MONT BLANC 2022 Happy Holidays

MONTBLANC celebrates the most wonderful time of the year i
nspired by the majestic mountain outside, gifts that bear the Montblanc name are crafted to their own height of craftsmanship and design. Functional yet sentimental, each gift is specially chosen as a heartfelt thank you to those who leave their mark on the lives of others, or token to inspire others to leave their own mark with passion and purpose.

The peaks of the Alps are covered in a blanket of fresh snow that glistens in the sunlight, and later shimmers in the winter moonlight. Skiers embark on their final run of the day, elegantly swishing down the slope from the summit to the village nestled between the trees below. The Mont Blanc, monumental and majestic among mountains, is the backdrop to this winter wonderland.

Because life is always an adventure and a journey of exploration, 
Montblanc leather goods are as stylish as they are practical with shapes and functions that meet the needs of those on the move. A nod to Montblanc’s origins and connection: the Mont Blanc, the Meisterstück Scenic Capsule leather pieces feature winterscapes with snow-capped mountains. White peaks against blue skies, skiers slaloming down slopes or leaping through the air.

The different shapes and functions in the elegant leather 
collection include Card Holders, a Writing Instrument Pouches, Wearable Phone Case Pouch and Key Pouch. The capsule collection will be available in Montblanc Boutiques for a limited period during the holiday season.

A companion for everyday expeditions, the
Meisterstück Selection Soft Backpack is crafted from a softer leather with functional elements such as compartments and organization solutions moved to the outside. The Meisterstück Selection Soft Document Case is an elegant and modern piece for work and business. With elegant design details, the Meisterstück Pocket 6CC and Meisterstück Wallet 10CC With Coin Case are understated essentials.


The SILK ROAD Bangkok - Star Quality Cantonese Dining

The glamourous sophistication interior of The Silk Road in the Athenee Hotel Bangkok has taken the Chinese restaurant dining experience to the next level but most importantly, lets the classic memorable Cantonese food speak by itself.
mylifestylenews writes.

Centrally nestled on Bangkok's sublime location along the leafy boulevard of Wirelesss road, this dining destination easily connects to premium shopping malls and flanked by major banks, top corporate offices, as well as Embassies and consulates. The classy Athenee Hotel Bangkok was built on the grounds of Kandhavas, the Palace that was once the home of Princess Valaya Alongkom, daughter of King Rama V. While the Athenee Hotel Bangkok is part of the Luxury Collection and carries a rich history and has a royal connection, a certain level of elegance and luxury is expected to celebrate its royal heritage and no less.

Walking through the main lobby which is rather regal, modern yet inspired by Thai culture with thoughtful touches in its grand design encapsulates the Thai-Colonial style of elegance and luxury. When you arrive at the entrance to The Silk Road, the splendour continues. You feel a lightness when you walk in, with light carpet colours, vibrant screens allowing light and a colour scheme of dark woods against light furnishings – think golds and blacks. To be precise, the design evokes an earlier era, drawing upon Art Deco style that was popular in Shanghai during the 1920's but brought up to date with modern artworks and comfort.

Plum-coloured wooden doors and cabinets, partition panel walls in Oriental Chinese motifs decorated with plentiful paint brushes to create a more dramatic ambience to admire no matter which corner your seat is facing in the main dining room, you simply won't miss it. Glass screens inlaid with gold tracery, a marble mosaic floors and stylish retro lighting combine to bring an air or elegance and intimacy to the restaurant. so in one sense there is nothing traditional about the fit out, but more a sense of residential with an eye to creating a modern lighter colour palette that you don’t normally expect in a typical Chinese restaurant and we were instantly won over!

The food, helmed by Chef Kam, a Cantonese native himself from Guangdong, is everlastingly striving to find the best and freshest produce and he cooks it with a Cantonese slant by staying truthful to the traditional cooking technique and insisting on providing the most authentic provincial flavours. He never forgets to pay homage to the most classic and nostalgic Cantonese taste on the palate that brings back almost everyone’s childhood memory from his wining gastronomy. Quintessential Cantonese cuisine is served here, almost a fining dining yet casual with a 21st century edge modern flair and this became evident throughout the course of the evening. There is a lot to mull over and you will be spoilt for choice. As we were a party of three, this gave us a bit more breadth to sample, so we decided that some classics were in order and little did we know what lay ahead of our culinary journey in this eponymous restaurant.

