Celebrate In Style With Esprit This Christmas

The holidays at Esprit are all about coming together to celebrate with your loved ones. In the stores you’ll find everything you need to make your holidays shine: This season’s copper bombers and golden skirts share the space with velvet pants and long sleeved maxi dresses.

Men should have a closer look at our stylish velvet tuxedos and fun bold printed sweaters, all made to give you a stylish holiday!

Put on something sparkling, wrap your perfect gifts and let’s get this holiday started!

Tiffany & Co. Fragrance Christmas Set

Tiffany new fragrance Christmas set comes in the signature Tiffany blue box to mesmerize you and your love ones. The scent opens with vibrant top notes of vert de mandarine. At the heart, a precious iris flower is the hero ingredient. A bold scent created by world renowned master perfumer Daniela Andrier of Gaaidan. The parkling floral musk is a contemporary take on the most precious ingredients of traditional haute perfumery. Have your Christmas shopping ready!

philosophy: Twelve Days of Wishes Bring Magic & Joy

christmas is an important festival for thanksgiving.  The Christmas sets contain different combinations of products that satisfy your unique needs: glowing all the way skincare set, star light, glow bright skincare setamazing grace setand sparkling hollyberries set, these delight you by taking care of your skin and body completely. 

glowing all the way skincare set
Purity made simple 3-in-1 cleanser for face & eyes

*Formulated with 12 natural oil extracts in repairing the natural moisture deficiency of skin.

*Cleansing, melting makeup and toning in one simple step by feeling perfectly clean, comfortable and balanced. The micro delivery exfoliating facial wash

*New formula contains vitamin provide resurfacing, whitening and antioxidant benefits formulated with diatomaceous earth, borage oil and vitamin e, retain skin to moisture level, leaving behind a hydrated, healthy-looking complexion.

*Everyday 30-second mini exfoliation can resurface and refine your skin with ingredients designed to replenish, protect, and improve skin’s texture. The micro delivery resurfacing peel in home vitamin c/peptide peel kit

*A 3 minutes in-home professional exfoliating skin transformation.

*Lactic/salicylic acid and vitamin c/peptide crystal rejuvenate and revitalize skin. renewed hope in a jar refreshing & refining moisturizer renewed hope in a jar overnight recharging & refining moisturizer

*Non-stop skin renewal technology continually helps boost skin’s cell-renewal and improve skin’s ability to fight dehydration, dullness and rough texture.

*3 different forms of an advanced technology, hyaluronate, which works on multiple levels to lock in moisture. Time in a bottle 100% in-control resist renew repair serum

*Targeting the key signs of aging and help improve radiance, pores, evenness, lines & wrinkles, smoothness, firmness.

*Dna renewal complex helps promote skin’s natural renewal and protection processes. high-potency vitamin c8 activator works in synergy to help protect against skin-aging environmental aggressors.

amazing grace set
*Best-selling product, amazingly clean, beautifully feminine scent provides you a relaxing, gentle and comfortable experience.

*Welcoming grapefruit to greet the senses, and followed by irresistibly soft, clean muguet blossoms & lasting musk.

*Embrace your beauty and express your femininity with amazing grace fragrance.

star light, glow bright skincare set
Renewed hope in a jar refreshing & refining moisturizer
Renewed hope in a jar overnight recharging & refining moisturizer
Renewed hope in a jar refreshing & refining eye cream

*3 forms of hyaluronate to deliver continuous hydration benefits for skin.

*A triple-blend of ahas gently exfoliate skin’s surface for refined texture.

*Continuously replenishes moisture and hydrates skin for 24 hours with natural plant extract.

*Asian fruit extract increases micro-circulation and brings natural healthy
color to skin.

sparkling hollyberries set
Sparkling hollyberries shampoo, bath & shower gel 
Sparkling hollyberries body lotion

Add a little holiday sparkle to your bath and shower with this award-winning multi-tasking formula infused with a holiday exclusive scent that will leave you refreshed and party-ready.

