Sala Rattanakosin Eatery & Bar @ A Real Find By The River

After the sun goes down on the Chao Phraya river in Bangkok especially along the mystical Wat Arun (The Temple of Dawn) stretch, the bustling day’s vibe will turn into a more quite and more tourist free neighbourhood. In fact, this drastic change of scene leads to a few good restaurants remain for those in the know that appreciate some real good wine and dining with a spectacular river view, Sala Rattanakosin is a real find. mylifestylenews writes.

When you have enough of Bangkok’s city dining and wanted to opt for a more secluded and romantic evening night out with a great selection of Thai’s favorite, Sala Rattanakosin Eatery & Bar won’t disappoint you. In fact, it is too modest for them to called it an eatery but a full restaurant service is generously offered. Overlooking the Chao Phraya river and Wat Arun, this two storey scenic riverfront restaurant offers indoor seating and outdoor over water dining deck serving a variety of delectable international dishes and a diverse selection of traditional Thai favorites. Local Thai food is a definite for us to venture into their many irresistible signature dishes.

Under the direction of the talented Executive Chef Tony Wrigley, this Englishman does not really compromising his skill in gastronomy yet brings you the most authenticity of his creation. This is what we love when come to eating Thai food, you can always play around with the ingredients and cooking technique used but never ruined the essence of the food from its origin. With no exception, Wrigley indulge in fresh, local flavours will be a must for locals and visitors alike. Lunch menu is slightly defer from the dinner menu with a little more add on to end the evening. We decided to stay on for both day and night dining experience in order to further sample the authenticity of such traditional Thai cooking well prepared by a pair of foreign hand.

What’s for Lunch?

<Tom Yam Goong Mea Nam>
Every Chef has their very own version and secret to add on in order to make this Tom Yam Goong soup right. River prawns, straw mushroom, lemongrass, chili paste and kaffir lime are used for this hot and Sour soup that creates a very intense yet appetizing flavor.  One of the best Tom Yam Goong we had in our recent visit to Bangkok.

<Laab Muu>
Minced pork poached, tossed with mint, toasted rice, chili and lime dressing, served with long beans and green cabbage. Class Thai appetizer cum entrée for those who likes to have some greens yet with minced meat to compliment both ingredients used. Simply succulent and appetizing!

<Gaeng Panaeng Neua>
A good Thai curry is a must when comes to enjoying Thai food. This thinly sliced Australian sirloin cooked in red coconut curry, flavored with Thai basil and roast shallots and shredded kaffir lime may not catch your attention on its presentation but the aroma and intense flavor gives a very good complexity of its mix. A frangrat Thai Jasmine steam rice to goes with this is more appropriate.

<Phad Thai Goong>
Classic Thai dish of stir-fried rice noodles with fresh shrimp, roasted bean curd, tamarind sauce and bean sprouts, garnished with Chinese chives and crushed peanuts. All condiments shall be blended and tossed well before served to get the balance and harmony in taste.

<Mango Sticky>
Chilled mango cheeks with sweetened sticky rice, kaffir lime infused coconut sauce and toasted sesame seeds. This beautiful presentation taste as good as it was presented. Not to be missed to end your meal here.

What’s for Dinner?
We can’t help but to order our Tom Yam Goong Mea Nam since we had some good experience during lunch. It just never disappoint.

<Poo Nim Phad Pong Karee>
This a a great way to start having some real good deep fried dishes over dinner.  His stir-fried soft shell crab with yellow curry powder, white onions, coconut milk and Chinese celery is something that will make do for all ages.

<Pla Sam Rod/Kratiem Prik Thai>
For dinner, we opt for something more exotic from the daily fresh catch. This whole white snapper is golden fried in crispy batter and you have a choice for caramelized garlic and chili, sautéed onions peppers and coriander leaves or Garlic and fresh green peppercorn. We chose the latter, the hint of peppercorn add a small kick to the heat while the garlic and the sauce is rather a well mixed that offer a very palatable after taste. Great presentation while the whole fish was fillet yet keeping the entire body/bone from head to tail, seemingly, this dancing fish is still alive.

