Hermès Presents HEURE H Watch

Interpreted in steel or gem-set rose gold, Heure H appears adorned with coloured stones and diamonds. Capturing time inside a letter, mischievously framing it: more than just a watch, Heure H is a symbol, a singular idea imagined by designer Philippe Mouquet in 1996. For the f irst time, Heure H is treated to coloured stone dials. Obsidian, malachite and aventurine: three expressions in turn precious and bold, rimmed by light gem-setting touches on the dial and around the case rim. Through fascinating plays on light and depth, the intense shades of the stones reveal their full vibrancy.

Understated yet assertive, the new Heure H appears in a contrasting trio. The first creation, a medium-sized model in steel set with 120 diamonds, features a dial in silvered obsidian: a semi-precious hard stone derived from volcanic rock, set with 64 diamonds. The second version is a rose gold small model set with 124 diamonds framing a dial in malachite: a fine, intensely green stone set with 56 diamonds. Finally, the third iteration – a small steel model set with 124 diamonds – is matched with aventurine, a hard stone made from a mixture of different quartz stones and set with 56 diamonds. Finely crafted in the Hermès Horloger workshops, the cases, dials and interchangeable alligator or calf leather straps all express the creativity and expertise cultivated by the House. As the years go by, Heure H is still a powerful signature that remains as edgy, fresh and dynamic as ever.



Inspired by the visionary founder, Zegna follows its own path. Physically and passionately, still journeying down the 232 road that Ermenegildo built over 110 years ago in the mountains of Northern Italy, Piedmont, which at the time was no more than barren rocks and one man’s unwavering dream for the future. His road was made up of ideas and principles, of the very fabric of tomorrow. Every day since, the road he paved has guided everything we do at Zegna, not just as global luxury menswear brand, but as responsible and caring human beings. Ermenegildo not only built an inspiring international brand, but along the way he built a community around his wool mill and planted the sprawling green Oasi Zegna, a natural territory of 100 km2, on what was once a near lifeless mountainside. He built a new kind of ethical entrepreneurship and an ethos of giving back.

This is the reason why the road is such a powerful symbol for Zegna. It charts the history and their mission, entwined in progressive ideas. It always looks forward, forging a future that is worthy of their dreams, while also leaving a trail that others might follow, purposefully enabling the community with a shared mindset.

The Zegna road leads them to New York, where the Ermenegildo Zegna Group is expecting to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange. While the journey has always been more important than the destination at Zegna, they celebrate this moment with a brand-new signifier that pays tribute to the Zegna road. The road becomes their very identity. The history, the values, the intention are now stitched into the very fabric that bears their name. To mark this new era, Zegna logo is also updated in a modernised font that encapsulates their directional vision. This singular name Zegna celebrates the family heritage while looking forward with an ownable and tightly defined aesthetic and attitude. In this way, they celebrate a leap forward for the brand while upholding the enduring values of the Ermenegildo Zegna Group, led by Gildo Zegna, third generation of the family, as CEO.

The double-stripe signifier and new Zegna logo are set to be unveiled with a purposeful collection was launched on December 3rd: a collection that acclaims the outdoors and winter sports in a meaningful tribute to our routes and roots in the Piedmont mountains. A graphic representation of all they have done and set out to do, the vicuna-coloured signifier will weave through every collection they create and the new Zegna logo be the sign of the brand retail network to be globally completed within 2022.

As Zegna enters an exciting new chapter in our history, they continue along the same road that stretches back more than a century. Together, their road leads them to frontiers in fabric innovation, in corporate leadership and style of life.


VERSACE AW2021 Eyewear Campaign

VERSACE AW2021 Eyewear Campaign was photographed by legendary duo Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott and stars supermodel Vittoria Ceretti. Ceretti presents fresh designs that rework the brand’s iconic eyewear symbols and is joined by Nacho Penin who introduces the latest frames for men. The new Biggie AW2021 Collection presents sun and optical frames that refresh the brand’s signature style. Intrinsically tied to 90s music and pop culture, this collection revisits iconic house codes and the brand’s legendary taste for unique designs. Reinventing one of Versace’s most iconic designs, the metal hardware of the original Medusa Biggie temple is reinterpreted here with a clean cut on see-through constructions for a full lens effect, enriched with metal Medusas.


