SAINT LAURENT Summer 20 #YSL29 By Anthony Vacarello


Art Direction: 
Anthony Vaccarello

Nathalie Canguilhem

Vassili Schneider
Ethan Haddad
Liu Xiaoyi
Thomas Greaux
Zsofia Varju
Marie Moulin


Adeline Ziliox SS2020 Haute Couture Collection

 The source of the life is the origin of the new collection by Adeline Ziliox SS2020 Haute Couture Collection.

The fountainhead of a river or stream; the place from which a flow of water begins. A person who or thing which is the chief or prime cause of a specified condition, quality, emotion, etc.; a place where such a condition originates.

A place where, or process by which, energy or some specific component enters a system; a point or centre from which a fluid or current flows.

Like pure water spouting out of the mother earth and flowing down the rocks covered of moss in a virgin forest.

The sources are several. They can be made with joy or sadness, with happiness, inspiration, life, energy.

This inexhaustible source, inside all of us. An interpretation as much spiritual as in the reality of the moment which we’re living on our planet.

This planet we must protect, as we must take care of our inner source. 

The mix of the elements like water and ground reflects the association of the fabrics, the work on the empty and the full like our life tempo, the embroideries like emotional landscapes.

Always in an eco-friendly approach and involved in the future of our planet, Adeline Ziliox uses only french know-hows, short courses for restraining the ecological impact, and fabrics like embroideries made by hand in her french ateliers.


The Peacock Chinese Restaurant - A Taste of China

Finding authentic Chinese food is not that easy as it sounds despite the proliferation of Chinese Restaurants in many capital cities where there is a solid Chinese community and Dubai is no exception. While almost every Chinese/Asian restaurant claims that they serve the most authentic regional cuisine in Dubai with many other options that are to delight your palate in their own way of belief. Does The Peacock Chinese Restaurant in Sheraton Jumeirah Beach Resort have what it takes? mylifestylenews discovers.

Over 20 years at the Sheraton Jumeirah Beach Road (JBR), The Peacock Chinese Restaurant touts itself as serving the most authentic Chinese and Szechuan dishes prepared by Chef Xiao Jun who hails from Beijing, so we were quite interested and anticipated to see what and how authentic flavors he can create in his kitchen with his non-Chinese culinary team. The restaurant itself is located on the mezzanine level overlooking the main lobby and has a very Oriental classic feel and fit out that could do with a refresh, but it is all about the food and service for this evening out. Our visit was on the second last day of the Lunar Chinese New Year, hence the Chinese New Year decorations were still up, adorned with a multitude of red lanterns, tassels and chilies ornaments reminiscent to good luck and wealth and also to brighten up the festive mood.

Red and gold are the preferred colors for Chinese to create a warmth and bustling yet contemporary ambience. Tabletops reference the Chinese touch with red linens and decorated with red water tumblers settings juxtaposed with the folded napkin in peacock motifs accompanied by miniature bamboo plants and candle lamps adding more color to the cozy restaurant. Dark solid wooden flooring contrasts with the hanging round panels on the walls with tradition paper cuts from the Lunar New Year decoration.

Tall celestial pillars from the lobby set a rather majestic mood that enlighten the ambience in the restaurant as well as decorative vases, huge hand painted fans mounted to the walls with traditional Chinese mountain scenery as well as peacock paintings representing longevity in Chinese belief. While the light background classic Chinese was played from the piped-in system, and you can also hear the woks in the kitchen being fired up which creates some expectations, so we were set for a most anticipated feast.

<Szechuan Hot & Sour Soup>
Soup plays the role as an appetite opener for any traditional Chinese dinner as it is not only to “warm up” your appetite but also to warm your empty stomach before venturing for the feast. Szechuan hot & sour is commonly find in any Chinese restaurant especially from the northern region as well as those Chinese restaurants in a foreign land seemingly becoming a must on their menu and being modified to suit the local palate and most of the time, it turns into a disaster. It is a common dish but many don't get it right for its complexity of taste and flavor from the ingredients used. The Peacock Chinese Restaurant version has most of the condiments right and quite generous in volume to get the right texture for not being overly starched to the overall presentation but forgotten the highlight of this soup by having the kick and pungent kick of the hot – from the chili and sour – from the vinegar. It was absolutely bland in taste and not any close to the taste of origin. A rather disappointed start!

<Wonton Soup with Chopped Shrimp>
Another soup dish commonly found on the menu in any overseas Chinese restaurant is here to please. This light clear chicken broth was nothing surprising and the wanton paste dough was a little heavy and tough, garnished with seaweeds which was not really the version commonly known to any Chinese on such serving.

