Hermès SS2020 Women’s Ready-To-Wear Collection - mylifestylenews' Top 10's Pick

Beauty is quite a mysterious thing. There was a time when it had to be synonymous with perfection; it was an Ideal. We had almost forgotten that the Ideal could also be altered. And had to be. It never was that fixed, rigid unbending thing; it is the constantly changing horizon. Nowadays perfection takes a backseat to movement. The beautiful silhouettes striding forth, blithely unafraid of paradox, of unexpected alliances on the contrary. Kalós as the Greeks used to say with that same term, they pretended to confound the beautiful and the good. Physical splendour and moral grandeur. The Greeks always had a good sense of humor- of the clairvoyant kind. The metamorphoses have become the new idealism, our only beauty. The organdy and leather dress is light and powerful beautifully stroll under a Bubinga pink sky, into dusk, laisse-moi tranquille.

Look 9
A two-piece, in toile H knit, in blue-black, composed of a racerback tank top and a pair of micro shorts. A giant triangle, in cashmere and silk, in black and white, worn with a bag accessory, in Hunter cowhide, in black and indigo. A belt, in Sombrero calfskin, in black, with buckle, in palladium-finish metal. A pair of sandals, in calfskin, with ribbon straps, in technical fabric, in black. 

Look 12
A wrap dress, in cotton gabardine, in bubinga pink, with storm flap and inserts, in lambskin, in chestnut, and buckle details, in palladium-finish metal, sheathed in calfskin, in chestnut. A racerback tank top, in toile H knit, in chestnut. A pair of cargo trousers, in washed cotton, in bubinga pink, with pocket adorned with a buckle, in palladium-finish metal. New Drag bag, in Butler calfskin, in sand, with strap, in webbing, in ecru and caramel. A pair of sandals, in calfskin, in natural, with ribbon straps, in technical fabric, in ebony.

Look 15
A short apron, with crossover back, in nubuck calfskin, in chestnut, and topstitching, in off-white. A pair of tapered trousers, in treated lambskin, in chestnut, with pocket adorned with a buckle, in palladium-finish metal, sheathed in calfskin, in chestnut. A belt, in Swift calfskin, in gold, with buckle, in palladium-finish metal. An elongated bag, in H canvas, in ecru and beige, and Swift calfskin, in gold, with strap, in webbing, in gold. A pair of sandals, in calfskin, with ribbon straps, in technical fabric, in ebony.

Look 17
An openwork pleated dress, in Héritage calfskin, in heritage brown, with topstitching, in off-white, and buckle details, in palladium-finish metal. A pair of sandals, in calfskin, with ribbon straps, in technical fabric, in ebony.

Look 28
A long cape-style dress, with open back and adjusted with tabs, in wool voile, in black. A large Hermès Réponse necklace, in silver. A pair of sandals, in calfskin, with ribbon straps, in technical fabric, in black.

Look 30
A two-piece, in toile H knit, in black, with contrast bands, in white, composed of a jumper with plastron, open back and tribuckle details, in palladium-finish metal, and a micro skirt. Two wide hinged bracelets, in polished Natura lizard, in black, and palladium-finish metal. Chaîne d’ancre tote bag, in box calfskin, in black, lined with a pouch, in silk printed with the Manufacture de boucleries Zoom design, in navy blue and Saint-Cyr blue. A pair of sandals, in calfskin, with ribbon straps, in technical fabric, in black.

Look 32
A cape-style playsuit, in washed cotton, in black, adorned with summery straps, in black, with edging, in white, and tribuckle details, in palladium-finish metal A pair of sandals, in calfskin, with ribbon straps, in technical fabric, in black.

Look 33
A plastron playsuit, with rolled sleeves and open back, in washed cotton, in hemp beige, adorned with a summery strap, in mid-beige, with edging, in off-white, and tribuckle details, in palladium-finish metal. A pair of extra-small Hermès Ex-Libris earrings, in silver. An elongated bag, in Evercolor calfskin, in sand, with strap, in webbing, in gold. A pair of sandals, in crocodile, with ribbon straps, in lizard, in nutmeg.