Emporio Armani x C.P. Company Special Men Collection

Emporio Armani announces the collaboration with C.P. Company, the line founded in 1971 by Massimo Osti, for a special men's collection that morphs the respective DNAs.  Emporio's fortieth anniversary, celebrating the youthful line that immediately became a fashion phenomenon, coincides with the fiftieth anniversary of C.P. Company, the brand that has always stood out for an experimental approach, practical design and innovative treatment of fabrics and dyes.

This collaboration stems from a common vision and intent: the desire to innovate, responding to the needs of the public with high-impact products that retain a strong design personality. Thus, distinctive elements of C.P. Company, such as garment dyeing, which gives warmth and depth to the fabrics and color, and shapes often inspired by military clothing, are contextualised with the Emporio lexicon of style: one made up of pure lines, essential design and neutral, metropolitan colours.

The Emporio Armani x C.P. Company collection, complete with soft accessories, has been developed jointly by both companies. It merges the distinctive traits of the two brands. The result is unique: Emporio's iconic garments – such as the bomber jacket, the raincoat and the stand-up collar jacket – merge with the C.P. Company goggle parkas, blousons and anoraks, as well as cargo trousers, in a distinctive Armanian palette of deep blues and whites. The result is faithful to the original identities, but also surprising. The materials – WOOL GUM waterproof wool, A.A.C. laser-cut microfibre and DYSHELL bi-elastic nylon knit – have a performing quality that energises the subtle, sleek aesthetic.




It's The Happiest Season Of All
There'll Be Parties For Hosting
穿著設計感十足的時尚,開啓party mood,雀躍傾情赴會,做好準備迎接氣氛滿載的節日派對。H&M Innovation Story系列以循環作為設計理念,著墨於喜悅和可持續性兩個時尚主題要你盛裝打扮,領先潮流。整個系列洋溢歡樂、勇於嘗新運用創新的布料及突破性的回收材質與再生物料構成,專為珍藏、分享、修補和循環再用得概念而設計,向無畏的當代精神和自我表現致敬。在開始設計服裝時已考慮到如何在其到達生命週期終點時的處理,把整個行業推向更接近循環不息的未來。潮流先鋒名模NormaniGigi Hadid Kaia Gerber率先示範系列單品,鮮明及個性化的設計,色彩斑斕,鮮明綺麗,型格展現及盛裝打扮準備就緒出席派對的興奮和期待。很多單品都具備多功能性,能輕易打造不同造型,設計大玩Pokka Dot圓點、蝴蝶結、褶邊、剪裁和提花元素;西裝外套可當連身裙穿著,肩帶可改變襯衫的合身度或拉鍊可調整令大衣,褲子變寬,而舞會禮服可分開為上衣及半身裙。永恆的設計元素具現代化,賦予這個系列長久的生命力。請準備就緒,「派對即將開始」,貼地吻合企宣大片的標題。
And Everyone Telling You Be Of Good Cheer
Versace為了頌揚冬季運動和意大利的卓越品質及工藝,由專業溜冰好手Rebecca Ghilardi以華麗的後台開首,令人想起時裝展揭幕前的準備階段,而當帷幕打開,她和Versace隊友Stella MaxwellMalika Louback在溜冰場上隨即旋轉跳躍,揮灑自如,擺出多個充滿活力的姿勢,展示於運動場上的魅力英姿,浪漫地演繹聖誕節最令人心動的款式,包括全新色調,風采迷人又靈活百搭La Medusa手袋等單品。 Team Versace 更在形象廣告中矚目亮相,散發冬日氣息的場景感覺冰冷而迷人,成為史上最優雅的運動代表隊,巧妙襯托品牌的奪目設計、節日精品,熱鬧地慶祝節日派對,令佳節更瑰麗精彩。
It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year
VALENTINO 要你穿上最閃耀的The Party Collection 服裝,和親友再次在歡樂氣氛下匯聚,赴一場喜悅和時尚的派對。派對系列以不同元素之間的聯繫為出發點,在高訂和成衣共同構成的設計中,金銀絲線相結合的羽毛、刺繡和亮片點綴的連衣裙、飾以銀色絲帶的斜紋軟呢外套、牛仔布與亮片相混搭、VLogo運動衫與Valentino Garavani Roman Stud配飾相搭配,從亮眼的穿搭到都市化的風格細節,晚禮服也變身為鮮艷短褲的型格之選。 每一種造型都代表著不同的個性,率真回歸最真實的本質,享受為自己和他人精心打扮的樂趣,共聚歡慶這most wonderful time of the year

ETRO 2021 Holiday Campaign

he magic of the festive season, the alluring seduction of the night, and the energy of togetherness inspire the ETRO 2021 Holiday Campaign "ZODIACS UNDER THE SIGN OF ETRO". 
A hymn to life, friendship and freedom presenting ETRO’s new generation to the notes of the famous song "Zodiacs” by Roberta Kelly, in a unique atmosphere fusing fun, fashion and music to reflect the spirit of ETRO.

