Jolin Tsai is Maison Valentino New Brand Ambassador

Maison Valentino announced singer Jolin Tsai as its new brand ambassador, joining a community of global talents, she stars in the new Valentino L ’Ecole advertising campaign shot by Mert and Marcus in New York. Valentino Creative Director Pierpaolo Piccioli continues his quest of authenticity, inclusivity and individuality, by scouting personas, men and women, who embody the Maison values. Jolin Tsai enters the Maison’s world of values as a contemporary DI.VA. (*DI.fferent VA.lues = DIVAS. The contemporary Valentino DI.VA is a multifaceted character of codes and inner values. Pierpaolo Piccioli continues his conscious and progressive approach to create culture by forming an authentic relationship with DI.VAs, positioning them as a real cultural comeback). Her unwavering passion and dedication to music have allowed her became one of the most iconic figures in C-pop and an unreplaceable dazzling symbol on stage.

“I welcome Jolin Tsai in our Valentino Di.Va. project with the greatest pleasure. Her musical talent reverberates through her innovative and deeply inclusive approach, which is something that I always appreciate when it comes to performative arts. In her work I find a genuine freshness, a magic energy and I am always amazed by the incredible connections that music can create. Our community is enriched by a new human star.” - Pierpaolo Piccioli, Creative Director Maison Valentino. In her 25 years of music career, with a fearless commitment to pushing boundaries and embracing innovation, she has earned the prestigious title of “Queen of C-Pop” in Asia. She is an amplifier for different voices, different views and values. Breaking the conventions of the traditional regional ambassador campaigns, Valentino empowers local values through international personas that embody the vision of the Creative Director. “Creative Director Pierpaolo Piccioli aims to disrupt tradition, re-signify and bring a distinctive personality and value to each collection, much like how I approach each stage with a commitment to self-discovery and innovation. I look forward to collaborating with Pierpaolo to bring more creativity and surprises to the audience in the future.” - Brand Ambassador Jolin Tsai.




GUCCI 全新庆贺新禧的别注系列满载传统习俗和吉祥喜庆,透过男女演员周翊然和田曦薇粉墨登场,精选一身龙年别注系列的造型现身,融会品牌的经典元素和象征风调雨顺、富贵丰足的俏龙以窝心的拥抱和微笑,颂扬爱与团圆,将简朴动人的时刻揉合新年传统,连系不同世代,温馨转递吉庆满堂的节日景象。

祥龙翘首昂扬,姿态灵动,VALENTINO 2024新春红韵系列以回归传统的视角庆祝龙年,以人文关注致意中国传统之“红”,连接品牌标志性的红色美学与东方文化之灵感,延续对文化的关注,让有关“红”的美学与传统相互碰触与交融;将品牌红色美学置于东方语境中,用一脉相承的红,展现底蕴深厚的文化传承,由品牌代言人杨洋、杨紫演绎新春红韵系列,于花灯中封藏美好祝福,传递新春祝愿。新春系列将品牌经典元素皆以 Rosso 红主色调全新演绎,气势登场,从时装单品到别致鞋履、精巧配饰及经典包袋,Valentino 以 Rosso 红装点团圆时刻,不仅向传统致敬,更传达了温暖愉悦的节日气氛,将美好寓意与新年愿景温馨传递,在新的一年绽放非凡魅力。

近日电视剧作《繁花》大热,品牌乘势而上,由剧中女演员杜鹃带领,以及现于上海Pradasphere II展览上映由杨福东执导《First Spring》的短片主角赵磊粉墨登场。一系列电影风格拍摄的动人肖像,浮光跃金,艺术摄影师张家诚以深邃的色彩重塑艺术电影的氛围,在经过精心修复后于2017年重开的百年古邸「荣宅」(Prada Rong Zhai) 拍摄。男女装的别注系列包括最新的Prada Buckle和Prada Arqué,以至精巧的Re-Nylon再生尼龙或皮革版Re-Edition,以及多款以柔软皮革缝制的手袋, 庆贺甲辰龙年盈福,坚毅自信,如意登场。

