GIORGIO ARMANI Presents First High Jewellery Collection

 Giorgio Armani launches its first Giorgio Armani High Jewellery Collection, which complements the prêt-à-porter collection and adds a new element to his portfolio of designs for a total lifestyle, all of which are characterised by luxury craftsmanship, as well as a consistent aesthetic based on elegance and the highest-quality materials.

The taste for decorative jewellery has been evident in Armani’s work from the very beginning, in the mid-Seventies, when he began to create sophisticated, sometimes eccentric, objets with hard stones and glass paste, often set in frames of silk trim or ultra-light metals.

The new jewellery, like Giorgio Armani’s clothes, combines simple modernity with a soft character, and quietly references exotic themes. An expression of an unmistakable style, in which purity of design accentuates sensuality, Giorgio Armani jewellery explores some of the Maison’s distinctive symbols, offering an authentic and personal interpretation of luxury. Conceived around three main themes, the collection beautifully explores characteristic elements of the Giorgio Armani world.

Borgonuovo features refined and alluring variations on the theme of the logo, keeping its authentic and linear identity intact. Sometimes lit up by pavé diamonds or semi-precious stones in delicate pastel shades, the famous, distinctive logo is softened by delicate fringes in white gold. Here, design becomes pure decoration.

The Sì series, inspired by the brand's female olfactory symbol, has a clear and decisive character that is expressed through a play on chromatic juxtapositions. Architecturally simple earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces reimagine the shape of a petal, which is multiplied to create elegant black onyx flowers. These are embellished with sparkling clear and black diamonds that reflect beams of light with every movement.

Finally, Firmamento, through the enchanting gleam of pavé and brilliant-cut diamonds, evokes the glow of the stars in the night sky – a recurring theme in Giorgio Armani's imagination that is often referenced in his fashion collections. Stylised stars and crescent moons are transformed into rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces in white gold, sometimes enriched with inserts and fringes.


Aqua Spirit Introduces New ‘Homegrown’ Tanqueray Cocktails

 aqua spirit introduces four new cocktails made with fresh, hand-picked ‘Homegrown’ herbs by celebrating the launch of two new flavours; Rangpur and Malacca, many of which have never been tasted before in Hong Kong. Since 1830, Tanqueray has been defining gin with distinct flavours crafted with perfectly balanced botanicals. Rare and unusual herbs from Italy and Japan are carefully nurtured in aqua’s very own high-tech, miniature grow boxes found inside the restaurant. When the herbs are at their peak of freshness, aqua’s chefs and mixologists immediately harvest them to bring out the finest botanical flavours in six ‘Homegrown’ dishes and now four new Tanqueray cocktails.

Tanqueray Rangpur 
It has a prolific aroma of zesty limes and mandarins which is heightened by fresh yuzu, lime juice and melon liqueur in the Evening Orchard. Handfuls of fresh, peppery pakuchi is blended with these ingredients to balance out the sweetness. Creamy fresh pineapple and crystalised sugar further adds a fruity layer to this sumptuous cocktail which is served in a coupette glass accompanied with a leafy exterior. This sweet and smooth cocktail was designed with the Grilled wagyu sirloin & sea urchin hoba misoyaki with homegrown pakuchi in mind to balance rich, uni flavours and textures.

These four new cocktails were inspired by aqua spirit’s Pakuchi Collins. Presented in a dim sum basket, it is made with the iconic Tanqueray No. 10 gin, honey, lemonade, lemon juice, fresh lime and handfuls of fresh peppery pakuchi. As part of aqua’s Because Brunch; served every Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday, this is also the welcome cocktail, served in a charming miniature plant pot topped with a dried lime slice and eco-friendly potato straws to sip through. 

Rosebud Dusk
 A beautiful blend of botanicals featuring Tanqueray Malacca. Strong floral notes of rose, lavender and jasmine along with fruity juniper berries perfectly entwine with the bittersweet tang of homegrown oxalis. Handfuls of the freshly picked European herb is infused for twenty-four hours with Royal Botanical tonic water. This process produces subtle aromas of elderflower and grapefruit which complements the core summery taste of fresh rosebuds. Served tall with ice, this clear and light cocktail is decorated with a trail of crushed rose petals.