Directed by Tommaso Ottomano, the video brings to the screen an evening of celebration in a nightclub where the singer, played by Tina Kunakey, performs an unprecedented version of "Zodiacs" before a dancing crowd.

After the party, the protagonists leave the club to venture outside for an impromptu picnic under the stars, around a black Cadillac, using porcelain plates from the new "Boho Butterfly" capsule collection created in collaboration with Ginori 1735: a selection of table creations and decorative objects inspired by ETRO’s iconography.

All characters wear outfits and accessories defined by a multicolored explosion of Paisley motifs, floral prints, metallic effects and bejeweled details such as the cabochon studs applied on the new Crown Me bag.

The campaign is a hymn to the joy of living, an evocative and engaging narrative reflecting the authentic ETRO essence, with the enveloping spirit of the Holiday Season.


Glashütte Original Let The Holiday Season Glow

Glashütte Original takes this special season as an occasion to offer, once again, the most charming way to give the gift of time with truly enchanting timepieces that do justice to the beauty of every moment.

Elegant contrasts: SeaQ Panorama Date in red gold and vibrant black 
Stylish black/gold contrasts give this model a festive look: the black dial with refined sunray finishing presents hands, Arabic numerals and rod appliques in galvanic gold. The rotating bezel’s ceramic ring with white inlay, the generous use of luminous highlights and the Panorama Date’s white numerals on a black ground ensure optimal clarity. The SeaQ Panorama Date features the award-winning Calibre 36. In the 36-13 version it runs in a 43.2 mm case fashioned of warm red gold, with - as always - optimal performance in terms of the four principles of precision, stability, running time and aesthetics. The SeaQ Panorama Date conforms to the most rigorous German and international quality standards. In an internal testing procedure, each watch is thoroughly inspected and tested for water resistance as well as for air tightness under under- and overpressure conditions. This model comes with a water-resistant grey nylon mesh strap, designed specifically for the SeaQ, or a black rubber strap with a relief pattern.

Golden Ratio: PanoMaticLunar in fir green
This model captures the magic of the holidays in a very special way, its deep green evocative of traditional Christmas trees and Advent wreaths. The colour gradient of the hand-crafted dial is particularly impressive: beginning with an intense dark green in the centre, the colour changes into black at the edge. The face of the PanoMaticLunar, with its characteristic offcentre displays, is designed in accordance with the Golden Ratio, the legendary law of aesthetic harmony. The auxiliary dials for hours/minutes and the small seconds are positioned within the left half of the dial, while the Saxon watchmaker’s characteristic Panorama Date and elaborately crafted moon phase dominate the right half. The polished 40 mm diameter red gold case and crown form a warm contrast to the dial’s rich green. The glossy green Louisiana alligator leather strap rounds off this festive timepiece in an opulent manner. A sapphire crystal case back offers generous views of the hand-crafted 90-02 automatic movement. Numerous details, including the Glashütte three-quarter plate and the duplex swan-neck fine adjustment, prove that the watchmaking arts of the Ore Mountains are as refined, in terms of filigree craftsmanship, as the area’s famous Christmas decorations.

Shimmering beauty: Lady Serenade in snowy white and rose gold
Another timepiece from the German watchmaker also brings the festive atmosphere to the wrist. The Lady Serenade appears as a genuine ice princess in radiant white. A razor-thin mother-of-pearl dial provides an elegant backdrop to the display of hours, minutes and seconds. Delicate diamond indexes and pearl-like strings on the dial offer refined reflections and enhance the sparkling light of the 52 brilliant-cut diamonds on the bezel and the diamond cabochon on the crown. The snowy white hue of the dial is taken up by a Louisiana alligator leather strap with rose gold fold-over clasp. This Lady Serenade, too, is powered by the hand-crafted 39-22 manufactory movement, whose refined decorative finishes and embellishments can be admired through the sapphire crystal case back.

