Emporio Armani x C.P. Company Special Men Collection

Emporio Armani announces the collaboration with C.P. Company, the line founded in 1971 by Massimo Osti, for a special men's collection that morphs the respective DNAs.  Emporio's fortieth anniversary, celebrating the youthful line that immediately became a fashion phenomenon, coincides with the fiftieth anniversary of C.P. Company, the brand that has always stood out for an experimental approach, practical design and innovative treatment of fabrics and dyes.

This collaboration stems from a common vision and intent: the desire to innovate, responding to the needs of the public with high-impact products that retain a strong design personality. Thus, distinctive elements of C.P. Company, such as garment dyeing, which gives warmth and depth to the fabrics and color, and shapes often inspired by military clothing, are contextualised with the Emporio lexicon of style: one made up of pure lines, essential design and neutral, metropolitan colours.

The Emporio Armani x C.P. Company collection, complete with soft accessories, has been developed jointly by both companies. It merges the distinctive traits of the two brands. The result is unique: Emporio's iconic garments – such as the bomber jacket, the raincoat and the stand-up collar jacket – merge with the C.P. Company goggle parkas, blousons and anoraks, as well as cargo trousers, in a distinctive Armanian palette of deep blues and whites. The result is faithful to the original identities, but also surprising. The materials – WOOL GUM waterproof wool, A.A.C. laser-cut microfibre and DYSHELL bi-elastic nylon knit – have a performing quality that energises the subtle, sleek aesthetic.

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