Look 41
A two-piece, in double-face silk knit, in off-white, with contrast bands, in chestnut, composed of a plastron jumper, with open back and tribuckle details, in palladium-finish metal, and a micro skirt. A pair of sandals, in crocodile, with ribbon straps, in lizard, in mocha, and sole, in ebony.

Look 53
An apron, with crossover back, composed of a series of patches, in fine lambskin, embroidered in blanket stitch on silk organza, in black. A skirt, in silk organza, with appliqué panels and belt, in lambskin, in black. A bracelet, in Swift calfskin, in rouge H, and gold plate. A pair of sandals, in crocodile, with ribbon straps, in lizard, in mocha, and sole, in black.


BVLGARI Celebrates Eternal Fatherly Love

This Father's day, BVLGARI celebrate eternal fatherly love with BVLGARI Octo timepieces and B.zero1 jewellery collection that will unfold the vibrant charm of father, and serve as a token of gratitude for his unsung care and selfless contribution.

With its ultra-thin appeal and uncompromisingly forward-thinking mechanics, the new Octo Finissimo Automatic watch in black sandblasted ceramic highlights the discernment of stylish fathers. Well-recognised as the world’s thinnest full ceramic watch, BVLGARI turns a stiff material into a masterpiece of extreme slenderness with an innovative approach, illustrating the Maison’s perfected watchmaking knowhow. Another Octo Finissimo Automatic rendition in titanium case houses the same extra-thin mechanical BVL 138 – Finissimo calibre, decorated by hand with côtes de Genève, chamfering and perlage finishing, while featuring a platinum microrotor and small seconds on the dial. Exuding discreet sophistication while channelling fashionable elegance, both timepieces complement different styles and outfits of father seamlessly.

BVLGARI Octo Finissimo Chronograph GMT watch is equipped with an extra-thin integrated mechanical manufacture movement. Fitted in a sandblasted titanium case with a peripheral rotor, the model is matched with a sandblasted titanium dial and bracelet. A perfect blend of technical sophistication and aesthetic refinement, this world’s slimmest self-winding watch is endowed with a chronograph and GMT function which can show two time zones at once. With its timeless monochromatic appeal and sporty look, the timepiece is the best companion for travelling dad.

Embodying unapologetic dedication to avant-garde creations, B.zero1 accessories bring out the bold personality of modern men. Drawing its inspiration from the Colosseum in Rome, the most renowned amphitheatre of the world, the purity of B.zero1 collection’s distinctive spiral design is a true metaphor for the harmony of past, present and future, reflected in the magnificence of the eternal city and the pioneering spirit of the collection. Injected with black or white ceramic elements, or engraved with the BVLGARI double-logo, the rose gold rings and platinum bands elevate the unique individuality and glamour of father with alluring originality.


SHANG PALACE PARIS - Starred Cantonese Dining

When you crave for authentic Cantonese food in Paris and wish to go for an up market dining experience, there aren’t too many options to choose from, Shang Palace at the Shangri-La Paris may well be the authentic choice to satisfy your demanding palate. mylifestylenews writes.

Specializing in the preparation and presentation of the most sophisticated Cantonese cuisine known worldwide and done with skill and grace, Shang Palace at Shangri-La Hotel Paris, the one and only one Michelin-starred Chinese restaurant is nearly flawless. <Xiang Gong> makes up the name Shang Palace in Chinese characters and also means “aromatic scent” and “haven for royalty”. Shang Palace at Shangri-La Hotel Paris is the first in Europe and offers authentic Chinese food inspired by the cuisine of two regions in South East China (Canton and Huaiyang) while the restaurant brand is all about authenticity in flavours, hospitality and immaculate service is another powerful thing that won them much recognition. With the evocation of a touch of the orchid floral arrangements and set on a plush carpet with subtle and auspicious Chinese style motifs, all of which creates a luxurious and sophisticated dining ambience yet alleviated with friendly and unpretentious comfort together with a subdued soundtrack of traditional Chinese music in the background, you are set for a grand experience.

