DIOR AW2016/17 Collection

DIOR AW2016/17 Collection comes in black silhouettes as crisp as the sheets of white paper on which they spring to life: dense, textured, embroidered and quilted.

There follow hand-painted dévoré velvets, re-colored jacquards inspired by one of Monsieur Dior’s iconic sketches – the one of the Ice-Cream dress, fragments of color, embroidered motifs atop prints, a touch of leopard… Everything lies in the mix and the compilation.

Looks etch out the contours of femininity in movement, capturing the electric attitude of a rebellious Parisienne on a mission to master untamed territory. Eccentric, whimsical, adorned. She is seductive. Assertive. Fun-loving.

Necklines play on sensual allure; the shoulder is draped, concealed or laid bare; a flash of skin without false modesty. Volumes and silhouettes emerge from the sway of a line, a stylistic circumlocution.

The influence of men’s tailoring and work clothes accentuate the determined stride of an urban jungle explorer. Peplums are asymmetrical and sometimes exaggerated; large pockets on workwear and wide, buttoned martingales offer up a new interpretation of the lines on the Bar suit.

Dior silhouettes with generous volumes define the Dior woman’s new reality, one that is free and dynamic, current and intuitive.

Mobile rings, multi-clip ear jewelry, handbags like scaled-up wallets have multiple compartments, and are paired with cross-body sunglasses cases. A new Dior icon: a bag entirely embroidered or in exotic leather, ostrich, crocodile and lizard mixed together to create an aesthetic friction.

Montblanc Launches New Urban Spirit Collection & Augmented Paper Contemporary Leather Pieces

Montblanc launches New Urban Spirit Collection & Augmented Paper Contemporary leather pieces and innovative writing device unveiled at the specially curated urban space at Montblanc 1881 boutique. For one night only, Montblanc transformed its Heritage 1881 boutique into a sensational modern street art space for the launch of the Montblanc Urban Spirit Collection, a brand new collection of fine leather companions designed for the urban traveller.

Inside the urban art space, guests discovered pieces defined by innovative functionality and streamlined designs, thoughtfully crafted to fit in with the lifestyles of the modern-day pioneers. These dynamic urban lifestyles inspired the multi-sensorial experience created by the raw industrial decor, urban sounds and live urban street art. Welcomed by a Harley-Davidson motorbike (Sportster- Forty-Eight), and creative display of Urban Spirit Collection at the main entrance, guests had the chance to enjoy creative cocktails prepared by renowned mixologist WooNow while DJ Signo Sound provided hottest urban music for the evening.

Highlights from the party included a urban street art live demonstration on huge canvas by artist Used Pencil and dynamic 180 degree photo booth which allowed guests to create their own personalized photos by using Montblanc’s latest writing & digital device Augmented Paper. An interaction with illustration artist Kalo Chu who applied her modern calligraphy to the personalization of Urban Spirit leather bookmark, adding an unconventional twist on traditional western calligraphy on the beautiful Urban Spirit leather piece.

The full Urban Spirit Leather Collection including backpacks, totes, duffle bags, document cases and double gusset briefcases, as well as the Urban Spirit Men’s Accessories that included elegant cufflinks and bracelets inspired by street architecture.

The newly launched Montblanc Augmented Paper is thoughtfully takes the traditional art of handwriting into digital world. With Montblanc Augmented Paper, written notes and sketches can be transferred from paper to a mobile device with the simple press of a button. Once on the device, the content can be edited, shared with others and translated into digital text to increase productivity and performance. Bringing together the best of both analogue and digital worlds, Augmented Paper pairs the enjoyment of a natural Montblanc writing experience on real paper with the efficiency of digitizing work so that it can be organized and shared from anywhere.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Delivering Your Christmas Blessings By Atelier Reverso

