BOUCHERON Presents Animals Novelties

The Chickadee Necklace
Coal Chickadee, Eurasian Blue Chickadee, Marsh Chickadee, Willow Chickadee, Great Chickadee ... the chickadee is a graceful little bird with colourful plumage and a lovely bright song. It likes to fly with its mate. In the Maison Boucheron's fabulous bestiary it embodies freshness, spontaneity and loyalty. An adorable talisman that promises happiness. Here it is this season, sculpted, paved, polished, full of contrasts, diamond-paved at the edges, eyes of black sapphire, soft silken breast and shimmering plumage carved in yellow gold. The Necklace is a delicate chain and a sculpted gold branch. The chickadee sits comfortably on its precious perch.

The Ring
The chickadee sits lightly and gaily on a semi-open ring. And the golden branch slipped under the bird seems to invite it to take flight.

The Chikadee Ring
This ring affirms the allure of a single beating of wings. It goes perfectly with the casual look: jeans, blazer and ballerina pumps. It also looks great with a simple little dress. But the dainty chickadee also knows how to celebrate the spring, so why not pair it with floral prints, fresh colours and even a splash of brightly-coloured jewellery.

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