VERSACE x Lily James AW2022 Advertising Campaign

Versace AW 2022 advertising campaign sees Lily James with the new Greca Goddess bag; the actress interpreting a Versace goddess in images from well-renowned photographers Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott. As in her films, where she has played roles from headstrong princesses to sex-symbols, Lily James’s impulsive and daring attitude is the epitome of Versace confidence. Lily is seen as equal parts mythological deity and contemporary rebel as she wears new season latex ready-to-wear in a campaign that clashes classical culture with empowered seduction.

Versace Men’s proposal of a modern opulence is visually clear, with the ornate flourishes of the classical surrounding contrasted with the collection’s contemporary content.

The Greca Goddess line of bags is introduced for AW2022. Very Versace contrasts within the campaign imagery fully reflect the new bag and its juxtaposition of rich craft and elegance with a totally contemporary and new energy.


BVLGARI AW2022 Leather Goods & Accessories Collection

BVLGARI AW2022 Leather Goods and Accessories collection is inspired by an intimate dimension, where beauty can be found in everyday life – a collection that is Made in Eden. The Sun shines warm and bright above Eden; there is a gentle bond you form with Eden as you feel the sand between your toes; as darkness descends upon the land, it signifies the tranquillity that comes from resting after a hard day of work; sometimes it seems that a peaceful and serene life is comprised of nothing more than these elements. BVLGARI takes inspiration from these simplest and most natural forms of joy, and introduces three brand new colours, namely Sun Citrine, Sahara Amber, Sahara Black, a comforting palette of neutral colours that gives you a delightful taste of life. With audacious proportions and generous volumes, come a brand-new perspective to the venturesome universe of the BVLGARI snake. Ultra-soft and puffy, the Serpenti Reverse is exquisitely crafted in Metropolitan Calf Leather, it updates the iconic, well-structured frames of Serpenti into a distinctive matelassé pattern, as if designers picked clouds from the sky of Eden, sorely for the purpose of crafting leather art. The emblematic snake closure once more confirms its hypnotic appeal, adding a touch of golden magnetic glow to the piece.

Created for the fashionistas of the world, the bag is introduced in two different iterations. The compact version boasts a metallic top handle with an unprecedented bracing Cobra chain design, offering an intriguing contrast between the distinctive and cloud like quilted leather body and the scintillating metallic element. Equally iconic, the shoulder chain and leather strap sports for the first time the thicker and edgy look of the Cobra motif, for a functional crossbody wearability, while a wider central compartment and a practical external back patch pocket complete the model. A raw and invigorating treasure waiting to be discovered, the piece is available in Ivory Opal and Sahara Amber. The second iteration is a plush and roomy shoulder bag suspended from double Cobra chain and leather straps, conjuring BVLGARI’s jewellery legacy with dare and innovation. Featuring three functional gussets and a back patch pocket, the model comes in neutral Ivory Opal and vibrant Sun Citrine.

The 60s was a period of richly colourful palettes and unashamedly bold lines, it is no mystery that people back then looked at the world through undulating rainbow lenses, and the latest iteration of the Serpenti Pouch is inspired by this golden era! Taking design cues from blueprints of the 60s Serpenti necklaces, the seductive and sinuous snake is now transformed to a pouch with an irresistible soft shape, paired with the eyepopping and exuberant Sun Citrine that stays true to the 60s theme. The spruced up, elongated Serpenti Forever East West in the brand new Sun Citrine is as spirited as a young maiden dancing under the gleaming sun. By meticulously planning the placement of the black and white enamel on the classic serpent closure, the brand designer has created a gorgeous layering effect, whereas the eyes of the snake are crafted in malachite, the gemstone known for its swirly and hypnotic hues of various greens, which further enhances the layering effect. Featuring a single compartment, the model is completed by a frontal pocket, a back patch pocket, an internal seam pocket, three card slots, as well as a detachable practical leather.

