LAZOSCHMIDL SS2021 Collection

LAZOSCHMIDL SS2021 Collection features an eclectic mix of colours and materials dressing the complete cast of a never-to-be-produced movie.

Following the couple's stops travelling Utopia, settings range from cheap hotel pools to fast food restaurants and Karaoke bars.

A majority of outfts are tailored in swimwear fabrics made of recycled PET bottles allowing their future wearer to jump into the pool fully dressed.

Cow-print ensembles, retro stripes and lurex glitter biker shorts underline the overall nostalgic vibe – while hand-dyed denim, sheer organza shirts and sequin applications add a touch of indulgence.

We see the return of the iconic Lazoschmidl butterfy as well as a movie poster print by New York based photographer and painter Scott Csoke.

The continues the jewellery collaboration with Saskia Diez presenting cockring necklaces in rare crystals and stones - hand-carved and polished in a family-run stonecutters workshop in a small German town.

Like previous collections, almost every garment has been hand-sown in the Stockholm atelier, further manifesting the idea of in-house craftsmanship and artisanal production – and proving that independent brands like Lazoschmidl can fully realize their vision based on the marriage of two creative minds.


OMEGA Goes For Gold With A New Seamaster Aqua Terra Tokyo 2020

In tribute to that iconic sporting honour, the Swiss watchmaker OMEGA has crafted two unique timepieces, each dedicated to the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, and made in full 18K yellow gold. OMEGA has been the Official Timekeeper of the Olympic Games since 1932, and will serve in the role for the 29th time when the prestigious event begins this July in Japan. If anybody knows about the precision, excellence and commitment required to stand at the top of the Olympic Games podium – it’s OMEGA! Known as the ultimate prize at the Olympic Games, a gold medal represents the greatest accomplishment of an athlete’s career. The new Seamaster Aqua Terra watches are offered in 38 mm or 41 mm sizes, and both stand out for their radiant yellow gold cases. As always, OMEGA has used 18K gold, considered to be the premium standard in watch and jewellery making, with its superb balance between purity and practicality. Presented on blue leather straps, the watches are also notable for their polished blue ceramic dials, which have been laser-engraved with a pattern inspired by the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games emblem. The full emblem can also be found transferred on the casebacks, while inside, each timepiece is driven by a Co-Axial Master Chronometer calibre, guaranteeing the Swiss industry’s highest standard of precision, performance and magnetic resistance.

Appropriately, one of the first people to wear this new watch on their wrist is Michael Phelps – the most decorated Olympian in history with 28 Olympic Games medals, including 23 gold. Michael has been a part of the OMEGA brand family since 2004, and has always known about the importance of time for an athlete. He says, “If you’re an Olympian, or trying to become an Olympian, it’s a 24-hour, 7 day a week job. It’s non-stop. It’s around-the-clock.”  And he knows exactly what it takes to achieve that coveted gold medal, saying, “To really be prepared for an Olympic Games, you have to put in the work. You have to go through the struggle. For the journey I went five times, it was never easy, but I know the work that I was doing gave me the results that I deserved.” The new Seamaster Aqua Terra Tokyo 2020 Gold Editions come with OMEGA’s full 5-year warranty and are delivered to customers inside a special presentation box.


H&M Presents Keith Haring Collection

H&M presents the most recognizable art of Keith Haring adds an instant, eye-catching quality to some of the summer's hottest streetwear styles.

The men’s collection of hoodies, tees and more, utilizing the iconic designs of the American pop art legend.

Available now at hm.com and major stores worldwide.


Rosenthal 2021 Novelties

60 years ago, Rosenthal stirred up the porcelain industry - with avant-garde designs by artists, designers and architects. Now the German porcelain manufacturer is celebrating the studio-line with a limited anniversary collection and translates 60 iconic vases with twelve contemporary colours into the here and now. Rosenthal stands like no other porcelain manufacturer for the combination of form, function, craftsmanship and technical know-how. This corporate strategy is thanks to Philip Rosenthal, the son of the company founder. With his farsighted feeling for the market, he invented the New Look of porcelain, from which the studio-line collections have been created since 1961. Long before design was on everyone's lips, Rosenthal worked together with contemporary designers and supported young talents. The Upper Franconian porcelain factory becomes an international company that works across disciplines - at that time a radical break with traditional porcelain design.

