SAINT LAURENT ID Bag  is the new convertible bag of SS2017 Mens Collection by Anthony Vaccarello. Initially designed for the personal use of Anthony Vaccarello - Inspired by the officer document holders, the ID BAG takes its name from the identification plate necklaces worn by navy soldiers - Playful in essence, the ID BAG is an ultra-functional day to travel luggage.

The SAINT LAURENT ID PLATES is now featured on bags, small leather goods and ready-to-wear. Easily convertible and can be carry in multiple ways, folded or unfolded, to become either a tote or a boston function. The first men luggage that appeared in the Saint Laurent advertising campaign by Anthony Vaccarello. Available in Saint Laurent iconic leather or cotton canvas, and offering 2 sizes: Large and Medium. Engraved Saint Laurent ID Plate, double zip closure with leather zipper pull tabs  and adjustable handles & shoulder strap with engraved Saint Laurent buckles & hooks. Exclusive high-end zipper in men collection - Side ring & “Passant” to loop the strap.

H&M’s New Conscious Exclusive Perfume Oils

For the first time ever, H&M’s Conscious Exclusive collection includes a set of three ecological unisex perfume oils that can be worn individually, or mixed to create a unique scent. The oils are a part of the 2017 Conscious Exclusive collection including a women’s collection as well as pieces for men and kids, with each piece made from sustainable materials. “I love the Conscious Exclusive ecological perfume oils, which capture the inspiration that we found in the human senses. Each of the three scents is beautiful on its own, and creates something totally unique and personal when combined together,” says Pernilla Wohlfahrt, H&M’s Head of Design and Creative director. The three ecological perfume oils for H&M Conscious Exclusive are constructed around three different scent groups – floral, fresh and woody. Rouge Pivoine combines topnotes of bergamot, rose and pear with a middle of peony and geranium, the peonies echoed in a screenprint for the women’s Conscious Exclusive collection. At its base of Rouge Pivoine is freesia, tea and cedar.

The freshness of Lemon Amour comes first from top notes of orange, lemon and bergamot, with a middle of lemongrass and lime, finishing with a base of apricot, melon and guaiac. Meanwhile the woody Vert Douce starts with topnotes of sweet orange, galbanum and elemi, with a middle of green leaves, rose and tea leaves, and a finishing note of cedar and cypress.

The ecological oils, which have been given organic certification by independent association Ecocert, come in roll-on bottles, making it easy to apply, and then to mix together to create a scent that is entirely personal to the wearer.

For organic Ecocert certification, which the H&M Conscious Exclusive fragrance as well as the H&M Conscious Beauty range has, at least 95% of the total ingredients in the product must be from natural origin, water included, and at least 10% of the total ingredients must be from organic farming.


Zaha Hadid's B zero1 For Bvlgari

Zaha Hadid marks a new chapter in Bulgar i’s most iconic and coveted jewellery collection, with a masterpiece that showcases her unmistakable style: the new B. zero1 Design Legend ring. Bulgari, the Roman Jeweller, together with Zaha Hadid, the greatest woman in architecture of all time, fuse their boundless talent in the name of creativity and design. Drawing its inspiration from the world’s most renowned amphitheater, the Colosseum, Bulgari celebrated the new millennium with the creation of i t s now iconic B. zero1 ring, whose unique and state of the art design revolutionized the aesthetic codes of classic jewellery. Today, the B.zero1 Design Legend ring is a fusion of style trademarks communicating one perfect language.

Combining Emperor Vespasian’s architectural statement of power, Bulgar i’s bold and geometric design and Hadid’s fluid and curvaceous construction, the new ring is the sublime synthesis of the classic, the revolutionary and the timeless . Just as Bulgari has revolutionized the aesthetic codes of traditional jewellery, Zaha Hadid has liberated architectural geometry by creating highly expressive, sweeping fluid forms of multiple perspectives: pillar s which would have traditionally been constructed vertically are oblique; corners dip into unexpected curves; corridors and passages open spectacularly onto windows that dive into the landscape.

The same pioneering approach has marked Bulgari’s style for decades, incorporating unusual colour combinations, unexpected materials such as ceramic or marble and bold proportions, challenging and redefining the very essence of jewellery design. B.zero1 Design Legend fits perfectly into Bulgari’s creative vision, as the collection is not intended to appease convention, but rather to go beyond the limits of classic jewellery design and express exquisite ingenuity. Pioneering and creative, Bulgari has become known over the years as a master of innovation for its novel approach to design, sharing with Hadid the compelling desire to break conventional barriers . Amidst 1950s diamond-focused designs, Bulgari begins fashioning rebellious creations with semi precious and precious stones together, inventing an unprecedented style with colour combinations.