<Baked goose Puff in Swan Shape>
“Welcome to Silk Road” was clearly written on the rim of the plate and let the swan float in the misty lake as it was presented and kicking of as the first amicable and adorable dish for the evening dining sojourn. This signature dish was deliberately crafted to impress all diners of its moulded swan shape baked puff pastry gracefully sitting on a stain-less steel rack with dry ice beneath to create the smoky and misty floating effect garnished with petit stock of flowers. Delicate yet surreal to admire especially of the swan’s flaky puff feathers that has been baked to light golden brown perfection and it tastes like hundreds of delicate fluffy layers on the first bite, stuffed with flavoursome goose filling. The execution and flavour were second to none and it really elevated expectations that is to take your breath away and you are instantly craving for more. An absolute “WOW” factor injected!

<The Silk Road Signature Dim Sum Trio>
This is a trio of the three most classic Dim Sum on anyone’s wish list and once again a complete surprise due to the choice, thanks to Chef Kam’s “Super-Size Me” extra large version of each delicate piece that was worth more than just one mouth-full and every morsel is so satisfactory. A definite order for Dim Sum craver. Giant Sui Mai – Steamed dumpling with pork and prawn, topped with a whole piece of supreme mini abalone and it was superb and on point!  It could not be faulted with juicy large prawn, abalone and meaty pork sturdily wrapped on a thin wanton paste. It is deliciously yours! Har Gow was served with caviar on top, this most likable classic steamed prawn dumpling is another great example of The Silk Road star quality Dim Sum with the delicately see through paste rolled thinly and wrapped with juicy and tender large prawns filling.  The Steamed Crab Leg stuffed with minced prawn and pork in a Chinese yellow curry is another triumph of quality meat, artisanal creation and wondrous flavour.

<Deep-fried Shrimps with Mandarin Sauce served with White Chocolate Dome>
Now you may wonder why was this sweet white chocolate dome paired with such a strong savory shrimp dish. Who would have thought that white chocolate could possibly be a (almost a main) component in such a classic Chinese dish? But this was a complete surprise and it works! When the hot mandarin sauce was poured to melt the white chocolate dome and to reveal the crispy deep-fried shrimps beneath. The sweet and citrusy well complemented the savory of shrimps which was a triumph in presentation and simply divine to enjoy!

<Barbecued Pork with Honey>
A well temperature controlled barbecued pork! This classic Char Sui was chosen for the balanced layer amount of fat and meat to create an incredibly tender, juicy and tasty palate that is so memorable with each contented bite presented on an unusual but attractive white ceramic ‘iceberg’, garnished with spears of asparagus and chili no less!

<Peking Duck>
You can’t not order Silk Road’s signature Peking Duck. The flaming Peking Duck is probably the least expected when it comes to its unique and one-of-a-kind presentation that is most certainly wants you to have your camera ready to capture the special moment. The already crispy skin roasted duck has had a short ride from the kitchen on a trolley before being served the table, but at this point the whole duck needs to take a quick “bath" and is “basted” in Cointreau and then set alight to be flamed in the orange flavoured brandy liqueur. The server is actually turning the duck as it is aflame to ensure it is evenly “toasted”. The artistic presentation not only adds a further sensory experience but also to let the duck absorb the orange liqueur flavour that gives a hint of citrus on the palate.

Silk Road’s Peking Duck a la Canard Orange was inevitably fat, so an abundance of meat as they use only the finest ducks, marinated with Chinese wine, herbs, ginger, sugar and natural red-bean coloring before roasting to produce skin that is exceptionally crispy and succulent. The first serving of the breast meat on skin was simply divine and there was a subtle taste of orange that was to be much enjoyed – we were absolutely thrilled with this approach and who knew that it could elevate such a classic dish. A clever and innovative presentation.

We like it that way that the duck was thinly sliced together with a generous mouth full of meat remained instead of just the crispy skin itself being served with julienned spring onion, cucumber, secret home-made sweet bean sauce and waffle thin steaming hot pancakes. A more preferred nostalgic way to enjoy a well roasted Peking Duck. The balance of the meat was offered with a various choice of stir-fried or turn it into a clear broth to your liking. We were suggested a refined twist of its Thai Basil with Hot Chili stir-fried in high heat to generate the smoky flavour which was rich, utterly aroi mak mak and sinfully delicious, not a morsel left evidently.