Walking into any luxury ‘palace’ hotel in Paris is a sight to behold and the lobby is where the anticipation begins. Shang Palace at Shangri-La Hotel Paris has a classic ambience that is consistent with all of the Shangri-La’s around the world. Entering the restaurant by passing through a crafted high wooden Chinese motif see through screens adorned with two giant Chinoiserie doors on the well polished white marble floors, the contemporary Asian main dining room is divided up into semi-private spaces with backlit jade columns with inlay of jade panels representing peony flowers separating some of the tables settings, spaced far apart from each table for the luxury of space, contrasting the ubiquitous crystal chandeliers reflecting in the rich gold ceiling treatment.

Helmed by the young and talented Executive Chef Samuel Lee who joined the team in March, 2015, originally from Hong Kong and having worked in various gourmand cities in China, Chef Lee strives to excite your palate while generously sharing his most authentic flavours of his gastronomy. Shang Palace at Shangri-La Hotel Paris is not only dedicated exclusively to Cantonese style Chinese cuisine, but  now with an extra add-on to Sichuan delight by his starred kitchen. While Cantonese cuisine is considered as one of the most refined cuisines in the world, Chef Lee brought Cantonese and Huiyang regions’ best secret recipes to his diners’ table with subtleties of traditional yet elevated Chinese flavours.

Cantonese cuisine is presented in a family style manner with dishes served at the center of the table for everyone to share. Sharing is caring, it is also current that some are savoured with fingers for that licking good effect and not wasting any drops of the palatable flavours from every dish presented. It all begins with appetizers, which this evening was black fungus marinated in rice wine with sour plum sauce on slices of cucumber and carrot to pique the taste buds. Ludicrous for your health but so charming and delicious….and you only live once!

<Deep Fried Gillardeau No.2 Oyster Topped with Caviar>
We kicked off the evening by selecting one dish from the Chef’s recommendation menu. The Gillardeau No.2 Oyster was deep-fried to a light and fluffy texture without any trace of excess oil which required an eminent skill to achieve that, yet remain juicy inside. The oyster was further elevated with a topping of caviar and gold leafs, carefully placed on a round white plate with the shell and a bed of refined rocks reminiscent of the beach by the sea, garnished with condiments and spices such as bay leaf and star anise. A beautifully executed dish and it was unexpectedly exquisite with a memorable texture and taste of the oyster.

<Marinated Organic Chicken with Chili Oil, Peanuts, Spring Onion & Sichuan Pepper>
Another Sichuan appetizer we sampled. Chef Lee may have reserved his benefit of doubt by using or playing around with his Sichuan pepper daringly, at least to numb your lips to begin with. Be it too modest or considering how spicy can the French take in, it was still lacking of soulful palate from the Sichuan pepper spice to make you ‘salivate’. A well hit-and-miss dish!

<Marinated Beef Shank with Leek Pancakes>
This popular Sichuan appetizer served cold or at room temperature was given a twist by Chef Lee. Despite only beef shank and tongue being used instead of the original version where thinly sliced beef and beef offal reminiscent of an “inseparable couple” hence the name fuqi feipian was named after. Common ingredients in the modern version include heart, tongue and tripe, and a generous amount of various spices, including the soul ingredient – Sichuan pepper.  This was a dish that resonated with very tender brisket accompanied by sliced cucumber to cleanse the palate as well as spicy radish on the side and finished with leek pancake which was quite enjoyable.

