Brioni & The Royal College of Art To Celebrate Ten Years Of Partnership

Brioni and the Royal College of Art have renewed their partnership and will work together for the tenth time. The goal of the collaboration, which started with the academic year 2007-2008, is to support the RCA MA Menswear Fashion Design Course and to transmit Brioni’s sartorial techniques and know-how to the future generation of worldwide talents attending the course. This edition will focus on the development and realization of a tuxedo, one of Brioni’s masterpieces. Each RCA student will be invited to propose its own interpretation of this special garment. Three of them will have the opportunity to spend a week of intense hands-on tailoring at the Brioni Scuola di Alta Sartoria (tailoring school) in Penne, Abruzzi region, and to work together with Brioni Master Tailors in the realization of their projects. A real workshop where the deepest tailoring savoir-faire and the youngest design approach meet each other. Later this year, a special jury will identify the winner of the Brioni award - the best finishing and style, ideally recognizable as a Brioni item – who will be awarded with a scholarship.


GUCCI Cruise 2017 A Portrait of Chatsworth Ad Campaign

 Set at Chatsworth, the home of the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire, the Gucci Cruise 2017 advertising campaign is a celebration of quintessentially British culture.

Shot by photographer Glen Luchford, the images capture a group of characters in the grounds and interior of Chatsworth, surrounded by chickens and dogs; these grungy young people interact with the animals playfully, their punk attitudes juxtaposed with the grandiose, stately surroundings.

From late '70s punk youth subculture to beautiful landscape gardens, Gucci’s Creative Director Alessandro Michele cites British culture as a source of constant inspiration.

This is evident in the campaign images, where young punkish characters appear alongside acclaimed British actress Vanessa Redgrave, painting an eclectic portrait of the British spirit and marking the start of Gucci’s three-year cultural partnership with Chatsworth.

Chatsworth House and Garden Art

Christopher Simmonds 

Photographer and Director:
Glen Luchford 

Joe McKenna

Paul Hanlon 

Make up:
Yadim Carranza

Talent: Vanessa Redgrave

Hannelore Knuts, Ellen De Weer, 
Sophia Friesen, Nika Cole, 
Dwight Hoogendijk, Nick Fortna, 
Conner Rowson, Victor Kusma.

KIEHL'S Clearly CorrectiveTM Brightening & Smoothing Moisture Treatment

KIEHL'S introduces Clearly CorrectiveTM Brightening and Smoothing Moisture Treatment – an ultra-lightweight, innovative hydrator featuring dermatologist-trusted Glycolic Acid in concert with the company’s signature skin clarity ingredient, Activated C (a high-performance Vitamin C derivative).  In 2011, utilizing Activated C, Kiehl’s chemists first established leadership in skin clarity with the launch of Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution (CCDS). To date, this formula is one of the most trusted serums for skin clarity, winning 19 global beauty awards and selling over 4 million bottles worldwide. 14 months ago, Kiehl’s chemists began formulating a new type of hydrator - an innovative moisture-treatment—to target 3 key causes of loss of clarity: rough texture, dehydration, and discoloration.  “CCDS remains one of the most effective targeted treatments for clarity on the market, but treatment serums are only one component of a complete skincare regimen,” shares Helen Sung, AVP Kiehl’s Product Innovation. “We asked ourselves, how could we address the key causes of loss of clarity? Naturally we could introduce additional doses of our skin clarity ingredients into a moisturizer, a central step in a regimen.  But the true innovation would be in helping skin to better reflect light, and to be more receptive to the formula’s ingredients. This is where glycolic acid offered an important enhancement to the equation.” While highly effective, Glycolic Acid can be irritating and dehydrating to skin. “Widely used as an agent in peels, it is a less popular ingredient in hydrators,” explains Dr. Adam Geyer, Kiehl’s Consulting Dermatologist.  “When used in moisturizers, many formulate with glycolic acid at such a high level that it requires very specific usage and rarely allows for the moisturizer to be easily incorporated into a standard skincare regimen.  And these formulas are generally unsuitable for those with sensitive skin.”  Actively brightening, smoothing, and refining skin for a smoother texture, Clearly CorrectiveTM Brightening and Smoothing Moisture Treatment is clinically demonstrated to target the key factors of loss of clarity. After just 1 week, 86% of women agreed their skin had a luminous and translucent glow and felt soothed, while 94% agreed their skin felt moisturized.


ZIAD NAKAD 墜落凡間的花蝴蝶 – 巴黎現場直擊

ZIAD NAKAD 墜落凡間的花蝴蝶 - 巴黎現場直擊

剛剛閉幕的巴黎 Haute Couture高級訂製時裝週,保守派的延續,很多時候過目即忘,反而一些新進的新力軍的作品更有看頭。能夠殺入高級訂製行列,除了要有真正的才華與實力,資本雄厚的背景更是關鍵。擁有這些不可或缺的基本條件,才能夠為高級訂製製作出一件又一件的漂亮衣裳,甚至有些更成爲收藏家的藝術品。ZIAD NAKAD,一個你可能陌生的名字,剛在巴黎高級訂製時裝週呈獻他的2017春夏高級訂製系列,每一件作品美得像墜落凡間的花蝴蝶,優雅華麗,讓人一見傾心。懂得女人心的ZIAD NAKAD,在任何時刻都讓她們多漂亮而矜貴。而這場高級訂製時裝騷來勢洶洶,似乎是沖著紅地毯而來,作爲時尚愛好者的你,從今開始,你要記住這個名字。