<Fried Flat Rice Noodles with Abalone, Crab, Shrimp and Crispy Fish in Brown Gravy>
The menu description sounds like a mouthful but this is a classic combination that is such a standout and yet quite generous in portion. The noodle texture is starchily divine and so smoky as a result of the wok-fried technique. The combination of all the ingredients were superbly cooked and harmonious to create such a quintessentially Cantonese style fried noodle dish!

<Peony Custard>
There is always room for dessert and what a gorgeous presentation! Once again, the flaky and airy layered puff pastry was deep-fried in a fully blossomed peony and filled with the right amount of custard, not overly sweet but just right to give you that perfect round up for the entire wholesome meal. As the presentation was artisanally crafted and this food art you don’t want to touch but you must eat it in one mouthful to envelope all the flavour at once, it is delicate and delicious at the same time.

If you were to have experienced the best of Cantonese food in Hong Kong over the years, we now tend to think that Bangkok has taken over this mantle, as the evening was resplendent of the finest food and classic Cantonese flavours, as authenticity is the key. The ingenuity of the Silk Road culinary team and the impeccable cooking technique ensure you have a pleasurable dining experience. 
What is a standout is that the kitchen has thought long and hard about not plating food in the traditional way, without sacrificing the essence of taste and we were enthralled with every menu item as it was served and as it was savoured. What was even more surprising was the menu pricing, as you are dining like royalty without paying the fancy prices and they have not missed a beat from beginning to end as the a la carte menu contains a listing of approximately 40 dishes designed for sharing.

The service was spot on and not over-intrusive and you felt that they knowingly and instinctively knew when to offer assistance or clear the plates or top up your glass. Such excellence is to be commended, as very few restaurants can meet this mark in our estimation. Khun Mam looked after us and we were eternally grateful for her fine service. The kitchen brigade will forever be in our memory for the surprises and authentic flavours and not one dish missed the mark. The classic Silk Road restaurant has hosted the sophisticated diners for years especially for those in the know of finding refined Cantonese cuisine that offer genuine flavour to please your palate to no end as well as the taste to remember for such an unsurpassed dining experience.

Tried & Tested:
Location: 4.5/5
Design & Decor: 5/5
Service: 4.5/5
Food & Beverage: 5/5
Value For Money: 5/5
Experience: 5/5

61 Wireless Road,
Lumphini, Phatum Wan, 
Bangkok Thailand
Tel: +66 2 650 8800

Reviews are based on actual day of visit and experience. mylifestylenews reserves the right of final decision in case of any disputes. All images are photographed by mylifestylenews team without any photoshop enhancement and are the property owned by mylifestylenews unless otherwise stated.




由创意总监 Pierpaolo Piccioli 构思的 Valentino 2022 秋冬系列,比刻意更刻意,张胆华丽以铺天盖地的粉红色营造出异常盛世的感觉。品牌御用的 Valentino Red 不用多作推介,此独有的华伦天奴红色,调概括了历年来无数不朽的精彩系列作品。而 P 先生是次选用和构思的粉红色世界,乃是品牌与 Pantone Color Institute 合作缔造的独一无二结晶。这被译名为 Valentino Pink 的风格色调,以破格的手法去主导这一次的创意实验。这一场张扬明标的 hashtag 井号 #ValentinoPinkPPCollection,全场以鲜艳的粉红色粉饰:场景、地板、天桥、背景围墙、座位甚至被包裹的屋柱无一不以粉红示人,非常振奋;雀跃心情指数立马飙升,好让微风吹开你美丽的心,顿时要你不再让眉锁紧,紧接延申到 「“I’ve got a butterfly in the stomach」 的微丝软弱感。再加上开场音乐运用了电影「花样年华」以 In The Mood For Love 为首的讯息宣扬,正如 P 先生所言 “Because love is the answer。 Always!” 这一刻可飘了!


