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Good Friday Weekend Break @ mylifestylenews 


Seasons Spa – Unlock Your Emotional Journey

Seeking a spa treatment is not only just for the basic R&R (rest and relaxation) but also to rejuvenate our body, mind and soul. When a skillful therapist that really listens to your needs and eventually manages to ease your fatigued muscles is truly an added value to your treatment, that makes you become an even better you. The Seasons Spa at The Conrad Bangkok has it all. mylifestylenews writes.

On the 7th floor of the Conrad hotel in Bangkok hides a peaceful oasis in the heart of the city. Not only the gigantic recreational swimming surrounded by lush tropical greens, a dedicated children's playground, specially designed sky jogging track, tennis courts, well equipped gym as well as the intimate Seasons Spa, this luxurious lifestyle floor is entirely dedicated to fitness and relaxation.

Boasting 11 spacious spa treatment rooms and some rooms come with hydrotherapy facilities, the amenities also include a sunken Japanese tub, whirlpool spa and steam room. Seasons Spa offers an exclusive array of spa and leisure experiences with a choice of relaxing Balinese, Hawaiian and Swedish massages all dedicated to the luxury of well being.

The extensive spa menu features a diverse selection of ‘east-meets-west’ therapies , all designed to release and restore. You may indulge yourself either in an energizing and cleansing body scrub, muscle-soothing back massage, refreshing therapeutic facials or a choice of detoxifying spa packages that helps to bring balance and wellness to your body.

Premium products such as Aromatherapy Associates are used in Seasons Spa for a variety of rejuvenating treatments complimenting each specialized treatment that is designed to reduce stress, energize and cater to your specific skin requirements and promote feeling of balance relaxation.

Set in a cozy surrounding, Seasons Spa transports you into an organically designed, locally inspired haven of harmony and lightness with warmth and familiarity, surprising intuitiveness and a refreshing approach. Soft candlelight, gentle and spiritual spa music adds a soulful touch to the restful ambiance while you explore your inner stillness and calm.

After a brief personal consultation, a 60 minutes <Balinese-Thai Yoga Massage> was recommended by the Spa Manager. This healing therapy combines traditional Balinese and Thai techniques, using the Balinese firm finger and palm pressure as well as Thai pressure point technique.

Incorporating the harmonious synergy of aromatherapy and the healing power of touch, my therapist surely worked deeply on my sore muscles, finding the right spots to add the right pressure to applying the natural aromatic essential oil that gave my body a calm and relaxing contemplation. If we were not having a dinner appointment ahead, I could have opted for a 2 hour treatment, as 60 minutes was simply too short to get pampered by such a heavenly treatment to the optimum state of wellbeing.

Whether you want to leave feeling relaxed, revitalized or restored, finding the right spa that understands and suits your needs is essential in return for treatments that induce an altered state of consciousness and create a deep sense of inner peace, wellbeing and tranquility. Seasons Spa is there to ensure you to unlock your emotion and enjoy a rejuvenating journey.

Tried & Tested:
Location: 4/5
Design & Decor: 4/5
Service: 4.5/5
Room Amenities: 4/5
Value For Money: 4/5
Experience: 4.5/5

87 Wireless Road, Phatumwan, 
Bangkok Thailand
Tel: +66 2 690 9355

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St. John Opens New Store In Landmark Atrium Hong Kong

St. John opens new store in Landmark Atrium in Central, Hong Kong recently. The new store designs will reflect the brand’s commitment to sustainability within an intimate, personal and the luxe life atmosphere. The brand-new Landmark boutique will be the first of its kind for the brand in Asia.

The Landmark boutique showcases the St. John Spring 2019 collection of apparel as well as an assortment of accessories. St. John presents a new collection of fluid, romantic designs and crisp architectural tailoring in striking proportions that make your confidence and self-expression soar for Pre-Fall 2019.

This season, we journey around the world, gathering exquisite textures and patterns from faraway cultures to adorn our signature palette of versatile black and white along with opulent blues, sparkling metals and dramatic animal patterns. Inventive details, adventurous prints and extraordinary trims accent the incomparable luxury of our unique fabrics in elegant, flattering designs.