這場位於巴黎HÔTEL WESTIN的高級訂製時裝騷是ZIAD NAKAD的第二個時裝系列,他刻意向他的追隨者致敬。這個集合主題《Papillon de Paradis》又名《蝴蝶的天堂》,顧名思義蝴蝶和花朵正是靈感的來源,去為這場騷製作出一個宇宙花園的視覺效果。出生於黎巴嫩,ZIAD NAKAD從他十幾歲的初期已經知道,與時尚結下不解之緣而鐵定視之為終身職業。出生於創作世家的他,更醉心於面料的精挑細選,盛傳了傳統的刺繡工藝和非常規的釘珠技巧,更特別為家人設計婚紗而聲名大噪。

ZIAD NAKAD的優雅設計,往往輕易地穿出女性的氣質,在他最新的2017春夏高級定製系列當中,每個剪裁結合了閃耀的花卉,將現代的灰姑娘和花仙子表露無遺。設計展現了簡約的魅力,採用柔和的顏色:鮭魚粉色,天藍色,閃亮的灰色,甚至是蜂蜜色,務求將女性化的一面,透過最優雅的剪裁,在這個奇妙的花園裡,將一個充滿色彩神話般的故事一一贅述。獨特的剪裁結合了材料和顏色的創意,激光切割、三維形狀、復雜蝴蝶浮雕刺繡結構和鑲嵌施華洛世奇水晶、青銅的蝴蝶形狀、腰帶束腰特顯綫條美感及注重細微的細節;以各種寬窄長短和甚至不對稱的觸覺剪裁脫變,看似簡單但複雜的設計,去強烈地表現女性個性氣質。 

ZIAD NAKAD的捧場客包括多國名緩及國際星級藝人,他們都是渴望接觸到那些戲劇性和具有永恆女性氣質的衣裳。時裝秀除巴黎外,更遍佈黎巴嫩、中東、海灣、歐美、亞洲和世界各地。雖然有時尚評論家說他的作品帶有上世紀 Valentino的典雅、Nina Ricci的嫵媚、甚至是Elie Saab的翻版。ZIAD NAKAD擁有強烈的熱情, 去強調女性美麗和輪廓的思維,這一直都是他的設計的核心和遠景。能夠在負評中將夢想變成了一個職業生涯,去掌握高級時裝的藝術,這種際遇,當天時、地利、人和配合之時,想不紅都幾難。

Karl Lagerfeld 2017 Eyewear Collection

Karl Lagerfeld 2017 Eyewear Collection is overflowing with innovative materials and high-impact detailing, with clear inspiration drawn from the sophisticated world of haute couture. Blazing a trail somewhere between contemporary glamour and hi-tech design, each model oozes creativity, elegance and class.

The defining feature of these women’s sunglasses is undoubtedly their oversized, rectangular silhouette. The Chain model gets a makeover here, with chunky elements and sophisticated color-blocking that accentuates the highimpact front section with a mixture of transparent and full-color sections. The chain detail is incorporated into see-through-effect temples in plastic, adding an iconic, timeless quality. Available in Black, Havana, Blue and Bordeaux.

One of the star pieces in the new advertising campaign, these oval-shaped women’s sunglasses are characterised by the perfect combination of plastic and metal, which gives the frames an attractive, highly glamorous feel. A unique metal structure defines the front section and sleek, flowing temples emphasizes the transparency of the acetate, creating a playful color effect. Available in Shiny Gold, Shiny Silver, Shiny Grey, Shiny Light Gold and Shiny Golden.

These glasses feature a highly feminine shape and a bold look. Made from metal, the frames are decorated with a laser-etched saffiano pattern on the angular rims, while the logo is accentuated on the ultra-thin temples. Available in Shiny Gold, Shiny Grey, Shiny Golden and Shiny Medium Gold.

The fusion of geometric lines and feminine curves gives these frames a very bold appearance. The unmistakable Chain model is reinterpreted here in a geometric, rectangular guise, with the chain itself incorporated into the see-through temples. The color contrast between the transparent and full-color plastic is particularly attractive. Available in Black, Havana, Turtledove, Blue and Bordeaux

MULBERRY @ The Hopton Bag

MULBERRY introduces the statement day Bag - The Hopton this Spring boasting a generous volume and impeccable detailing. Created with a distinctive cubic design, the Hopton features a contrast piping, emphasising 3-D volume. Its inside-out construction illustrates both Johnny Coca's love of technique, and the enviable know-how of the Mulberry factories. Celebrating the dynamic colour palette of the 2017 Spring collection, the Hopton comes in panelled Crimson-Chalk-Clay-Sunflower and Black-Orange-Chalk-Crimson, alongside monotone Clay and Bright Orange. The name Hopton originates from a street in London's Southbank, next to Britain's national gallery of international modern and contemporary art, the Tate Modern.