Sparkling companion: Lady Serenade in elegant black and rose gold 
Shimmering rose gold, sparkling diamonds and a deep black dial – this Lady Serenade offers a sophisticated combination of sensuality, reliable precision and stylish elegance. With its array of classically timeless and feminine accents, this ladies‘ watch cuts as fine a figure in everyday life as it does on festive occasions. Polished and satin-brushed rose gold lends the 36 mm diameter case a warm glow, rendered even more attractive by the 52 brilliant-cut diamonds on the bezel. The crown with diamond cabochon is particularly easy to use. The deep black hue of the dial is taken up by a Louisiana alligator leather strap with rose gold fold-over clasp. The heartbeat inside the watch is that of its 39-22 automatic movement, which reveals its finely finished beauty through a sapphire crystal case back.


Hoi An Shangri-La Dubai - Age-old Recipes That Bring Vietnamese Flavours To Life

ith age-old recipes that contain the brilliant balance of yin and yang from its heritage cooking method, Hoi An in Shangri-La Dubai stands the test of time by delivering the all-time-favorite Vietnamese cuisines that please all palates. mylifestylenews writes.

It is always a delight to go back to Hoi An, Shangri-La’s signature Vietnamese restaurant, especially in the Dubai establishment. The restaurant's new add-on to its interior welcomes you with the traditional perfect circular cone nón lá (leaf hat) that is appliqued to the entrance walkway light burnt-orange wall to create a certain atmosphere of Vietnam, adorned with the black iron tall gates slanted along the hallway and old framed photos of Hoi An’s historical architecture.

From winning noodle soups to French influenced gastronomy that is passed down over generations, Vietnamese food makes it deliciously obvious to be considered one of the most well-liked comfort foods not only to its own natives, but Asian as well as the westerner alike. As with other Asian cuisines, there are lots of pungent and natural fragrant herbs and ingredients used in cooking, its aromatics, heat, sweet and salty, sourness, the cooling and the warming, the fresh and the fermented together with its soul ingredient in Vietnamese food - nouc mam - the fish-sauce that mainly used in most cooking that brings the Vietnamese flavours to life.

More traditional hand painted colored lanterns with different flora and fauna motifs and even sceneries from the heritage town of Hoi An are hung all over the ceiling in the restaurant that certainly brightens the entire dining room with a more festive mood of the already blissful atmosphere.
The food in Hoi An is generally easy to please, especially from its almost never ending long listed menu with various best-shots from its most well-liked street food inspired dishes as well as plentiful of classic dishes to savour and to explore.
<Hoi An’s Signature Tasting Platter >
This is a great way to open the palate and try a variety of different flavours and this Chef selected platter is composed of 6 appetizers accompanied by Nuoc cham dipping sauce and Tuong Ot chili sauce: Lemongrass and shrimp lollipop on sugar-cane served with chili and tamarind sauce freshly delivered to open your appetite. The seafood spring roll is crisply deep-fried with subtle flavours; the stuffed banana leaf with seafood, lemongrass, coriander, tamarind sauce, rice noodles is moist and beautifully done with a distinctive flavour to please; the duck foie-gras sausage with plum sauce and peanut is no doubt the highlight of the platter selection which is simply divine; the Vietnamese banh khot mini shrimp pancakes with rice flour yellow bean, mix herbs, fish sauce and pickles is warm and delicious on all counts; the salmon roll with hoisin sauce may be a little too strong in taste that takes away the flavour of the salmon but yet still quite tasty and enjoyable. Apparently the selection of appetizers may vary each day depending on the Chef. Don’t miss out on this platter!

<Banh Khot>
We encored this dish from the platter selection by ordering a full plate. The pancakes were very soft and the springy shrimp done just so, with the mixed herbs, fish sauce and pickles adding an exotic touch to the palate. Absolute perfection!

<Traditional Pho Rau Vietnam>
This national dish of Vietnam hits one of the highest orders in any Vietnamese restaurant visit no matter where, as in Hoi an, it is to no exception. A very tasty noodle soup with excellent quality Angus beef tenderloin used as well as fresh herbs, leaf vegetables and the soup stock was redolent of herbs, beef stock and other yummy flavours that made this unmissable!

<Grilled Corn-Fed Chicken Leg>
This chicken is marinated with honey and lemon and is served with assorted vegetables. The char-grilled chicken was so tender and flavoursome and the sauce is deliberately salty, so don’t have too much, but it really adds a kick on the palate.

<Braised Beef Cheek>
This dish is textbook copy in execution, perfectly slow braised and tender beef cheeks that melts easily in the mouth together with pearl onion and carrot reminiscent of some French stewed dishes which adds that extra dimension. Fresh Vietnamese basil leafs were added for its sweet-smelling aroma that gave a distinctive to die for flavour to this dish, accompanied by a large slice of garlic French baguette to help you whet up the rich and tasty gravy.

