The Grand Reopening of The BVLGARI Pacific Place Shop

BVLGARI re-opens its Pacific Place shop and held a opening cocktail event and gala dinner recently. To honor this special occasion, Bvlgari specially showcases the latest Bvlgari jewelry collection which demonstrates the Italian excellence, elegance and sophistication in iconic Bvlgari style. The stunning new pieces was featured alongside Bvlgari's Heritage collection to attest the evolution of the brand's creative spirit and traditions, as well as the classic and timeless beauty of Bvlgari's elegant designs.

Just as every Blvgari creation is inspired by the spirit of excellent and so it is with the stores that display them. Every Bvlgari store is a profound reflection of the brand's storied legacy and this one is no different, being a bold statement about the brand's eminent status in Hong Kong.

Over 100 high jewellery creations, including a selection of watches was showcased. The magnificent expressions of the house’s unmistakable sense for beauty, daring combinations, volume and passion for colour, all features that make it the most prestigious Italian jeweller in the world. A truly stunning collection of unrivalled creativity that will lead visitors to discover the universe of themes and motifs through which Bulgari’s many-sided creativity finds expression. New designs that were specially conceived for this occasion was revealed, while revisiting the iconic themes and motifs, such as Serpenti, Diva as well as the new MVSA creations.

The Italian “serpenti”, has been icon of Bulgari design since the 1940s. This mythical symbol of eternity, femininity and prosperity was first commemorated as jewellery when Cleopatra visited Julius Caesar in Rome in 46 BC. Nearly 2,000 years later, the seduction of the snake lives on in Bulgari’s Serpenti Collection, embodying each Bulgari hallmark together: a love for colour, a juxtaposition of materials, a supple wearability and avant-garde artisanal techniques. 

Enchanted by the magnetism, the charisma, and the timeless beauty of the diva, Bulgari creates its new Diva pieces to shimmer with such sensuality. Sparkling with diamonds and colour gemstones, arching with design, the new Diva creations shine as dazzling renditions of the original. The design of each piece is inspired by mosaics of architectural ancient Rome, in homage to Bulgari’s historic heritage. Standing confident upon this rich past, the Bulgari woman has always inspired from the majesty of Cleopatra to the influence of Elizabeth Taylor.
The Bulgari diva embodies the ultimate in Italian femininity, in beauty itself.

Infused with a special aura that combines eccentricity, mystery, sophistication and charisma, MVSA creations are a tribute to the nine muses of ancient Greek legend who ruled over the arts. Sisters born to a Greek god, the muses have been a source of feminine inspiration across the ages, embodying the multiple facets of human creativity.  In a harmonic hymn to the gemstones, Bulgari plays on the beauty of the stone reinterpreting the legend in a modern collection of inspired colours, shapes and designs. A rich world of imagination and imagery is concentrated in MVSA one-of-a-kind high-jewellery creations: an eclectic mosaic representing Bulgari’s preference for strong colour combinations, unusual cuts, dramatic volumes and compact shapes.

All of these creations feature exquisite details that reflect the matchless craftsmanship of the brand, distilled over 130 years of history. 

LE PLIAGE BY LONGCHAMP @ A Book of Tradition & Transformation

LONGCHAMP launches a new book LE PLIAGE BY LONGCHAMP Tradition & Transformation and featuring the history of Le Pliage Bags.  “Le Pliage represents all the best qualities of our company - French craftsmanship, quality, modernity, style, and elegance.” Said Jean Cassegrain. Longchamps Le Pliage bags are the perfect embodiment of this mystery, with their connection to the Zeitgeist, pure style, accomplished craftsmanship, and groundbreaking shape. Designed twenty years ago by Philippe Cassegrain (the son of the founder of thFrench leather goods company Longchamp), the foldable bag has become a huge success. At present, over thirty million Le Pliage bags have been sold globally and offer luxury on an everyday basis.

First produced in ultralight nylon and available since 2012 in a soft, supple leather version, Le Pliage comes in several sizes and is inspired by that most meticulous of Japanese arts, origami. Fold it, unfold it, and refold it, without leaving a single crease. Always functional, chic, and trendy, Le Pliage reinvents itself from one year to the next. With limited editions, seasonal prints, and artistic collaborations (with artists such as Tracey Emin, Jeremy Scott and Mary Katrantzou), Longchamp constantly brings new energy to its iconic bag and vice-versa. The optional personalization of any Le Pliage bag is part of this positive energy: choosing the model, the color combination, and adding a perforated or embossed monogram brings together elegance and practicality. “Less is more, the one-phrase manifesto of architect Mies Van der Rohe, clearly reflects the philosophy of Longchamps Le PliageLaure Verchère holds a degree in art history. A former journalist for Elle Décoration, she is currently a luxury lifestyle brand artistic consultant. Verchère previously wrote Renzo Mongiardino: Renaissance Master of Style (2013), La Mamounia (2011), and Antiquaires: Paris Flea Markets (2010) for Assouline. 

