Creating A Vintage Design At Glashütte Original

Since first presented in March 2018 they have been among the most popular watches in the Glashütte Original collection: the green Sixties and Sixties Panorama Date. 2018's annual edition was a sensational success with watch connoisseurs and fans of vintage around the world – thanks primarily to the distinctive green dials. Twenty-five separate steps are required to lend these timepieces their unique faces, all of which are performed in the Glashütte Original dial manufactory in Pforzheim, where the contemporary, essentially manual process continues to draw inspiration from the past.

With its Sixties line Glashütte Original takes up the traditions and heritage of legendary watches like the “Spezimatic”, which during the 1960s brought characteristic design elements of the time to the wrist. Original dials and archival technical drawings remain a source of inspiration in the development of new dials today, for the designs in Glashütte and the dialmakers in Pforzheim. In terms of effort, the process is no less demanding than that required to produce sophisticated mechanical movements. Glashütte Original, after all, is one of the very few manufactories to make its own dials – and this critical element of timekeeping must meet quality standards as stringent as those governing all other components of its watches.

Exceptional quality starts with the precise punching of the German silver blank, the first step in the production of a Sixties dial for the 2018 annual edition. The following step creates the elaborate embossed surface, with historic watches serving as a model. A 60-tonne press stamps the striking pattern onto the blank – the same process was in use more than 50 years ago in Pforzheim, when dials were already being produced there for the Glashütte manufactory.

The embossing punch used today, with its filigreed decoration, dates from this period. One-of-a-kind with characteristic curved edges Once the press has completed its imposing task, the blank is cut to its definitive diameter, and a hole is inserted at the centre for the hands. A second pass under a press lends the disc, which is only 0.5 mm thick, its characteristic domed perimeter. Here, too, there are connections to history: whereas in the 1960s the domed shape served to mask the height of the movement  much thicker at the time than today's movements – so as to follow the trend for flatter watches, today the curved edges are a characteristic element of the Sixties line's vintage design. In the meantime, contemporary automatic movements like the three-hand model's Calibre 39-52 now fit easily into a case barely 10 millimetres high. The Calibre 39-47, which drives the Sixties Panorama Date, measures 12.4 millimetres in height.

And with that, the size, shape and structure are fixed. The subsequent steps in the process transform the semi-processed blank into the face of the timepiece. Several coats of vibrant green lacquer are applied to the previously galvanised dial before it receives its “dégradé” finish. This effect is achieved by spraying on black paint, with great care and in such a way that the dial perimeter takes on a much darker hue than at its centre, resulting in an individual colour gradient that renders each dial unique. The lacquered dials are then heated in a kiln to burn in the colours.

A diamond soon cuts through these layers to form eight of the twelve hour indexes. This renders the raw material visible once again, so that the hours in the Sixties Annual Edition are counted in German silver – and in white. As was the case for the historic reference models, the numerals 3, 6, 9 and 12 are printed in white in the remaining gaps, using a pad printing process. The same holds true for the Glashütte Original logo and the logo-scripts “Glashütte i/Sa” (Glashütte in Saxony) and “Made in Germany”. The final step in this elaborate process consists in the application of Super-LumiNova. Small dots are applied by hand to the hour indexes, which develop their luminous force in the dark.  Together with the radiant bars on the hour and minute hands, they ensure that the Sixties models are perfectly legible by night as well.

On the one hand, then, the dials of the green Sixties and Sixties Panorama Date are precious components made with modern methods using materials of the highest quality. At the same time, their style, details and historic references contribute decisively to the character of both annual edition watches. It hardly matters whether one values them more for their contemporary engineering or for the tradition-rich art of watchmaking: there's not much time left to try on one of these exceptional Sixties models, at Glashütte Original boutiques or authorised dealers around the world. When time runs out, they will be replaced by a new annual edition that references, in a new and unequivocal way, the design of dials from the nineteen sixties.



For over five decades, CALVIN KLEIN has existed to provoke, challenge and defy the status quo and they believe that embracing authentic self-expression creates a platform for authentic connections – and ultimately, a catalyst for change.

The latest campaign, I SPEAK MY TRUTH IN #MYCALVINS presents today’s most influential voices telling their own stories, in their own words and invites others around the world to do the same.

The I SPEAK MY TRUTH IN #MYCALVINS campaign reveals the personal narratives of each cast member in a series of videos by acclaimed director, Jonas Lindstroem and accompanying still images shot by renowned photographer, Mario Sorrenti. Truths range from cheeky and playful to raw and emotional, with many playing off the letters that compromise the iconic CK monogram.

The campaign released worldwide in installments beginning on May 9th and embrace a video-first approach, supported by digital and social media and high-impact outdoor locations.

A movement about feeling free to express yourself in an uninhibited and sometimes provocative way, the latest campaign is a call-to-action to SPEAK YOUR TRUTH through the #MYCALVINS platform - a hashtag that resonates and connects people around the world.

The campaign features a cast of cultural catalysts. Chosen for their raw talent, each is a force to be reckoned with.

A$AP Rocky, Musician
Bella Hadid, Model
Billie Eilish, Musician
Chika, Musician
Indya Moore, Actor, Activist
Kendall Jenner, Model
Kevin Abstract, Digital Media Artist, Filmmaker, Musician
Noah Centineo, Actor
Shawn Mendes, Musician
Troye Sivan, Actor, Musician
Yoo Ah-In, Actor


EA7 Emporio Armani SS2019 Collection

EA7 Emporio Armani’s SS2019 collection includes stylish pieces along with others that focus more on technical performance. The logo is a key theme throughout the collection, whether enlarged or repeated all-over on tracksuits, T-shirts, trousers and trainers.