系列成衣大量运用装饰细节,包括蝴蝶结、荷叶边、花瓣、蕾丝和刺绣,漂亮的面料和饰物为设计增添层次感, 而所有男女装单品,无论金属饰件甚至润饰效果,均缀以粉红色。这些细节是令衣服成形的符号,营造统一风格的质感,构成衣服结构的装饰。赶不上唯美优雅的厚底鞋履雅俗共赏,并不是每一位的那杯茶,但也同样采用夺目的粉红色设计。手袋恍如置身放大镜下,尺寸和细节相继增大;部分款式却更形小巧,缀上一颗巨大的品牌形象招牌铆钉袋扣的反效果设计,以强烈的造型携带,将快乐来相分,营造系列新时代 IT BAG。

简约可是彰显人与服装的技巧,不同的身段、格调和体型,在单色的衬托下更显突出,生动演绎出「言简意赅」的极简本色。充满人本个性,全粉红系列饶富实验色彩,不时捕捉情感与价值,它体现无意识的状态,直至视觉冲击消耗殆尽。大热 striking 夺目耀眼的 Valentino Pink 粉红色彩,注入现代奢华的设计元素,穿上粉红色的一身装束,让思绪不再受制于对现实的渴求,为进入漫长的秋冬季节带来一点欢欣暖意,叫你再次张开美丽的心,只要热情开心,快乐悠然会近!


Tiffany & Co. 2022 Holiday Campaign

Tiffany & Co. 2022 celebrates this festive season with a Holiday Campaign  re-envisioning Andy Warhol’s iconic factory into an extravagant fête hosted by Hailey Bieber that generates boundless joy, love and surprises. Shot by Mario Sorrenti in New York City with photography by Raymond Meier, the campaign features a range of Tiffany selections including Tiffany HardWear, T1, Knot, Lock and the Tiffany & Co. x Andy Warhol collection that is sure to bring the holiday season to life in a larger-than-life party filled with diamonds, Tiffany Blue Boxes and a no-rules attitude.

With Hailey Bieber as the glamorous host of the ultimate holiday party on behalf of Tiffany, showcasing the sparkling designs of the fiercely feminine HardWear, the signature T1, and the multi-dimensional Knot.

e video celebrates the spirit of giving amid a soirée reminiscent of those decadent nights at Warhol’s infamous downtown Factory. In an expansive space illuminated by festive décor, Super-8 camera projections and sparkling Tiffany & Co. designs, Hailey Bieber is the glamorous host of this ultimate holiday party. As the partygoers trickle in, Bieber is the star and center of attention, handing out Blue Boxes to the guests in attendance.

Celebrating into the night, guests exchange exceptional gifts, such as Jean Schlumberger’s iconic Bird on a Rock brooch. A Christmas tree made entirely from Blue Boxes makes one thing clear: there’s no holiday party like a Tiffany & Co. holiday party.

The holiday season must-have jewelry for all the best of times: The bold & edgy Tiffany HardWear combines gauge links and industrial shapes, showcasing the edgy and spirit of New York City. As the partygoers trickle in, be the star and center of attention with the statement-making HardWear necklace, bracelet and earrings with or without striking pavé diamonds.

Celebrating into the night, the Tiffany T1 bangle and rings in rose gold and white gold in diamonds will surely spark joy with the House’s signature T motif. The T1 designs represent individual strength and perpetual power, whether it is stacked or worn on its own, a strong piece that to celebrate the festive spirit and will dazzle around you all year round. 
The entwined ends of Tiffany Knot’s signature motif symbolize the power of connections between people. Balancing strength and elegance, each Tiffany Knot design is a complex feat of craftsmanship. Wear the Knot necklace, bangle and ring in brilliant diamonds to brighten up the holiday season.

In addition to the Warhol-inspired film, the House will also offer exclusive Tiffany & Co. x Andy Warhol limited-edition designs at its stores and on
Tiffany.com, with everything from tableware and tree ornaments to playing cards and more. Accompanying in-store installations and immersive experiences will further celebrate the artist’s holiday greeting cards for Tiffany & Co. and the jeweler’s longstanding connection to the art world.

“This unique collaboration will generously support the Warhol Foundation’s endowment from which it has distributed over USD 275M in cash grants to visual arts organizations,” said Michael Dayton Hermann of the Warhol Foundation. “The foundation is delighted to draw attention to the enduring power of art with Tiffany & Co. during this ‘Warholiday’ season.”

