DEVARNA SPA - Garden In Heaven At Dusit Thani Bangkok

Beckoned by four tall eyes catching decorative branch of leaves that are aligned side by side along the stairway leading you up to the Garden in heaven of Deverana Spa in Dusit Thani Bangkok, you feel you are truly entering the heaven’s gate for Spa Lovers. mylifestlenews writes.

Devarana read as te-wa-run comes from Thai-Sankrit, meaning “garden in heaven” and curated by the renowned concept designer and writer in Thailand, Ploy Chariyaves. It dates back to ancient Thai literature called “Tribhumphraruang” also known as “Tribhumikhatha”, written by Phraya Lithai. In this literary work, the writer described the particular garden as situated at heaven’s gate, surrounded by gardens and ponds, with a heavenly scent and nurturing environment.

Deverana Spa was founded in Bangkok, Thailand in 2000, this Thai-inspired spa chain was established to deliver outstanding spa services at selected deluxe five-stars hotel in Bangkok and around. The décor of the gardens glimmers with silver and gold, and is filled with natural stones and gems. In the garden, soft, melodic music fills the air played by harp, flute and another traditional musical instruments that soothe the relaxing mood.

The contemporary Thai design and décor will transcend you to the everyday world and provides a relaxing, calm and welcoming atmosphere in which to enjoy premium spa treatments with traditional Thai service and hospitality.

Devarana Sap treatment features a superb variety of pampering treatments including massage, facials, body treatments, water treatments, beauty treatments as well as exclusive packages, using high-quality products to polish, nourish and rejuvenate. Our 90 minutes <Devarana Signature Massage> is exclusively created for Devarana Spa. This unique massage combines string pressure of Thai, Ayurveda Shiatsu and techniques with Swedish and Aromatherapy influences for the ultimate soothing and pampering experience. The signature massage comes together with a bowl of hot water with freshly sliced kaffir lime and orange for respiratory clearing.

Drawing from the great Eastern traditions and more recent Western methods that have been sourced from age-old therapies and updated modern know-how to pamper and revitalize, Devarana Massage pays heed to the small details. Eastern massage therapies primarily focus on clearing and balancing the energy pathways of the body, whereas Western methods treat tissue such as muscles, tendons and joints as well as major organs. The strong pressures of Thai, Ayurveda and Shiatsu massage are seamlessly blended and softened by Swedish and Aromatherapy techniques. These opposites have been skillfully synthesised to create the Devarana Massage.

The treatment begins with Ayurvedic techniques that encourage awareness of powerful energies, known as kundalini, residing at the base of the spine. This is done by gently releasing the pelvic girdle with a rocking motion, releasing tension that is often held here. After this, aromatic hot compresses are placed on the entire length of the back during which your therapist applies thumb pressures on the muscles up and down either side of the spine. The effects of the heat and cool help to awaken the spinal energies while the warmth prepares the back for the deep massage work that follows. Once oil is applied the work of massage begins. During the treatment fingers, toes, limbs and torso are stretched, pulled and rotated to release joints and unblock energy pathways. Muscles are kneaded, pressed, hacked and held. Even the ears are rubbed. And amidst it all are soothing Swedish and Aromatherapy massage strokes. Now this may all sound a bit strenuous but this is one of the most relaxing and unique massages you're likely to experience. We felt deeply relaxed and clear headed after a 90 minute session.

Try <The Heavenly Nantha Garden Experience> if you have the time to indulge further. This 2.5 hours treatment is in the work of ancient Thai literature called Tribhumphraruang, Nantha (as described above) with magical flowers and herbs. It includes Devarana Bath and Devarana Body Scrub and Devarana Massage, this soothing treatment comforts the skin and uplifts the mind. Devarana Spa brings the divine garden to life by gathering a generous amount of fresh lotus and champaca petals with exquisite oil blends from ylang ylang and jasmine to create a truly heavenly experience.

A good spa experience is when your wellbeing is being looked after. Devarana Spa offers an atmosphere of ultimate relaxation in its very own healing garden in heaven concept to pamper and to revitalize your wellness. A calming and enjoyable result being noted from the treatment is rather a satisfying indulgence.