由舒淇带领主演、邹静执导的Bottega  Veneta特别短片《新年的第一道光》 (The  First Sunrise with You) 延续旅行和团聚的主题,以不同的人物和背景,掠过自然风景线和城市天际线,万象生辉;最后定格在温情的团聚时刻不仅展现了旧岁与新年的更替、对开始的展望与期许更描绘出一段段为与珍视之人共度重要时刻而全力奔赴的旅程分享新春祝福和喜悦;聚焦与新年的黎明这以特殊时刻去迎接着第一道曙光的到来,铭刻心动时份,共同庆贺新年的第一场日出,展望新的一年吉祥顺意。

飞龙呈祥,Calvin Klein呈献的龙年别注系列以年轻休闲的剪裁,为日常风格添上新意,采用象征龙年的元素,将极具代表性的品牌Monogram标志与灵感源自龙年的插图巧妙融合,同时透过红、黑和彩金等大胆色调尽展非凡活力龙腾云起,充分展现龙的力量及喜庆氛围。时运由我,「红」愿成真祈愿新一年步步高升,你我神采飞扬,吉祥如意迎丰年


CHAUMET Presents Un Air de Chaumet High Jewellery Capsule Collection

Occupying a place between earth and sky, the new High Jewellery capsule Un Air de Chaumet writes a unique chapter in the story woven between Chaumet and nature over 240 years. Depicting the grace of birds with dexterity and daring, from aerial display to sky-slicing flight, the parures cast their creativity around the face, spreading their plumage from hair to bodice and gently caressing the ear. Following on from 2023’s poetic promenade Le Jardin de Chaumet, the previous High Jewellery collection, the new creations cultivate the Maison’s celebrated innovative originality. In a play on words, the collection’s name subtly evokes the notes of a melody. Attesting to the emblematic art of the line, Un Air de Chaumet is a virtuoso demonstration of the sophistication and savoir-faire associated with the Maison’s High Jewellery, expressed creatively and delicately in elementary pieces. Illuminating the purity of the artisans’ work, they convey the movement between earth and sky, bringing a sense of innate refinement to any look. With inherent lightness, transformable hair ornaments can be worn in a multitude of ways to correspond to a wide wardrobe, while brooches and earrings illuminate an allure aligning modern poetry and freedom.

Appointed by Joséphine as “official jeweller to the Empress”, the founder of the Maison, Marie-Étienne Nitot, and his son, François Regnault, shared the sovereign’s fascination with birds. The naturalistic interpretation by Chaumet of the winged world has been repeatedly reinvented over the years. The archives bear witness to this, from Jules Fossin’s studies of bird heads and legs to the peacock feathers transcribed as a transformable devant de corsage and tiara by Prosper Morel dating from around 1870. At the turn of the 20th century, the realism of Joseph Chaumet’s winged bandeau competed with the hummingbird aigrette transformable into a brooch with fil couteau mount, a Chaumet signature along with trompe-l’œil. His creations prefigure the stylised feathers in finely wrought yellow gold from the 1960s and 1970s, of which the bird perched on a pearl flowered branch and the kingfisher darting through the air are stunning examples. Conceived in four movements composed as duos, Un Air de Chaumet represents the mesmerizing magic of a bird’s flight. Playing with the possibilities of golden feathers, the parures suggest the grace of a ballet of swallows before segueing into fascinatingly ethereal aerobatics and culminating in a stunning spectacle. A veritable ode to this most precious of materials, these pieces honour the Maison’s renowned virtuosity in gold. Featuring brushed rose gold feathers alternating with diamond-set white gold, a first parure rethinks the signature Chaumet tiara. Worn as a panache in the hair, the complete motif is a testament to contemporary femininity. 

Separated from each other, the feathers sit elegantly amid a multitude of brooches, offering a new demonstration of the Maison’s prized fondness for transformability. As a hair ornament, the motif delineates a bird with a pear-shaped diamond head, Joséphine’s favourite cut. Ultra- flexible and impactful ear motifs light up the face. Portraying the aerial ballet of swallows, earrings and a hair ornament that can be transformed into one or two motifs elevate the emblematic Chaumet art of the line. Embraced by the Maison since the 19th century, this passerine has acquired a new and profoundly feminine charm. Inscribed in the tradition of nature observed from life at which Chaumet excels, nine birds light up hair with diamond plumage, their beaks and tails glowing in brightly polished rose gold. 