Christmas, the time to deliver warm blessings to your loved ones, yet it is never easy to prepare a unique and seduced gift. With its swivelling case, the Reverso continues to astonish and dazzle the world with its enduring legacy, timeless design and exquisite craftsmanship. Personalising the back of the model is a unique way of claiming ownership of one’s watch. Jaeger-LeCoultre has imagined a way of rendering this experience even more exclusive by offering the “Atelier Reverso” service that provides the possibility of having the back of the Reverso engraved, as well as changing the strap. In this festive season, creating a personalised watch for your loved ones would be the perfect gift idea. A simple turn of the case unleashes boundless imagination and creativity. This natural and intuitive touch is still the most iconic characteristic of the Reverso. Since its creation in 1931, the watch never ceases to reinvent itself and take us by surprises. Years pass, times change, the Reverso not only persists its distinguished heritage and technical excellence, while combining the Grand Maison’s core values and contemporary aesthetics in its pursuit of innovation. The Reverso remains as an epitome of elegance in different times and cultures.

Marking the 85th anniversary of the Reverso, Jaeger-LeCoultre takes innovation to the next level by introducing the Atelier Reverso to watch enthusiasts. This service opens a new chapter for the icon with imagination. You may choose from Reverso Classic, Reverso Tribute and Reverso One collections and design your own caseback, which will be enlivened by the artisans at Vallée de Joux. A thoughtful gift brings delight to the owner with beautiful inspiration behind. The collection naturally enables a choice of straps in a wealth of refined shades as well as calfskin, alligator leather, ostrich and satin, to cater different occasions and sensitivities. Jaeger-LeCoultre has also invited the star guest, Christian Louboutin, to take part in the Atelier Reverso 2016 edition. The brilliantly fanciful collaborative endeavour between the artist and the artisan is a beautiful symphony of creativity with endless possibilities and wonders. With its remarkable history and tradition, Jaeger-LeCoultre manifests ingenuity while adding modern touches in its creations. Similarly, to keep up with the fast-paced tech world, the watchmaker extraordinaire adapts its ways in embracing both traditional and innovation with all watch connoisseurs.


CERRUTI 1881 Unveils A New Boutique Concept Store In Paris

 CERRUTI 1881 unveils a new boutique concept located at 51 Boulevard Haussmann, 9th arrondissement of Paris recently. The new boutique is a fresh approach for CERRUTI 1881 on retailing: masculine elegance, classic Italian design in a minimalist ambiance to create a chic understated atmosphere for the collections.

A more minimal industrial feel has been used inside a classic Haussmannian building creating a light arty and Cement concrete, industrial beams, light sculptures and modular fixtures give the space a simple chic atmosphere.

A full range of CERRUTI 1881 is presented in a space of 300m2. This boutique offers the customer a complete experience in the CERRUTI 1881 universe; from the ready-to-wear collections to the accessories for Men's & Women's: Writing instruments, watches and Jewelry, leather goods, fragrances, eyewear, ties & scarves and e-accessories.

Remaining to its savoir-faire, an area is dedicated to the tailor made, offering the customers a sartorial experience.

CERRUTI 1881 will celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2017 with a fashion show during the Men's Paris Fashion week in January and the opening of its new flagship store during the summer 2017 with a new concept designed by Jason Basmajian.

Van Cleef & Arpels @ Perlée™ Collection

 In keeping with the Perlée™ collection’s inventiveness, Van Cleef & Arpels presents new creations that reassert its rounded aesthetic. Three Between the Finger™ Rings give pride of place to hard stones, while a diamondset pendant and matching earstuds display varying tones of gold. Faithful to the tradition of the beaded contour so dear to the Maison, they all suggest associations – bold or delicate that can be composed to suit every occasion. Encapsulating ancestral savoir-faire, the Perlée collection’s border of gentle and sparkling golden beads is now associated with one of Van Cleef & Arpels’ emblematic signatures: the Between the Finger Ring. With their twin motifs linked by an open ring, these pieces adorn the hand thanks to a curvaceous duet of cabochons – one in hard stone, the other in gold set with diamonds.