<Kao Soi Gai>
There are not many restaurants in Bangkok that serve this dish and do it well. Since this is the Northern Thai favorites instead, we still would like to see how Chef Wrigley would implement this dish with his way. This delicately spiced soup of boneless chicken thighs and soft noodles, garnished with crispy noodles which is the DNA of this dish in order for diners to have both texture of noodles at one go. Accompanied by four different condiments to perfect the taste, such rich dish served an individual entrée is simply divine.

<Lod-Chong Nam Ka-Ti>
Sweetened pandanus noodles poached in coconut milk. This dessert is not completely Thai but an adaptation from the Indian vendors who sell this along the road side in Malaysia. Since the ingredient used can be easily found in Thailand as well as the preparation is close to the Thai gastronomy, hence it is then become quite a popular dessert among others.

Tried & Tested:
Location: 3.5/5
Design & Decor: 3.5/5
Food & Beverage: 5/5
Service: 4.5/5
Value For Money: 4.5/5
Experience: 4.5/5

39, Maharat Road,
Rattanakosin Island,
Bangkok, Thailand
Tel: +66 2 622 1388

Reviews are based on actual day of visit and experience. mylifestylenews reserves the right of final decision in case of any disputes. All images are photographed by mylifestylenews team without any photoshop enhancement and are the property owned by mylifestylenews unless otherwise stated. 

Berluti AW2016 A Road Trip To Marfa Collection

Berluti AW2016 A Road Trip to Marfa Collection lie in a journey taken by creative director Alessandro Sartori to the desert landscape of Marfa, Texas, with its sun-bleached sands, scrubby wild grasses, burned asphalt roads and dust-covered detritus. The nearby Chinati Foundation, and particularly the sharp-edged artworks in copper by its founder Donald Judd, also inspired the collection’s hardware. Cashmere alapaca coats are constructed in a jacquard intarsia to create both vertical and horizontal stripes. Some of the coats take the intarsia technique to innovative new levels: rectangular strips of the material surface of the coat are removed and replaced with panels of leather, bonded to a flannel backing to create a striped effect according to patterns designed by Scott Campbell. The result is a mosaic-like tessellated effect.

Joining Berluti’s creative director Alessandro Sartori to work on the collection this season is the Brooklyn-based artist Scott Campbell. Known for the strong graphic lines of his tattoo art, he has created designs that are etched and sewn onto the leather surfaces of bags and shoes, simple, rune-like scratches and stitches that radiate into helixes and snake into swirls. A double-collared construction is also introduced this season, whereby coats and overcoats are cut with two fronts joined by a single sleeve, allowing for a variety of fastening styles to regulate the warmth of the wearer.

 Campbell’s geometric motifs also appear in embroidery, laser prints and jacquards, and are featured on the invitation to this show. This collaboration goes even further as Berluti has asked the artist to rethink its entire Tattoo designs catalogue available on special order.

The casting this season is more youthful and features models who have been chosen for their distinctive personal style. The shapes feature informal proportions and a balanced silhouette of soft and sharp; light, but with volume.

 The tops are boxy whatever the style or length, whether coats, bombers or tailored jackets, which are cut with a natural shoulder. Trousers are carrot fit, made for the most part in mohair fabric, cuffed and cut short on the leg to reveal the ankle, and also come in one hundred per cent wool jersey. A kimono sleeve, cut in a single piece with the body, features on simple lapel-free coats, on jackets and on sweatshirts.

Colours are sampled from the landscape of the desert: scorpion black; prickly-pear and stone shades of red; salt-lake white; asphalt grey; rust orange; buffalo brown; cactus-flower violet; gasoline blue; and desert-grass and tree-bark shades of green. From the zips on the bags to the buckles on the belts, this season all metallic hardware is in polished copper, its high shine contrasting the densely pigmented matt finishes of the rest of the collection.

Sweaters are in cashmere, variously using hand-designed intarsia constructions; in jacquard with a three-dimensional texture reminiscent of tyre tread; or ribbed with the cashmere air-brushed for ultimate softness. Leather pieces include quilted trousers and a trench coat made in shirt-weight calfskin. Luggage includes a four-zip quatre jours bag; a weekend bag in grain leather; a two-handled, unstructured beach sac in soft grain leather; and a soft, tactile document envelope.