<Roasted Whole Beijing Duck>
Another Chef’s recommendation dish on the menu and quite irresistible to avoid for not ordering it! This was Chef Lee’s French version of glazed Beijing Duck, as the bird was too skinny and in the Chinese opinion, lacking flesh. The duck is from Ireland as we were reliably informed by Chef Lee when he came out from his busy kitchen for a small chat and he commented that French ducks are too fat for a Beijing Duck dish (just goes to show how Chinese can differ on opinions of food)!  It was sliced according to the veins that won’t destroy or ruin the palate and plated with expertise and with passion on guéridon service by a Frenchman no less, so knowledge is transferred from one culture to another and yes it was delectable with the homemade bean sauce and julienne spring onions and cucumbers.

<Wild Turbot Steamed with Ginger & Spring Onion>
Presentation was a little under whelming, with soy sauce spilled all over the plate and we were expecting a whole fish (head & tail included) steamed but it was filleted into two small slices. The wild turbot was not overly cooked which was a good thing for any steam fish by enjoying its delicate flesh. An authentic way of serving Cantonese steamed fish is best accompanied by a quaint touch of soy sauce and splashed with a big spoon full of boiling hot oil over the fish with refined julienned ginger and spring onion -  a signature component of this dish. A tasty dish nonetheless.

<Wanton Soup>
Superior presentation but the taste is a total let down especially coming from a refined Cantonese restaurant. Despite that the soup was prepared in a traditional Cantonese broth as described on the menu, it was too bland, almost tasteless and just seemed to be lacking something. It was even being empowered by the vegetable that was poached in the broth with the three pieces of firm rather than tender shrimp, pork and black mushroom fillings for the wanton dumplings.

<Cantonese Hot & Sour Seafood Soup>
Do not expect the taste from your regular Sichuan version of hot and sour soup with the real yin and yang as well as the kick from its Sichuan pepper used as Chef Lee’s Cantonese version is less complex in taste, mild and yet with more harmony and redolent on palate. The tofu was delicately sliced to create that ‘wow’ effect on being presented at the table.

<Shang Palace Fried Rice>
Back to the basics and the basic turned out to be one of the best dishes for our evening. The signature Shang Palace Fried Rice with barbecued pork, eggs, shrimps, spring onion and vegetables was absolutely perfect in many ways. The rice was stir-fried to a dry and yet wok-y (from the absolutely high heat in short amount of time with the talented well-trained skill) texture. Well-balanced in taste and with an additional dash of soy sauce from the steam fish, the dish tasted complete and was a hit.

<Mapo Tofu>
A classic Sichuan braised tofu dish with minced meat (mainly pork is used). A genuine comfort food for its nation which is complex in taste from the amount of chili and pepper used to stir up the spicy level. It is a popular dish that is ideal by rounding up with a big bowl of steamed jasmine rice. Yet, once again Chef Lee’s hesitation of pepper ingredients used did not achieve the desired effect on our palate to make this a star dish for the restaurant.

<Wok-fried Homemade Rice Noodles with Sliced Organic Black Angus Beef in Superior Soy Sauce>
Absolute perfection personified with every ingredient and piquancy on the palate. The noodle is handmade by the culinary team – hand pulled every morning to get the right texture and size. This wok-fried noodle dish in high heat may seem easy but it takes years to master. An absolute spot on in every way, in particular the organic Black Angus beef with Chef Lee Sum’s secret homemade sauce are the heart of the menu pleaser, taking centre stage and is an utterly compelling dish. It is one of the best wok-fried beef noodles we have had in years. Bravo for the team’s effort and passion and it should be boxed in the chef recommendation category. A must-order!

