BIOEFFECT Introduces First Micellar Cleansing Water

BIOEFFECT introduces its first Cleansing Water embracing the natural beauty from the Land of Ice and Fire. In honor of the outstanding natural resource, integrates the world most pure Icelandic groundwater with innovations, creating an unique and toxin-free water for skin wellness. Using the gift from the Earth as major ingredient, it helps achieve a clear, moisture, and radiant skin. BIOEFFECT Micellar Cleansing Water is made with pure, soft, geologically filtered Icelandic water that hydrates and balances the skin, easing dryness and discomfort. This fragrance-free micellar water contains molecules that assimilate oil and dirt from the skin. A low concentration of hard minerals such as calcium and magnesium help irritate skin after an natural cleansing process. This simplifies the daily cleansing and moisturizing process, and it can be used either in the morning before applying makeup and sun protection, or in the evening, to remove makeup, sun protection, and the day’s accumulation of dirt and oils. Containing the unique, pure, and natural ingredients, It is also an ideal product to refresh and hydrate the skin under humid condition.


Montblanc Presents MY Montblanc Nightflight Collection In Malaysia

 Montblanc Malaysia launched its new leather collection - My Montblanc Nightflight, highlighting its stylish and functional Montblanc #MY4810 Trolley and held a cocktail event hosted by Montblanc South East Asia President Matthieu Dupont recently.

Inspired by the spirit of urban exploration, the Montblanc #MY4810 Trolley is crafted to meet the needs of urban explorers who constantly embark on adventures, in search of new horizons and experiences. Befitting the theme of urban exploration, the event was set in an ambience surrounded by Kuala Lumpur city skyline in addition to innovative engagement activities line up to complement the discovery journey.

A LED floor to view some of the world’s renowned cities from a bird’s eye view experience which enabled them to experience seeing things from a unique perspective to broaden their minds.

The expedition continued with mirror writing using light painting set against a backdrop made up of selected tallest buildings around the world to further exude the essence of urban exploration.

The spirit of urban exploration is about interaction with the environment and seeing things through new eyes. Embracing this concept is the result of the MY Montblanc Nightflight collection that gives birth to a luxury spin on the essentials for every journey.

The event came to a surprise as the unveiling of the collection was led by Montblanc Malaysia's Friend of the Brand, international actor Lawrence Wong who made a special appearance following the screening of the brand film which portrayed the urban explorer in him navigating through various cities to showcase the codes that work in different ways.

The extensive collection of the My Montblanc Nightflight which includes 24 large leather goods, 13 small leather goods and the Montblanc #MY4810 trolleys available in 5 different edition.


Giuseppe Zanotti - The "Urchin" Sneaker

A fashion-forward, rebellious style made for the modern street. Mischievous. Unapologetic. Youthful. Unexpected. This is the “Urchin” - an innovative, new sneaker designed for next-generation rebels and the kinetic cities they live in. The name says it all: Street urchin - a mischievous, rebel rouser speaks to the sneaker’s nonconformist attitude. While its specially crafted spiny sole speaks to the distinctive markings of its namesake sea dweller. “I’ve always been inspired by the energy and pulse of the city,” says Giuseppe Zanotti. “Whether its Tokyo or Shanghai or New York, the common thread is a non-stop dynamism mixed with an independent attitude. The “Urchin” encapsulates that vitality and unorthodox mindset.”

Beginning with the sneaker’s state-of-the-art sole - a lightweight, technical material trimmed with 3D scales, the “Urchin” literally cuts through the crowd. The super flexible upper in neoprene, features graphic contrast trim and lateral deconstructed double zips - a nod to Giuseppe Zanotti’s iconic hardware. Woven through the zips are the sneaker's laces, creating an unexpected trick of the eye. Colorways include two unisex models in black and white, respectively; a women’s low-top in cool nude and a men’s style in vivid orange.

A|X Armani Exchange AW2018/19 Advertising Campaign

A|X Armani Exchange AW2018/19 Advertising Campaign
New energy, infectious spontaneity, surprise. For A|X Armani Exchange, the AW2018/19 campaign features stars from different industry backgrounds, who highlight the spirit of the brand: Selah Marley, the 19 year old daughter of Lauryn Hill and Rohan Marley is making a name for herself in her own right in the fashion industry; Martin Garrix, the Dutch DJ and producer, one of the world’s top performers in his field; Li Yifeng, Chinese singer and actor, who mesmerises his audience; and … Giorgio Armani himself, who decided to take part in this series of high-impact shots.