<Fried Chengdu Chicken Wings>
Not that we particularly love to have all the deep-fried items on the menu but the Fried Chicken Wings - Chengdu version was quite aromatic and enticing that was garnished with lightly stir-fried Chinese parsley, onion, chili, pepper and salt. Such combination gives a pleasant fragrance while it was served hot to the table. For such a recipe, it could be a little more salty (which it is meant to be) for authenticity but a winner.

<Duck Spring Roll>
You may once again think that this is a non-Chinese diner must-order when it comes to any Chinese restaurant, as spring rolls are many people’s all time favorite as a snacker or appetizer to them. You are half right. The duck spring rolls here are quite outstanding, with a rich shredded duck filling that was well marinated, cooked and wrapped around with the spring roll paste that was deep fried to golden brown, halved and served on a bed of roughly chopped lettuce and decorative carrot. A must order!

<BBQ Pork Ribs>
While there are less than five fingers count of Chinese restaurants in Dubai that has a pork kitchen that serves non-halal food especially with a variety of pork dishes, The Peacock Chinese Restaurant BBQ Pork Ribs doesn’t disappoint. The chunky meat was cooked to perfection, meaty and flavorsome and needs no dipping sauce but to enjoy the taste from its well marinated meat.

<Deep Fried Prawn Toasts>
Six pieces of well sliced and small toasts fully layered with prawn paste and topped with sesame that was deep fried to its crispiness. Slightly on the oily side yet quite delicious and worth ordering.

<Half BBQ Peking Duck>
Since Chef Xiao Jun originated from Beijing, hence a Peking duck dish is a must order and for us to see what kind of version or secret recipe that he would deliver to his diner of this national dish. The meat was dry and in quite small portion and was not being sliced instead of chopped into pieces. None of the skin was orderly sliced either, not to say it was not crispy but soggy – it was deep fried instead of being roasted as we suspected. This is always a challenging dish to get it right as most diners have a high expectation and anticipation for Peking duck. When a kitchen is not well equipped to have a special roast oven in order to get this right, would you like to have a pan-fried pizza instead of an oven roasted pizza? Same theory applies. The accompanying pancakes were another disgrace where most of them were broken into half or few pieces and made it not possible to roll and half of them laid in the basket not in a complete round shape and below lukewarm temperature. A total let down!

<Steamed Whole Fish from the Coast with chilli, spring onion and soy>
Red snapper was presented as ‘fish of the day” not overly cooked and steamed to the right temperature served with chili, spring onion and Chinese parsley that gave a bit of tart counterpoint to the premium soy sauce and overheated oil poured onto the fish. A true Cantonese style of cooking to steamed fish dish.

<Sauteed Prawns with soy, spring onions, ginger and hot garlic>
One of the many delicate dishes from the menu that is worth ordering for its freshest taste and delicious flavor, the prawns were springy and not overly cooked and enhanced by the light soy sauce which was well executed.

<BBQ Pork with garlic and green chili>
The pork meat was tasty but rather old and too lean for such stir-fried combination as the fats from the meat are the soul and spirit to highlight the flavor of this dish. The supposed reddish coloring marinades turned orangy and not as authentic in flavor as we expected.

The overall taste and authenticity from the menu did not bring out the best from the cooking, but credit still has to be given to the culinary team trying to bring the closest taste of origin as they can from the limited ingredients supplied in Dubai and also the know-how to get it right and excel with its authenticity. But one has to be circumspect in knowing that the chef is appealing to many different palates. The service team is very warm and welcoming and prompt in serving. Bernadette’s shining hospitality is particularly a standout with her cheery, helpful approach and was spot on with managing our table requests.

The food was overall well cooked and while not everything was authentic with a few hits-and-misses, it is always a matter of personal taste. The overly decorated vegetable garnish plated with each dish was not really necessary, as the menu items described are what counts in Chinese cooking. The extensive menu has so much more options to try on our next visit and there is certainly a deft hand in the kitchen in areas where other Chinese kitchens fail, so some dishes were beyond our expectations, which is always an experience you want to have. When you are craving something and looking for a change for Chinese food, finding a “Taste of China” – in general and more than just a glimpse, you may find what you want here.