Each ring is enhanced by a precious dialogue: yellow gold accentuates the singular beauty of malachite, white gold reveals the luminosity of turquoise, while gentle pink gold echoes the radiant color of carnelian. These precious combinations are magni%ed by a border of golden beads, which unfurls around each cabochon in two or three rows. Matching these creations, a pendant and earstuds reinterpret the diamond-set cabochon in yellow, white and pink gold. Feminine and timeless, these jewelry pieces illuminate the silhouette with discretion. Ever since the Perlée collection was created, its pieces have lent themselves to varied associations and complemented other collections by Van Cleef & Arpels. There is a combination to suit every taste: sparkling pieces, like the Perlée diamonds pendant or earrings, are a perfect match for set or engraved creations such as the Perlée clovers ring, the Perlée signature bracelet or the Frivole diamond ring. White, pink and yellow gold form a delicate harmony, notably in the shape of three Perlée pearls of gold bracelets. Perlée couleurs pieces compose infinite combinations with an Alhambra® long necklace, pendant and ring or in a more *oral version with Cosmos earrings.

From the selection of diamonds and hard stones to setting and polishing the gold, the Perlée collection reflects all Van Cleef & Arpels’ jewelry-making savoir-faire. The gold beads are reworked individually by hand, then patiently polished until they acquire their characteristic sparkle while maintaining a rounded profile. Every detail is carefully studied, as evidenced by the Perlée clovers rings whose surfaces have been subtly softened to make them even more comfortable to wear. On the set pieces, openwork on the gold allows the light to pass through and accentuates the beauty of the diamonds. The latter have been chosen according to the same stringent criteria as any Van Cleef & Arpels creation: D, E or F for color and IF, VVS1 or VVS2 for clarity. The hard stones also meet particularly high standards. The deep green malachite derives its poetry from straight, regular striations that run through its surface; the blue of the turquoise stands out for its intense, opaque and uniform color; the carnelian has been chosen for the consistency of its deep and warm orangey-red hue, enhanced by careful polishing. At every stage of the creative process, the quest for excellence endows each jewel with the emotion of a rare piece.

The Perlée collection dates from 2008, yet golden beads have been part of Van Cleef & Arpels’ history since the 1920s. The Maison used a thin thread of metal grains to outline the motifs of certain jewels, such as the Egyptian-style pieces in vogue following the discovery of Tutankhamen’s tomb in 1922. From 1948 onwards, gold beads became a style in their own right and blossomed on numerous Van Cleef & Arpels collections. An example can be found in the yellow gold necklaces, earrings, bracelets and watches of the astonishing Couscous collection – born out of by a trip to Morocco by the Arpels family. The 1960s’ taste for soft, *uid shapes gave rise to the Twist collection which combines gold beads, coral beads and cultured pearls in a delicate spiral and the Alhambra motif, fringed with an elegant beaded contour. In 2008, the gold bead aesthetic inspired the Perlée collection. Since then, the Maison has continually reinvented it with evocatively named creations: Perlée pearls of gold, Perlée couleurs, Perlée diamonds, Perlée clovers and Perlée signature.

BVLGARI 2016 Christmas Set Fragrance

BVLGARI AQVA Pour Homme Pouch Set Christmas 2016

Vibrant, pure and masculine. This crisp blend of mandarin and petir grain, spiced with sexy mineral amber, evokes a brisk, aromatic freshness, with an elegant Mediterranean touch.

Petir Grain
Mineral Amber

Bvlgari Man in Black 
A modern fragrance that’s empowered with a rare seductive force, that balances masculinity, and irresistible and magnetic contrasts. Master perfumer Alberto Morillas has created a captivating contrast between leather notes, and spicy syrupy addictiveness.

Natural rum seductive spices

Tuberose/Orris root/absolute leather

Benzoin tonka bean/guiac wood

NEW BVLGARI Rose Goldea Collection 
Featuring The Rose, The Musks, Heart of Pomegranate, Grandiflorum Jasmine Absolute, Sandalwood Milk & White Incense. Rose Goldea evokes the eternal beauty, bringing associations of nature and freshness into a very contemporary and feminine trail.

A Vibrant & Joyful Fragrance featuring Curaçao Bigarade Orange; Passion Flower & Cocoa Beans on a Bossa-Nova Tune.

Head Notes:
Curacao Bigarade Orange freshness of Maracuja passion fruit

Heart Notes:
Exotic fruity Passion Flower Gardenia from Brazil

Base Notes:
Cocoa Beans Vetiver Essence