Taste is a personal thing and despite some dishes had been altered for European palates, yet refined ingredients are used with some specific choices to get to the heart of authentic Chinese (Cantonese & Sichuan) flavours and texture with the dishes that we sampled. This is achieved on many fronts and although not meeting our high expectations from its starred recognition in every dish, the evening was a huge success. The highlight was the signature Shang Palace Fried Rice and the Wok-fried Black Angus Beef Noodle that would do any Chinese restaurant proud in any location around the world. The service was impeccable and product knowledge was not to be questioned and was consistent with every member of the F&B team. The supervisor Geoffroy was our table host for the evening and he was a delight with his warm character and his know-how was spot on with every detail and service sequence as well as his team-mate monsieur Henry looking after us in perfect manner and attitude. All in all, it rounds up our Paris dining sojourn with great expectation and memories. Totally worth a visit at Shang Palace at Shangri-La Paris when you are in Paris next to enjoy a heightened Chinese food experience and you will be delighted with what they have to offer, with the right pick from the menu.

Tried & Tested:
Location: 5/5
Design & Decor: 4.5/5
Food & Beverage: 4.5/5
Service: 5/5
Value For Money: 4.5/5
Experience: 5/5

Fried Rice
Beef Noodle

10 avenue d'léna, 
75116 Paris
Tel: +33 1 5367 1992

Reviews are based on actual day of visit and experience. mylifestylenews reserves the right of final decision in case of any disputes. All images are photographed by mylifestylenews team without any photoshop enhancement and are the property owned by mylifestylenews unless otherwise stated. 


Montblanc Introduces First Smart Headphones

 Montblanc introduces its first Smart Headphones, MB 01 designed for optimal comfort, enhanced functionality and uncompromising quality. Foldable and compact, these sleek travel companions complete Montblanc’s tech travel offering that contributes to making business and leisure travel more seamless, productive and enjoyable from departure to destination.

“We set out to create headphones that would strike the ideal balance between advanced technology, sophisticated design and comfort, because that’s what really matters to Montblanc travelers, whether they are aboard a long-haul flight, on a conference call at the airport or simply trying to recharge while on the road,” says Nicolas Baretzki, Montblanc CEO.

Travelling is an essential part of the luxury business lifestyle. Quality headphones have become an essential accessory for today’s traveller. To meet the demands of those who live life on the road or in the air, the Montblanc smart headphones feature:
Latest wireless technology
Active noise cancelling technology
Advanced technology for impressive sound quality
Ergonomic design for greater comfort
Fine materials and quality craftsmanship for durability
Google Assistant for a more personalized on-the-go experience featuring voice activated device control and commands
Functions across a broad range of Bluetooth devices, including iOS & Android

“When developing these travel essentials, our focus was not just on creating headphones that would deliver performance and reliability, but also a design that was very distinctive with larger headphones to comfortably cover the ear, as well as sleek metal and leather finishes that give it that unmistakable Montblanc flair. When they are on the road, whether business or leisure, intrepid travellers want stylish accessories that help them stand out wherever they go,” says Zaim Kamal, Montblanc Creative Director.

An experienced team of award-winning engineers and designers collaborated on the development of the headphones to achieve great sound quality, comfortable wear as well as a stylish look consistent with the Maison’s heritage of fine craftsmanship and timeless design. Sound expert and visionary Alex Rosson lent his acoustic mastery and audio engineering expertise to the creation of headphones that would deliver a signature Montblanc sound. Come in three different combinations: black leather with chrome metal finishes, brown leather with gold coloured metal finishes and light grey leather with polished metal finishes. Each pair of headphones comes in a fine fabric pouch with a USB-C charging cable, Audio Jack cable and an airplane adaptor.


Hermès SS2020 Men’s Ready-To-Wear Collection - mylifestylenews' Top 10's Pick

 Hermès SS2020 Men’s Ready-To-Wear Collection strides through the summer with confidence and lightness. His summery nonchalance flourishes in ample and generous volumes, which convey a sense of happy freedom. Fluid and airy materials make him feel laid-back and some pieces are even reversible. Here, the emblematic materials are reinvented in total simplicity with ingenuity and know-how.