The fluidity of the bead setting combined with a delicate cut-down setting underlines the virtuosity of the Chaumet jewellers. Making up a unisex brooch, the swallows soar on tailored or more relaxed outfits alike. And when it swoops over the ear with its marquise-cut diamond head, the bird is more a universal symbol of happiness than ever. Captured in shimmering momentum, the bird of paradise appearing in this parure provides a fascinating display in an asymmetrical brooch and earrings. These marry Chaumet-specific boldness and movement to emphasise the modernity of the effect.

Ear studs and ornaments are designed to be worn singly or in combination around the face illuminated by feathers punctuated with bead-set diamonds in white gold and diamonds scale-set in rose gold guilloché engraved by hand. Inspired by the firebird, the plumage unfurls its flamboyance  into a brooch that is as spectacular as it is elegant. The lightness suggests flapping wings softly brushing the hair or ear. For this parure, the virtuosity of the 12 Vendôme workshops has produced a head ornament that can be transformed into a brooch that can, in turn, be divided into two motifs. Creation rhymes with ascension as the bead and scale settings, enabling a delicate overlap of the diamonds, dialogue with an illusion setting combining a bezel and claw setting. The result is an airy structure in which the stones seem almost to float. Rising from the hair, white gold plumage appears ruffled by the wind. A sense of movement boldly animates asymmetrical earrings evoking the features of a winged companion, embellished with pear-shaped diamonds.


HARRY WINSTON Premier Valentines Day Automatic 36mm

HARRY WINSTON Premier Valentines Day Automatic 36mm 
dedicates a luxurious rose gold timepiece from its Premier collection to deliver a joyous message of love for Valentine’s Day 2024. Conveying the powerful emotions of passionate love, the dial recreates the magical spectacle of a fireworks display with a medley of hearts lit up with diamonds, precious gemstones and mother-of-pearl. This exceptional limited-edition timepiece with two powerful symbols have been chosen to transmit the sensations of passionate love, interpreted with signature Harry Winston materials like mother-of-pearl and precious stones. Hearts, like a bouquet of red roses, are universally recognized as symbols of love. Fireworks are also a recurrent metaphor to describe the intense feelings associated with love. By uniting these two symbols, Harry Winston has created a dial where hearts, quite literally, burst with joy. To recreate the explosive and colorful spectacle of fireworks shooting across a night sky, the dial features a medley of hearts set on top of a silver opaline dial with white cut-out hearts. The power of love has, metaphorically speaking, forced the hearts out of their static cut-out frames, projecting them skyward like fireworks. Varying in size, color, and material, the applied hearts are placed at different heights to increase the sensation of volume. The twelve rose gold hearts sparkling with 59 brilliant-cut diamonds are set at the highest level, followed by six hearts with mother-of-pearl inlay and rubies or gold studs. Still playing with different levels, the plump cabochon pink and red hearts hover just above the silver opaline dial. To leave as much space as possible on the dial for the fireworks display of hearts, the hours and minutes are excentered and indicated by two gold hands. In honor of Mr. Winston’s favorite cut for gemstones, a generous emerald-cut diamond graces the dial at noon.


Breitling Presents Limited-Edition Chronomat 36 Victoria Beckham Collection

Breitling  unveiled the much-anticipated limited-edition Chronomat 36 Victoria Beckham collection at a star-studded dinner in Manhattan recently. The launch brought together a select list of VIPs, including the collection’s campaign star Annemary Aderibigbe, and top models including Frida Aasen, Lara Worthington, and Helena Christensen. Actor Katie Holmes was also in attendance, along with author and TV personality Derek Blasberg. Other notable attendees included Breitling ambassadors American Ballet Theatre principal dancer Misty Copeland and model Ronja Furrer. The night began with welcome aperitifs, followed by a sumptuous sit-down dinner featuring Indochine’s signature French-Vietnamese fare, followed by a night of dancing to DJ Elias Becker.