Sherbet Sundown
Sensationally sweet, moreish and true to its name. Tanqueray Rangpur introduces hints of mandarin, ginger and lime whilst chestnut liqueur adds a smooth finish to every sip. Aqua’s master mixologists use a unique blend of agave syrup, lime juice and burnt sugar which is boiled together and then blended with fresh mitsuba leaves to create a yellow hued, zesty and candy-inspired pisco. Fresh pineapple juice and egg white is then shaken to create a layer of cream which is topped with a smoked miniature meringue and peppery mitsuba leaf, served in a coupette. The strong citrus elements of this cocktail pair extremely well with aqua’s Red kakiage & vegetable tempura with homegrown mitsuba which made with red ginger, edamame, corn, dried seaweed, yuzu skin and matcha salt, mixed together and deep-fried, topped with homegrown Japanese mitsuba and glistening gold leaf.

Moonlight Jasmine
This is a playful gin twist on a white negroni inspired by Japan. Seedlip Garden provides an earthy spice which compliments the peppercorn and cloves found in Tanqueray Rangpur. Sweet Japanese umeshu plum sake is then added to create a fresh and floral concoction highlighting aromas of jasmine blossoms, lavender and rose. To finish, a freshly picked homegrown lemon balm leaf is added to slowly infuse citrus with these botanical flavours. The perfect pairing with this refreshing cocktail is the colourful vegetarian Lotus wood, avocado & fig sushi with homegrown mitsuba.

Promotion ends 31st January 2020.


MB&F X L’EPEE 1839 Presents Jurassic Art - T-Rex

They say that art begets more art; that the act of creativity continues to generate and inspire other creations in turn. This is certainly true in the case of T-Rex, the 11th collaboration between MB&F and Switzerland’s premier clockmaker L’Épée 1839. A minimalist clock-face of Murano glass and steel, suspended between two jointed legs that end in taloned feet - T-Rex bears slight physical resemblance to the eponymous king of beasts. The name owes more to the aspects of design that reveal themselves to the close observer, such as the confluence of power and presence conveyed in the taut limbs. The literal time capsule formed by the spherical, skeletonised body is a subliminal yet insistent allusion to the fossilised bones that contain all we know of a prehistoric era.

Two slim steel hands arch outwards from the centre of the Murano glass dial, indicating the hours and minutes. Behind the dial is a 138-component movement by L’Épée 1839, crowned by a balance beating at the rate of 2.5Hz (18,000vph). The clock is wound with a key at the back of the movement for a maximum power reserve of eight days, while time-setting is accomplished at the centre of the dial with the same key. T-Rex was first introduced to audiences earlier this year as a unique piece that had been specially customised for Only Watch, the world’s most high-profile charity watch auction. Previously, MB&F’s contributions to Only Watch had been taken from existing collections. Tom & T-Rex, the MB&F creation for the eighth edition of the auction, broke with tradition by preceding the collection from which it was taken. The point of differentiation is in the name: Tom & T-Rex comes with a rider who represents the children suffering from Duchenne muscular dystrophy, who benefit from the funds raised by Only Watch.

Through the Only Watch iteration, T-Rex has been shown to be perfectly capable of procreation. Looking back in time, its own point of genesis lies within an objet d’art from the desk of MB&F founder Maximilian Büsser, a whimsical combination of a shiny round holiday bauble mounted on metal appendages shaped like birds’ legs. When the time came to create the Co-Creation that was to become T-Rex, Büsser and designer Maximilian Maertens coalesced on this objet. Somehow, this oddly thought-provoking blend of organic and inorganic elements incubated in the mind of Maertens, becoming bigger, stronger, more fantastical - more MB&F! The legs of T-Rex are modelled directly on actual Tyrannosaurus Rex bones, using 3D scans of fossilised dinosaur skeletons as references to create verisimilitude in the final design. Alternating polished and sandblasted segments allow light to interact with the legs in such a way that make T-Rex seem agile and coiled to move, although the entire clock itself weighs approximately 2kg and its joints are fixed in place for stability. Those with an affinity for the metaphorical will see a memento mori of sorts in T-Rex, and not just in its invocation of a long-extinct animal. T-Rex is a clock with legs and pretty fast-looking legs at that! - saying time can run away from us all. Better act quickly, while you can. Live life, make art.

