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DIOR SS2020 "Think We Must. We Must Think." Runway Collection - mylifestylenews' Top 10's Pick

 DIOR SS2020 ready-to-wear collection, Maria Grazia Chiuri drew inspiration from archival photographs of Catherine Dior – Christian Dior’s sister – showing her surrounded by flowers in her garden, her passion. An essential protagonist in Dior’s history, she was a courageous heroine of unique determination and force of character: she embodied Miss Dior. Not only was that her nickname, the House’s first, now-iconic
perfume was so named in her honor.

Catherine tended the Dior family’s gardens. She was a gardener in the most complete and profound sense of the term - a woman who cultivated freedom and independence, acting in harmony with nature and the cycle of the seasons.

This new collection evokes through its motifs and embroideries, through shine and the texture of raffia – a vision of luxuriant vegetation, presented in the manner of herbaria, living catalogues and the memory of botanical species.

For Maria Grazia Chiuri, these creations have little to do with nostalgia or the revival of a decorative tradition. Rather, they raise questions, like at the beginning of a long journey, about what caring for plants and flowers means today.

Though we are living in the Anthropocene era in which man rules the planet is it still possible to re-establish the balance of this relationship? Such questioning gives rise to concrete utopias, like that of Monte Verità, a community based on avant-garde ideas that was founded in Switzerland in the early 20th century, that has been a constant source of inspiration for all manner of artists ever since.

The aura of this singular place, built in the heart of nature, illuminates a series of dresses awash in color, from yellow to red. Conscious of the visibility and responsibility her role as Creative Director entails, Maria Grazia Chiuri wished to create an “inclusive garden”, a place of co-existence and diversity in which every gesture counts.

The scenography for the show was designed in collaboration with Coloco, an atelier committed to the collective art of cultivating gardens as a driver of urban inclusiveness. These landscape artists conceived the show like a moment suspended in time, where plants of diverse origins temporarily come together. The trees that appeared at the Paris-Longchamp hippodrome for the duration of this show will continue their journey, joining several long-term projects so that this pluralistic garden’s life may endure.

More than a décor, this ephemeral landscaping concept introduces the creation and reinforcement of wooded areas rich in a diversity of plant species, a symbol signifying that everyone can contribute to the cultivation and preservation of nature’s beauty - and our future.

As imagined by Maria Grazia Chiuri, the woman gardener observes the infinite and ongoing project that every parcel of land represents, however small or vast it may be. At once delicate and determined, this creative terrain is the expression of mindfulness and caring.


ANTEPRIMA SS2020 Cuentos de Havana Collection - mylifestylenews' Top 10's Pick

ANTEPRIMA SS2020 Cuentos de Havana Collection

Sunshine beaming golden heat
Heart-quickening collision of rhythms and color
Havana, I stand on your soil
Floaty dresses dance to tune of passion

Box jacket with a beat of confidence
Beauty is where you find it

Remembrance of things past
Color pallet of vibrant facades from colonial

Days you have held, days you have lost
Havana, No one you love is ever truly lost

Playfully refined guayabera
Whimsical fringe and stripe

Beauty is vision of creation
A graceful ray of light in the ruins

Eyes seeing the freedom
Art evoke aspiration
Havana, Dare to dream. Live on purpose
Chic natural raffia, fresh linens

Mariposa planted on innocent summer skin
Beauty is elegance with strength within

Havana, Bright smile to wash away all the pains
Encounter culture, true happiness there is.


