Jolin Tsai is Maison Valentino New Brand Ambassador

Maison Valentino announced singer Jolin Tsai as its new brand ambassador, joining a community of global talents, she stars in the new Valentino L ’Ecole advertising campaign shot by Mert and Marcus in New York. Valentino Creative Director Pierpaolo Piccioli continues his quest of authenticity, inclusivity and individuality, by scouting personas, men and women, who embody the Maison values. Jolin Tsai enters the Maison’s world of values as a contemporary DI.VA. (*DI.fferent VA.lues = DIVAS. The contemporary Valentino DI.VA is a multifaceted character of codes and inner values. Pierpaolo Piccioli continues his conscious and progressive approach to create culture by forming an authentic relationship with DI.VAs, positioning them as a real cultural comeback). Her unwavering passion and dedication to music have allowed her became one of the most iconic figures in C-pop and an unreplaceable dazzling symbol on stage.

“I welcome Jolin Tsai in our Valentino Di.Va. project with the greatest pleasure. Her musical talent reverberates through her innovative and deeply inclusive approach, which is something that I always appreciate when it comes to performative arts. In her work I find a genuine freshness, a magic energy and I am always amazed by the incredible connections that music can create. Our community is enriched by a new human star.” - Pierpaolo Piccioli, Creative Director Maison Valentino. In her 25 years of music career, with a fearless commitment to pushing boundaries and embracing innovation, she has earned the prestigious title of “Queen of C-Pop” in Asia. She is an amplifier for different voices, different views and values. Breaking the conventions of the traditional regional ambassador campaigns, Valentino empowers local values through international personas that embody the vision of the Creative Director. “Creative Director Pierpaolo Piccioli aims to disrupt tradition, re-signify and bring a distinctive personality and value to each collection, much like how I approach each stage with a commitment to self-discovery and innovation. I look forward to collaborating with Pierpaolo to bring more creativity and surprises to the audience in the future.” - Brand Ambassador Jolin Tsai.

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