The Inspiration
Powerful and otherworldly, T-Rex was nevertheless drawn from a source both whimsical yet familiar. A quirky ornament on the desk of MB&F founder Maximilian Büsser, composed of a Christmas bauble perched atop two chicken legs. Members of the avian species are said to be modern-day descendents of the mighty dinosaurs of old, but the comic air of T-Rex’s inspiration had a long way to evolve before it came to fruition. Designer Maximilian Maertens was the creative incubator for the eventual rise of T-Rex as the 11th collaboration between MB&F and L’Épée 1839. The 1993 film Jurassic Park was a big influence on Maertens, being the first movie he remembered watching as a child. Said Maertens, “I just had the idea to do something with dinosaurs, and Max (Büsser) was very interested in biomechanical designs at the time, so we melded these two sources around his little desk sculpture and took the next step.” T-Rex is closely modelled on the actual skeleton of a Tyrannosaurus Rex, with Maertens studying 3D scans of dinosaur fossils to inject authenticity into the proportions and positioning of T-Rex’s legs. In the course of designing T-Rex, Maertens even came up with a little backstory to inform the process of developing the perfect balance of mechanical and organic visual elements. “The story takes off from ideas given to me by past projects of MB&F, that we have a pilot in his starship discovering new planets. Eventually he got so far out in space that the only way back to Earth was via a black hole, but it time-warped him back to the time of dinosaurs and the starship was fused with a hatching dinosaur egg. You see the remnants of the starship in the body of the clock and the movement, the dinosaur appears via the legs, and even the black hole remains part of the design, via the dial that sinks inwards towards the centre where time originates.”

The Movement and Body
T-Rex is powered by a 138-component movement, designed and produced in house by L’Épée 1839, and finished to the very highest standards of traditional Swiss clockmaking. At the very top of the hand-wound movement, clearly visible through the skeletonised clock body surrounding it, is a balance beating at 2.5Hz (18,000vph). The eight-day power reserve is rewound directly via the barrel axis positioned at the back of the movement, while time is set through the centre of the dial. Both actions are taken with the same key. Hand-blown Murano glass forms the clock dial of T-Rex, a material that both MB&F and L’Épée 1839 became thoroughly familiar with in the course of creating Medusa, their 10th collaboration. T-Rex comes in variations of green, deep blue and red Murano glass dials, which are vividly coloured with metallic salts via age-old techniques of glassblowing. The 30-cm tall T-Rex is made of stainless steel and palladium-plated brass and bronze, weighing approximately 2kg distributed over two finely sculpted feet. T-Rex comes in three limited editions of 100 pieces each, with Murano glass dials in green, deep blue or red.


Salvatore Ferragamo Presents Refracted Shoes

Salvatore Ferragamo presents Refracted: a striking new suite of Pre-Fall 2019 shoes whose uniting feature reflects the rich diversity of the world we live in today. Newly designed by Creative Director Paul Andrew, the inaugural offer of five Refracted shoe styles are very different but have one thing in common - the Refracted heel.

This innovative heel shape comes in three heights (1cm, 5,5cm, 8cm) and is constructed from a highly durable yet ultralight plastic which is then coated with a high-tensile galvanized metallic shell. The heel’s shape is a laser-carved topography of irregular triangular facets: combined with that metallic finish these create an interaction with the shoe and the world around it through unpredictable refractions of light.

Paul Andrew explained: “The Refracted follows the Flower heel, which was itself based on the revolutionary 1939 Column heel designed by Salvatore Ferragamo. With this design I wanted to propose a reflection of the world around us in 2019. The heel is designed to showcase the beauty of irregularity and variousness - a core element of the Patchwork of Characters philosophy that has been guiding our design team for several seasons now - by allowing for the play of light and surface in apparently random manner. Every time you look at a Refracted heel it will appear different. This is not its flaw, but its power.”

The first drop of Refracted shoes features in a wide range of colorways and fabrications – nappa, suede, patent leather, silk satin with crystal embroideries. These will become foundation of an increasingly rich and various selection of footwear featuring this bold new signature heel.


Giorgio Armani AW2019/20 Eyewear Collection

Looking to both past and future, the new Giorgio Armani eyewear collection reflects the fashion house’s identity with materials and colours enhanced by new, exquisite details. In keeping with the theme of autumn/winter’s “Rapsodia in Blu” (“Rhapsody in Blue”) fashion show, one of the central colours is midnight blue, a deep, vibrant, elegant and velvety shade. Ideal for both men and women, this eyewear collection is a striking expression of Giorgio Armani’s aesthetic vision for the season.