BOUCHERON Reinterprets The Maison Great Classics

Maison BOUCHERON’s most recognised and unmistakable signature creations, Question Mark necklace, revivied under the extraordinary creativity and craftsmenship of the Maison. Now, Creative Director Claire Choisne once again brings her personal vision to bear on the great classics that make up the rich heritage of the Maison founded in 1858, launching the 2020 Timeless High Jewelry collection that showcases two Boucheron signature codes. Boucheron and reinterpreting the Vendôme and the Liseré. Vendôme set Since 1858, the Maison Boucheron has been associated with the major trends in contemporary fashion and design. Its aesthetic vocabulary and stylistic grammar, galvanized by avant-garde techniques, have formed a language that expresses itself with equal ease in the convolutions of Art Nouveau and the abstraction of Art Deco. Designed around a decorative motif taken from the archives by Claire Choisne, the Vendôme collection embodies energy and elegance in the white gold of a sculptural necklace studded with brilliant-cut and baguette-cut diamonds. “I love this Chevron motif that is both timeless and contemporary, classic and current, of great plastic beauty,” says Boucheron’s Creative Director. “Its suppleness and its play of contrasts, especially on the necklaces, earrings and bracelets, provide wonderful demonstrations of skill from the workshops”, says Claire Choisne. This motif was first revived in the “26 Vendôme” collection. That High Jewelry collection was based on the architectural style of the famous square. The Vendôme bracelet is a happy union of opposites: “The sophisticated clasp can double as a central decorative element if so desired.” The wearer can thus change the Vendôme bracelet’s appearance to suit her mood. The bracelet combines the essential and the accessory, the useful and the aesthetic, paying homage in filigree to that unique spirit that gives Parisian women their charm.

Liseré set
Appearing for the first time in the Hiver Impérial High Jewelry collection, the Boucheron Liseré translates the secret of a deep impression felt by Claire Choisne, the Maison’s Creative Director, when she was in the Moscow area once. “This collection pays tribute to the ties forged between Frédéric Boucheron and Russia. In preparation for this collection, we spent several weeks visiting the Golden Ring area. There was snow everywhere. The sky, the ground... everything was white. Then suddenly I saw a black line that turned out to be the bark of a tree trunk. There was a whole forest of white birch trees in front of us, but were it not for that dark line, I wouldn’t have had a clue it was there! It made an impression on me.” This intense, profound, but simple, memory has inspired a ring of great graphic purity, on which a line of black lacquer scalloped with baguette-cut diamonds forms the unique edging for a sparkly, sumptuous 10-carat emeraldcut diamond. “For me, this edging is the essence of modernity,” says Claire Choisne. “Its graphic brilliance gives the jewellery a mystical appeal and real personality.” The Liseré edging now borders an array of gemstones that shine brightly at the centre of contemporary and sculptural rings, earrings and bracelets.


Salvatore Ferragamo SS2020 Advertising Campaign

Salvatore Ferragamo SS2020 Advertising Campaign is about freedom, to be how you want, where you want, and with whom you want and reunites with Harley Weir to conjure a campaign that expresses and celebrates this liberation.

A diverse cast showcases a layered and sophisticated collection by Ferragamo’s creative director Paul Andrew in which the artisanal plays against the directional to create pieces that transmit ease, confidence, individuality, and above all, freedom.

The mercury is rising in a portfolio of images and video that are designed to conduct a tangible sensation of midsummer’s heat. The joy of friendship and the thrill of discovery are heightened by the sensual pleasures of sunlight.

Paul Andrew says: “We showed this collection outdoors in Milan last September as a way to emphasise that these are clothes designed to be worn for pleasure, during the summer, and with friends. Collaborating with Harley Weir and with the movement direction of Eric Christison, we extended that visualisation into a wild and sun-drenched landscape in which the models run free and feel the heat.

We've used the campaign to highlight certain items, including the new Viva pump and some of the gorgeous hand-knit crochet work, as complements to summer spent roaming free in the company of people you love."