The electric charge of youth is unstoppable. The neon and vibrant colours of live energy flood and animate the inside of a historic building in Milan, overwhelming every single surface – just like the positive force of A|X, launched 27 years ago, which rewrites the codes of metropolitan fashion, introducing the values of the Armani world to a younger audience. And it’s Giorgio Armani himself, with his smile, who ensures the transfer of these values.

Giorgio Armani explains: ‘For this campaign, I chose model Selah Marley, and decided to renew our collaboration with musician Martin Garrix and actor Li Yifeng. Three versatile talents, capable of speaking to their peers.

And then there’s me, representing the continuous dialogue between the Armani world and new generations, in pursuit of a free, casual and creative style.’ The A|X Armani Exchange advertising campaign was photographed by Billy Kidd and filmed by Francesco Meneghini.


CERRUTI AW2018 Collection

CERRUTI AW2018 Collection is an array of post-punk, military and streetwear inspirations is the source for an eclectic, and electric collection, which is, as always, permeated with the codes of Cerruti chic.

A palette of warm, sophisticated tones – black, burgundy, creme, khaki, nutmeg and mustard and refined materials – velvet, shearling, cashmere, silk jacquard technical wool create the counterpoint to an angular, wiry silhouette, with either broad shoulders, cinched waist or more fluid A-line.

Tailoring is featured, often in association with sportswear pieces, creating the perfect balance between formal and casual. Wool or technical jacquard track bottoms and leather utility trousers mix with oversize jackets and coats.

Check, Prince-of-Wales and herringbone patterns are worked in their XL versions, as a reference to early 80s’ aesthetics, which are combined with an exclusive graphic motif inspired by the Bauhaus fabrics design.  The trousers, in turn, have become more slim-fitting, with a higher waist, and in some cases feature cummerbunds. The thick, textured sweaters come cropped and fitted, to be worn layered or tucked into trousers.

Large, comfortable coats and outerwear are the season’s key pieces. The parkas combine technical fabrics and leather, to start with, while others are quilted or reversible. Some with piping.  The military influence is present in the khaki shearling and wool cloth coats and vests, and in a nutmeg-colour waxed leather coat, which is worn belted at the waist.

This season a few unisex pieces are presented on women. The idea of a shared wardrobe is expressed by borrowing from the boys. A military boiled wool trench, camel coat, parka and jacquard wool duster are parred with slim trousers and shown belted or accessorised as the men. The accessories include quilted tote bags, nylon rucksacks and belt pouches used to cinch the silhouette. As are the leather belts with metal detailing, worn knotted around jackets and coats.

Leather and calfskin sneakers impart a casual look to the tailoring, even the leather footwear takes on more carefree mood, thanks to their rounded forms and new interpretation on the hiking and combat boot. Metal aviator glasses add a final touch of contemporary luxury to the collection.

FURLA AW2018 Advertising Campaign

FURLA AW2018 Advertising Campaign
With an ever-growing digital presence and a desire to connect with a highly relatable and engaged audience, this season, Furla has collaborated with powerful international influencers to represent the collection including: Jon Kortajarena, Sonya Esman, Stefanie Giesinger, Rocky Barnes, Keisuke Asano and Vanessa Hong. Choosing to collaborate with influencers, brings The Furla Society to life, making it accessible to everyone. The Furla Society concept has seen great success for Furla over the past three seasons, and this evolution of the story, where we finally see our empowered, vibrant and exciting influencers come together for a special event. The Autumn/Winter campaign takes place in a grand Italian hotel, where they meet the new set of protagonists, each occupying their own space, each engrossed in their own activity. Each influencer receives an intriguing ‘invite’ from The Furla Society. An intriguing series of events takes place, culminating when our influencers are all being brought together in one place, with an invitation for the brand’s audience to join them. The campaign, playing out on all Furla’s core channels, was shot by film director Andrew Rothschild and campaign photographer Stas May, with creative direction from Wednesday Agency.