Tried & Tested:
Location: 5/5
Design & Decor: 4.5/5
Food & Beverage: 4.5/5
Service: 4.5/5
Value For Money: 4.5/5
Experience: 5/5

Tried & Tested:
Location: 5/5
Design & Decor: 4/5
Service: 5/5
Value For Money: 4.5/5
Experience: 4.5/5

Deverana 120 Minutes
Signature Treatment

946, Rama IV Road,
Bangkok Thailand
Tel: +66 2636 3596

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45R Bandana Blouse Capsule Collection

45R introduces the bandana blouse capsule collection made of cotton is launched to echo 45R’s seasonal theme – Voyage.

Inspired by patterns from retro colonial handkerchiefs, the refreshing and fashionable range is crafted by craftsmen via discharge printing.

Established in Japan in 1978, 45R has surpassed fashion and adhering to its belief in the beauty of nostalgia and quality craftsmanship. Analogous to the Japanese passing down tradition from parents to their children, kimonos and gorgeous things from times past, each piece of 45R product feels like an old favorite at the very first time it is worn and it is of such quality that 45R clothing can be passed on from generation to generation. Its denim and indigo dye range, are established eternal brand classic, and denim collection is an art piece to the connoisseurs of denim and Japan fashion.


Hung Tong - Elevated Contemporary Cantonese Flavours

Diversified Chinese culinary offerings for every time of day and night, along with the arty and contemporary atmosphere overlooking Hong Kong Victoria harbor. “Red Sugar” Hung Tong Chinese restaurant at the newly opened Kerry Hotel in Hong Kong strives to deliver the authenticity of Cantonese flavor in its very own reinvention. mylifestylenews writes.

The interior furnishing is definitely unlike any usual traditional Chinese restaurant set up, as this is never the cup of tea that Hung Tong is trying to project their image to their diners.

The design and decor is capturing the history of old Hong Kong, with shutter glass windows gracing the hallways off and leading you to the bar and lounge and separates the dining area. Alcoves and booth seats create intimate spaces and red bricks on the wall adds a raw and slight industrial feel juxtaposing the retro vintage look of brownish checked carpet, yet with modern and contemporary sharp and eye catching decorative hanging lamps that brighten up the dining area and transporting the historical heritage and charm of Hung Hom districts to all diners.

Nested on the 7th Floor of the hotel, the name Hung Tong is derived from the Cantonese words as “Red Sugar” that is the tribute to the hotel group of companies with the trading of the sugar commodity in the past being one of the main streams of business and how the company was formed before venturing into the hospitality scene.

The menu has quite a wide range in selection and is well crafted by its Hong Kong born and raised Executive Chinese Chef Ken Yu who has over 30 years of experience in Cantonese culinary. Chen Yu had developed a solid foundation in Cantonese cuisine from pivotal positions in over 50 prestigious acclaimed and award-wining hotels and restaurants around Asia, with accolades including a 2-Michelin-star recognition.

Being the pioneer opening team for Hung Tong, Chef Yu’s culinary skill focuses on the essence of a dish in the ingredients and has an eye for sourcing fresh and seasonal produce. Through his thought and skill, he has reinvented traditional Cantonese dishes to a modern edge from the preparation, cooking method to presenting the signature dishes of Hung Tong that embody authentic recipes and local culture which is well appreciated by food aficionados domestically and abroad.

It was only 8pm when we arrived and diner time is getting busier as the entire dining room was filled. Delightful scents fill the air from the dishes that are being served on the tables while we walked into Hung Tong before we were adjourned to the corner table as reserved.  The menu was presented with clear indication and with a few signature dishes that printed with images help up selling for what Hung Tong is good at.

As soup is essential for Cantonese dining, not only in Hong Kong dining scene especially in a Cantonese restaurant but also this is what makes Cantonese food so approachable to warm your stomach and stimulate your appetite before venturing into other delectable dishes. We kicked off with Double Boiled Pork Lung Soup with Almonds (杏汁燉白肺) which is quite a classic soup in an authentic Cantonese restaurant. Not many restaurants can handle this soup well due to its complexity of ingredient used and hours spent on cooking as well as the pork lung chosen from a trustworthy supplier. Chef Yu certainly has his way and secret recipe to get this right. Despite the soup serving four, with such a delectable start to the meal for the evening, we couldn’t resist but leaving no puddle left in the serving bowl.