Le Pliage by Longchamp is available aAssouline boutiques worldwide or in the Longchamp

COACH x BLITZ Lane Crawford Introduces Latest Collection & Exclusive Swagger Handbags

BLITZ Lane Crawford and Coach celebrated their first collaboration and held a cocktail event at Lane Crawford ifc mall recently. Coach Creative Director, Stuart Vevers flew in especially from New York City to support the launch of the BLITZ x Coach installation.

Showcasing a curated selection from Stuart Vever’s latest AW2014 collection of ready-to-wear, shoes and handbags, Lane Crawford pre-launched the exclusive Spring 2015 Swagger handbags in five colours.

HOGAN @ 2014 Christmas Pick

HOGAN lights up this Christmas holidays with Rock-Chic signature touch. The iconic best-ever seller INTERACTIVE comes in a bold version in soft silver leather with platinum glimmers and molded "H" with multi-shape studs. Same family feeling for the flamboyant WRAP Ballerinas, graced by a fine line of gold metal rivets on the back. 

The TREND clutch pairs with its laid-back sophistication and charming twist: in soft black leather embellished by a cascade of glowing golden studs. These exclusive styles perfectly represent HOGAN's unique and innovative vision of casual luxury for every occasion. A philosophy where quality and style are always to be cherished.

Maid in Love @ FW2014/15 Superbad Collection

Maid in Love FW2014/15 collection is called ’Superbad’. The collection is inspired by the idea of technology which will enable humans to reach superhuman features in the very near future. We could possibly become superman, superhero, supergreen… but most predictably superbad! Humans are inclined to lure to their own dark sides and with the help of technology people will be able to shape shift, grow wings, have a shell or camouflage ability like some animals.

They will change as they wish and use these powers for their hedonist aims. You can live happily ever after till eternity: good or bad; by genetic modification, cybernetic implants, nanotechnology and stemcell technologhy. Celebrate the joyful, magical depth of hedonism, perfect future far beyond the normal, explore your superhuman with merging styles, digital prints with bright clashing colors and modern beadings, colorful patches and comfortable silhouettes. I can’t guarantee you will be a superhero from the start, but definitely know it is good to be bad!


CERRUTI 1881 Paris @ FW2014/15 Collection

CERRUTI 1881 Paris FW2014/15 Collection inspired by a black and white photo of a room locked up long ago. A cupboard containing remnants of a past life: a wardrobe replete with military clothing, memories of a harsh winter, over which the passing of time can clearly be discerned, felting, furring, fading fabric; a wardrobe that’s as yet too precious and too beguiling to be altogether abandoned.

Aldo Maria Camillo takes on a personal and sartorial journey, pursuing the idea of the noble soldier by encapsulating the faded charm of history in a distinctly contemporary vein. He focuses on the central theme of imperfect perfection, the defining trait of Cerruti 1881 Paris, and interprets calculated yet crucial mistakes as a sign of life and uniqueness within an extremely formal framework.

He starts from familiar styles, opting for an interpretation that is both logical and emotional. A coherently incoherent wardrobe is revealed, built upon additions of garments which retain the patina of time, following the idea of accumulation: detachable fur-lined and leather-piped interiors, collars and hoods are reminiscent of military functionalism; sleeveless jackets that double as waistcoats are piled onto other jackets; coats are layered too, revealing the quilted interiors.

Volume and length perform a delicate balancing act in a somewhat surprising range of textiles, displaying and responding to the needs of myriad lifestyles; meticulously designed combat jackets, or nobly elongated ones, are artfully constructed to allow ease of movement; they are worn over wide trouser showing a glimpse of thick socks or over impeccably tailored pants. The inside linings are so sumptuous as to be worn outside.

Sportswear reaches new levels of sartorial finesse; parkas and raincoats have been re-invented using innovative shapes and fabrics. The pocket is a recurrent theme throughout, in a deliberate attempt to give a new balance to the whole look: like a patch, out of sync, placed either far too low or far too high, as if the garment was old and re-hashed.

The search for perfect imperfection continues into the knitwear. Long voluminous shapes alternate with cropped boiled wool tops as micro and macro ribs mix with faded time- worn checks. Accessories like cordovan sturdy derbies with reinforced mountain-style soles, detachable fringes and brogue motif, and a pair of protective sunglasses, complete the look.

Fabrics harbour a density which can only be achieved with the passing of time: boiled wool, military felt, cashmere, double-faced wool and cashmere complement the rougher textures with finer weaves and highlight the tactile quality of the patterns and motifs, from pinstripe to dark checks.

The colour-palette reveals a feeling of harmony: overriding black, energetic red, burnt brown, tobacco and mustard mix into organic compositions which time has cleaned up of any imperfection.