《The Tourist》

Not so much of the action thriller pack but still there are something worth watching on a school night especially. At least the scenery was attractive but mind you there wasn't any chemistry in between Depp & Jolie. In fact Depp looked half asleep in the movie where Jolie's made up was a little devastating. Like it or not, you tell us!!


《Harry Porter And The Deadly Hallows》

Die hard Potter fans would probably say not exciting enough of this last chaper, part 1 before the conclusion of the entire series. Still there are good good CG and plots leading towards to the end finale. Just be patient and wait!

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《Tron Legacy》

 This film is a total 360 visual excitment inside out, the non stop action and visual thrilling are impeccable, with the addtion of Duft Punk electric music blends in, it brings the movie the high without any doubt. A total enjoyment!
Tron @ 1982

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A thrilling action and unstoppable excitments. A well scripted with good direction to almost no "dead air" on the run. With Denzel Washingtong's usual's serious and intense role, it adds up lots of tension to the film.

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《Under the Howthorn Tree 山楂樹之戀》

To the respect of Zhang YiMou, this true story takes us back to the basic and knowing the nature of real love that happens in the 1960's China which was so restricted and stubborn. Rated the purest love story ever, pure new fresh faces acting doesn't mean bad but surely would leave the audiences something to talk about. Have your hanky or tissue ready. 

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《Paranormal Activity 2》

Was this scary?! Yes and No but it does have a few surprises and the storyline lined up are more complete and better scripted. And this time "it" came out during the day a couple of time but not only the night owl's hours. You perhaps may need more concentration if you are not watching it from the big screen as the "hidden" camera's angles distortion can be interrupted. Not a bad past time and shall watch it while you are much more awake for not missing any movement from "it".

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《The Social Network》

A not to be missed for all facebook fans. Jesse Engelberg's acting were outstanding and David Fincher let us see his other face and talent since his previous deep intense drama/thriller's films. A really well made film with lots of good "actual" scenes from the real life that being carries out. DO NOT miss! 

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《The Karate Kid》

Perhaps we all have had enough of Jackie Chan's solo Kung Fu fighting. Now is the chance for him to prove to us that his Kung Fu action style of films has gradually passed on to the new generation. We do have to give our thumbs up to Jaden Smith for his hard-core training before he can show his his beautiful kicks. Shall we thank this to Chan for his master training? perhaps we do.

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《Life As We Know It》

Another Katherine Heigl's comedy filled with laughther and love. If you were single and given a baby to raise but to live in with someone that you don't really get along with. This is what will happen......in the movie!

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《Case 39》

The poster is mysterious, without a clue knowing what is happening in the film. A pretty straight forward thriller with evil/demon vs human kind, but this time you won't see any haunted devils appearance nor the devil inside you. It only shows the other side of a human's fragile sympathies leads to a "bad people do good things too" true heart's value. Oh, just so you know, we had our beloved Bradly Cooper played a role too in this film before he turned into a piece of hot cake in the field. 

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《Legend of The Guardians :The Owls of Ga'Hoole》

 Such a long movie name that drawn many 3D fans attention with its phenomenal special 3D effect. A very details CG on a old legend story, seeing it in 3D Imax is a must!

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《The Town》

Not the first film directed by Affleck and not the last, not the best out of his films but still bearable. At least the robbery was real as it was based on a true story. Jeremy Renner is raising since The Hurt Locker, not to be missed! 

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Spy films are always interesting and thrilling as long as the director didn't kill it, action more than words that is what the audience want plus endless stunts with a smart and intelligant and twist at the end. <Salt> has them all.

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《The Stool Pigeon 线人》

We are never a big fan of Nicholas Tse for his over and pretentious acting, won the best supporting role and winning again the best actor role or not still won't change our favoritism into him. The story was rather well planned out and some good stunts through out the entire movie were a plus.

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《Eat Pray Love》

Not so much of the kind of romance comdey that happens as it should be. Perhaps that was what happened in the author's real life, in order to let the love comes in, all you have to do is just eat and pray. Like it or not?! We give it a pass this time!

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 The movie to talk about for the rest of the year, at least. Entering the world with brilliant impossible dreams after dreams that you can't immagine. Stunning special effect and music scores. Excellent direction and set, eyeing for the coming Ocsar without any doubt.

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《Grown Ups》

Fun, lots laughters and this time even more family oriented. Having all his close pals around, Sandler certainly had done one of the biggest reunion of all time that he had put into his film. A good family watch-together film.

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《Toy Story 3》

Stunning! Stunning!!Stunning!!! This finale fo the 3 films really rounded-up the best for all kinds. The story was simply so human and flawless CD and lots of laughters from the kids with no doubts. A not to be missed and probably one of the best 3D animated film so far. We will miss you Woody and of course your other pals.

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