The Barbecued Prime Iberico Pork with Maple Syrup(楓糖黑豚肉叉燒)is a definite must-order, not only that the meat was from the premium cut but the marinade and lightly burnt on the side of the pork made this dish even more superior. A mouth-full size thick cut of the meat with the melt-in-your-mouth effect made this signature dish being an all time favorite to all diners. Thumbs up!

Sautéed Prawns with Homemade Sweet and Spicy Sauce(宮爆明蝦球 ) is another authentic dish from Cantonese cuisine. The giant size prawns were lightly deep fried and cooked to a perfect springy texture and glazed with the homemade sweet and spicy sauce (it is rather mild) and garnished with light crispy lotus chips.

We ordered half Crispy Chicken (脆皮炸子雞) to continue our savory journey. Another triumphant dish in Hung Tong that won’t disappoint, the skin was deep fried to a very light crispiness but not leaving much of an oily palate and the tenderness of the flesh of the chicken was in perfection. Have a light dip on the mixed spice salt to enhance the taste on the palate.

A rice dish is another tradition to order to round up a satisfactory Cantonese dinner. The Fried Rice with Diced Chicken and Octopus in Abalone Sauce (鮑汁鱆魚雞粒飯) was served in a clay pot for its authenticity of presentation. Rice flavor is assured as the rice has absorbed the essence of the Abalone sauce and the octopus adds another kick by giving the freshness of the sea palate for each mouth full. A truly enticing dish that fits all stomachs!

For dessert, my guest picked the Osmanthus Jelly with Coconut Milk (椰汁桂花糕) to end our evening with some good Chinese tea as digestive. It has a nice light texture with a zesty osmanthus flowers from the jelly sendiments and a hint of coconut aroma attached to it.

Such splendid food being served in Hung Tong cannot easily be faulted or to find a flaw in its authenticity of flavours as it stays true to its Cantonese gastronomic heritage. We are glad to see that the orient dining culture has been elevated and presented to be savored and enjoyed in a high level of contemporary flavours.

Tried & Tested:
Location: 3.5/5
Design & Decor: 4/5
Food & Beverage: 5/5
Service: 4/5
Value For Money: 4/5
Experience: 4.5/5

Barbecued Prime Iberico Pork with Maple Syrup

38 Hung Luen Road,
Hung Hom Bay, Kowloon
Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2252 5888

Reviews are based on actual day of visit and experience. mylifestylenews reserves the right of final decision in case of any disputes. All images are photographed by mylifestylenews team without any photoshop enhancement and are the property owned by mylifestylenews unless otherwise stated.

Tiffany Bridal Salon Featuring Asia Debut of “My Tiffany” Diamond Ring Personalization Service

Tiffany Bridal Salon on 1/F The Landmark, Central will assist you in all matters of the heart, ranging from the Asia debut of “My Tiffany” diamond ring personalization service to “love letter window display” proposal service for customers who have chosen Tiffany diamond rings to commemorate their love, between July 19th to August 12th. The fabulous experience goes up a notch with the “love letter window display” proposal service, offering customers who purchase Tiffany diamond rings during the Bridal Salon period a unique and unforgettable celebration on the day of proposal or wedding anniversary.

Since 1837, the blissful Blue Box and the classic Tiffany® Setting six-prong diamond ring of Tiffany & Co. have been symbols of the world’s greatest love stories. As a brand that celebrates true love in all its forms, Tiffany & Co. draws inspiration from the “Believe in Love” concept for its latest bridal campaign, featuring seven real couples of different backgrounds, genders and social strata in images that capture the power of love.

The bridal campaign goes in sync with the Tiffany Bridal Salon at The Landmark in Central, where the brand’s complete bridal collection is showcased, including the renowned Tiffany® Setting six-prong diamond ring, as well as various ready-made styles of couples’ rings and wedding bands. The Salon also marks the Asia debut of “My Tiffany” diamond ring personalization service, through which customers can choose their favorite diamond, setting, materials and design, with personalized inscriptions or initials for the ring and the brand’s signature Blue Box that speak to you and beautifully represent your love.


BOSS SS2018 Summer of Ease Menswear Collection

BOSS SS2018 Summer of Ease Menswear Collection capturing the mood of a mellow summer’s day and heads to the seaside.  Effortless, airy sartorialism is met with refined utilitarian detail in this highly crafted collection.