"This holiday season, we wanted to celebrate Andy Warhol and uplift his connection to Tiffany & Co. by taking inspiration from the iconic greeting cards that he created for our clients in the ’50s and ‘60s,”
said Alexandre Arnault, Executive Vice President, Product and Communication. “The campaign video brings these elements together by paying homage to our longstanding relationship with one of the world’s most celebrated artists.”


COMO Metropolitan Bangkok - Blissful Urban Staycation

With the advantage of walking distance to Silom and Sathorn business district - one of Bangkok's most happening and major streets as well as the easy connection on the city’s BTS and underground Metro rail links, it has unquestionably benefited COMO Metropolitan Bangkok being one of the most sought-after urban wellness staycations in the City of Angels. mylifestylenews writes.

Centrally nestled on the bustling south Sathorn road alongside with countless Soi (laneway) that surprises you always with innovative cafes, restaurants, local vendors and eat outs as well as unique shopping experiences that never give a dull moment to explore with your ambiguous and open heart that is off the beaten tracks. The colorful neighbourhood attracts business and curious travellers who are in search for something more exciting and unique travel experiences while exploring Bangkok. With that in mind and the facilities that COMO Metropolitan Bangkok has to offer, it has further extended their fame in the past couple of years attracting even younger travellers for an urban escape staycation. 

The first impression by entreating the long entrance driveway of COMO Metropolitan Bangkok is rather an exclusive welcoming approach. It is simply designed to allow the reveal inside to attract your attention. When you look back you see lush greenery everywhere that is quite an oasis strategically planted in the heart of the city. 

A small slope of driveway will lead you to the hotel façade in no time and harmoniously greeted by a large ornamented lotus leaf sculpture that sits on a small water feature which is rather eye-catching and contributes a chic element to this decade’s old hotel.

Inside the double height spacious lobby draws plentiful natural light through the giant glass wall from each corner and contemporary styles of furniture are carefully chosen to make a design statement to complement the Chinese and Oriental Thai ornamental displays that harmoniously create a warm and comfy ambience.

They are well spaced out sitting on the striking giant orange carpets that you instantly notice the thoughtfulness of a deliberate contrast pops of colours, adorned with vivid purple orchids that sit atop cylinder vases scattered around the entire lobby and also serve the purpose to sectionize the lounge chairs sitting area.

Key statement pieces of furnishings with Oriental touches compliment the minimalist interiors reflected well on the polished dark marble flooring. Subtle yet modern with a sense of belonging and warmth emphasize its sophisticated charm.

Off to the left of the lobby is a bar that is soon to be re-opened since the impact of the pandemic from being re-imagined. Relatively, the other end of the lobby has a small gift shop as well as their signature and Michelin-starred nahm restaurant that serves a modern take on traditional Thai fare, with vivid, fresh flavours. Worth exploring especially while you are staying in house.

Looking out from nahm restaurant is the “urban resort” swimming pool which is larger than a lot of existing and new opening hotels in Bangkok, surrounded by lush traveller palms and well blossomed birds of paradise flora that secludes the entire swimming pool area is a great escape to cocoon yourself in this intimate garden pool and surrounds.

Plentiful of good quality sun lounges and sun beds always encourages you to spend a lot more time than usual by the pool, when the sunny-side-up, Vitamin-D is certainly in the making to soak up all the positive vibes and this enormous swimming pool is much to our excitement.

Service is prompt, inviting and discreet and you are gently whisked away to your room after a speedy check-in. Despite the hotel building itself is of a certain age, apart from low ceilings in the guest rooms and corridors, lots of dark wood furnishing is offset by light colours that gives a sense of coolness when contrasted with the warm tropical heat outside.

Our 54sqm Metropolitan Room features a large king bed with smooth Egyptian linen and is sat on a wooden plinth and is quite low, in a way it gave the feeling of more space due to the low ceiling of the aged building in the past. The generous open plan areas are designed to be practical and inviting. The comfortable living area encompasses a banquette sofa that ran a substantial length of the window which segued into a corner working desk and minibar area, all of which has a large coffee table as the centre piece to spread your things out and get comfortable flanked by a simply and classy black teak wood bench, covered in Thai silk cushions.

