of international Fine Jewellery. From now on, it will also be associated with Fine Watchmaking: Il Giardino Tropicale di Bulgari is its first ladies’ grand complication watch. This watch is more than just a timepiece. It also tells a story: the story of Bulgari, its values, and its close relationship with concentrated creative activity. The inexhaustibly rich natural and animal worlds have particularly inspired the company over the decades. Their extraordinary resources have opened unlimited creative doors for the Rome-based firm and have proved endlessly stimulating. Bulgari’s decades of history as a jewellery and watchmaker are replete with a multitude of exuberant creations that refer to the natural world, with its endless variations and compositions of colours and shapes. Flowers and plants, snowflakes, and marine creatures have been reinterpreted throughout this time by exceptional creative metaphors. While remaining true to the brand’s key values, this approach has followed one inviolable rule: the chromatic potential of the stones is used in conjunction with the rich combination of colours offered as well as alternating sizes and cuts. Animals entered the picture several decades ago, the reptile is one of its major themes, and Serpenti has now become a standout in the world of international Fine Jewellery. As for the parrot, this storied bird is certainly not a new discovery for Bulgari, which has been including it in its animal line-up for a long time. 

Now, ephemerality is again being expressed in the decorative arts register with Il Giardino Tropicale di Bulgari. This gem-set watch epitomises the mastery of precious decoration shown by the Roman company, which today reigns supreme. The dreamy quality of the gold dial (3.5 g) is obvious at first glance from the combination of two crafts: the jeweller’s art has 61 diamonds (0.13 ct) forming the stage on which the parrot pays tribute to the art of miniature painting. The two handcraft techniques come together in a poetic symbiosis that gives full expression to the theme of natural elements through the play of colours. The plant and animal worlds create an elegant, soft, and balanced scene accentuated by the ivory-toned background and the quiet brilliance of the gems. The serenity of this sophisticated landscape, evoking delicacy and sweetness, conceals another aspect of Bulgari’s talents: a self-winding tourbillon movement having its tourbillon carriage supported by a sapphire glass bridge. This living, organic mechanism is visible through the circular opening atop which the parrot is perched. The opening serves as a light source and a window onto the perpetual rotation of the regulator, which keeps this self-winding movement running steadily. The movement is housed in an 18K pink gold case that is 37 mm in diameter. The oscillating weight ensuring automatic winding is made of 22ct gold. Like the dial, it is fully decorated in accordance with Fine Watchmaking codes. A rare and exclusive creation, Il Giardino Tropicale di Bulgari is being issued in a numbered and strictly limited 50-piece edition. It is rare, exclusive, and very sophisticated, just like the women who will appreciate its subtleties.

G-Star RAW @ 2014 Eyewear Collection

G-Star RAW 2014 eyewear collection inspired by its denim philosophy, heritage and innovation. G-Star sunglasses are characterized by ‘straight cut lenses’, an authentic design element that creates a unique statement in the world of eyewear of today. The straight cut concept is inspired by authentic aviator goggles, created over a century ago. By reinterpreting these goggles both technically and aesthetically, G-Star transformed authentic functionality into contemporary and distinctive designs. The collection remains true to the G-Star ethos of craftsmanship and innovation by presenting a series of new modern interpretations of classic eyewear, G-Star sunglasses’ signature straight cut lenses are offered in acetate and steel frames. The iconic oversized screws used to reference the industrial inspirations of the brand together with perforated temple tips are standard on both acetate and metal frames.<GS611S> “Fat Retton”. Feminine zyl frame, cat-eye shape featuring oversized lenses. Signature G-star screw is at the hinge. Temple tips show G-star logo and the iconic cutout detail. Available in Black, Havana and Crystal Red.

<GS105S> “Faeroes”. Square navigator shape features slim metal temples and the classic sweat bar. Signature G-star screw is at the hinge. Temple tips show G-star logo and the iconic cutout detail. Available in Silver Semi-Matte, Dark Gunmetal Semi-Matte, Brown Semi-Matte, Copper Satin.

<GS2615> “Thin Pilon”. Zyl frame featuring oversized lenses and translucent temples with visible core wire. Temple tips show logo and the iconic cutout detail. Available in Black, Smoke, Havana, Crystal Brown.

<GS2616> “Combo Stockton”. Combo frame features injected frame front wrapped with slim metal temples. Temple tips show logo and the iconic cutout detail Available in Black, Smoke, Havana, Crystal Brown.

Ermenegildo Zegna X Film Director Park Chan-wook

Ermenegildo Zegna announces an international film collaboration with acclaimed film director Park Chan-wook. The movie will feature 3 episodes plus the finale. Each episode will be released online throughout September and October of 2014. The finale will premiere during the closing event of the Shanghai Fashion Week on October 22, 2014.

The project is a creative collaboration between Park and Stefano Pilati. It showcases the Italian maison’s new style and fashion forwardness, which caters to The New Leadership Generation.

Entitled <A Rose Reborn>, the film is directed by award winning South Korean director Park Chan-wook (“Oldboy”, “Stoker” among the others), known for his unique storytelling, symbolism and visual sensibility. The script was penned by Park, Japanese script writer Ayako Fujitani (“Ritual”, “The Doors”) and Korean script writer Chung Chung-hoon (“Slow Slow Quick Quick”). The film also features two international celebrities, Asian actor Daniel Wu (“Blood Brothers”, “Overheard”) and British actor Jack Huston (“American Hustle”, “Boardwalk Empire”). Other international collaborators include British composer Clint Mansell (“Black Swan”, “Requiem for a Dream”) and Argentinean cinematographer Natasha Braier (“The Milk of Sorrow”, “The Rover”).

 The collaboration between Ermenegildo Zegna and director Park Chan-wook, for whom this film represents his debut in the world of fashion, was suggested by renowned director and producer Luca Guadagnino, head of Frenesy Film, a creative boutique and production company, who recognized the potential synergy between the two and also produced the film. After decades of presence in the Chinese market, Ermenegildo Zegna recounts a journey rich in style and values, producing a contemporary document for the new generation of leaders who hope for a better world by looking at the world around them and ultimately at themselves.