Penthouse Bar + Grill - Art Deco Penthouse Dining

Apart from the innovative three-floor entertainment complex consisting of a grill and various bars and lounges open till late at night, the drop-dead gorgeous city skyline from this vantage point is one of the most sought-after evening nights out in Bangkok.  Penthouse Bar + Grill really adds a different element to the Park Hyatt Bangkok dining experience.  mylifestylenews writes.

Tucked away on the 34th floor and sitting atop Central Embassy, this unique three-story rooftop restaurant and bar is a composition of the six venues. The Grill which is the main dining is a surprise after the chic minimalist interiors of downstairs, as you are left with the impression that this is where things go off on a tangent to explore something more expressive and livelier. Followed by the Chef’s Table with a specific private entrance through the kitchen, there is The Mezzanine, The Cocktail Bar for you to enjoy an upbeat nightlife with DJ lineups and the masculine gentlemen yet sassy Whisky Room that features live jazz bands on the 35th floor as well as the Rooftop Terrace located on top of the hotel on the 36th floor for an uninterrupted view of the city.

At the entrance of The Grill, you will be immediately greeted by a vintage Royal Enfield BMW motorbike below a stairway that is leading you up to the upper floor bar section and adorned with a wall of racing memorabilia vintage Grand Prix framed posters, not forgetting the modern chandeliers hanging from the upper floor ceilings. How is that exactly the motorbike comes into the picture and associates with the dining concept? It revolves around a fictional world traveler with an immense love for art, hence motorcycle gear, vintage parts and other related accessories that can be found in the glass cabinets, even craftsman’s aprons are hung onto the wall on the other side of the restaurant hallway. A collector with a unique taste by displaying his collection at his “Penthouse”.

Designed and styled by New York-based AvroKO studio, the Penthouse Bar + Grill is a chic fit out that conveys a Park Hyatt design ethic, but also has a casual element with the mix of furnishings – art deco inspired chairs and a parquet wood ceiling design. Walking through the hallway you first have the open kitchen on the left and a DJ console spinning the latest track on top of the kitchen mezzanine. Color can certainly set the mood within a living space, but good lighting is essential in this respect. You can either dress up or let your hair down while dining at The Grill in a relaxed vibe.

Stunning rooftop views on three sides of the dining room with the open show kitchen at the centre of attention on one side makes for a beautiful experience. Plus there is an outdoor terrace when the weather is in the right element. The graceful flow of indoor and outdoor living spaces is one of the restaurant’s standout features. The main dining room rooms open out onto the expansive terraces designed for entertaining. With a very specific proposition to design for the outdoors, it is true to say that the most welcoming outdoor living space can lose its appeal on a drizzly, grey day, but interior space is improved by a spectacular view by investing in a beautiful outdoor room that far outweighs the drawbacks.

The vintage Royal Enfield BMW motorbike below the stairway.

The Grill serves top quality meats and seafood dishes incorporated with premium imported ingredients and innovatively and skillfully prepared in styles to bring out the natural flavor of the food. You do not need to decode what is brought to the table. From its presentation to its taste of origin, simply organic and such a delight! The menu design is also quite easy to navigate, with red color borderlines that separate each section of the menu and also highlighted in red capital font reminiscent of an art déco French bistronomique concept style.

<Onion Soup – caramelized onion, Comté cheese>
Perfection personified and so quintessentially French that you couldn’t fault it. Uses chicken stock instead and the soup was so rich in flavor that not a drop was left.

<Chicken Wings – Sriracha sauce>
Large size chicken wings in a very generous portion and the wings had a lot more meat on them than you would normally expect and deep fried to golden brown with a light crispiness from the skin and they remained very moist and tender inside.  A rare find on the menu in a restaurant like this.

<Beef Tartar – quail egg, cornichon, Dijon mustard>
The beef tartar is diced and mixed well with the cornichons and Dijon mustard, served with two slices of thin crusty toast. A perfect presentation and taste, the beef was not too finely ground, creating more depth to the texture. We suggest breaking the raw quail egg yoke and mixing it to sit on top of the beef tartar to give an additional substantial palate.

<Black Angus Tenderloin (AUS) 220g>
Cooking with charcoal is the key to all their red meats and the quality and flavor of this Black Angus was no exception. It was a superb cut of meat with a great texture and the expertise from the culinary team presented a stunning steak. Served with a whole roasted garlic and a sprig of fresh rosemary.

<Grilled Berkshire Pork Chop apple sauce>
A dense texture that was packed with flavor from the charcoal treatment, plus lightly pink and juicy. The apple sauce was a nice accompaniment, but it was just as good without it.

<King Crab Tagliatelle with lemon, spring onion, olive oil>
This dish was recommended by the team while we were navigating the menu. A deboned crab meat from the King crab was chunky for its umami taste accompanied by a bed of al dente tagliatelle to be fully enjoyed.

<Baked Alaska>
This is truly comfort food at its best and made an impressive presentation to impress your guest while the Grand Marnier is gently poured onto the dessert with a fire being lit. The delightful tropical flavours of mango and coconut sorbet, passion fruit coulis counter balanced by the Italian meringue and a small portion to share was the perfect end to our delightful evening.

Casual dining with unpretentious and convivial ambience is always a delight for an evening night out, plus a friendly and dedicated service with the product knowledge and knowhow from the Kitchen team’s culinary expertise, the Penthouse Bar + Grill is just like an open house and is the kind of restaurant you want to come back to again and again.

Tried & Tested:
Location: 5/5
Design & Decor: 4/5
Food & Beverage: 5/5
Service: 5/5
Value For Money: 5/5
Experience: 5/5

Central Embassy
88 Wireless Road 
Pathumwan Bangkok
Tel: +66 2 012 1234

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