*The moisturizing gel cleanses and conditions skin and hair; the rich lather and bright, sparkling scent delight the senses.


Hermès Furnishing Fabrics & Wallpapers

Furnishing fabrics and wallpapers hold a unique place in the collections for the home. Rhythm and colour, brightness and radiance. They open up new horizons, whether inspired by the historical designs of Hermès or initiating new graphic languages. Favoured instruments for storytelling, they are a canvas for chromatic variations and digressions of the imagination. They bring a touch of lightness and freedom to the collections. A playground for lines and images, the wallpaper retains traces of the act, tiny vibrations of the brush or print block. The weave, in turn, is an alchemy perpetually reinvented. Cottons, wools, silk failles – each material has its own feel, hang, and use. Structuring the space around them, fabrics and wallpapers are an invitation to play on different scales, and to introduce new perspectives into the home.

Les Carreaux
Created by Italian illustrator Gianpaolo Pagni, this design celebrates the universe of childhood and building block toys. Its vertical and horizontal lines form a structure in bold, naïve colours. Squares in crayon colours.

Made using a single, continuously applied stamp, this design by Gianpaolo Pagni evokes the patina of a ribbed fabric. Wallpaper is a medium naturally suited to the artist’s technique, paper being his preferred material.

Mille Jeux
Counters, dice, cubes and horses, not to mention the boxes to store them in… This wallpaper appears to transform into a board game table. Bright colours for joyous disarray.

Les Cabanes
In this freehand composition in ink, architect and illustrator Nigel Peake has designed a multitude of coloured huts. Perfect places for children to play and hide.

Gianpaolo Pagni designed this composition using a stamp in the shape of an H. This graphic symbol borrowed from the alphabet is repeated over and again to create the appearance of a brick wall.

Bursting with rhythm and resonance, Partition by Gianpaolo Pagni is the background for Clic clac quadrillé. The design’s stripes are inspired by musical staves. This reversible jacquard plays on the synergy of its two sides.

Rubans broderie
For this design, Gianpaolo Pagni has formed ribbons with two stamps which he has used together and applied to construct a labyrinth of letters. They form the word “Hermès” in capital letters. This first embroidered wool twill fabric echoes the composition of the saddle stitch.

Designed by Gianpaolo Pagni, this brick construction formed with stamped Hs gives the illusion of a textured fabric. Wool jacquard can be used on the positive or the negative, abolishing the notion of right and wrong sides.

Clic clac quadrillé
This composition on a spectacular scale is the fruit of the encounter between two designs: Clic clac by Julie Abadie, a scarf from 1979 reduced to its essence, and a stamped-effect grid pattern by Gianpaolo Pagni. Each pattern is two-toned, with the superimposed whites delicately revealing the composition of the fabric, printed on silk faille.

JOHN LOBB 2017 Christmas Pick

This Christmas, JOHN LOBB introduces The Knighton slipper produced in three different offerings, an array of sumptuous Cashmere Suede colours, with reverse Suede detailing, a Supple Calf, with matching Suede binding and a prestigious Cashmere Suede, with exotic Lizard binding.

The carefully crafted new last and padded sole have been designed to make this slipper the ultimate travelling and lounging companion. This style is produced using the “Fondo Americano” construction which is made for ultimate comfort. Each pair of elegant slipper comes with a customized travel bag and highlighted by our branded John Lobb zip pull. Available in Black, Indigo, Cherry or Burgundy Cashmere Suede, Dark Brown or Russet Canton Calf and Indigo or Burgundy Cashmere Suede/Lizard.

John Lobb also offers a new range of shoecare accessories meticulously crafted. The natural goat horn is delicately applied with black lacquer to the surface of the wood. This collection features essential items for the maintenance of your John Lobb shoe wardrobe. Each product comes from naturally sustainable sources therefore colour and patterns for each horn accessory will vary.

