Steven Khalil AW2019/20 Haute Couture Runway Collection - mylifestylenews Top 10's Pick

Steven Khalil AW2019/20 Haute Couture Runway Collection features colourways of dove and pale pink, cornflower blues to deep jades and dramatic blacks rounding out the palette. This story explores the anatomy and fragility of flowers- their natural peculiarity and softness, while combining and expressing these notions with a mixture of strength and romanticism.

It was Steven’s intention to emulate and convey different flowers in varying stages of bloom- from tightly wrapped buds that hug and wrap the body to blossoms unfurling for a spring morning and fully fledged flowers triumphantly open and joyous.The woman envisioned to be drawn to and wear pieces from this collection is like so many of the women Steven loves to dress - strong, passionate and confident - but who also likes to express their femininity and understand the power of and look for a dramatic silhouette.

Steven has designed a collection rich with surface detailing and using exclusive embroidery techniques leading to the creation of the final pieces. Each piece is uniquely detailed in its construction while still feeling whole and being a part of the same story. Most of these hand finished and detailed gowns can take from 100-200 hours to design, construct and finish. This is part of the DNA of the brand. Every collection is different but still special.

Experimenting with layering and creating tufts of raffia that sit against a silver metallic base to amplify the sheen. Combining hand-cut powder pink silk georgette with a fine metallic thread for intricate vine like centres. Some also comprise small bursts of stamen flowers to enhance the original source of inspiration.

Densely embroidered pieces feature that are designed to have a foliage like formation that gradate into smaller individual clusters. Even more texture was explored through the selection of beading in metallic silver, jet black and gunmetal to increase lustre and shine. Deeper and more sumptuous silk velvet is used to enhance the combination of the matte/shine embroidery.

Steven grew up in the outer suburbs of Western Sydney and from a very young age was destined to be a designer. Ever since he was a little boy he was fascinated with fabrics and textures and prints-His mother bought him his first sewing machine at age 7. A seminal moment came for Steven when he was watching the wedding of Princess Diana and from that moment new he wanted to design beautiful gowns.

After completing fashion studies at 19, he began to gain recognition for the quality of his workmanship and eye for unique design. He rose rapidly through several bridal houses and was appointed Head Designer at just 22 years old. In 2003, he established his own fashion house in Paddington, Sydney.

Having a focus on bridal has always been at the core of the label but in recent years Steven has increased his scope from dressing celebrities on the red carpet to showing couture fashion focused collections on the runway. Combining classical elements of bygone eras with a contemporary edge. Designing, creating and producing the collections in-house and working with trusted fabric and embroidery companies to create the signature looks. The brand has shown three collections at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia in Sydney, Australia and two collections with Fashion Palette in New York.

The brand DNA although evolving with each collection has always stayed true- an approach that is tailored to each individual. This is characterised by closely working with each client to create a personalised couture experience and ultimately, their gown. This ethos now in turn filters down to the fashion collections - Steven wants to make a
woman feel strong, beautiful and feminine.

BaroQco AW2019/20 Haute Couture Runway Collection

The collection is inspired by the Javanese Tradition that still remains in the princedom, located in the region of Surakarta in the center of java island in Indonesia.  Until now, Pura Mangkunegaran has its own arts and cultures and one among the others is the dance which claims to have the original style created by people of Pura Mangkunagaran themselves. This uniqueness gives the identity in diversity.

To create Masterpieces in reflections to the originality in honour to the Mangkunegaran tradition for being unique and giving the symbiosis with a BaroQco touch. For being unique is to be different and to be different you are unique.

Pieces with metal ornaments are made, that is crafted layer after layer in combination with SWAROVKSI ELEMENTS© AND semi precious stones. The Semi precious stones are from a variety of countries such as Indonesia and Brazil. The usage of real and genuine material gives the pieces a certain value.

Each masterpiece is well thought over. It is initiated with the concept design, production plan and than production. Ornaments are plated in palladium and or 24K gold.

Once the ornaments are ready the following steps are to make the ornaments into the frame work of the masterpiece and than set with SWAROVKSI ELEMENTS©. And for some pieces we will finish it with strings-beads of semi precious stones to make the masterpiece complete.

The first series is more into the Royal Mangkunegaran style, with the touch of BaroQco. With The royal colours Green, Yellow/Gold, Black, Dark Blue. This series is plated in the raw colour of ancient gold.

The second series is showing the beauty of the Javanese art tradition by metal works of different flowers and tropical flora and fauna ornaments. In this series the ornaments are plated in the raw colour of ancient silver/palladium.

