PAUL SMITH SS2018 Collection

Hawaiian graphics are a reference to Paul’s early visits to New York in the Seventies, when he’d return to England with trunks of Hawaiian shirts sourced from SoHo. The billowing shapes and vivid prints on the shirts were popular with customers picking up pieces for Northern Soul nights at Wigan Casino or Sheffield’s King Mojo. This kitsch thrift later gave way to Paul’s own unique floral print shirts, which fast became a design signature.

Floral and aquatic motifs are embroidered onto the satin lapels of tuxedos, hand-painted on leather and appliquéd onto tote bags. The ocean print also makes an appearance on technical outerwear developed in collaboration with factories specializing in performance-wear, bringing modernity and functionality to the collection.

A midnight beach scene on landscape jacquard from Italy’s Limonta mill appears on a bomber jacket for men and blazer for women. The irreverence of Paul Smith is injected in Japanese fish tin graphics on cross-body box bags, belts, shirt pockets and more.

The palette of the collection graduates from soft pastels of cornflower blue and dusty pink through to midnight-tones and French navy, climaxing with striking yellow and hot turquoise.

Tailoring shapes for both men and women nod to Eighties pieces from the Paul Smith archive, in particular the notched lapels, low break points and squared shoulders. Patch-worked floral print dresses play with louche summer shirt collar shapes and Japanese carp dive across silk georgette slips.

Patterned linings take on new life on a brushed cotton two-piece suit for women, where tropical flowers are reverse printed, appearing sun-bleached on the outside but in full colour on the inside.

A relaxed, surf spirit continues across deck chair striped beach bags, printed espadrilles and colourful sandals.

Post-punk and pop dominates the soundtrack with the inclusion of tracks by The Cure and David Essex whilst The Beatles’ Octopus’s Garden echoes the aquatic theme.


Discover TOD'S Yorky Gommino Interpreted By Renee Stewart & The Best Partner

Discover TOD'S Yorky Gommino Interpreted By 
Renee Stewart & The Best Partner

A dancer, a puppy and a long fringed loafer. TOD’S latest video features Renée, modern ballet dancer and daughter of the legendary singer Rod Stewart - pirouetting playfully in this video to celebrate the Yorky, a new take on TOD’S iconic Gommino.

Light and eclectic, the Gommino is the perfect fit for all with a passion for life - ready to dance, to laugh out loud and to have fun.

Renée, as part of the Tod’s Band, grew up surrounded by music and dance and is the ideal story teller in this choreographic tribute to effortless style and to TOD’S Italian way of life.


時尚宣傳廣告- Make To Believe Part II

時尚宣傳廣告- Make To Believe Part II

夏季的時尚宣傳廣告令人激賞,既有全新的活力,亦帶有永恆的精神。李易峰、Cara Delevingne以及Martin Garrix再次出境由攝影師Sabine Villiard執鏡的A | X Armani Exchange廣告,以一座超現實主義的沙漠為背景,模特兒與巨型的品牌道具互動。輪胎、印章以及心形輪廓等物品被放大、變形,仿佛是透過相機鏡頭進行自拍。諷刺、自由而又玩味十足的態度營造獨特的鏡頭語言,將平凡化為非凡,捕捉該系列年輕而鮮活的精神。

CALVIN KLEIN自從有Raf Simons 入駐後,幾乎將品牌改頭換面,持續進化,以更大膽,前衛的時尚造型去表達現代年輕人新時代的敢言、不羈和宣揚自由的態度。2018年春夏CALVIN KLEIN 205W39NYC全球多媒體形象廣告非常熱鬧,由超過20位模特兒拍攝而成,並由攝影師Willy Vanderperre掌鏡,伴隨著預估超過73千萬瀏覽次數、橫跨19個全球市場,由不同媒介整合而成的廣告計劃,體現大膽革新的創意以及性感挑逗的美學,去追求興奮刺激,並透過爭議性的圖片和衝擊性的設計啓發大眾和撩動感官。

Just Cavalli 2018春夏系列廣告大片,展示了該品牌年輕、自由奔放的態度。時尚攝影師Olivier Zahm在洛杉磯銀湖邊的小屋前將鏡頭對向模特Kyler IacinoAvery TharpJordan Daniels以及Ahn Jae-Hyun,以一場集結著友誼、愛情和青春的慶典。輕盈的連衣裙上印著源於新西蘭自然美景的生動印花,飄逸在洛杉磯日落的金色余暉中,而男士的機車夾克和裝飾飛行員夾克則透著搖滾風。絲質蕾絲連衣裙點綴著精致的褶邊,透露出女性的浪漫氣息,再一次通過其標志性的美學思想,以一種活力而動態的美來詮釋其樂觀的生活方式。快樂幸福之感充盈著整個畫面,描繪出彼此在一起渡過的美好時光,一張張熱情洋溢的照片中展現出Just Cavalli 2018春夏系列的標志性作品。