The studio-line has produced timeless designs that are design icons of the 20th century, such as art objects by Andy Warhol, Victor Vasarely and Otto Piene. And the Service TAC by Walter Gropius (1969), Suomi by Timo Sarpaneva (1976), Moon by Jasper Morrison (1997) and Landscape by Patricia Urquiola (2008) - still part of the Rosenthal range today as design highlights. More than 150 artists, designers and architects have designed for studio-line since the early 1960s, including Tapio Wirkkala, Ettore Sottsass, Marcel Wanders and Konstantin Grcic. Rosenthal's love of experimentation is also demonstrated by the current collection with objects by Sebastian Herkner and BIG. Especially beautiful: porcelain from Rosenthal is made in Germany. It is manufactured in Selb and Speichersdorf under the most modern and sustainable conditions. In production, Rosenthal uses recycling management wherever possible. This includes dissipating the heat from the kiln to heat water, using recycled water in production and reprocessing porcelain paste for new products.

To mark the 60th anniversary of studio-line, Rosenthal is launching 60 selected vases in twelve different colours that reflect future trends and at the same time represent a journey through Rosenthal's design history. The limited edition alternates between restrained shades of grey, pastel green and blue as well as intense berry tones with sonorous names such as Sea Salt, Tangerine, Mint and Abyss. Included in the illustrious birthday series are Rosenthal classics such as Plissée by Martin Freyer (1968), Pollo by Tapio Wirkkala (1970), Arcus by Marcello Morandini (1983), Conio by Michele De Lucchi (1994), Fast by Cédric Ragot (2006) and Fondale by Office for Product Design (2017). The shapes are as varied as the colours: they range from pure, architectural volumes to sumptuous, floral objects. The restrained tones of the palette correspond with the strictly geometric vase shapes, while the intense colours blend with the poetically playful objects. The vases are made of through-dyed porcelain mass.

What appears easy at first glance is technically demanding, even for Rosenthal. The porcelain mass produced according to the company's own recipe changes according to the addition of the coloured bodies, which in turn has an effect on the stability of the bodies before and after firing. To achieve the shape of the coloured vase as in the white original, each of the 60 vases had to be newly created. The sophistication of the Rosenthal studio line vases therefore lies in the expertise and manufacturing art of the Rosenthal craftsmen, who like alchemists create artistic objects from porcelain according to a secret recipe.



A|X Armani Exchange SS2021 returns to its roots with a current, contemporary twist, offering a collection imbued with the brand’s DNA, yet increasingly cross-gender and tied to urban street culture. With its clean and sharp features, it’s the perfect wardrobe for those who live a metropolitan life.

The Denim Love series is crafted from high-quality denim worked using special techniques, with the lightweight, loose-fitting tunics, jackets and shirts ideal for the summer.  Increasingly attentive towards the environment, A|X Armani Exchange continues on its mission towards a more responsible, sustainable production, incorporating pieces made with organic denim or recycled materials.


BALENUCCI 我要成爲(以前是)冠軍


苦苦堅持                   經已沒意思 
只懂得停留在原地食老本,任何行業也不能持久。任何一個曾經受萬人愛戴和敬仰的時尚品牌,以前曾經是冠軍,被加上堂皇冠冕,坐過的高尚御位,又怎會慣做後備妃妾。當名次每隔一段時期位置被移動改變時,不但不再坐亞望冠,星光漸暗;曾經上到最高同時也嘗盡逐漸滑落谷底的暗,看(不)見未來,雙腳的確早已在震。你不想吞聲忍氣變成季軍,最怕以後位置繼續再下沉,更由一變四,四變到十二或跌到更可恥的深淵之時,苦苦堅持,經已沒意思,地位動搖,設計要更跨步向前,就要立刻為下一季去搞搞新意思。你要突圍與衆不同,重生建立品牌(或維持現有)形象,就必須重新啓動覓轉機。腦袋被汎濫暴用,時刻處於作戰狀態,由之前的一年兩季的戰績作品繁增到五到六個系列,消費者不斷鏈無間斷被消費,你不嫌重復繁多的設計,他也厭煩,被搾乾的創作試問又如可能激發出更多的新意思?!Sad But True,這個定律就是如此不理解和殘酷。

由我去決定誰       才應該在我心中擁有位置



想起當時                蠢也沒法子            純情得可以

不定時無限期創作,從來不是易事,但點子重復,成就了千篇一律的系列,換上新色彩,添加小點綴,以更世俗的設計去討好自己,自我感覺良好地為自己加上冠冕,懵著頭笑說謂新思維主流設計。在本來經已優雅、奢華的品牌形象硬插了自己的怪異風格,邁進走火入魔的層次,縱使出衆,設計美感盡失,自我審美的那一關似乎已經無關痛癢;換來破口大駡比起激讚的愚昧賽果,不能成正比,頓時眉頭一皺,悶透了極點。好的設計當然能娛樂大衆共好,一旦踩界,更瘋癲的作品,就只會是愚樂。設計師向品牌Archives檔案設計致敬的口號常往嘴邊挂,立志朝向標新立異的Z世代所好的設計意向和似乎去標榜個人風格更甚成為更主要目的。所謂的致敬,口號喊了就算,卻帶不走留下背負歷史潮流意義的痕跡。被磨損的設計,同天邊,遺留(臭)萬年,遙遙萬里呈相交點,將會狠狠地列入時尚歷史的記載。聯乘恐稱謂黑客入侵- It’s a damn hacking!