HORN HARD BRUSH available in Dark Bristles Natural and Light Bristles Natural as well as Natural MEDIUM HORN SHOEHORN.

DUNIYE SPA Hurawalhi Maldives - The Spa of The Universe

There is no better way to awaken you your senses than to have a spa treatment and experience in the middle of basically “no-where” in the Maldives. Duniye Spa in the Hurawalhi Maldives may have something just right for you. mylifestylenews writes.

Wellness travel is growing twice as fast as tourism overall and it is evolving in bold new directions globally. Besides, finding an exclusive one-island-one-resort concept stay, a good spa and wellness retreat would be another bonus add-on to the trip well planned.

Surrounded by a haven of serenity and calm, the idea of the design at Duniye Spa is to enhance your journey to mindful and joyful living. The open air reception is simple: a couple of lounge chairs placed at each corner with a touch of purple plush cushions adds some colors juxtaposing the wooden floors of the seemingly natural aspect and motif. But we couldn’t quite understand the wooden frames with slogans hanging on the wall, which is actually taking away the Zen spirit and harmony of the entire design, which not only ruined the overall ambience but makes it look blatantly unimaginative to a spa decor.

In Maldivian culture, Duniye means “universe” and this name was chosen as it epitomizes what they stand for: A universal approach to wellness, with treatments inspired by the very best of ancient and modern expertise from around the globe. Duniye Spa promises treatment that will not only astonish you but also their passion is wellness, so they believe in the power of connection between mind and body along with the incredible healing powers of the nature surrounding us.

The treatments rooms are built on the water by the beach, similarly to a water chalet concept with a guest reception wooden pavilion bridge leading to the 5 narrow treatment rooms all with ocean facing views. The treatment room is rather claustrophobic especially with two massage beds placed in the middle of the room without allocating much space to move around.

The room is basically without design elements, neither giving you the minimalist feel to it as though it is still in need of some final touches. There are two glassed bottom flooring panels installed for the idea of spotting some live fishes or organisms under the oceanic water while your spa treatment is in action. On the contrary, if you are not doing so well with sea sickness and especially the wave and current are strong during your treatment, by looking at it for your entire treatment may not be a good idea, not to say there were no live creatures beneath the flowing water.

We opt for the Signature Treatments that includes an Asian inspired traditional and refreshing foot ritual to unwind and connect. It is all begun with an exfoliating foot scrub and soak which disinfects the skin and leaves it feeling smooth. The sea salt is well known as an additive to rough scrubs to provide a manual exfoliation to dry and rough skin. Lemon and Cypress act as a disinfectant and help to alleviate aches and pains in tired feet where mint helps to refresh and cool the feet. The entire action took place at the balcony while enjoying the gentle sea breeze brushing your body while the lapping water surrounding the outdoor pavilion relaxes your mind and soul.

We then adjourned to the treatment room with the sense of touch by our therapists to begin with the signature massage. The signature treatment combines the world’s best massage techniques; inspired by African and oriental healing traditions, expect a deeply relaxing and uplifting massage experience. Ginger and Lemongrass herbal poultices are used to evoke a warm, nutrient rich relaxation to tense muscles.

This massage works with the body’s natural energy system to harmonize the energy flow. By utilizing the miracle African Potato body balm, it helps to revive our senses whilst enriching our skin with anti-oxidants and deep hydration. This signature massage is a sense seducing escape from daily life.

Connection with self, body and nature is something that is often missing in our daily and frequently busy lives. Duniye Spa offers you a soothing moment of calm, an opportunity to slow down, relax and be taken care of and perhaps to be inspired and guided by the talented team of healers. Be ready to be spoiled by choice of spa treatments within an eco friendly sustainable setting and find your own universe.

Tried & Tested:
Location: 5/5
Design & Decor: 2.5/5
Service: 4/5
Value For Money: 4/5
Experience: 4/5

Signature Treatments

Lhaviyani Atoll, Hurawalhi Island
Republic of Maldives
Tel: +960 662 2000

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