The fusion of technology with fashion was highlighted on the runway when the Emporio Armani show for SS2019 opened with pieces from the EA7 line: technical streetwear-style windbreakers, shorts and hoodies in reflective materials, and skinny trousers, all mixed and matched with oversized fits.

This selection has close ties to the 7.0 line, EA7 Emporio Armani’s more fashion-oriented offer, composed of modern technical outfits in sapphire blue and sandy pink for women and with Art Deco-inspired silver prints for men.

The EA7 collection stands out for its innovation, its design, the quality of its materials and its precise details, thanks in particular to the use of three technologies that guarantee the utmost functionality. EA7 Vigor7 was designed for athletic performance and intense activity: the cut and seams mark and highlight the muscle areas, allowing for greater freedom of movement and better performance.

EA7 Ventus7 is used for aerobic disciplines performed for longer periods of time, offering the greatest breathability during training. The seasonal graphics on this activewear range – geometric florals for women and starry sky-inspired motifs for men are printed on a reflective material to make outdoor runners more visible.

Each piece is equipped with carefully designed, practical pockets to enable you to take your smartphone, keys or any other must-have accessories with you wherever you go. Blacks and greys are paired with bright acid green and blue tones.

The line’s broad offering embraces seasonal sports. Swimwear and Tennis pieces include swimsuits, beach accessories and competition uniforms in the collection’s prints, colours and graphics. This season’s Soccer garments feature game kits in black and white, with gold tape and clear references to ‘90s style, while the Active Bike range becomes increasingly rich. Accessories complete the collection, with a wide choice of technical, fashionable trainers, backpacks and bags.


Salvatore Ferragamo Presents Statement Making Laser Cut Pieces

Salvatore Ferragamo introduces statement making leather pieces in its latest SS2019 Collection; these laser cutting pieces are bound to be the most coveted this season. Made with utmost craftmanship, the SS2019 shoes are made from laser cut leather for a geometric Viennese straw effect. Paired with this season’s latest structural and flower heels; these pieces are edgy yet sophisticated. For bag options, the laser cut technique is applied onto the highly coveted Vara bow handbag. The front flap of the signature handbag is adorned with the Maison’s iconic Vara bow with a palladium logo plate for the ultimate chic.


FURLA SS2019 The Furla Society Advertising Campaign

FURLA SS2019 The Furla Society Advertising Campaign is a true celebration of everything that encompasses The Furla Society – freedom of expression, individuality, playfulness and diversity – we see the new, vibrant collection come to life through playful, memorable messaging. To underline the Italian DNA, Furla utilized the streets of Milan as their playground, the season comes alive with playful model interactions. With paired back, every day surroundings, each character stands out from the crowd as being unashamedly bold, confident and eclectic. Through energetic, beautiful moments caught in time, Furla poetically speaks to everything The Furla Society stands for and embodies.

The campaign was shot by film director Steven Brahms and campaign photographer Stas May, with creative direction from Wednesday Agency. Filmed in Italy with Soo Joo, Chiara Scelsi, Joan Smalls, Lucky Blue Smith and Pyper America as models, spring summer comes alive through a celebration of eclectic characters who embody the Furla ethos – creative, confident, optimistic, modern engaging, joyful and young in spirit. Furla’s invites everyone to join and celebrate the freedom of #TheFurlaSociety.


Boucheron Presents Serpent Bohème Novelties

In 1968, an exquisite creature came out of the Boucheron workshops. Serpent Bohème's mesmerizing jeweler's dance had begun; the dance that would never end. With its head evoked by a subtle droplet shape and its chiseled body rippling under its golden scales, over the years this reptile has come to stand out as a mesmeric classic in the Maison's repertoire. A majestic demonstration of the craftsmanship of Boucheron's jewelers. Although, over the last fifty years, the motif has taken a few liberties, at times exchanging, for example, its diamond paving for a new range of colored stones - turquoise, lapis lazuli or white mother-of-pearl - its spirit has remained unchanged. It has snaked its way from pendant to bracelet, from ear-jewel to ring, from watch to headband, always retaining the aura of mystery that surrounds women of character. To adopt this animal that symbolizes infinity is to choose a special, vivid and protective talisman that knows how to play femininity. Like the Boucheron woman, with panache, but softly softly, Serpent Bohème has never been so free.

Serpent Bohème is first and foremost a subtle mix of materials worked with infinite virtuosity. A series of codes constantly replayed. In white, pink or yellow gold, Serpent Bohème bracelets now come with XS motifs, paved with diamonds or inset with turquoise, lapis lazuli or white mother-of-pearl.

The Maison Boucheron is also trying a whimsical, baroque effect with a version that combines colored stones with diamonds. These lapis lazuli, turquoise and mother-of pearl bracelets are ornately sealed by a jeweler's clasp with a tassel. Twenty-four individual Serpent Bohème is what you get with this yellow gold and diamonds headband.

Original version in diamonds, the XS drop motif also comes in the colors of turquoise, lapis lazuli and mother-of-pearl. It is combined with a strong twisted chain in yellow or white gold, which itself even features the odd round-set diamond. The jewelry watch has adopted Serpent Bohème time, with a gold bracelet paved with diamonds or mother-of-pearl, or with a malachite or lapis lazuli dial.