There is a phalanx of windows on one wall with excellent window glazing to block the ambient noise from the busy Sathorn road at the same time drawing a lot of natural light streaming in, which can be regulated by the wooden blinds for the excess sun light during the day. The room offers a view of the swimming pool from a higher vantage point and further back of Bangkok Skyline along Sathorn area. 
The ingenious use of space juxtaposes the sophisticated neutral palette and subtle textures to create a timeless décor and personal touches. There is also plenty of wardrobe and drawer space to unpack and get properly settled in.

The bathroom is all white and beige stone and tiles and felt so airy, as the design elements have been well thought through with more than enough space to spread yourself out for an extended stay, with a large sunken bathtub and a semi-open shower cubicle separate from the vanity area. COMO Hotels and Resorts curated their own COMO Shambhala bathroom amenities and these are the perfect compliment for such a wellness brand and really elevate the senses every time you use them. The label says invigorating and they certainly are!

True to COMO’s philosophy, living a healthy lifestyle with wellbeing is their utmost priority for the guest, so the semi-buffet breakfast offering COMO Shambhala Cuisine is where you can enjoy healthy dishes that utilise organic, locally sourced and nutritionally rich ingredients. The buffet section has a selection of pastries, fresh tropical fruit, salads, superb fresh juices, artisanal jams and butter, a wonderful selection of healthy breads and so much more. We were so delighted by the ‘spread’ and on the surface it did not look extensive, but in actual fact had more than you could possibly need.

The main dishes are ordered a la carte, so they arrive at your table at the perfect temperature and after trying many variations over the three days, there are lots of dishes worth going back for. You can be as indulgent or as light as you want with what you eat and a balance by eating healthy instead of overly indulging is the key by eating right and breakfast became a highlight of our stay.

You can’t possibly surpass a spa treatment while staying in any COMO hotels and resorts. The COMO Shambhala Urban Escape in Metropolitan Bangkok is another oasis of calm for a well-deserved wellness retreat located above the lobby and offers a large amount of space for guests to indulge that is not your average wellness spa for you to nourish your body and soul.

nahm helmed by Thai Chef Pim Techamuanvivit and consistently in the top 10 restaurants of Asia over the last five years serves refined Thai cuisine that is known far and wide within the realms of the dining cognoscenti. nahm has a discreet entrance, so on entering you are surprised at the elegance of the interiors design and architectural highlights. The back wall is finished in burnished gold with larger-than-life lotus flowers which creates such a drawcard for the eye.

The subtly stunning dining room also features six brisk columns which you think may be influenced by Thai culture, but apparently have no specific meaning but are an attractive statement in themselves. The rest of the palette is a mix of light and dark woods anchored by a black marble floor. For those hankering fresh air, there is also an outdoor dining terrace overlooking the tropical hotel pool, but beware of the humidity in the evenings.

The food is quintessential traditional Thai flavours and will have some or perhaps all of your favourites, with a little twist here and there.

We were being critical and expecting some out of the frame ingredients and dishes, but they played it safe on the palate spectrum but we did enjoy a Tom Yum soupGrilled Banana Leaf with Seafood and a Southern Yellow Curry, to name but a few from the menu and each dish was quite aroi mak mak (utterly delicious) and spot on.

The departure loomed large on the horizon and we were rather reluctant to leave this urban oasis in Bangkok, as we had enjoyed an elevated customer service and experience from the utmost COMO hospitality for its attentiveness, personalised greetings every day and always looked forward to our breakfast feast. The amenities throughout the hotel are still pretty much top notch and well looked after considering the age of the property, but the heritage and spirit lives on and as the saying goes, age is just a number. At least they strive to deliver what they think is best for their prestige guests. Another to-go-to hotel for a harmonious and blissful staycation. Why wait!

Tried & Tested:
Location: 4.5/5
Design & Decor: 4/5
Room Amenities: 4.5/5
Housekeeping: 4.5/5
Service: 5/5
Value For Money: 4.5/5
Experience: 4.5/5

COMO Metropolitan Bangkok
27, South Sathorn Road,
Tungmahamek, Sathorn
Bangkok Thailand
Tel: +66 2 625 3333

Reviews are based on actual day of visit and experience. mylifestylenews reserves the right of final decision in case of any disputes. All images are photographed by mylifestylenews team without any photoshop enhancement and are the property owned by mylifestylenews unless otherwise stated.