Introduced to Berluti footwear this season is a new trainer, Playground, which features a running-style profile and a rubber sole. Shoes feature copper reinforcing elements on the toe and heel. The classic Andy has a new, thicker sole. The Berluti Oslo shoe also features a sturdier sole and three styles of upper: Derby, boot and Velcro-strapped. ‘When it came to creating a modern, colourful and youthful new collection for Berluti for the winter season, I could imagine no better collaborator than Scott Campbell. His evocative designs hark back to the ancient heritage of early civilization while looking futuristic in their clean lines." Says Alessandro Sartori, Artistic Director, Berluti.

Maison Margiela AW2016 Men Collection

Maison Margiela AW2016 Men Collection is finding the humanity and acknowledging the machine. The Maison Margiela ignites a pastiche of pragmatism underlined by brutal ennui, mingling modern defiance with the remnants of bygone grandeur.

 Denouncing artificial purity, we question world-weary modes of the masculine wardrobe, jarring the finite expectations of a traditional garment. The keystone form of a replica duffel coat is interrupted; elevated in vented felt, reduced as a russet-coloured gilet, or deconstructed as both blouson and blazer.

MA-1 jackets are garment-dyed for an irregular patina of steel grey, ochre, and umber, whilst stonewashed overcoats are hand cut & shred. Full-canvas tailoring is cut in fine cashmere, chalk stripe and grey check wool, or shot through with white topstitch pleats.

Knitwear challenges convention, in warped tension rib tops and re-knit trousers brushed with resin. Cycle tops, leggings, or suspender shorts in second-skin lycra are zipped or overprinted with sunset ombré performance graphics. Metal-heeled buckle boots, nylon coats, and techno pants emulate an industrial romance. FRIEDE, FREUDE, EIERKUCHEN. There was a crowd rush at the Love Parade.


HERMÈS OBJETS AW2016 Collection

HERMÈS OBJETS AW2016 Collection has a wide range of scarf selection, from the warm scarf in wool and silk is a festival of bright colours featuring an Indian motif reproducing woodblock stamps to the unexpected guest - a curious bear fills the scarf frame in an extreme close up and design by Alice Shirley. The composition mixes and mingles all the elements of equestrian competition. It reveals its true, and impertinent, nature only to those who step back and see it for what it really is. A pinball machine design by Elias Kafouros.

The bandana 55 family welcomes two new Hermès designs: Grand Manège cut and Pani La Shar Pawnee. Designs by Henri d’Origny and Kermit Oliver. In a festive atmosphere, evoking a circus Big Top or the magic of Broadway, exuberant letters form the Hermès name in lights. Design by Dimitri Rybaltchenko. The semi plain scarf’s equestrian-inspired motif is brought to life by vintage silk. The border is a reinterpretation of the Couvertures et tenue de jour border. A vast array of belt buckles from the Hermès creations archive juxtaposes geometric shapes and different colours in a graphic labyrinth. Design by Virginie Jamin.

Inspired by Le Pêcheur à la Laïta, a painting by Paul Sérusier, co-founder of the Nabis movement in the late 19th century, this motif represents a mysterious valley at sunset, or sunrise. Design by Antoine Carbonne. The motif is born of the marriage of two classics: Cavalcadour, inspired by harness decorations from the stables of the Comte de Chambord, and Éperon d’or, featuring spurs, tack, and riding crops from the prestigious Cadre noir Academy in Saumur. Designs by Henri d’Origny.

A passionate observer of untouched nature, naturalist painter Robert Dallet devoted his life to drawing animals from all over the world, and big cats in particular. This giant shawl pays tribute to an artist who collaborated with Hermès for twenty-five years. Design by Robert Dallet.

Developed in collaboration with Hermès partner riders Jessica von Bredow-Werndl and Julia Chevanne, the Hermès Arpège dressage saddle ensures unparalleled comfort and close contact with the horse thanks to its monoflap design and seamless extra-deep seat in calfskin. The flap orientation and comfortable knee rolls guarantee perfect positioning. Thin concave panels provide the horse with excellent freedom of movement.

The Bolide bag adopts a mischievous shark smile made of overstitched leather insets. Nubucked python boot is elegance, finesse, and with a supple touch.

Decorated with American Indian inspired designs and fringe, these objects for little ones are perfect for baby gifts.

This original composition of striped geometric motifs shows two horses caracoling top to tail. Available in four colour harmonies, bright or monochrome. Design by Nigel Peake.