Just as coveted as the guest list was the new Chronomat 36 Victoria Beckham collection itself. Limited to just 1,500 pieces, the line effortlessly blends heritage and modernity, bringing together 140-plus years of Swiss watchmaking and Victoria Beckham’s always-on-point design style.

Powered by the Breitling Caliber 10, the Chronomat 36 Victoria Beckham collection retains classic Chronomat features including the metal rouleaux bracelet and raised rider tabs at the 15-minute marks, while introducing fresh new colorways inspired by Beckham's Spring/Summer 2024 palette: peppermint, midnight blue, dove gray, and sand.

The co-branded collection features the Victoria Beckham logo on the seconds hand and as a subtle inscription on the bracelet, with options for cases in stainless steel or yellow gold— an heirloom material revived by Breitling just for this collection. The dials also reference the limitation: “One of 400” for each of the stainless-steel pieces, and “One of 100” for each of the gold variations.

Their stunning campaign also made waves in the fashion world. Shot by legendary Italian fashion and portrait photographer Mario Sorrenti - a frequent contributor to Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar - it features rising-star model Annemary Aderibigbe. The campaign embodies the strength, sophistication, and touch of the unexpected that characterize both the archetypal Breitling and Victoria Beckham woman.

All the timepieces come in a specially designed, co-branded box. And for members of the fashion set who want something extra, a Breitling x Victoria Beckham travel pouch accompanies each piece crafted in gold. “Victoria Beckham is a brand that defines modern and quiet luxury,” noted Breitling CEO Georges Kern. “Everything is considered and elevated, but with an ease that can be worn from day to night.”

Victoria Beckham echoed his sentiments about the collaboration, revealing, “It was a real exchange. Working closely with Breitling’s expert craftsmanship and know-how and bringing in my aesthetic was exciting.” She also reflected on her personal vision for the collection: “This is the perfect watch for women who are looking for something versatile. It’s elevated and chic but still has a relaxed feel to it. The mix of masculine and feminine has always been how I like to dress myself, and I am quite a minimalist at heart.”

dunhill Presents 2024 Chinese New Year Collection

dunhill presents 2024 Chinese New Year Collection  embracing the incoming year of the dragon, a heritage motif taken from dunhill’s past features across elevated ready to wear and signature hard luxury items, including the House’s iconic Rollagas lighter. The dragon is the most powerful symbol in Chinese culture, representing strength, courage, creativity, and innovation.

A showcase of ingenuity and craft, two interpretations of the illustration have been applied 
to the precision-engineered Rollagas. Realised in lustrous gold plating, one style features an elaborately engraved dragon pattern, accented by red crystal eyes and a vibrant lacquered top.

Inspired by an archive Shanghai Rollalite silver dragon lighter, a second iteration has been 
engraved to the finest of tolerances. The delicate dragon design coils around the body of the lighter, featuring diamond cut ruby eyes – a highly collectible, limited-edition piece.

Paying tribute to the hedonistic heritage of the House, a handcrafted flask adopts the same 
dragon motif. The epitome of personal elegance and luxury, this unique object is created from exceptional materials and honed to exacting standards, reinforcing dunhill’s uncompromising approach to fine artisanal craft. Captured in a series of festive still life images, this elevated offering is offset by a bold red hue, signifying good fortune and joy. Bringing the imagery to life, a spirited animation of the archive dragon celebrates the heritage of the House, fostering good luck, strength, and health for the new year.

VALENTINO Presents 2024 Chinese New Year Collection

Maison Valentino presents 2024 Chinese New Year Collection with the power of color dazzles, as red-hued garments unite the most evocative shade of the holiday with one of the Maison’s mainstay hues, Rosso Valentino.