Tried & Tested:
Location: 4/5
Design & Decor: 3/5
Food & Beverage: 3.5/5
Service: 4.5/5
Value For Money: 3.5/5
Experience: 4/5

Duck Spring Rolls
BBQ Pork Ribs

Sheraton Jumeirah beach Resort
Al Mamsha Road,
P.O. Box 53567
Dubai UAE
Tel: +971 4 399 5533

Reviews are based on actual day of visit and experience. mylifestylenews reserves the right of final decision in case of any disputes. All images are photographed by mylifestylenews team without any photoshop enhancement and are the property owned by mylifestylenews unless otherwise stated. 

HERMÈS SS2020 Objects & Accessories Collection - mylifestylenews Top Ten's Pick

Surrounded by palms and crowned with flowers, this majestic Bengal tiger designed by Christiane Vauzelles assumes a peaceful allure on this multicolour bandana.

For the first time, their H clasp is covered with printed enamel, matching their graphic motifs or showcasing an equestrian inspiration.

The Bolide bag is decorated with a rainbow made of strips of leather that have been worked using the piqué-collé technique. It is available in two harmonies, one evoking the sun at high noon, the other twilight.

The new collection of porcelain objects displays colourful equestrian designs and graphic motifs, created by Gianpaolo Pagni and Philippe Mouquet.

Floral and cheerful levity for this pump in cotton canvas printed with the Fantaisie botanique motif by Virginie Jamin.

With the design Hermès Odyssey, Daiske Nomura creates a spacecraft shaped like an H flying past the planet Mercury, Hermès’s other name in mythology.

The iconic Chaîne d’ancre link is worked in leather, giving rise to a new feminine tote structured in two parts. The links of each part are cut from a single piece of leather, and the two parts are assembled using two stitched vertical strips. This lightweight tote features crisp lines, and holds a removable silk pouch that closes with leather cords and is printed with the design Manufacture de Boucleries zoom by Gianpaolo Pagni. One last link can be found on the bottom of the tote, an invitation to leave a print in the sand.

The six letters of the word Hermès compose a graphic stamp design by Gianpaolo Pagni. Reminiscent of puzzle pieces, they decorate a beach towel in terry cloth, a bag in cotton canvas, and rackets in beech.

The new collection of porcelain objects displays colourful equestrian designs and graphic motifs, created by Gianpaolo Pagni and Philippe Mouquet.

This bag, created in 1958, takes on new sizes, a new construction, and new materials. Thanks to its adjustable strap, it can be worn in a variety of ways: short, long, crossbody. In its Anate rainbow version, it is decorated with a colourful leather fringe that creates a rainbow.


BOUCHERON Presents A Message of Love In 2020 Valentine's Day

BOUCHERON presents a message of love in 2020 Valentine's day. To the Maison BOUCHERON, jewelry is the best love messenger. At this love festival, confess your love with BOUCHERON classics: Quatre, Jack de Boucheron, Plume de Paon and Pivoine collection.

It was in 2004 that the Quatre line made its entrance at the Maison, establishing its graphic signature and contemporary character in the world of BOUCHERON. Over the years, it has become a timeless, unisex icon, constantly reinventing its sculptural look and urban elegance. This is because the Quatre collection, in all its infinite variations, interprets the free spirit of the Maison with a touch of radicalism. The collection embodies at once the Parisian inspiration of the Place Vendôme jeweller and the excellence of the artisan gold sculptor. Classique, Black, White, Radiant and Red... it boldly mixes textures, colors and materials.

Quatre like four graphic moments, four precious designs with sober proportions cut and assembled to perfection, available in dizzying interpretations. The Double Godron, a symbol of infinite love, a symbol of the bond that united Frédéric Boucheron and his wife Gabrielle. Grosgrain, the delicately pleated gold ring that pays tribute to the origins of the jeweler who grew up amidst soft and supple fabrics. Line of diamonds, the layer of sparkle enhanced by a mirror setting, seemingly capturing a fraction of eternal life. Clou de Paris, the finely sculpted surface paying tribute to the cobblestones of Place Vendôme.

Reinventing the way jewelry is worn, Jack de Boucheron collection marks the new chapter in BOUCHERON’s history. It gives free rein to the imagination and creativity of woman. The ultra-contemporary flexibility of this gold wire, in full gold or sheathed with diamonds, is inspired by audio cables, while its clasp hides a connection inspired by a jack. Not just a bracelet, Jack could be connected and piled up to a necklace, belt, hair jewelry or anything. The infinitely free, flexible, playful and unique Jack de Boucheron collection embodies the independence and freedom in woman.