The silk scarves, in their original tones or overdyed, are assembled in cheerful and relaxed configurations on jackets and shirts. His journey leaves the memory of a relaxed and spontaneous silhouette. Mint, aqua, plum, and bubble gum pink are the invigorating and colourful flavours of his summer.

Khaki, mint, celadon, lagoon, aqua, plum, bubble gum pink, tobacco, rust, corn, desert, sand, silex, hemp, foam, white.

Lines and Fabrics:
Blousons with ribbing and straight blousons with knit collars, coats in rubberised lambskin, contrasted lining and waxed edges. Blousons with V neck in knit, sweatshirts with hoodand over-shirts with short sleeves in velvet lambskin and smooth lambskin inlays. Straight blousons with detachable collar, zipped coats with zig-zag topstitching and pleated trousers, belt with snap-on tabs in Étrivière lambskin. Sweatshirts and jogging trousers in fleecy metis goatskin.

Parkas and windbreakers with zipped high collar in crinkled technical canvas with checks or in water-repellent Toilight with mini-gingham or checks. Zipped over-shirts with short sleeves and sweatshirts in braided cotton voile. Zipped parkas and sweatshirts with hood in technical cotton gabardine with zig-zag topstitching.

Zipped sweatshirts with hood and cardigans in water-repellent cotton weave in striped Ottoman. Windbreakers with zipped high collar in raised technical corduroy cotton. Three-button shirt-jackets, zipped blousons and large shirts in silk scarf patchwork, original version or overdyed. Three-button jackets in water-repellent Toilight with mini-gingham or checks, or reversible checks / mini-gingham. Three-button jackets in crepe cotton serge. Three-button jackets, double patch pockets, in crepe cotton serge or crinkled checks.

Oversize pullovers and cardigans in cotton and cashmere, embroidered with lambskin. High neck pullovers in cashmere and silk, été indien drawing. Tee-shirts with Tunisian collar and cardigans in crepe cotton with offset colours. Étude pour un carré tee-shirts with short sleeves in cashmere. Tank tops in cotton crepe. Shirts with baseball neckline, shirts with pockets and drawstring high collar, blouson-shirts with short sleeves and transformable collar, in plain cotton poplin. Collarless shirts, with blouson collar or baseball neckline in crepon cotton.

Large shirts with supple collar or high collar in cotton poplin with stick stripes, in washed silk or in graph cotton weave. Shirts with drawstring high collar in graph cotton weave. Tee-shirts in cotton jersey and unframed overdyed silk scarf. Large trousers with double tour belt in cotton drill, in cotton serge, in stretch cotton serge or in denim.

Pleated trousers and belt with snap-on tabs in cotton drill, in cotton serge or in technical cotton gabardine. Trousers with elastic waist in cotton serge, in crackled or striped cotton poplin. Pleated Bermuda shorts in cotton serge.


BALLY Presents SS2020 Graphic by Nature Collection

BALLY SS2020's Graphic by Nature Collection explores the continual interaction between design and the environment, demonstrating a structural approach inspired by the convergence of natural forms and Swiss modernist architecture. Playing on this theme, the Ray family of outdoor- inspired bags and the Disentis sneaker, are integral styles for the new season that perfectly highlight the  interconnected relationship between nature and modernity.

The new Ray looks towards Bally’s heritage of mountaineering and innovation, and brings it up - to - date with directional silhouettes and colorways, inspired by sun rays as seen from the mountain top. Each style features an embossed leather patch with a mountain motif referencing archival Bally graphics. Multi -colored cords, straps and technical webbing details conjure up explorer inspirations, with luxury leather craft, functional interior and organization, whether the Runn backpack or Rast tote.

Equally bold is the Disentis range and its Dickens sneaker, with extra-large soles and fluid, natural lines. Two-toned in contrasting black and white, the shoe pays homage to the hiking boot and also features a Bally mountain motif. It’s elegant, fabric construction joins the solid rubber sole, giving versatility and edge for all occasions.