BALLY AW2016/17 Ad Campaign

 Continuing Design Director Pablo Coppola’s modern vision for the brand, Bally collaborates with up and coming London-based photographer Jack Davison to create a powerful interpretation of eccentric youth. ’What drew me to Jack's work was his ability to capture intimacy in his portraits, there is real emotion there. For the AW2016 campaign, I wanted to take a new approach [a diverse cast of multiple models] by highlighting the personality of a group. This gang is composed of different types: from a star like Guinevere or a new comer like Ina; Jack zeroed in on each of them and captured their essence. He created a series of shots that at first glance seem disparate but with more reflection, they are unified in their spirit, which exemplifies the current mood at Bally for the season and beyond,’ says Coppola. Coppola and Davison naturally came together over their shared hands-on approach. ‘I’m very spur-of-the-moment; I much prefer going in and letting instinct take over’, says Davison of his improvisational style which enables him to create something unexpected. This contemporary dynamism is brought to life on eight models from different generations. The renowned Guinevere Van Seenus is joined by 17 year-old Finnlay Davis and 15 year-old Dutch model Ina Maribo Jensen. Shot in London at the Sunbeam Studios, styled by Jonathan Kaye and art directed by Franck Durand, the shoot captures the very essence of an artist’s studio vibe and eccentric lifestyle in the 1970s. The campaign breaks in the Autumn Winter issue of LOVE on July 25 and in key fashion and lifestyles titles globally in September, alongside a robust digital and social media campaign.

Design Director:
Pablo Coppola

Art Director:
 Franck Durrand

Jack Davison

Jonathan Kaye

Eugene Souleiman

 Lauren Parsons

 Jenny Longworth

Set Designer:
 Andrea Cellerino

Casting Director:
Barbara Nicoli

Finnlay Davis
Guinevere van Seenus
Julie Hoomans
Ina Maribo Jensen
Max Barczak
Nicole Atieno
Thibaud Charon
Wang Chenming

BALENCIAGA Pre Fall 20216 Women Collection

BALENCIAGA Pre Fall 20216 Women Collection is a breathing space. A palette cleanser. Looking back, before looking forward. Before the catwalk debut of Demma Gvasalia, under the direction of the house's design tea,. the pre-fall 2016 Balenciaga collection looks backwards, into an archive of a century of experimentation, to the archetypes of the label.

This Balenciaga collection is composed of sartorial quotes from the house's past, reactivated for the present. The fit, form and fabrics have been changed, but the attitude remains, The mood is of precision, of excellence of cut, and above all else of reality. The "quotes" are items pulled from the archives of the Balenciaga. These Balenciaga archetypes are fused with the mood of the modern, silhouettes subtly reworked to become relevant and covetable. Nothing is exactly replicated, but rather reinterpreted. The approach is at once literal and abstract.

Silhouettes are remixed, outfits proposing a hybird of past styles with contemporary references. A rediscovery of the heritage of Balenciaga. The semi-fitted line of spring 1952 mixes with Balenciags's archetypal aviator jackets; peep-over collars echo Balenciaga's lines of 1957-58's cocoon backs recall spring 1959. Prints are directly appropriated from the archives; a graphic windowpane check from  1966; details of spring 1960 floral embroidery become a new print.

Fluorescent shades of yellow and cyclamen are hyper-modern, the colours of technology, shades of the sports sneakers. Highlighter shades, they are used yo underline a series of key silhouettes quoted from the past. Silk, scarves, or carre are re-appropriated as garments. Blouses have trailing carre cuffs, while dresses are composed of layered squares, their form originating in the spontaneous act of draping a couture mannequin with squares of fabric.

Accessories underscore, rather than overwhelm. High boots with stereotypically "couture" stiletto heel are printed with displaced fabric textures to blend into garments, or function like jewelry in mirror-finish silver or gold. Knit caps are like chignons, delineating the skull. A fur scarf with an intarsia of the house logo wraps looks, like a macro-sized version of an archive Balenciaga couture label. This is the foundation of the house of Balenciaga, its vocabulary. The lines are original, but their context  is new. Their context is now.

CHOPARD Happy Diamonds 40th Anniversary Cocktail Party

The playful swirl began in 1976, and ever since, the Happy Diamonds have been successfully spreading their joyful aura around the world. It all started with one statement: Diamonds are happier when they are free.

In the 1970s, Chopard designer Ronald Kurowski marvelled at the sight of a waterfall with thousands of water droplets bursting from it, reflecting the sunlight and shimmering with all the colours of the rainbow.

This vision sparked his brilliant idea of enabling diamonds to shine more brightly by freeing them from their traditional claw settings and enabling them to move spontaneously. Moving diamonds were consequently inserted into a golden socket with a concave tip that allowed them to “dance” around the dial.

The first Happy Diamonds model was a men’s watch, a large cushion-shaped timepiece with an 18-carat white gold case and bracelet framing a black dial magnificently highlighting the first moving diamonds. This iconic creation, which won the prestigious Golden Rose of Baden-Baden in 1976, inspired a model celebrating the 40th anniversary of the invention of moving diamonds.


Aquascutum AW2016/17 Ad Campaign

 Founded in 1851, Aquascutum’s heritage is rooted in the excellence of British tailoring and to this day delivers a stylish and luxurious elegance. Not always realised, the words ‘Aqua Scutum’ in Latin translate to ‘Water Shield’; for tailor and founder of the brand John Emary was the person responsible for pioneering the first waterproof wool fabric, then used from 1914 to make the functional trench coats for officers in the First World War.

The new AW2016 Campaign is shot by up-and-coming photographer Ash Reynolds, who regularly works with Luxury brands and editorial clients between London, Paris and New York. With his in-depth technical knowledge coupled with his eye for detail and love of film and fashion, he has developed a style of strength and elegance that is clearly defined through his use of light and his minimal aesthetic. The focus of the campaign is two-fold. This year the brand celebrates its 165th birthday, and 40 years of the iconic club check. One male and two female models wear the collection in the new images for the season, against an abstract and linear backdrop of angular cylindrical tubes, inspired by the original club check pattern the brand has championed for almost half a century.

Dior Introduces LUCKY DIOR SIGNET Rings

 Dior introduces the SIGNET Ring embellished with natural stone to wear as a lucky charm, simple named Lucky Dior. The symbols of the house can be found on every talisman. The emblems of the bee, lily-of-the valley, clover, rose, star oval and the initials are combined with a kaleidoscope of colors. Subtly worn singly or combined. The signet rings lend a touch of modern refinement to hands.

TOD'S Introduces Animal Prints Fall 2016 Collection

 TOD'S introduces animal prints collection this fall, from bold zebra print bucket bag to leopard print Double T collection for you to go wild. To complete the look, a pair of comfortable slip on shoes with graphic effect and contrasting color is a must. The combination of special materials and contemporary ethos convey the brand's perfect balance between its strong traditional roots and its inherit modernity.