Creative Director:
Paul Andrew

Harley Weir

Eric Christison

Jodie Barnes

Malgosia Bela
Abby Champion
Sora Choi
lpha Dia
David Kammenos



GCDS 意大利勢力 God Can’t Destroy Streetwear

未能做旋風               穿越峽谷
為你推介一個近期頗爲大熱,造型獨特和一見難忘的百份百意大利創立和製造的街頭時裝品牌 -- GCDS ,顧名思義God Can’t Destroy Streetwear。喜愛穿著高街時尚的你,就要多加留意,為你本來已經前衛的個性打扮更加標新立異、超英趕美、卓越超群,去充分滿足個人品位和潮流需求,這股意大利勢力,就是要你自我感覺良好,贏盡九條街。

未能做前锋            不斷進攻
品牌由兩兄弟Giuliano Calza Giordano Calza2015 年聯手創立,分別擔當品牌的創意總監及行政總裁,憑藉具嘲諷意味的圖案,令人難忘的slogan,前衛的獨特造型,走另類嘩眾路綫;再加上非一般的刺繡設計及意大利精湛工藝和意想不到的聯乘合作無間,GCDS迅速躋身成為國際時尚圈的潮流新寵,獲世界各地別具影響力的潮人酷愛和追捧。GCDS的鞋履和配飾系列也是來自自家品牌,更於意大利南部生產。針織,運動及棉質系列除外,選擇於米蘭附近生產。今天,GCDS在全球400多家商店內發售,總部位於意大利米蘭市中心,並於佛羅倫斯開設了一家品牌專賣店,未來將會於歐洲及亞洲各國插旗,陸續開設更多獨有的專賣店。

 但能在途中消耗      繼續消耗
今個初夏的系列更要你一起加入GCDSK-HAWAII行列,現代化融合了日語解作可愛Kawaii度假勝地和歷史悠久的熱帶天堂夏威夷 Hawaii玩食字而另組成Cutie和琅琅上口 K-Hawaii。系列以經典角色The Care BearsHello Kitty為代表,英國著名造型師Anna Trevelyan把整個系列中鮮艷活力的色彩和俏皮玩味的印花等造型融合一起,去呈現夏季誘惑,既可愛又不失性感。與在夏威夷拍攝的侏羅紀公園與Kawaii亦擁有相同的特點﹕可愛但足以致命。除了致命的誘惑,系列也充滿未來風格,撮合漫畫形成新的概念, 以懸念與幽默﹑規範與幻想之間的微妙平衡﹑以及過份程式化去幻化女主角理想中的愛情。 配飾方面,GCDS與全球領先的眼鏡公司Marcolin集團建立合作,採用相同的設計風格,專門為是次春夏時裝騷精心打造了一系列充滿諷刺﹑實驗和街頭風格的太陽眼鏡。

轉燈轉彎仍在途中              祝君注目
品牌與時並進,致力追求社會上的文化改變﹑進化,而這些願望都可在漫畫世界尋覓得到。自我認同及強制性標籤,正在將我們由真實的自我轉變成已變形的漫畫人物。現今在網上所看到的所有東西,包括各種濾鏡﹑化妝和人工塑造正是K-Hawaii的漫畫美學中所要表達的重點︰一個裹著糖衣徒有外表的漫畫形象。大規模及普及化的社交媒體應在日常生活中引導我們尋求合適的定位,然而無論是文化還是審美上,卻在某種程度讓我們變得同質化。 K-Hawaii更正正代表著新的進化。

Van Gogh Museum x Daily Paper Capsule Collection

Inspired by the life and work of Vincent van Gogh, fashion and lifestyle brand Daily Paper has designed a capsule collection together with the Van Gogh Museum, incorporating several of Van Gogh’s masterpieces into a range of garments in a collaboration which sees the worlds of fashion and art merge. 

An official launch event was held at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam recently and the collection is now available both online via dailypaperclothing.com and the Van Gogh Museum webstore as well as the Daily Paper flagship store and the Van Gogh Museum Shop in Amsterdam alongside selected retailers worldwide. 

Vincent van Gogh’s masterpieces is reimagined as wearable art and this collaboration collection consists of 21 pieces, including jackets, trousers and t-shirts. Given unprecedented access to van Gogh’s drawings, paintings and quotes, each custom designed garment incorporates pieces of the famous painter’s work reproduced in high-resolution and full colour as contemporary graphic prints.