Recycled silvers are used for the plating just to be more ECO friendly. The Colours that we use are a variety of colours specifically for winter dark colours like dark blue, siam, etc.

In Javanese philosophy, the colors are yellow/gold guards against sleepiness, blue against disease/disaster, black against hunger, green against stress/frustration, white against desire/lust, orange against fear, red against evil and purple against bad thoughts.

The meaning of the Legacy is that in the past At the Exposition Universelle in Paris in 1889, K.G.P.A.A Mangkunagoro V brought the Javanese culture to Paris.

The collaboration between the French and the Javanese is made because of the efforts by Mangkunegaran in order to introduce the kingdom into the Western society and to adopt western life style or culture in Java by developments in arts, buildings, military without forgetting Javanese elements as their identity.


EMBASSY ROOM Park Hyatt Bangkok - Unite Your Love For Food

Whet your appetite and pamper your taste buds with delicious and inspiring modern European culinary arts with original techniques. The elegant Embassy Room invites you to explore for a new discovery to unite your love for a genuine taste of food. mylifestylenews writes.

When going to dine in a Park Hyatt you certainly have high expectations on all things and the Embassy Room in the Park Hyatt Bangkok is no exception. To arrive at this dining venue is an experience in itself, as once you have made it to the lobby on the 9th floor, you must descend a dramatic staircase that leads into the aesthetical lobby lounge aka the Living Room through which you are shown to the Embassy Room. Such vistas and interiors are what the Park Hyatt brand does best by creating a luxurious intimate environment and there is always something stunning to admire. Exquisite taste in its interior and custom designed to combine sophistication with a distinctive regional character that is reflected in the original dishes, this is a collective of expertly curated art being displayed and installed around the hotel premises. Embassy Room’s interior is discreet and unfolds in a series of unique, intimate, calm and stylish spaces that reflecting Thailand’s rich culture and gracious hospitality.

Drawn specifically and especially for these particular spaces in Embassy Room for Park Hyatt Bangkok, the two major drawings entitled <Lover> & <Family Potluck> by Thai artist Chatchai Puipia provide a sense of locality in the hallway length dining room, which is set as a reminder to guests of the warm welcome and hospitality of Thai culture. The other installation <Naga> is quite an impressive piece of work that is after the mythical water dragon by renown Japanese artist Hirotoshi Sawada which is composed of batons suspended from the ceiling, traveling between the Embassy Room, the pool and an interior waterfall. Its twisting, dance-like flow begins erratically in bronze acrylic then sweeps into dark-brown timber swirls through the main Living Room, before settling into an undulating vertical pattern of clear and frosted acrylic along the veranda next to the Living Room.

The dining room runs the length of one side of the hotel to offer views of the hotel's stunning infinity swimming pool and the Bangkok skyline from a vantage point that you would not normally see. Additionally, you have triple height ceilings that soar to allow the natural daylight to flood the space and make you feel you are perched atop a skyscraper.

Sleek and bright, the soft finishing touches not only instill a sense of warmth and luxury into a room, but pull a design scheme together. Pushing the boundaries, the unmistakable blend of warm, tactile minimalism is equally evident in the Embassy Room, fusing simple silhouettes in the line of table setting lining up the entire hallway. This shift in perception has had a discernible impact on design, crystallizing the concept of the outdoor area, which increasingly is furnished to a level of sophistication.

A lively open kitchen, equipped with wood-fired oven, showcases culinary theatre and the Embassy Room can best be described as modern European cuisine which is refreshing to see. Executive Chef Franck Detrait and Chef de Cuisine Pierre Tavernier have created a paired back cuisine that focuses on quality produce, brilliantly executed culinary techniques and all to be on display on the show kitchen for all to see. We were sampling lunch, so they had a set menu for the business crowd that like to frequent such an elevated establishment, but we decided to opt for the set menu with a few additional orders from the a la carte menu, as we had time to spare and wanted to indulge at a leisurely pace.

<Spanish octopus with quince, capsicum, quinoa, corn and chimichurri>
The long tail octopus was beautifully chargrilled, chunky yet tender and it was the best we have had in a long time. The portion was generous and with the divine and surprise accompanying elements served on a rustic blue Chinaware that not only highlighted the presentation but also stimulated your appetite.

<Seared duck foie gras with pumpkin, chestnut and crispy ginger bread>
This starter was perfectly executed and to die for, with the rich liver offset by savoury elements that were unusually combined to create a harmonious delivery which we could not get enough of.