 The BOSS codes of tailoring and fine quality are shown in the most relaxed way yet. Signature suiting is cut from lightweight fabrics and comes unlined this season for new airiness. Cast in the freshest off-white and gray shades, these pieces provide effortless elegance in the highest temperatures. Even shirting feels refreshed, with designs that wrap across the front for laid-back attitude. Sportier pieces are also crafted using tailoring techniques, bringing BOSS quality to off-duty attire. Intricate embroidery and hand-knitted leather shirting further emphasize an attention to craft and detail.

The new collection presents a refreshed, summery take on the nautical themes introduced for FW2017. Much of the tailoring is double-breasted, while horizontal bands make an appearance on the traditional Breton top and are turned vertical for a sporty effect on sleeves and the seams of trousers. Maintaining this graphic look and highlighting a utilitarian edge, contrasting heavy-duty overstitching trims clothing and accessories. On tops and outerwear, rope is threaded through metal rivets and eyelets, recalling the clean functionality of nautical equipment. Embroidered ‘HBNY’ letters and the coordinates of Columbus Circle, the location of the BOSS flagship in New York, continue the theme.

Airiness is found in the fine fabrics selected for this collection. Lightweight cottons and linens underpin many of the looks. Innovation comes in the form of silks and wafer-thin, lightweight leathers, both of which have been treated for a tactile, papery feel. The effect is crafted and luxurious, but effortlessly at ease. To suit the relaxed mood, silhouettes are loose and oversized – and expertly tailored to look laid-back yet refined. Generous pleats add tailored volume to trousers and wide Bermuda shorts, while outerwear sits away from the body, creating a breezy feeling.

The color scheme is directly inspired by the weather-beaten hues of the coastline. Brilliant white fades to sun-bleached cream and flint-stone shades, while cool blues fill the collection with a mellow mood. Pops of signal red and mustard yellow add flashes of color. The show took place at the Fulton Market Building in lower Manhattan.

As a former fish market that’s now integrated into city life, and with sweeping views of the water and surrounding skyline, this venue provides the perfect setting for a collection rooted in nautical heritage but built for the needs of the modern man.

Montblanc Introduces The #MY4810 Luggage Collection

Montblanc #MY4810 is designed to meet the needs of urban explorers and intrepid adventurers who seek new horizons and experiences, and expect consistency and reliability to make their journey smoother. The brand new line of trolleys in five different sizes are trusted travel companions defined by high performance, sleek modern design, durability and versatility, crafted to fit in with the lifestyles of those on the go. Because every experience-seeking adventurer is determined to focus on his next endeavour, the Montblanc #MY4810 Collection is a tribute to exploration and wanderlust, created for today’s travellers making unexpected connections along the way. As an ultimate symbol of urban mobility, the collection pairs refined functionality and craftsmanship with modern and stylish design, built to last beautifully. Every urban explorer sets his or her goals on something on their travels through life, pursuing this ambition, and achieving their own heights with a travel companion by their side. Whether a quick one day-trip business trip accompanied by the Pilot Case or Cabin Size Trolley, or a longer journey abroad with the more spacious wheelers, the versatility and variety of #MY4810 offers the most efficient travel solution for every type of traveller. The range of five pieces includes a compact Pilot Case with two wheels, a four wheel Cabin Trolley either with or without a front pocket for easy access to personal technology. The Medium Small and a Medium Large Trolley offer ample storage space for long haul or more extensive travel.

Crafted in Italy, this new luggage collection brings together Italian savoir-faire, German mechanics and Japanese high-performance technology, blending lightweight polycarbonate with elegant leather trimming to deliver a cool urban look. The Japanese-made ball-bearing wheels with 360° degree rotation ensure comfortable and extremely smooth motion, while the German-constructed multi-stop bar allows the traveller to adjust the extension of the bar at any height with complete precision. An original grooving design pattern on the front panel evokes the signature Montblanc “M”, while a dedicated leather insert on the side allows to personalize the trolleys with owner’s initials. Inside, zipped pockets, laptop compartments and other organizational features provide smart storage solutions.  For the connected traveller, #MY4810 cabin versions are equipped with a dedicated space for a power bank. Each trolley can be safely secured with an embedded TSA lock. Whatever the destination and whatever the road to get there, audacious travellers can now embrace the Spirit of Urban Exploration with a personal and dependable companion at their side. Modern style, exceptional durability and smart functionality, the journey has only just begun with #MY4810.