Alongside some of his more iconic works such as Irises (1890), Self-Portrait as a Painter (1887-1888), several lesser-known sketches and works by van Gogh also play a significant role in this clothing line offering an accessible introduction to collectible wearable art. ‘Some of Van Gogh’s less popular works are just as masterful as his better-known ones, yet not a lot of people are aware of them. That's why we decided to focus on them.“ (Abderrahmane Trabsini, co-founder of Daily Paper).

For some designs, the paintings are combined with quotes by Van Gogh to give new context and meaning to his body of work. In one piece, Garden of the Asylum (1889), which he painted while admitted as a patient at an asylum in Saint-Rémy, is combined with the quote ‘Success is sometimes the outcome of a whole string of failures’, creating a thought-provoking statement into how a fierce determination can drive creatives like Van Gogh to insanity in the pursuit of perfection.

Campaign Shot in the city of Amsterdam, the most likely home of a twenty-first century Van Gogh and Daily Paper, the collection campaign reimagines a selection of the artist's masterpieces as seen through the eyes of Van Gogh would he be alive today. Captured by the young up-and-coming Dutch photographer Nick van Tiem, the shoot sees the medium of photography rather than the paintbrush or drawing pen as a vessel for a present-day Van Gogh’s art. A photo echoing The Potato Eaters (1885) replaces the farmers of the nineteenth century with the multicultural youth that serve as the everyday people who would be subjects for this piece. Wheatfield with a Reaper is reimagined as both a solitary worker captured in an ordinary day-to-day field - a supermarket – or as youths gathered on the football pitch. A modern reenactment of a self-portrait of the artist sees his straw hat replaced by the afro of a young black creative. This could be what the Van Gogh of today would depict. "This collaboration with Daily Paper presents us with a fantastic opportunity to connect youth culture with Van Gogh’s art, making the relationship between the two stronger and more accessible’. Says  Martin van Engel, Programme Manager of “Van Gogh Connects.

"Collaborating with the Van Gogh Museum allowed us to show a different side of our culture, because if you know Daily Paper, we mainly focus on our African culture, but we also have our Dutch upbringing in common." Comments Abderrahmane Trabsini, Co-founder Daily Paper.


MONTBLANC Presents New Summit 2+ Smartwatch

Following the successful generational change from Summit to Summit 2 in 2018, Montblanc is complementing its smartwatch line-up with another innovation. Montblanc Summit 2+ will be the first luxury smartwatch that can directly activate cellular connectivity right in the Wear OS by Google app on Android smartphones. The new wearable enhances its owner’s luxury business lifestyle by staying connected at all times, even when the owner is away from his or her smartphone. The distinctive Montblanc design gives traditional watch lovers ways to express themselves whilst housing top-notch technology inside a 43.5mm pure steel case. A Snapdragon 3100, extended battery power of 440mAh and 1.28 inch AMOLED Screen are elegantly linked to a 22mm exchangeable strap. With a built-in speaker, Montblanc Summit 2+ allows the owner direct access to services such as phone calls or the Google Assistant.

“Montblanc is taking a bold next step in the luxury wearables sector with its new Summit 2+, offering even more capabilities through Wear OS by Google, “ says Montblanc CEO Nicolas Baretzki. “Designed to be a powerful daily companion, Montblanc Summit 2+ links you to the world around you, enabling to stay active and connected at all times.”

Inspired by the design codes of the Montblanc 1858 collection, the new iteration of Montblanc Summit 2+ watches offers several design expressions. With the built-in watch face configurator, over a thousand watch face combinations are possible by customizing indicators, background, hands and complications for a sophisticated watch face that never sleeps. The different case finishes – black DLC steel, stainless steel, rose gold coloured and bronze coloured steel can be combined with a variety of interchangeable strap options to allow customers to find their own style. Each timepiece is fitted with a rotating crown and two additional programmable pushers.