Valentino’s 2024 Chinese New Year Collection deepens the brand’s reverence for local culture, celebrating the harmony between the Maison’s classic Rosso and the Chinese tradition. In honor of the holiday, Brand Ambassadors, Yang Yang and Yang Zi star in a new story, featuring wishes loaded in festive lanterns. For Chinese New Year, the iconic color palette of Valentino makes a statement, offering best wishes through the symbolic red color. 

The 2024 Chinese New Year Collection redefines classic Maison elements, and the red VLogo sets the tone of each item, as a tribute to Haute Couture and craftsmanship. For the women’s selection, an iconic red dress and red VLogo Jacket add festive flare to classic Valentino designs, while the Valentino Garavani VLogo Signature slingback, Valentino Garavani Locò mini bag, Valentino Garavani Locò bucket and Valentino Garavani VLogo Moon mini bag - all highlights of the new collection - find themselves reimagined in the Rosso hue. 

For the Maison’s men’s selection, red and beige make a striking debut as complementary colors, seen on the Valentino Garavani One Stud sneakers and Valentino Garavani VLogo tote. From ready-to-wear to Valentino Garavani shoes, accessories and classic bags, Valentino’s Rosso is the mainstay adornment for the occasion, ringing in the new year with good fortune. In homage to traditional Chinese culture, the colors create a comforting and joyous atmosphere, while delivering an optimistic outlook for the New Year.


Miu Miu Presents Fourth Limited Edition Miu Miu Upcycled Collection & Chinese New Year Collection

Miu Miu launches its fourth limited edition Miu Miu Upcycled collection: Denim and Patch bags. An accompanying campaign also introduces a capsule collection to celebrate Chinese New Year, comprising polo shirts, cardigans, cashmere slips and the iconic Wander and Arcadie bags.

Born in 2020 and devised to uphold the precious nature of vintage clothing and encourage circular design practice, Miu Miu Upcycled tells the stories of clothes and the people who have worn them in the past. The value of history, of the timeless, tells new stories for the present and future.

For 2024, Miu Miu Upcycled Denim turns its attention to upcycled jeans. Dated pre-2000 and sourced from denim specialists all over the world, these are chosen specifically for their color, weight and the qualities of fading. More than any other material denim is long-lasting and prized for its patina, for the physical and symbolic effects of any ageing.

The memory of the garment remains its backbone. Outer seams are preserved before deconstruction and refashioning takes place, a process designed to re-use as much fabric as possible and therefore carried out by hand. The result is a reiteration of wardrobe archetypes - wide-legged jeans, trucker jackets, bra tops and shorts and accessories, baseball caps and hair bands - a study in circularity, honoring the provenance of clothing while transforming it for modern life.

Flower embroideries too are drawn from the past. Inspired by research into 1950s haute couture, this style of embellishment was first seen on the Miu Miu runway for the SS2022 season in gold, they are now re-imagined in black. Each flower is hand sewn using silk chiffon petals, facetted beads and black crystal set into antique metal. Garments are finished with a leather label printed with the Miu Miu Upcycled logo and an internal tag in starched white canvas with the same branding.

For the first time, the Miu Miu Upcycled project also includes bags. The Miu Miu Upcycled Patch bag collection is made out of leather remnants from Miu Miu designs: the existent is reimagined to create something imbued with heritage; a respect for tradition enriches the here and now. 

Actor Ever Anderson and model Huijia Chen breathe new life into the 2024 Miu Miu Upcycled collections in a series of imagery captured by Jet Swan. A study of character in casting and clothing and an intimate exploration of the relationship between garment and wearer, stolen moments are made permanent. Each is unique.

The Miu Miu Upcycled project debuted with a selection of 80 one-off dresses made from precious non-designer vintage finds, followed by a collaboration with Levi's built around iconic pieces from the 1980s and ‘90s and leather jackets which appeared on Miu Miu’s Paris runway for the AW2022 season. All Miu Miu Upcycled collections are strictly limited.

Miu Miu has partnered with the Aura Blockchain Consortium a non-profit association that promotes transparency as well as customer-centric business practices throughout the lifecycle of luxury products by leveraging blockchain and other technologies. Each piece in the 2024 Miu Miu Upcycled Collection will be afforded Aura Blockchain verification.