These distinctive round sunglasses, which starred in the AW2019/20 fashion show, are a tribute to Giorgio Armani’s design aesthetic and fully embody its style with a sophisticated look and meticulous structure. The robust frame, which features a high bridge, emphasises the model’s vintage inspiration. Made of very high-quality acetate, it deliberately contrasts with the mirrored lenses. The full logo is displayed on the temple. Available in glossy Havana with gold-mirrored brown lenses, and in glossy yellow Havana with blue mirrored lenses. 

The optical glasses model with the same frame is available in glossy Havana.

This vintage-inspired model, which starred in the AW2019/20 fashion show, revisits an iconic shape and familiar details of Giorgio Armani eyewear. The thick acetate frame is characterised by a key bridge and by wide temples that taper at the end. The unmistakable rivets that distinguish the head of the temple, which displays the full engraved Giorgio Armani logo, add a distinctive touch. Available in matte striped brown with smoke lenses, and matte striped green with green lenses.

An example of vintage-inspired modern restyling, these round glasses feature a metal frame and acetate rims. Distinguished by their elegant simplicity, they feature an unusual pyramid bridge. Their unmistakable, appealing mix of colours and materials is enhanced by the slim temples with their engraved logos, and acetate tips. An iconic model suitable for everyday use thanks to its functionality, personality and character. Available in brushed gold with a glossy yellow Havana profile. The optical glasses model represents the quintessence of Giorgio Armani’s design aesthetic in its sophisticated simplicity. Available in brushed bronze with a glossy Havana profile.


OMEGA 2019 Holiday Season's Wish List

OMEGA has unwrapped four of the most enchanting timepieces in its collection for this holiday season. Each model has been beautifully touched with gold, yet they all shine bright with their own unique stories and captivating designs. These watches are more than just decoration. They are the essence of OMEGA’s finest watchmaking. Take a closer look at our choices for this season of giving, and discover the magical innovation from within our own workshop.

Speedmaster 38 mm
In winter, the green pine forests of Switzerland are usually seen shimmering with snow. For this Speedmaster 38 mm model in stainless steel and 18K yellow gold, OMEGA has complemented the green tones with a different kind of sparkle. Here, the dual bezel design is cleverly split between a circle of radiant diamonds and the iconic tachymeter scale on a green aluminium ring. The magic continues with green chronograph hands and markings on an elegant opaline silvery dial with oval subdials and a date window.

There is something truly magical about opening the gift of a Constellation. Since 1982, women around the world have been cherishing this timeless design, distinguished by its iconic claws, half-moon facets, and bezel with either Roman numerals or diamonds. For the modern evolution, the new Constellation has been brightened with polished bevels all along the case and bracelet. OMEGA’s choice this year is a 28 mm model crafted from stainless steel and 18K Sedna™ gold with a diamond-paved bezel. Its white mother-of-pearl dial delivers a diamond at every hour, as well as a diminutive 18K gold star.

Seamaster Diver 300M
You may not be dipping into the icy ocean this month, but thankfully the Seamaster Diver 300M can be worn anywhere, at any time. The classic underwater timepiece is not only a James Bond favourite, but also an icon of gentlemen’s style. Presented on a blue rubber strap, this modern update features a 42 mm case in stainless steel and 18K Sedna™ gold. Blue ceramic is used for the bezel and the dial, with laser-engraved waves that flow between the 18K gold indexes and hands. For some extra magic, look no further than the Master Chronometer certification, guaranteeing the highest standard of precision, performance and magnetic resistance.

Seamaster Aqua Terra
How do you buy for someone who is both sporty and sophisticated? This Seamaster Aqua Terra model may be your answer. At first glance, the 41 mm design is all about simple refinement, with a brown leather strap and a combination of stainless steel and 18K Sedna™ gold. Look a little deeper, however, and you’ll also find magical details that pay tribute to OMEGA’s ocean heritage. The triangular indexes, for example, are taken from diving watches of the past, while the silvery dial features horizontal stripes that replicate the wooden decks of luxury sailboats.  Inside, adventure-ready power is delivered by the OMEGA Co-Axial Master Chronometer calibre 8900.