BRIONI x Brat Pitt SS2020 ‘Tailoring Legends’ Advertising Campaign

BRIONI introduces its SS2020 ‘Tailoring Legends’ advertising campaign featuring brand ambassador Brad Pitt. Lensed in Los Angeles by photographer Mikael Jansson, Pitt is portrayed in black and white images, capturing his laidback and effortless appeal. The series of portraits stand out with an intimate atmosphere that contrasts with Pitt’s strong personality and brings his iconic sense of style to a selection of Brioni’s finest ready to wear and eveningwear from the SS2020 Collection. Commenting on the campaign, Brad Pitt said, “I’ve always admired Brioni’s elegant and timeless designs. The brand embodies creativity, quality and excellence.”


KIEHL'S Presents Sunscreen Formulas For Your Daily Defense with The Power To Correct

Kiehl’s chemists have developed a solution fighting the effects of sun and pollution together by introducing the Dermatologist Solutions Ultra Light Daily UV Defense SPF 50 PA++++ provides 3 ultimate protection from UV, pollution and even correction against signs of skin aging. This ultra-lightweight formula that employs a unique blend of sunscreen filters and pollution-deflecting technology that extends protection beyond UVA and UBV rays to provide skin with effective defense against environmental pollutants. Combined with the antioxidant power of Vitamin E, this gentle, non-comedogenic, Paraben-free, fragrance-free, oil-free and colour-free formula visbly help reduce Hyperpigmentation, and helps to protect against appearance of premature skin aging, such as visibly reduce forehead wrinkles, nasolabial folds and upper lip wrinkles.

Kiehl’s Global Consulting Dermatologist, Dr. Megan O’Brien explains, “UV radiation and pollution are some of the leading causes of oxidative stress which can, in turn, accelerate the visible signs of aging including the formation of fine lines and wrinkles, lack of radiance, hyperpigmentation and dark spots. If unprotected, even minor exposure to the sun’s rays and pollution can cause damage on the skin that accumulates over time, ultimately surfacing as visible signs of aging.”

To maintain a brightening skin and double up for visible clarity, the Clearly CorrectiveTM Dark Spot Solution is recommendaed. It is a highly efficacious facial serum to help visibly brighten skin and visibly reduce both the number and intensity of dark spots. With potent but gentle ingredients including Activated C, the CCDSS formula is clinically tested to help visibly reduce hyperpigmentation by up to 49% in 12 weeks. As a No. 1 whitening product in 2019 in Hong Kong and 1 is sold every 8 seconds, Kiehl’s became a leader in delivering clarity and brightening benefits with Clearly CorrectiveTM Dark Spot Solution. Proven in a 19-day clinical test Kiehl’s Clearly CorrectiveTM Dark Spot Solution not only helps correct dark spots,  but also evens skin tone and improves overall skin clarity.


Good Friday Weekend 2020 Public Holiday

14th APRIL


Good Friday Weekend 2020 Public Holiday @ mylifestylenews 


BALLY SS2020 Advertising Campaign

 Bally’s Graphic by Nature collection explores the continual interaction between design and the environment. Here, quality meets clean lines, giving way to a sense of ease and elegance, and a color palette inspired by the natural world recalls the sunrise and sunset with innovative dégradé treatments. Unexpected pop art references and archival graphics are reinterpreted, honoring Bally’s heritage of design.

As an architect of leather, a legacy of craftsmanship comes through meticulously constructed footwear, accessories and outerwear.

In the campaign, photographer Zoë Ghertner captures models Conie Vallese and Clément Chabernaud against a natural, pristine backdrop in the Swiss Alps, with styling by Francesca Burns.

Alongside Joaquin Laguinge’s product stills and director Errol Rainey’s short film, the SS2020 narrative further evolves, celebrating timelessness over the transient.