謙卑的人                   只要做亞軍              

要在時尚圈久足,一些設計師恐防不懂謙卑,也不想和懂得做亞軍的興奮,漸而萌生了時刻會怕被淘汰的憂慮。受了教訓也不懂是錯的觀念更加恐怖也不要得,縱使他朝成爲(再次)冠軍,也不敵查問,哪怕贏了(經已)會惹公憤。自大成狂,一發不可收拾,來到這個水土不服的位置,就變得更加的諷刺。難道要是跌到永不超生之時,才會受教訓?!是爭氣定是賭氣,一旦你的設計變了(到)這樣隨便,難道又要是消費者在手機按到沒電之時為這magically nonsensical 俗氣衣裳來為你埋單?!





Giuseppe Zanotti Presents The Blooming Ruffles with Giuseppe Zanotti NAUSICAA

Giuseppe Zanotti SS2021 collection brings the idea of floral to a new dimension. NAUSICAA high heel sandals represent Giuseppe Zanotti’s interpretation of a shoe for leisure time or evening occasions.

The tone-on-tone tulle ruffle adorn the feet in a light way, creating a movement around the feet that is scenographic and romantic at the same time.

The variation, NAUSICAA MULE high heel sandals, available in nude, green, black and pink, taking a subtle approach to the collection.


Harry Winston Presents Harry Winston Emerald Collection

arry Winston Emerald Collection is a new palette of captivating colors enriches the collection with their winning combination of iridescent mother-of-pearl and icy diamonds, the dials of the new Emerald timepieces delight with colorful cabochon adornments. Four on-trend colors provide a perfect match for fashion-conscious wearers, who are not afraid to stand out. Four new colorways – turquoise, champagne, orange and violet – join the Emerald collection in 2021. From the champagne model’s refined and versatile presence to the joyful vibes of the bright orange dial, and from the revitalizing exuberance of the violet model to the aqua tones of the turquoise dial, each color transmits a different sensation and mood. Accompanied by stylish satin double tour straps to match the dial, the eye-catching colors project a positive joie de vivre.

Beautiful cabochons crafted from natural mother-of-pearl are set around the perimeter of the dial. Enlivened by the sparkle of 20 brilliant-cut diamonds, the cabochons create a delightful bubbly effect on the surface of the dial, like effervescent bubbles or miniature balloons. Covered with a layer of beaded mother-of-pearl, the central section of the dial rises above this cheery décor. Renowned for its incredible iridescence and more textured surface, the contrast between the chameleonic beaded mother-of-pearl and the cabochon pearls highlights the clearly defined octagon occupying the center of the dial.

Introduced in 2016, the Emerald collection is named after Mr. Winston’s preferred diamond cut: the eight-sided emerald cut. In honor of the founder of the House of Harry Winston, the silhouette of the feminine 18-karat white gold case emulates the impeccable lines of the emerald cut with its octagonal geometry, as does the signature 18-karat gold Harry Winston applique at noon. The 53 brilliant-cut diamonds set in the dainty 17.7mm x 24mm case accentuate the dynamic profile and illuminate the dial with their radiant light.

Designed to be enjoyed on a daily basis, the Emerald timepieces are equipped with a precision Swiss quartz movement for carefree maintenance and are water-resistant up to 30 meters. Presented with matching double tour satin straps with 11 brilliant-cut diamonds in the ardillon buckle, the vibrant turquoise, orange and violet straps feature a lighter shade on the reverse side. The Emerald timepieces are also available on a luxurious 18-karat white gold Milanese bracelet, a version totalling 120 dazzling diamonds.


GIVENCHY SS2021 RTW Men's & Women's Collection - mylifestylenews' Top 10's Pick

Givenchy SS2021 Men's & Women's Collection explores in the form of a stream of consciousness for Matthew M Williams and is a ‘ of what is to come Begun in the midst of a pandemic and completed within two months, this is a new beginning, yet is intermingled with elements of the archive and is a utilisation of Givenchy’s distinct lineage, pointing to the past, present and future.