Years of great social changes and experimentation, the 1970s inspire Bulgari’s imagination to go once again beyond design frontiers, incorporating in the great variety of motifs unusual materials, such as coins from antiquity, steel and silk. Bulgar i’s drive for innovation is expressed also through the creation of new techniques. One of the most characteristic and successful is the tubogas, a flexible band of sleek and polished contour s produced without soldering, that is since the 60s one of the trademarks of the brand. With this enlightened concept of jewellery design, Bulgari crafts in 1999 B. zero1, a ring that defies all conventions, a powerful statement of its innovative vision, in a synthesis of pure lines, bold proportions and unusual materials.

The new disruptive design takes form in four new creations enriching the B. zero1 constellation; the bold 4-band ring in pink gold, also available in a thinner 3-band version in white or pink gold; and an edgy pendant in pink gold. With the original design of the ring in mind, which fuses two hallmarks of the brand – the tubogas motif and the BVLGARI double logo – Zaha Hadid deconstruct s the iconic central looping band. Clasped by two flat rings which are engraved with the classic BVLGARI logo, the central body of the ring takes the shape of undulating gold waves , flowing freely in an indefinable yet distinctive and dynamic movement.

The ring’s infinite curvilinear structure exemplifies fluidity and feeling of movement, with a design that makes a rigid material looking effortlessly organic and alive. The intersecting circles of the B.Zer o1 Design Legend ring appear to hover over the finger rather than close around it, tricking the perception and demanding a closer look , just as out standing buildings oblige you to firstly admire the beauty of the structure before compelling you to question the very physics of architecture that make the fabulous feats of design possible. Bulgari parted from convention with the B .zero1 empowering the wearer rather than celebrating an occasion. This manifested in a non- conventional structure of a wide band, and focused on its form rather than a jewel as a centrepiece, and revolutionised not only the classic style of ring up to that point in design history, but also the ideal of one. 

FENDI Fruits Bag Charms

FENDI Fruits Bag Charms
FENDI introduces its latest creation in the bag charms world: the FENDI Fruits, fluffy fruit-shaped fur pompons, result of the daring creativity and incredible craftsmanship of the Maison.

Presented for the first time on the FENDI Women’s SS2017 catwalk, the FENDI Fruits are an exquisite and cute collection of bag charms, special accessories with a playful flair.

The FENDI Fruits are realized with a fantasy inlay of precious fox and lapin shaded fur, while the thin leaf-details on top are created in soft nappa leather thanks to a meticulous découpé workmanship that gives them the natural bicolour aspect.

These unique bag charms are available in a delicate sorbet colour palette: from orange with aquamarine leaves, yellow with mint leaves, pink with green leaves to bluette with pale pink leaves, green with lilac leaves, as well as an elegant total white version.

Choose your favourite to add a romantic and original touch to your FENDI bag…either a pineapple, a raspberry or an exotic fruit, the FENDI Fruits leave open imagination to whoever picks them!


Chloé Summer 2017 Bags Collection

Chloé Summer 2017 Bags Collection

Debuting for Summer 2017, the new ‘Nile’ bags are the statement bags this season. Inspired by the jewellery collection, the refined half-moon shape bag is adorned with a signature golden bracelet handle and metallic golden arc that underlines the feminine round shape.

For a masculine twist, the Nile saddle bag is inlaid with equestrian details, leather band with golden studs, and jewel details.

The Summer 2017 bags collection embraces a sartorial marine palette of optic white, navy, silver blue and sepia red, lifted by summery fresh shades of blush pink and beige.

Other than the classic combination of suede and smooth calfskin, this season Chloé incorporates lambskin and watersnake into the bags for an exotic flair.

Les Éternelles de CHANEL 2017


For the third consecutive year, CHANEL presents new models for its collection of Fine Jewellery watches, Les Éternelles de CHANEL. Conceived as a capsule collection, these secret watches, which embody all the creativity and savoir-faire of CHANEL Fine Jewellery and Watches, are enriched year by year. In 2017, the Fine Jewellery Studio of Creation at CHANEL reinterprets the lace and ribbons so dear to Mademoiselle Chanel with three unique pieces. Les Éternelles de CHANEL are inspired by the fundamentals of CHANEL style and reflect the ever-renewing creative spirit at the heart of CHANEL Fine Jewellery.

The Ruban Watch
The Ruban watch evolves with absolute liberty, wrapping around the wrist like a jewel-encrusted ribbon. This delicate, 18-carat white gold lace with 1,369 diamonds – including 7 Fancy-cut diamonds – hides on one side a secret watch, and, on the other, a 5-carat pear-
cut diamond.

The Médaillon Watch
On the back of this engraved rock-crystal medallion, pearls and diamonds including a pear-cut Fancy Light Yellow 5.32-carat diamond hide a watch paved with diamonds. The medallion is set on an 18-carat white-gold chain, set with 587 diamonds.

The Camélia Watch
At the heart of a pearl necklace, which can be transformed into a bracelet, a watch is concealed by a bouquet of 18-carat white-gold camellias and 503 diamonds, including a 10-carat Fancy Brown Yellow diamond.