Caudalie Introduces Dark Spot Correcting Glycolic Night Cream

Caudalie Introduces Dark Spot Correcting Glycolic Night Cream with grape brightening power 62 x more powerful than Vitamin C gives you a natural glow and radiance renewal in 8 hours. For centuries women have longed to achieve brighter skin and combat pigmentation, from investment in laser treatments to whitening beauty products. Recent research has identified that dark spots occur most commonly in women aged from 20 to 60. Surprisingly, only 53% of them knew the causes of dark spots which are determined by internal hormonal fluctuations and external aggressors including sun exposure and photo-sensitive whitening products. The appearance of dark spots holds you back from having radiant skin.

Powering the Vinoperfect collection is the precious Viniferine, giving you the natural brightening solution from the vineyard. The iconic and best-selling Vinoperfect Radiance Serum is the No. 1 anti-dark spot product in France over 10 years, with each bottle sold every 30 seconds around the world! The New Vinoperfect Dark Spot Correcting Glycolic Night Cream is launched under the highly regarded brightening series, designed with Viniferine to tackle any pigmentation and time-release glycolic acid to transform skin gently in 8 hours. This latest spot-targeting night-time ally powers up your brightening skincare regimen, revealing a new level of clarity and luminosity upon awakening.

The collection contains no parabens, phenoxyethanol, paraffin, mineral oils, phtahlates, sodium laureth sulfate or any animal ingredients. The highly natural and gentle whitening formula promises a healthy and truly lit-from-within glow.


CHOPARD Presents The Magical Setting Collection

CHOPARD presents its scintillating new collection, Magical Setting, at the Presidential Suite of the Grand Hyatt Hong Kong recently with a dazzling and spectacular re-imagination of classic Haute Joaillerie, the Magical Setting Collection celebrates the freedom and boundless potential of femininity.

Flowers are the leitmotifs of this exquisite event - guests are first greeted y an interrupted archway of precious blossoms. Dominated by a palette of rouge and gold, the event space becomes a playground for the imagination - a bejewelled domicile in which lustre, lightness and sophistication focus the attention.

The brilliant settings of the collection are combined with elegantly faceted gemstones and diamonds to play and excite amidst the rich hanging greenery that border the walls and memorialize the majesty of the moment.

At the end of a marvellous promenade, guests are brought to the living room, where comfort and ease are complemented by the entertainment: the subtle melodies of a harp and piano play accompaniment to a ballet show – a musical synonym for the elegance, poise and visual poetry that has been interwoven into the designs of the Collection.

Exciting and sophisticated, the ballet dance is a visual metaphor for the craftsmanship and vision of CHOPARD’s creations – freedom of form, lightness of motion, beautiful contours rendered into sublime and natural forms. The performance serves as the climax of a day of celebration, with models also showcasing the pieces throughout the extraordinary event.

The Collection’s centrepiece, the floral cluster, stands proudly amidst a bed of blooming roses. Here, the talent of Caroline Scheufele, Co-President and Artistic Director of CHOPARD, takes centre stage: the classicism, nobility and versatility of the traditional floral cluster transforms into a creation of lightness and femininity, of starry elegance and universal excitement.

A natural development of CHOPARD’s classic Happy Diamonds, Magical Setting is an expression of radiant jewellery at its most wondrous. Each cluster is centred on a significant single stone and encircled throughout with other unusually large stones, giving the classic design an unexpected edge of bold modernity. While the centre stone of each cluster is set in barely-claws, the surrounding stones are held in place as if by magic, with no visible means of support, and no metal visible from the front or top of the jewel.

Representing a bold step forwards in the world of classic Haute Joaillerie, Magical Setting is a testament of what jewellery truly means to the House of CHOPARD. In this new generation of a timeless classic, CHOPARD has created something that is sensational and seductive, feminine and powerful, as awe-inspiring as it is free.