A true aesthete, Frédéric Boucheron was fascinated by the beauties of nature. He loved the wild and always interpreted it free and triumphant. One of these wonders of Nature, the peacock’s feather, soon became one of the jeweler’s inspirations. He reinvented it constantly to create even more striking pieces. In keeping with the touch of lightness instilled by Frédéric Boucheron, the Maison BOUCHERON is carrying forward the ethereal spirit of the Plume de Paon collection. The pieces are surmounted by a rose-cut diamond that radiates the light of the woman who wears them. This collection is truly an ode to delicacy and femininity of woman.

In France the expression “to blush like a peony” evokes romance and the enamored reaction of a woman in love. The Ava Pivoine line combines this emotion with BOUCHERON’s renowned craftsmanship, bringing new life to the peony flower, a symbol of beauty, purity and eternity. Sculpted in white gold and set with diamonds, the interlacing petals of the peony forms the shape of a lover’s knot that binds a couple, symbolizing marriage and unity.


MariVanna Baku - Homecoming Meals To Dine With Friends

From lace curtains that embraces you on the threshold, past century antique chandeliers imported from The Netherlands, glassed cabinets sheltering old books to welcoming donuts wrapped around a samovar and candies on a giant bowl on the table, MariVanna Baku restaurant wants you to feel the wonders of this home to their fullest, not forgetting its sumptuous rustic cross culture cuisine. You have to come here at least once. mylifestylenews writes.

It is always refreshing to travel to a foreign city you have never visited before and throw caution to the wind and book a restaurant that would not be your usual choice. When in Baku, you notice so many influences from around the region, so not only are you hearing and seeing the local language and architecture, but also influences from Russia when they were a part of the USSR. If you google the top 10 restaurants in Baku, there is one that really attracts your eye due to the amazing interior design as wells as their rustic gastronomy – MariVanna Restaurant Baku.

So, MariVanna was at the top of our list and we couldn’t wait to see what all the fuss – low key fuss that is – was about! It is part of a ubiquitous restaurant chain that has outposts in many other countries and while we could not make it to where it all started in Moscow just yet, it has spread its wings to St. Petersburg, New York, Washington D.C. and even London.

We figured that Baku must be a close second as a previous Russian outpost. From the exterior, the façade makes you think of a country house with all the wooden cladding, but on entering the restaurant proper, you feel as if you have been invited to a friend’s house for dinner – a very aristocratic friend for that matter – as it takes your breath away.

Plus, until you explore all the interior design and decor, you have no concept of how large the place is and how eclectic the design and how there are many different rooms – the salon with many bookcases filled to the brim with books, the dining room with shelves filled with Chinas and preserved jars of vegetables and fruits orderly displayed on the shelves, private designed themed dining rooms (one for men and one for women, should you so desire – with a fit out to match such distinctions)  at the back of the building through an open air courtyard where a beer garden is to be transformed in the summer including a dining room for parents to be able to keep tabs on their children across the hallway in the ‘nursery” land of playground.

MariVanna has a total massive capacity and layout to cater for family and facilities offered that has been thoroughly considered to provide the comfort and ease of mind for a dining out experience.

We had never seen anything quite like this, with wooden tables dressed with mismatched doily placemats and cut crystal water tumblers, along with mismatched chairs, marble mantlepieces filled with crystal candelabras, display cases filled to the brim with elegant porcelain. We couldn’t help but soak up the atmosphere and examine every detail, as it is all eye-catching and so unique in its Russian influenced style as they take their interior design very seriously to establish their credentials. The thing is, it all comes together and looks sumptuous, while exuding a warmth and coziness that gives you a feeling of anticipation for what was to unfold for the evening.

The menu arrives and that too catches the eye, with printed paper attached to a wooden board affixed by a spoon, plus you also have a tablet to look at everything digitally and the photos help us (not a local resident) to understand what to expect, in case anything gets lost in translation. It is an extensive menu and it took us some time to get a handle on the breadth of offerings, but in the end, we left it up to the front of house team to surprise us and that they surely did.

Within minutes, a flight of house infused vodkas arrived which was an unexpected surprise. After the first tastes, a delightful one, with raspberry, cranberry, cherry, strawberry and blackcurrant infused flavours to taste and all were fabulous and much less alcoholic content than the normal vodkas, hovering around 25 % in volume, much to our relief especially when you are not a huge vodka fan – from a Russian’s influence.

If this is your first time to experience a genuine Russian meal, be prepared to challenge your taste bud with the exploration of the unknown (with a pleasant ending mostly) as well as the generous portions being served to fill your stomach. And so the surprise selection of food came out gradually, beginning with cold starters.

