Vivienne Westwood @ SS2015 Men's Collection

Vivienne Westwood SS2015 Men's Collection began with images of childhood seaside holidays on the British coastline. It started to look at the similarities between the pixelated graphics of late 70’s arcade games played on the pleasure pier and Native American art. The pixelated patterns and acid colours is a reminder of something tribal, a little Native American, so this allowed another avenue to explore.

Combining pixel block tartan prints and jacquards, crystalised tartans and needle punch techniques, linear prints and dancette lines in knits and fil coupe shirting. There are star tooth prints and weaves, embellishment and beading, raw edges and fringing.

Some archive bondage pieces found their way into the collection, reminding us of certain details applied in Native American tribal wear and also a nod to the first appearance of this trouser during the 70’s.

For this show, the brand is supporting the Pig Pledge which is a campaign to encourage people not to buy or eat factory farmed meat. Vivienne & Andreas are both vegetarians but they are urging people who do eat meat to always find out where it is coming from and to avoid meat from animal factories.

Imagine Tracy Worcester, now approaching middle age, a few years ago when Vivienne getting on a plane to Poland with a plan of operation and an aim to expose the cruelty to pigs, the inefficiency and the pollution caused by factory farming.

All undercover she made a film called ‘Pig Business’. Vivienne saw it and expected Tracy didn’t know where to start, but she found a way.

Vivienne became Tracy’s friend for life. "No animal should be born to suffer; it was like Bedlam on a mass scale for pigs: sickness, death and lunacy – of pigs. We don’t need this to happen." Says Vivienne Westwood. 

BVLGARI MAN All Balcks Limited Editions

BVLGARI MAN EXTREME is an innovation that blends the traditional with the unexpected, guiding a tour of the olfactory universe that begins with natural elements and ends with a touch of the avant-garde. Built upon the olfactory structure of the original, BVLGARI MAN EXTREME ALL BLACKS radiates with a thorough self-assuredness, reinforcing the signature of the original while bringing a vibrant Mediterranean freshness, and elegant woodiness. Master Perfumer Alberto Morillas infused the fragrance with a more potent blend to defy the limits of intensity, in the name of the most masculine cadre. With a forceful, unforgettable, thoroughly fresh resonance, BVLGARI MAN EXTREME INTENSE is very much itself, the most noble of eau de parfums.

Elegant – Fresh – Vibrant
The elegant yet modern top notes translate into a persistent and fluid freshness, revealing the resplendent beauty of Calabrian Bergamot, as well as the contemporarily zesty facets of Pink Grapefruit, along with a stylish, lively and lush green accord of Cactus Pulp. The combination of sparkling citrus and pulpy freshness creates an olfactory texture that bursts with energy.

Radiant – Noble – Magnetic
The white freesia accord brings an innovative transparent floral note to a masculine creation. The coolness of spicy, aromatic cardamom, called the precious “green gold” of Guatemala, is combined with a vegetal amber accord, that shades from mineral radiance into a deep, woody earthy signature.

Sophisticated – Balanced – Sensual

The surprising lightness of balsa wood and the precious nobility of Haitian vetiver are wrapped in a silky veil of Benzoin, along with various new musky aromas. The distinctive and elegant Balsawood Accord gives a unique facet to this fragrance, evoking a light feeling with a touch of contemporary comfort.

Alberto Morillas, Master Perfumer for Bvlgari, created BVLGARI MAN ALL BLACKS with a higher concentration and potency, to capture the essence of the All Blacks’ strength and power to perform. Shaped of the same olfactory pyramid as the original, the intensity of BVLGARI MAN IN BLACK ALL BLACKS is a result of a higher concentration, resulting in a resolutely modern yet highly sensual signature. With its Oriental character and formidable potency, it evokes a generously virile masculinity. Alberto Morillas has concentrated the sensuality of its oriental and woody notes to render its effect more instinctive. Infused with daring raw ingredients, BVLGARI MAN IN BLACK ALL BLACKS is characterized by a sensual neo-Oriental signature. Its vibrant top notes melt into an unexpected masculine floral heart, culminating in intense and enveloping wood tones.

Luminous – Alluring
The fragrance unleashes spicy, zestful top notes that are addictively alluring.
Its distinctive amber rum and bourbon signature contrasts with the subtlety of its spice, creating an unusual, seductive, amber-like inflection.

Sophisticated – Magnetic – Mesmerizing
The fragrance evolves into its emotional and powerful heart, revealing the magnetism of tuberose. The mysterious, noble floral notes of iris are associated with the animal-like virility of the leather accord, to give the composition a unique masculinity that is carried by a modern yet authentic style.

Bewitching – Seductive – Virile
 The warm and captivating intonations of benzoin meld with the strength of Guaiac wood for an intense, sensual amber character, seductively enriched by the tobacco aroma of Tonka bean.

MOSCHINO @ SS2015 Women's Collection

MOSCHINO SS2015 Women's Collection THINK PINK. Jeremy Scott for Moschino features the most famous Californian girl in the world : Barbie. She’s done with Malibu and now she’s ready to hit the runways of Milan…. Jeremy Scott brings Barbie, the most iconic girl from California, to a new Dream House: The House of Moschino.

“Every girl on the planet has been touched by the magic of Barbie at one time or another in her life,” says Moschino Creative Director Jeremy Scott. “Now is the moment to celebrate this star and her takecharge, confident attitude. Remember ladies: ‘We girls can do anything like Barbie!!!!’ ”

Barbie has BIG blond hair and Itsy-Bitsy feet. We know her proportions are off-kilter, that’s why the clothes now are too. Buttons are the size of saucers on a mesh trench coat. A belt mushrooms into a strapless top. Sequins and gold metal chains are blown up bigger and brighter than ever.

She loves a polk-a-dot.. She worships brightly colored terry cloth trimmed in rickrack. She’ll take another helping of crystal-coated pink crepe, thank you very much.

There’s no job Barbie can’t do, no place she can’t go. Going for an interview but just back from the beach? Barbie pulls on a silk cotton jersey dress with a nylon bathing suit appliqued on top. Jumping from the bath to hanging with friends? Barbie slips into a terry cloth bandeau top and pencil skirt.

She wants it to be a little more glamorous than your average jean. Denim trousers come in a faded blue covered in a slick layer of clear sequins. For jazzier moments, of course, there is gold laminated denim.

Accessories are a BIG part of this girl’s life. Has she ever left the house without a pair of high-heeled mules? We don’t think so. She now also has pumps, plus a whole pink vanity set, including quilted case, comb, mirror and her cell phone case. And don’t forget the Barbie BoomBox bag. Because, remember, Barbie was once a rapper too.

Our Barbie bathes, goes to the beach, works, exercises, walks her dog, rollerskates and snorkles. But at the end of the day, she just wants to party in something frilly.

Whether its silver pants and a bustier or a pink silk jacquard dress with giant mirror sequins, evening comes dripping in iridescent ruffles.