當這地球沒有花 Flower Power

Flower Power

惠蘭夜半暱 露兒聚暗滴
以花卉作爲靈感的設計,在時尚界從未退色過,每隔幾季,又會成爲設計系列的亮點。而每每在新的方式演繹和表達下,與不同的色調、質感、物料、打印等等方式顫動交流, 一直都在轉變、交替、進化,周而復始去誘發嶄新魅力。胴體本身就是色彩,再加上在視覺和美感上的衝擊,注入更多的情感,讓設計顯得更有活力,在肌膚上燦爛盛放。如果有一天當這地球沒有花,就好讓時尚愛好者任意以色彩鮮明的花卉衣裳配搭交匯,去盡顯風華,凝聚美妙的目光與感覺 ,作出永恒的變幻,在衣裳上泛起小小的漣漪。

月兒艷眾色 康乃馨編織
Vivienne Tam 2019春夏系列的靈感源於海上絲綢之路所串聯的東南亞文化特別是當地像徵著人與人之間表達歡迎、愛、溫暖和幸福的傳統花卉供品。明亮的藍、綠、黃、紅,以及螢光粉紅和查特酒綠色(chartreuse)貫穿於全系列與霓虹色的鑲邊和五彩繽紛的縮褶為系列注入年輕與活力的能量。曼陀羅式(mandala)的印花和圖案是春夏系列中的主軸,時而以漫天的花朵和環狀花環包圍 又以刺繡或蕾絲工藝呈現出彩色斑斕的孔雀和蝴蝶造型。輕鬆飄逸的浪漫廓形帶來愉悅的渡假氣息如層層疊疊的荷葉褶邊短裙及連衣裙; 結合透薄精緻的歐根紗網布、皺紋雪紡和讓人目不暇給的蕾絲花邊。漸變褶皺和彩虹色調給系列賦予70年代的復古韻味,而整體時裝廓形卻充滿現代感。

睡蓮驟醒了 還是夢裡憶
Natacha Ramsay-LeviChloé 2019年春夏系列,以復興嶄新的時代刻劃現代嬉皮士的超凡魅力。設計師為衣物注入古老的質感圍巾所用的真絲布料、地氈提花布、扎染布、抽絲麻布和打褶紡紗互相交織出層次分明的斜裁造型女裝襯衫和鬆身上衣添上精緻褶襇或採用梳織布料隨著造型演變色彩由素雅自然色調漸變成橙色、赤陶色和淺藍色等日落時的奪目色彩

心愛是花美 心愛透香的花氣
Leonard今季再次引領我們踏上旅途,去探索法式優雅,反復回味它的真韻。Christine Phung眼中的Leonard女郎瀟灑地放下一切,珍珠粉紅調子的半褶斜裁連身裙綴飾Leonard花朵;垂褶加上夕陽刺繡,暖洋洋的甚有點畫派效果;打結、覆疊、交錯盡是特色,去體現在服裝的技術細節。

艷紅若丹桂 還待你愛惜
Versace 2019 年春夏女裝系列展現當代 VERSACE 女士的魅力印花處處如常出眾,如常的鮮艷,身披印花配印花的造型,讓她宣示只此一家的個性魅力。色彩、印花及質感柔和配合並重疊,沿身體線條勾勒的緊身裙用上薄紗布料縫製,將她的性感魅力完美展露。 Icon 手袋披上花卉圖案和彩色繽紛的配飾,演繹吉卜賽風格。大膽的個人風格,透過誇張且富質感的印花大聲宣示;亳不費力的配搭散發無暇的攝人魅力。 她的出現,總是不拘一格形象百變吸引全場目光

請你護花潔 請你愛花不輕折
Valentino 2019春夏高訂Haute Couture系列更以滾邊、流蘇、層次立體感及花朵,蛻變成為時尚、神聖、尊貴的形體,帶動狂想與現實融為一體。淡雅無比的色彩不斷擴張震盪,輕薄的布料奔放飄逸,柔美纖巧,色彩斑爛,宛如盛開的蓓蕾。滿目皆是盛放的花瓣、花葩、花冠和花序,輕撫着,吸引您的目光。 Couture的語言未變,只是修飾變得不一樣。那份與生俱來的莊重貴氣,歌頌一種絕對的美感,精緻優雅,顛倒眾生。