If the versatile Serpenti Forever East West is the best companion for your work days, then Serpenti Forever East-West Maxi Chain with a wide shoulder strap in leather and glam rock metallic chain would be the elegant yet defying and playful version for your work-to-cocktails look. Available in Sun Citrine, Foggy Opal, Beetroot spinel, this masterpiece crafted in Metropolitan Calf Leather is an exigency in one’s adventurous quest of self-expression. The unsurpassed allure of the Serpenti wallets are never defined by their sizes! The matelassé pattern of the Serpenti Reverse wallets is resculpted and recalculated on the petite canvas. Adorned with a minimalist variant of the snake closure, the wallet is available in Sun Citrine, Sahara Black and Sahara Amber, offering the Eden experience in the purest form. Always stunning and never boring, the classic Serpenti Forever now comes in the hues of Sun Citrine and Azalea Quartz. The Serpenti Forever Snake Invaders is inspired by the arcade game that took the world by storm – Space Invader. Hundreds of hand-sewn black glossy glass beads on top of fine calf leather are beautifully translated to endless pixels, and the result is a unique mixture of digital nostalgia and leather art, in the style of 70s opulence. Calf leather wallet like you have never seen before, because the BVLGARI Logo wallet is now hot stamped with the attractively engineered Infinitum pattern, making it extraordinarily BVLGARI. BVLGARI BVLGARI men's compact wallet features a dark ruthenium-plated brass décor enamelled in matt black and embellished with the iconic BVLGARI double logo, every single detail bespeaks the quality and artistry of the House.


THE NEXT ERA 廣企 突破規範 多元和諧共融 邁向新一章

突破規範 多元和諧共融 

又见炊烟升起        暮色罩大地
峻峭的法国Bretagne岸线,每个角落都散发著游历的画面和探险的情怀,尤其透过意大利知名摄影师 Mario Sorrenti 的镜头,细心地观察了Bretagne所具有的Armorica Argot两个灵魂,意即海洋和陆地、大海和森林、暴风雪和宁静的自然结合;炊烟悠然升起,幽暗分明,暮色笼罩大地,壮丽天际与无尽地平线同样各据一方,潮涨潮退,在海岸留下不可磨灭的痕迹和诗意。
夕阳有诗情            黄昏有画意
照片中捕捉住由 Mona TougaardEdie Campbell Leon Dame 等出任的模特儿,散发出强大的气场,令人迫不及待地欲速走进双边世界持续的自然对话中。法国北部的冷冽寒风不但让人思维清晰,周围环境形成一种独特连系,夕阳带有诗情,令黄昏更具画意。Loro Piana这辑2022/23 秋冬系列独特的广企精髓记录了人们内心深处的反思时刻,以及那些更自由、与大自然合为一体的时刻。
愿你变作彩霞        飞到我梦里
品牌一向以运用大自然中最优质的羊毛、羊绒、羊驼、剪羊毛等创新面料制作出优雅又实用的服装。设计向来着重高超工艺所制成的衣物所带来的美妙触感,优雅低调,线条简洁俐落兼不失衣服的基本功能和百搭风格。秋冬季系列融入当地的精神、质量、触感和大自然色调 - 海草和山谷的绿色、海洋的蓝色、悬崖的白色和米色等, 用优美、力量和精致包裹身体。在阳刚与柔美、精致和功能、卓越品质及绝对舒适之间取得完美平衡,仿似诞生自优美的风景,要你化作彩霞,怀着尊重、好奇心和冒险精神,飞到梦里沉醉于奢华,舒适和自然。
想问阵阵炊烟        你要去哪里
Versace 2022秋冬形象广告拍摄则大唱反调,Lily James在知名摄影师Mert Alas Marcus Piggott掌镜的照片中化身Versace女神,以全黑系列动人演绎全新瞩目登场的Greca Goddess手袋。别被她在电影中任性的公主和性感尤物的角色定格经过造型师的精心改造山鸡也可百变成仙。Lily在同时刻划古典文化与自信诱惑个性的形象广告中穿上新一季的乳胶成衣造型,以品牌DNAVery Versace对比元素,正好反映既像神话中的女神,也是我行我素的反叛女生;随心而大胆无畏的态度,以崭新的活力和能量演绎出Versace的自信个性和她个人魅力。而Versace男装的现代华丽美学,古典风格场景的精致装饰,与系列的时尚奢华风格更形成鲜明对比。
又见炊烟升起        勾起我回忆
命名为Portrait of a Generation」的Valentino 2022年早秋广企呈献全新的女装Promenade系列和男装After Club系列以崭新视角演绎品牌的条纹和斑马纹、斗篷和衬衫以及印花和刺绣等的典藏元素。拍摄的社区Arnold Circus 勾起创意总监Pierpaolo Piccioli对家乡的回忆,区内有一个平台花园,中央是一个供乐团表演的舞台,花园由社区内的志愿者打理和栽种植物;正如罗马由丰富的历史、人物和文化交织而成,不同的层面和谐并存,构成浑然天成之美。
诗情画意               我心中只有你



