Hermes Men @ A flâneur is as a flâneur does

Hermes Men SS2015 ready-to-wear themed <a flaneur is as a flaneur does>...In his wanderings, his random discoeveries of the city, he reveals the SS2015 Hermes Mens's ready-to-wear collection designed by Verronique Nichanian. A series of four shot films shot in paris which expresses its own surreal magic.

A flâneur is as a flâneur does and doesn’t care about twists and turns

A flâneur is as a flâneur does and avoids the straight and narrow


MARC JACOBS DAISY Sorbet editions with two irresistible seasonal scents in vivid floral shades. It is a succulent blend of sheer floral with a hint of fruit, it is lush and playfully fresh. The fragrance opens witha juicy blend of pear and passion fruit, as crisp jasmine brightens the floral muguet. Woody notes leave a warm dry down on the skin.

Pink grapefruit, Pear, Passion Fruit

Wisteria, Jasmine Petals, Muguet

Violet Wood, Cedarwood, Sheer Musk

Richard Herpin

The DAISY Eau So Fresh Marc Jacobs Sobert Edition evokes happiness with a sweet blend of fruity florals. The fragrance sparkles with effervescent notes of juicy mandarin and apple blossom. Fresh magnolia and wet violet bloom as they mingle with creamy woods to leave a lingering dry down.

Juicy Mandarin, Apple Blossom, Lotus Flower

Magnolia, Jasmine, Wet Violet

Soft, Creamy Wood, Musk

Richard Herpin

fFLAT5 Chapter Two On-Ear Collection

fFLAT5 has partnered with Furukawa Electric, a celebrated name in premium audio industry, co-invented the revolutionary speaker driver technology MCPET (Microcellular Formed Polyethylene Terephthalate) for its entire line of fFLAT5 headphone collections. MCPET contains ultra-small microcell with a size below 5 microns and has gone through customized technical processing to realize perfect and lasting sound performance. MCPET excels competitive speaker diaphragm materials with extraordinary density and vibration elasticity to achieve original sound reproduction. Being heat-proof and humidity-proof, MCPET further prevents signal lost or sound distortion in various environments. With this revolutionary patent technology, the fFLAT5 headphone collections are designed to deliver perfect and lasting sound performance. In addition, fFLAT5 applies Furukawa OFC (oxygen free copper) premium-grade cable to wind up speaker driver coil for securing perfect diaphragm movement in order to provide better acoustic detail for the most strikingly realistic sound reproduction.


Prada Opens First Store in Hanoi

Prada opens its first store in Hanoi, Vietnam in the heart of Hoan Kiem recently.The space, designed by architect Roberto Baciocchi, covers a total area of 360 square metres on a single level and houses the women’s and men’s leather goods, accessories and footwear collections.

The store is strategically located in one of Hanoi’s historic buildings overlooking the renowned August Revolution Square. White stone pillars and a series of windows and light boxes inserted into black marble volumes set the rhythm of the external façade. The entrance overlooking the square is enhanced by a large canopy extending over it.

The interior comprises a succession of spaces, each featuring a different atmosphere. The area housing the women’s leather goods collection is defined by the signature black-and-white marble chequered flooring – a legacy of Prada’s identity worldwide and green fabric-clad walls with cut-in niches exalting the display of the products.

In the space dedicated to women’s small leather goods and accessories, black marble-clad walls create an elegant atmosphere. Polished steel display counters with drawers covered in coloured saffiano leather complete the furnishing. The area hosting women’s footwear is characterized by beige carpeting, green velvet sofas and walls with Prada’s iconic display niches. The space devoted to men features masculine materials and finishes: ebony floorboards and walls, dark brown carpeting and cotto-coloured leather sofas. Polished steel display cases and counters with drawers covered in coloured saffiano leather complete the setting.

AGATHA @ SS2015 Collection

AGATHA SS2015 Collectiom is the return of fine weather, hints of the East and tropical daydreams draw you into AGATHA’s sumptuous and joyful world. AGATHA celebrates brides with this delicate and romantically inspired collection. Mother of pearl, bright and smooth Miyuki pearls, pink gold and floral motifs take centre stage in this delightful and ultra-feminine line. This jewellery has a somewhat vintage and retro look, such as the keys (a symbol of true love) in pendant form to be worn close to the heart and a range of multi-rows chains necklaces and bracelets interlay with metallic leather and studs, offering a sense of contemporary elegance for the brides.

AGATHA’s design studio drew inspiration for this collection from Eastern fragrances and spices. Openwork cuff bracelets are central pieces in this new line, which renews popular themes of latticework and lucky charms full of symbolism, such as the hand of Fatima or the Eye, in a range of earrings and pendants. The collection’s two distinctive colours, emerald green and ultramarine, are combined respectively with the warmth of golden metal and the purity of silver.

Moroccan charm is showcased again in this line. It features latticework-inspired pendants and key rings, but this time with a 3D twist, and Eastern colours such as the many shades of blues inspired by the depth of Tuareg blue and kilim dyes, not to mention the orange red hues which bring to mind spices and traditional earthenware. The range also includes a variety of Eastern style earrings for a very feminine summer.