<Bun Thit Nuong>
This dry noodle dish is a multi-composite of ingredients – vermicelli with char-grilled chicken, prawn cake, crispy spring roll, mixed herbs and fish sauce. On arrival at the table, you must mix everything up well to create a balanced dish by pouring the entire bowl of the intense Nuoc cham fish sauce, otherwise some ingredients will come to the fore more than others. As it happens, all the components having a voice that is delightful and at the same time utterly delicious!
<Grilled Salmon>
This dish was executed well but not exactly quintessentially Vietnamese in flavour , more French influenced instead. However, it will not disappoint if you want a fish dish that is more neutral in flavour and will satisfy those palates that want a comfort dish. The thinly fried salmon fish skin that sits on top of the fish as garnish is another highlight!

<Beef Tenderloin>
This is the most perfect tenderloins we have had in a long time. The grilled Australian beef tenderloin comes with sweet potato puree, asparagus and tasty black truffle sauce. Another dish that may not be classic Vietnamese, but if this is your thing, you will linger over this scrumptious and tender meat. Just don’t overdo the sauce, as it is quite salty and the beef meat speaks on its own. It is a perfect ten dish that still relates to its own culture!

<Duck Leg Confit>
The slow-cooked duck leg with Vietnamese five-spice is another winner from the Hoi An menu. It is a classic Asian way in handling a good duck dish in a unique yet traditional style. Smokey in flavour with extremely tender meat that exudes the slow-cooked technique and the five-spice add that other dimension to the meat flavour. It is definitely influenced by the French confit canard tradition and we absolutely loved it.

<Fried Rice with XO Sauce>
While rice is an essential need in most Asian meals and Hoi An fried rice with XO sauce is the most perfect fried rice we have had in a long while. Fluffy light rice have been stir-fried with the right amount of oil used to reduce greasiness and wrapped over by the lotus leaf that delivers a subtle flavour that is heavenly. A simple dish done well!

<Eggplant with Tofu>
A complex and rich stir-fired flavour in rich dark sauce and presented on a heavy stone bowl that supposedly is to give a sizzling effect. Unfortunately it came lukewarm and so not at its optimum temperature to enjoy.
Yes, we had eaten too much, as too many dishes were untried from our previous visit, but desserts still needed tasting, so we opted for contrasting flavours. The Chocomisu is a chocolate take on Tiramisu of course, but with the caramel Bavaroise added a more decadent take which was moreish.

<Coconut & Lemon>
The Coconut & Lemon was a lemon cigar on a sable biscuit with popping candy and a light and refreshing dessert with layers of divine tropical flavours.

Once again, an evening of well executed and delicious food that cannot fail to please any picky palate, unless you are a stranger to Vietnamese food that needs further guidance or even tutorial. These dishes do not scream at your palate with spicy and out of control flavours. There is a delicacy to many of the dishes that allow ingredients to unfold on your palate and Hoi An has to be the standout of Vietnamese restaurants in Dubai. For Shangri-La standard, it is eminently affordable and the ambience is second to none.

The prompt service from the front of house team is truly an asset to Hoi An. Angel and April run the place like their private dining room and never forget regular guests. They always want to know how the evening is progressing and is there anything that needs their attention. They have infectious personalities that make the evening flow smoothly with a touch of cheeky humour at times that breaks the ice of formalities. Hoi An delivers a memorable dining experience that makes you want to come back and the menu is extensive enough to bring Vietnamese flavours to life and worthy of repeat visits. So, why wait!

Tried & Tested:
Location: 4/5
Design & Decor: 4.5/5
Food & Beverage: 4.5/5
Service: 4.5/5
Value For Money: 4.5/5
Experience: 4.5/5

Fried Rice with XO Sauce
Beef Tenderloin

Sheikh Zayed Road,
P.O. Box 75880
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Tel: +971 4 405 2703
Reviews are based on actual day of visit and experience. mylifestylenews reserves the right of final decision in case of any disputes. All images are photographed by mylifestylenews team without any photoshop enhancement and are the property owned by mylifestylenews unless otherwise stated.

Marimekko 2021 Christmas Pick

Marimekko share the moment to love Forever this holiday season by spreading love and joy to your love ones.....and yourself with a series of gift to accessories and brighten up this Christmas.

Oiva/Juhla Unikko collection

Oiva/Alku & Ketunmarja collection

Oiva/Unikko collection

Unikko/Kalasååski collection

ååski/Tiiliskivi collection