“You find the pieces of the puzzle for a collection, building it from symbols and signs, but never forgetting the reality of the person who will wear it and bring it to life The women and men should be powerful and effortless, equal and joyful, a reflection of who they really are only more so It’s about finding the humanity in luxury Matthew M Williams, Creative Director, Givenchy At Matthew M Williams’ Givenchy, Givenchy,‘ is key. Eschewing, gendered notions of jewellery and accessories, rather it is hardware that unites the women and men of Givenchy, a symbolic nexus of utility and luxury and the place where this collection began.

The Lover’s Lock is a unisex object of utility, decoration, commitment and emotion a sincere yet playful symbol of Paris it nods to the lost locks of Le Pont des Arts it is an object punctuated throughout this initial collection as both decoration and fastenings It also points to Williams’ commitment to the world of Givenchy in this first proposal as the
house’s Creative Director.

Above all, there is a sense of celebration, of the people who have led Williams here and those he wants to wear the clothes. This is expressed in the images that reveals the collection, a photographic study by the creative director together with the artist Heji Shin a photographer who also gets to the heart of who a person is as much as to the clothes they wear.

From Hubert de Givenchy’s swathes of looped drapery, lighter than air transparencies, linear necklines and ‘ open backs, to the McQueen horn, reborn both the classical and radical contrasts of Givenchy are embraced and shown to have always been part of the house’s history in the collection Ultimately, it is a feeling of elegance, playfulness and pragmatism that is key to Matthew M Williams’ vision for the house.

There is a notion of evolution, both lighthearted and serious, in this play of elements past and present. From the Tryp toe shoe and stockings, the Horn heel and hat together with a further examination of the Antigona bag, each is a play on and development of existing objects in the archive. They are joined by the new unisex Cut out bag in its many iterations, as well as the G chains, objects that are destined to add to the history of the house and are interspersed throughout Williams’ signature technical material experimentation is balanced by the traditional, natural and opulent.

From the use of a cotton Ottoman for both genders in outerwear, technical taffeta in tailoring and structured Punto di Milano jersey to evoke more pure forms in dressmaking, tradition is respected yet refined and re contextualised.

At the same time, an experiment in different densities of injected foam leads to an evolution of the slide, the ultra comfortable Marshmallow Slide is the footwear that underpins much of the collection, quite literally providing a casual, insouciant foundation for many of the more formal looks.The study of casual archetypes continues throughout the collection, including new technical coatings of denim in both paint and resin, work that is as labour intensive as the collection’s more traditional embroideries.

It is a sign of Williams’ Californian sensibility transplanted to Europe that he approaches the two sides with equal aplomb and rigour, both classicism and subversion, with a sense of ease and respect for the humanity of the wearer infusing all.



Nour Arida wore the Lavallière Diamants necklace, from Histoire de Style, Art Déco High Jewelry collection, paved with diamonds and onyx, with black lacquer, in white gold.

Matthew Postlethwaite wore the Reflet large steal watch, as well as the Quatre Radiant Edition large ring, paved with diamonds, on white gold.

Mati Diop wore the Vendôme pendant earrings, paved with diamonds, on white gold and the Avant le Frisson, from Contemplation High Jewelry collection, paved with diamonds in white gold.

Elsa Zylberstein wore the Lavallière Diamants pendant earrings, from Histoire de Style, Art Déco High Jewelry collection, paved with diamonds and onyx, with black lacquer, in white gold, the Quatre cuff, paved with diamonds, in white gold as well as the Quatre Radiant ring, paved with diamonds in white gold.

Tonya Lewis-Lee chose wore a Holographique necklace, set with a 20,21 ct octagonal yellow sapphire from Ceylon and holographic rock crystal, paved with diamonds, in white gold. This set is part of the Carte Blanche, Holographique High Jewelry collection, unveiled on July 5th 2021 during Couture Week.

Salma Hayek wore the Opalescence earring set with opals and diamonds with lacquer, in pink gold and the Holographique ring, set with a 4.61 ct oval blue tourmaline and holographic rock crystal, paved with diamonds, in white gold. This set is part of the Carte Blanche, Holographique High Jewelry collection, unveiled on July 5th 2021 during Couture Week.

Nicolas Maury wore the Battement d’Ailes earrings paved with diamonds and mother of pearl, in white gold as well as the Battement d’Ailes ring, paved with diamonds, in white gold. This set is part of the Contemplation High Jewelry collection.

Celebrities In Giorgio Armani @ The 74th Annual Cannes Film Festival

Benicio Del Toro wore a Giorgio Armani one-button midnight blue peak lapel tuxedo while attending the premier of <The French Disptach>.

Louis Garrel wore a Giorgio Armani tuxedo while attending the premiere of <La Croisade>.

Dylan Penn wore a blue navy Giorgio Armani Prive dress with plugging neckline, embroidered with crystals at the Chopard Dinner.