<Carnoli risotto with Shimeji mushrooms and vegan truffle cheese>
This vegetarian dish transported us to risotto heaven, with rich delicate flavours that lingered on the tongue especially the aroma from the Shimeji mushrooms. Simplicity is the key to not put too many ingredients on the plate with a risotto and the kitchen judged this superbly.

<Quinoa salad with pomegranate and nuts>
We ordered a mixed quinoa salad to add a little palate cleanser and this was the perfect foil for the rich meat dishes.

<Organic chicken breast with tagliatelle and morel cream sauce>
For mains, we opted for the organic chicken breast and there was to be no contest, as each dish was perfection personified. In both cases, the selected meats of chicken and beef were the key, as the provenance is so important to ensure the best in flavor and texture and neither of these disappointed us, plus the portions were just right. Additionally, to keep accompanying elements to the minimum is the key, so the focus is the stunning meat.

<Rangers Valley beef ribeye with French fries and green pepper sauce>
At this point of our lunch we were sated and could not possibly consider desserts, but we were sorely tempted, as there were three stunning choices that should not be missed. We had a wine pairing to match our chosen dishes and each wine was thoughtfully presented and we were pleasantly surprised at how stunning each glass was, so they certainly take the wine list very seriously and the price points for food and wine are seriously affordable, much to our delight.

The service was impeccable, discreet and refined, the sequence perfect and the timing was just right. We did not want the lunch to end, but it meant that we had a reason to return, as there are still a couple more signature dishes like the Hokkaido scallops, Scottish salmon, Braised wagyu beef cheek, Duck breast “A l’Orange”, Australian lamb chops and much more yet to be sampled. The Embassy Room must be on every gourmands list when travelling to Bangkok Bangkok to unite your love for food and we could not recommend this restaurant more highly.

Tried & Tested:
Location: 5/5
Design & Decor: 5/5
Food & Beverage: 5/5
Service: 5/5
Value For Money: 5/5
Experience: 5/5

Central Embassy
88 Wireless Road 
Pathumwan Bangkok
Tel: +66 2 012 1234

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Aleem Yusuf AW2019/20 Haute Couture Runway Collection

The journey between Yusuf's native Pakistan and adopted home of Australia culminates in Nomade. The Nomade design process saw past melancholic experiences of distance infused with highs, visions and conversations that translated into a creative emotional response.

These ideas that were bubbling inside me then flooded out in an exuberant burst of creative expression through pencil on paper. The flow of colours, textures and embellishments fell into place like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, creating vibrant textural pieces. Ideas buried deep inside had suddenly come to life.

The Nomade colour palate is inspired by two distinct phases: my childhood adventures amongst the vivid turmeric golds and lush purples of Pakistan’s bazaars, followed by my adult life in Australia and the deep blues of the ocean contrasting with the reds of the desert sands.

As with all our work, the golden age of couture is referenced throughout: ostrich feathers, Swarovski crystals, glass beads, sequins, lace and evocative draping draw the eye to that era surrounding the great couturier Christian Dior.

The women who wear Yusuf's pieces are women of style, who live with self-expression and individuality without any boundaries: Nomades.

The fabrics indulge the senses: rich silks - satins, crinkle chiffon, dupion, taffeta, organza - along with lurex blends, evoke the senses reminiscent of the gentle ebb and flow of underwater love and the journey of clouds between vast lands. Fabrics from around the world, including the beautiful French lace from Sophie Hallette, complement these dreams of love.

Having grown up in the 1980s, cuts and shapes have been inspired by my fond memories of ruffles, gathers, tulle and shoulder pads. These are referenced in the silhouettes and design features in a contemporary mode to enhance the feminine form.

Working with the fabric grain, using bias cut, fabric manipulation and rich draping has created a silhouette juxtaposing design elements that flatter and empower. Enhancing the nomades’ pilgrimages to exotic lands, our atelier employs traditional couture techniques of draping, ruching, pleating, gathering, dyeing, moulding, corsetry and hand-stitched finishing.

Embroidery and beading revel in a luxurious cacophony of textures embodying Swarovski crystals, ostrich feathers, glass beads and delicate threads.

Nomade required approximately two thousand hours to construct; just a dash in time compared to the pleasures his Nomades will experience with the collection.

Armani Exchange AW2019/20 Advertising Campaign

Armani Exchange AW2019/20 Advertising Campaign

The new advertising campaign for Armani Exchange AW2019/20 captures the ironic and irreverent spirit of the brand.

Logo is front and center, spread over walls and pavement, on tapes and boxes.

Within this graphic context the protagonists reveal themselves as Nana Ouyang , Lucky Blue Smith and sister Pyper America Smith, and Kento Yamazaki.