Tiffany & Co. Presents 2024 Chinese New Year Campaign

Tiffany & Co. presents its 2024 Chinese New Year campaign, starring the House’s iconic jewelry collections and the emblematic Jean Schlumberger by Tiffany & Co.™ Bird on a Rock. Depicting prosperity and togetherness the holiday symbolizes, the campaign is brought to life through captivating visual storytelling that illustrates the essence of the holiday and captures the pure delight and anticipation that defines the new year.

The campaign encompasses a series of images where sparkling Tiffany designs from Tiffany Lock to HardWear are featured to epitomize precious moments and joyous celebrations.

The House unveils a new collection, Tiffany Woven Keys, to celebrate the festive season. Inspired by vintage key designs from The Tiffany Archives dating to the late 1880s, Tiffany Woven Keys is an expression of love’s infinite possibilities.

Available in rings, earrings, bracelets and pendants, the collection is distinguished by the signature woven motif in 18k rose gold set with Tiffany’s legendary diamonds. To bring in the Chinese New Year, a regional exclusive Tiffany Woven Keys mini pendant in rose gold with pink sapphires was designed.

The brand also introduces a new timepiece, the Atlas® Moonphase watch. Encompassing the standout moonphase complication, the timepiece showcases the four phases of the moon: new moon, first quarter, full moon and last quarter. Drawing inspiration from the iconic Atlas statue that welcomes visitors to The Landmark in New York City, the Atlas® Moonphase watch is available in two iterations – 34 mm stainless steel with diamonds and a Tiffany Blue® alligator strap and 34 mm watch in 18k rose gold with diamonds and a navy alligator strap.

PRADA Presents The Cinematic Portraits 2024 Lunar New Year Campaign

PRADA presents the Cinematic Portraits 2024 Lunar New Year campaign to celebrates the start of the Year of the Dragon, a wise and powerful animal that in the Chinese zodiac symbolises prosperity and good fortune and which, according to an ancient myth, gave rise to the Chinese nation.

The campaign’s images, imbued with a deep colour palette and inspired by arthouse cinema, particularly by iconic Chinese films capture the festivities’ characteristic joy and optimism.

The result is a series of touching portraits – taken in a cinematic atmosphere  starring Du 
Juan, supermodel, actress, currently featuring in Blossoms Shanghai, the TV series directed by Wong Kar-Wai, and previously portrayed in the 2023 Prada Lunar New Year Campaign; and Zhao Lei, the face of Yang Fudong’s film First Spring, currently on show at the Pradasphere II exhibition in Shanghai.

The project brings together two of the most highly acclaimed young talents from the 
contemporary Chinese cultural scene: fashion and art photographer Leslie Zhang and musician and producer Linfeng, whose music draws inspiration from the celebratory beats of traditional Chinese instruments.

The campaign is set in the historic Prada Rong Zhai residence, a space opened by Prada in 
2017 following meticulous restoration work and now home to cultural events organised by the Prada Group in China.

To mark the occasion, Prada is presenting an exclusive selection of men’s and women’s ready- 
to-wear, bags, footwear, jewelry, and accessories. The highlights of the women’s items on display are ultra-light organza skirts, either minimal or embellished with sequins, paired with knitwear made of fine materials and blazers with a belted waist, technical fabric pea coats and handmade tops in wool. Stand-out footwear includes satin sabots, brushed or patent leather loafers and black or white sneakers.

The bags, meanwhile, range from the new Prada Buckle 
and the Prada Arqué to the sophisticated Re-Nylon and leather Re-Edition as well as soft leather styles, all available in black and grey and the warmest beige hues. Iconic Re-Nylon takes on an important role in the menswear selection, across jackets, vests, trousers, and shirts, not to mention backpacks and travel bags. These feature alongside stylish camel brown or black coats and brushed leather lace-ups and loafers.

Du Juan
Zhao Lei

Creative Director: 
David James

Director and Photographer: 
Leslie Zhang

Music Composer: 

Still Life Photographer: 
Adrien Dubost