VALENTINO new PINK PP advertising campaign features Zendaya and Lewis Hamilton. PINK PP: the color of love, community, energy and freedom.  Still frame of a moment, frozen in a monochrome sign that pervades everything. Pierpaolo Piccioli conceives the new Advertising Campaign following the experimental urge of a radical gesture, stripping the palette down to a single hue. Pink is a different emotional and mental space, a collateral dimension to the real that can be accessed. It is a territory, equal and opposite to the transcendence of the dream. You cannot own a color, but you can own a feeling. PINK PP: a manifestation of the unconscious and a liberation from the need for realism.  Just as a monochromatic artist, Creative Director, has used the sole color Pink PP, conserved as a neutral, to perceive all other levels. A non-color, rather than a defined palette, that becomes as a sign, a code, an identity. An absolute way that becomes totalizing. Zendaya shot by Michael Bailey Gates in a monochromatic and obsessive Pink PP space, has an attitude that recalls a sense of freedom. A freedom that acts as a neutral, that goes beyond any feminine traits. All pictures capture a moment becoming a portrait of a movement. Once again Marcell Rev (from Euphoria) gives a cinematographic taste to the video, creating a metaphoric connection with the Valentino Rendez-Vous campaign: a sofa in the middle of the studio that acts as a portal to an authentic surreal PINK PP world, awakening a dreamlike scenario. In the aura, the notes of the soundtrack by Yazoo, with the song Only You, the same of the show. Pink is the possibility for the re-composition of fashion signs, thanks to a neutrality freed from the rules of the here and now. It is a lucid dream.


GIVENCHY Presents AW2022 The G HOBO Statement Bag

present the G Hobo statement handbag for it AW2022 collection. The emblematic style’s new, softer version channels feminine nonchalance with a fresh expression of a classic archetype, the G Hobo expands on the lexicon established by Creative Director Matthew M Williams, bringing a supple construction, new lock hardware, and a refined nonchalance to the Givenchy V cut signature.

First introduced on the AW runway, the G Hobo blends a soft, minimalistic shape with elegant materials, featuring a body in luxurious grained leather or python, a sensual suede lining and a strap closure with a leather incrusted lock, an elevated new take on Givenchy’s distinctive hardware.

Visually opulent yet warm and understated, this elemental hobo style comes in two sizes. The generous medium sized bag is designed to glide easily over the shoulder and has a spacious, practical central compartment with, on its base, squared metal feet stamped with the 4 G logo. The sophisticated mini handbag is compact yet roomy enough to accommodate smartphones, wallets and assorted other daily essentials. Both close thanks to a crossover strap in calf leather, subtly textured with croc stamping and weighted by the new leather incrusted G Lock. The medium G Hobo is available in classic shades of black, ivory, and tan grained calf leather or black python. The mini G Hobo in grained calf leather is available in black or ivory as well as in seasonal shades of celadon, dark orange, and ultraviolet.


ZEGNA Presents Triple Stitch™ Sneaker

This season, the iconic Triple Stitch™ Sneaker continues to accomplish all the needs of a versatile everyday shoe celebrated for its softness, lightness and remarkably flexible construction. Designed for any outfit or occasion, the Triple Stitch™ Sneaker defines multifunctional wearability and is the perfect partner to a diverse range of Luxury Leisurewear from Artistic Director Alessandro Sartori’s AW2022 Collection. An essential footwear style and a global success of the Maison, for anytime and anywhere, this season the Triple Stitch™ Sneaker is reimagined in new colours and materials, ranging from rich grained leather to canvas and plush suede. Each new iteration of the sophisticated shoe continues to showcase the brand’s signature triple crossing-elastic detail for an easy slip-on fit, while bringing to mind the look of three hand-stitches traditionally featured on tailored jackets to symbolize and honour ZEGNA’s heritage and craftsmanship. Triple Stitch™ Sneaker is part of the new ZEGNA identity where practicality and pragmatism get a progressive spin on tradition and craftsmanship to meet the modern man’s style needs towards a Luxury Leisurewear take and a new style language.