<Mors with Raspberries>
A freshly homemade seasonal raspberry mors is a must try. The one-liter jug of this juicy and rich fruit drink (not the watery version) made into a very concentrated syrup and diluted with water and carbonated water is simply refreshing and appetizing to begin our Russian evening dining soujorn.

<Dressed Herring Salad>
Looks can be deceiving sometimes, this dressed herring salad (herring under the coat) is topped with layers of chopped herring, roasted carrots, beetroots, potatoes and eggs in mayonnaise dressing is quite a welcoming dish for its surprising delightful palate instead of the fishy impression that you may have thought. The subtle flavours with the herring not too strong, creating a very harmonious dish with all the combinations.

<Stolichni Salad with Chicken>
This vegetable salad with chicken tossed well with mayonnaise was another homey style of salad that ticked all the boxes and was very tasty. Comfort food that pleases everyone’s desire without failed.

This traditional Russian beetroot salad presented in a glassed sundae salad bowl with roughly diced beetroots and mixed legumes is juicy and has a great flavor.

<Jellied Meat>
Roughly minced beef in a glossy see through layer of chucky jelly in great presentation and exceedingly tasty, plus the mustard accompaniment on the side adds the right piquancy as well as the pickles to balance the rich flavor.

<Fresh Vegetable Platter>
Despite just organic freshly green vegetables and herbs with some varieties unknown to us, it was superbly fresh and delicious and more pungent which we loved. This was beautifully presented and packed with flavor and a genuine taste of nature. It turned out to be one of our favorite dishes in the evening but don’t get us wrong, we love our meat dearly.

 <Small Russian Pies>
This basket of small Russian pies looks more like a dinner roll and yet this is another classic Russian dish that has cabbage as its main ingredient, but with the addition of meat that made it a must try.

Dumplings are a must-have when it comes to Russian food sampling. This Vareniki Russian dumplings dish filled with potato, mushroom and fried onion may be very local to the region, but it is also reminiscent of Italian ravioli and a thicker paste dough Chinese dumplings. The fried onion was the soul for this dish that enhances the entire flavor and it was so delicious and so more-ish.

No one should leave the table without ordering a warm bowl of Borsht in any Russian restaurant, especially in the winter. This masterpiece of Ukranian cuisine is tradition personified and while it may conjure up images of a heavy meat soup in many people’s imaginations, it was absolutely delish! The soup contains beetroot, beef, served with garlic, fresh herbs and homemade bread. You also must add the cream, garlic butter and sour cream at the table to give it a full-rounded flavor. It truly is a must order and another highlight for the evening.

<Chicken Kiev>
 When you think you know this dish, you need to taste MariVanna’s recipe as it was simply delectable and no fault detected. The chicken was perfectly crumbed and not oily (to a certain standard of a good Japanese tempura) on the outside and it was juicy and moist accompanied by a bed of creamy yet light mashed potatoes and green salad. It was a standout for the evening and you don’t want to miss this!

<Ballr Piroq Medovike>
Lastly, Desserts came to the table, even though our appetites were waning, so we narrowed it down to the Honey Cake and Chocolate and Cherry Cake - two very contrasting cakes to be sure. This traditional Russian honey layer cake was rich and very intense in flavor with a lightness and not too sweet.

<Xamali Ballr Tort>
This almost a Russian version of “Black Forest Cake” was equally intense, particularly the cherries in between the dense (but light) layers of chocolate sponge. The key to both cakes, was that they were not too heavy and not too sweet, if that is possible to say at least to our palate and liking.

The front of house service team was impeccable and went out of their way to help us understand each dish and need to be commended for their patience and passion to help us enjoy a cuisine that we were not that familiar with. We were reluctant to bring the evening to an end after so much delicious food and the evocation of someone’s dining room that we were soaking up with much pleasure. Now we have experienced the Baku outpost of MariVanna, we will be eager to try another elsewhere in the world and certainly, to feel the wonders of this home to the fullest with homecoming meals to dine with friends. Everyone is invited!

Tried & Tested:
Location: 4.5/5
Design & Decor: 5/5
Food & Beverage: 5/5
Service: 4/5
Value For Money: 4.5/5
Experience: 4.5/5

Chicken Kiev
 Fresh Vegetable Platter

93 Zarifa Aliyeva Street
Baku, Azerbaijan
Tel: +994 1 2404 9595

Reviews are based on actual day of visit and experience. mylifestylenews reserves the right of final decision in case of any disputes. All images are photographed by mylifestylenews team without any photoshop enhancement and are the property owned by mylifestylenews unless otherwise stated.