不須有人讚 只須我仍覺好

Ermenegildo Zegna 2018春夏季 Defining Moments 頓悟時刻繼續通過宣言所表的真摯情感。新一篇的Defining Moments頓悟時刻廣告由Javier BardemDev Patel擔任,廣告中二人情如手足,坦率共處,而且妙語如珠,積極擁抱及享受生命中每一刻。是次廣告由國際知名電影人及攝影師Craig McDean於洛杉磯山區拍攝,捕捉兩位傑出演員隨心互動,真情流露的一刻,活現藝術家獨有的真摯靈魂。廣告拍攝手法輕鬆睿智,兩位男士一言一句盡訴真情:無論是切磋運動造詣,還是討論文學的力量,每個時刻都閃耀著率性豪邁的魅力,把鏡頭由個人經歷聚焦到日常當下,帶出生活中令人會心微笑的每個頓悟時刻。


2018 Dragon Boat Festival Day Off

19th JUNE




2018 Dragon Boat Festival @ mylifestylenews


Salvatore Ferragamo Presents "FERRAGAMO STUDIO BAG”

Salvatore Ferragamo celebrates the launch of “Ferragamo Studio Bag” under the Creative Direction of Paul Andrew with New York based, European artist Ana Kras. The studio is revered as a powerful space for creatives to design, photograph, dance and ultimately explore the endless depths of the imagination, just as it was for Salvatore Ferragamo himself.

The “Ferragamo Studio Bag” celebrates the founder’s first studio, the Hollywood Boot Shop in California with a digital project marking the first exploration of the distinct colours developed for the Pre-Fall 2018 Collection by Paul Andrew.  Through a series of images and short films, Kras opens up her private art studio as she celebrates talent and craft, each inspired by a distinct colour and style of the “Ferragamo Studio Bag”. Artisanal craftsmanship becomes the seamless link between Ferragamo’s dedication to Made in Italy, the Florentine tradition of handmade craft, and the delicate yet precise, refined movement of the artist’s hands – the ultimate tool of her trade across all media - a simple reminder of skilled workmanship.

Kras explores art, fashion and her creative process, “This bag symbolizes a desire for timeless iconicism, a merit the Ferragamo house is internationally known for and one I remember well from my youth.”

Kras embodies the essence of the “Ferragamo Studio Bag” woman: an independent, contemporary creative with effortless personal style and purpose, demanding form and function. The artist works in several different fields simultaneously - furniture and object design, interior architecture, drawings, paintings, sculptures, photography and fashion.

Two special-edition versions, one in metallic silver, the other distinctively colour blocked, celebrate the founder’s first studio, the Hollywood boot shop. Exclusively 95 of each edition will be produced as homage to this year’s 95th anniversary of the studio’s opening on Hollywood boulevard.

“Ferragamo Studio Bag” comes in three sizes and has a classical rectangular profile. Salvatore Ferragamo’s cutting-edge technical expertise has been applied to create a bag that combines strength and robustness in a lightweight and flexible profile. It is handcrafted from all-natural top-grade Italian leathers by Ferragamo’s highly-skilled Italian artisans. Metal studs dot the “Ferragamo Studio Bag” base.

GIORGIO ARMANI 2018 Eyewear Collection

Making use of the most advanced techniques, structural precision and maximum comfort set these Armani glasses apart. The metal frame features a round acetate frame front and curved bridge, fusing retro with modern for the perfect mix.

The balanced ultralight design boasts super sleek metal temples embellished with the Giorgio Armani laser-engraved logo and iconic rhomboid rivet tips. Available in light matte gold with a gloss Havana/red frame front and green lenses and in matte black with a gloss black frame front and smoke grey lenses.

The rounded phantos form of this model is the fruit of a highly sophisticated and innovative production technique. Special construction ensures all components are incorporated into a single piece. The nylon fibre frame front is soldered to the metal bridge and temples, seamlessly integrating them into a wellbalanced, ultralight frame that delivers on maximum comfort. Temples feature the laserengraved Giorgio Armani logo and iconic rhomboid rivet tips. Available in matte Havana or matte honey, both with a matte gunmetal grey bridge.