Pippa Middelton Wear BOSS

Pippa Middelton chose to wear BOSS from the SS2015 collection to the Disability Snowsport UK 'ParaSnowBall' in London recently.


EMPORIO ARMANI Unveils @ Fall 2015 Collection Swiss Made Watches At BASELWORLD

Giorgio Armani for the second year running participate in BASELWORLD, the international watch and jewellery show, which is now held in Basel from the 19th to the 26th of March to unveil the Emporio Armani Swiss Made Fall 2015 watch collection. In addition to the models featured in last year’s launch collection, now enriched with unusual colour variations, the offer from Emporio Armani Swiss Made for this season has been expanded with two new lines – Fluid Deco, designed for women, and Bold Motion, for men. Both share the same attention to detail and use of the finest materials, qualities that translate into timepieces that bring together the best of technology and sophisticated design. Fluid Deco adds a twist of contemporary elegance to the fluid lines of Art Deco, while Bold Motion features a strong, dynamic design.

Giorgio Armani says: ‘The Swiss Made project is giving me great satisfaction. Personally, I find it very stimulating; the idea of combining technical and aesthetic research is a perfect extension of my thinking as a fashion designer. In my view, elegance and functionality should always move together, and this collection is proof of this. I am happy that these innovations will be unveiled at a major event like BASELWORLD, which is the world's leading showcase for timepieces.’

MONCLER SS2015 @ Metal Fish Window Display

To mark the debut of the SS2015 collection, Moncler is descending into the depths of the oceans to create a window that represents an extraordinary meeting of technology and nature. In Moncler’s DNA, the powerful ties between cutting-edge technological solutions and the generating power of nature has long been a leitmotiv. Inhabited by thousands of fish and metal cogs, the new window is a sea created using a sheet of plexiglass. The lighting effects used reproduce the colours of the seabeds which divers and mannequins wearing the Moncler SS2015 collection all dive down to.

Helena Bonham-Carter Wore Vivienne Westwood Couture @ UK Premiere

Helena Bonham-Carter wore a Vivienne Westwood Couture Jade Green Long Joan dress as well as the Salome earrings to the UK premiere of <Cinderella> recently.


THE KOMANEKA SPA at Bisma @ An Oasis of Natural Splendor in Mystical Ubud

When you go on a vacation, choosing the right hotel is essential in order for you to enjoy the many facilities offered. In addition, a world class luxurious spa with professional treatment included in the hotel is indeed an added advantage for further relaxation of your mind and body. mylifestylenews escapes to mystical Ubud, Bali to get indulged in The Komeneka at Bisma Spa for a Balinese massage to enriching the moment of peace and silent.

The Komaneka Spa at Bisma in Ubud is a natural splendor nestled in the rainforest of the Campuhan rivderside. This serene wellness oasis created as a luxurious sanctuary in villa concept offers variety of natural products and professional treatment including traditional massage, herbal body scrub and wrap and other pampering treatment in a serene wellness oasis to embrace the natural tranquil sound of rippling water.

 Hence, no spa music is provided as the sound of the nature from its surrounding is the main key to let your mind and body to find the balance through the professional touches by the therapist.

Aromatherapy massage oils of pure and highest quality have been created exclusively for Komaneka Spa. The <Komaneka Spice> incorporating combinations using warm and relaxing clove combined with Cassia, ginger and Ylang-Ylang. Among others, <Ubud Spice> is a blend of clove, sandalwood and soothe-muscular-aches nutmeg. <Peace of Ubud> offers an aromatherapeutic blend of eucalyptus and cinnamon with sensuous Ylang-Ylang scent that is relaxing and the <Bali Sunny> is a blend of invigorate the senses with main ingredient like peppermints, Ylang-Ylang and cinnamon.

A spacious double treatment room with jacuzzi

The Komaneka Spa at Bisma in Ubud is a natural splendor nestled in the natural rainforest of the Campuhan riverside.

We opted for the body massage and spent the next 60 minutes listening to the strong flowing water below us, while the therapists worked their magic to let go the bad energy from our body and adding the positive vibe. With the combination of stretching, acupressure and special massage technique that reflects human instinct to touch and awaken your senses. The power of touch widely believes in relieving pain and healing sickness.

The spa is created as a luxurious sanctuary in villa concept

Embrace the serene and lush surrounding

And it must have worked, as we needed to be woken up to turn over, but most importantly the pressure and expertise from the therapist’s fingers could be keenly felt and was both relaxing and muscle pain relieving. The great combination of pressure and soothing strokes left us feeling totally relaxed when the treatments finished. The notion of means is to pursuit mindfulness and sense of wellbeing, it helps to rediscover a new you.

Tried & Tested:
Location: 5/5
Ambience: 5/5
Design & Decor: 4.5/5
Service: 5/5

Natural rainforest by the riverside
Villa concept design spa


Jalan Bisma
Ubud, Gianyar Sub-District
Bali Indonesia
Tel: +62 361 971 933