Mulberry Introduces The Iris Family - Bags For The Modern British Wardrobe

Mulberry introduces the Iris family - a take on the ideal bag: versatile, customisable, and tailored for the lives of modern women. Designed to shine as an everyday favourite, the Iris also transitions with ease into evening. A combination of soft and structured, the Iris has an adaptable silhouette with adjustable pull cords on either side that subtly change its shape and volume. You are invited to select a colourway of the bag’s braided leather top handle to reflect their individual style. With a range of options in seasonal and classic hues, it’s a subtle addition that makes the Iris feel truly personal. The customised top handle and a long shoulder strap can also be complemented with our new Straps Collection. Choose from contemporary chunky acetate or punkish metal chains and personalise it further with hanging letter charms.

Each Iris features a minimalist progression of the magnetic Keystone Lock. Inspired by punk hardware, British architecture and masonry, it debuted earlier this season on the Keeley family and gives the Iris its touch of heritage detailing. Available in two sizes - the Iris and the Small Iris – a selection of colours will be released throughout the season: AW19’s shades of Deep Amber, Lipstick Red and Rust join classics Black and Solid Grey. Inspired by the women of Mulberry, the Iris reflects the wearer’s approach to style: elegant, effortless and personal.


Chaumet Celebrates The Art of The Twist

Maison Chaumet unveils a fresh facet of its jewellery culture with a new exhibition at 165 Boulevard Saint-Germain, from 1 October to 2 November 2019. Through a series of photographs by Julia Hetta, Autrement explores the art of appropriating jewels by wearing them according to the whims of fashions and fantasy, with daring and creativity. Whether forehead jewel or ferronnière, a necklace woven through the hair, or bracelets worn at the shoulder or ankle, from the Italian Renaissance to the fashion statements of today, jewellery lends itself to inventive adaptability.

Freed from its primary function, it graces the body, clothes or hair, becoming a precious accessory of a new kind. Cultivating its Parisian spirit since 1780, constantly reinventing itself through fashion and the arts, over the course of its history Maison Chaumet has created jewels intended to be worn differently. Witness the Maison’s archival drawings and photographs in which the jewels astonish and perplex. Necklace or tiara? Bracelet or bodice ornament? Brooch or pendant?

Revisiting this age-old practice with modernity, the exhibition Autrement showcases an unprecedented dialogue between art and fashion, history and trends, the Maison’s heritage and its contemporary creations. Among the Chaumet archival elements and jewels of yesterday and today, the works of the great masters are digitalised, while photographs by Julia Hetta are presented inside 25 historical frames dating from the 15th to 19th century and loaned by Maison Lebrun.

The Swedish photographer produced a series of images inspired by the Dutch masters and Renaissance art. High Jewellery necklaces become headbands, Jeux de Liens and Liens Séduction sautoirs are worn as shoulder strap or anklets, Espiègleries brooches appear as precious hair pins, a Liens Évidence wedding band hugs a lock of hair, Joséphine Aigrette bracelets are worn like palm jewels, a Bee My Love cocktail ring transforms into a scarf ring... The result offers an abundance of suggestions to appropriate, a wealth of invitations to reinvent jewellery through how one wears it.


Dior AW2019/20 CatStyleDior Sunglasses

 Dior AW2019/20 CatStyleDior sunglasses ooze modernity, combining boldness and elegance, certain models sport daring rectangular or butterfly shapes, while a resolutely couture version is embellished, by hand, with more than a thousand Swarovski crystals. The latter is also available in hematite and Aurore Boréale – a unique crystal developed in collaboration with Christian Dior in 1956 – versions. Super-light designs that complete the silhouette.


Giorgio Armani AW2019/20 Adverting Campaign

Giorgio Armani AW2019 Adverting Campaign taps Kate Moss to be the face for the season. Light and personality. The new advertising campaign, shot by photographers Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott, who have already collaborated with Giorgio Armani in the past, encapsulates the vibrant, incandescent, iridescent minimalism that is the essential Armani style - a language in which the outfit becomes one with the person in pure and concentrated frames, where even black and white impart a sense of colour.

Bold lights cut through the surrounding backdrop reducing it to an essential and luxurious space, accentuating the emerging figure of Kate Moss. A first-time interpreter of the Armani style to which her feisty, free-spirited sensual presence is brought to bear, Kate Moss stands out as a woman of singular beauty, whose personality and energy decisively set her apart from the fleeting fads of the moment.

Alongside her a supporting male cast with Daisuke Ueda and Thijs Stenneberg, model the menswear selection of the Giorgio Armani AW2019/20 Collection, presented for the first time together with the womenswear collection, last February at Armani/Silos. 

Each picture is a unique portrait where the outfits in infinite hues of blue, with accompanying gestures and movements, trace a stark outline of essential and polished elegance over figures bursting with character.


Roger Vivier AW2019 Introduces The Beau Vivier

Bags are a big deal for AW2019 and Maison Roger Vivier elevates the accessories landscape for the season with the new Beau Vivier. As Gherardo Felloni continues the evolution of the Maison with new styles, still inspired by the archives, but reinterpreted in his own design aesthetic, he created the Beau Vivier with a special Vivier woman in mind. “For this collection, I was inspired by what women dream and their fantasies,” Felloni shares. “Seven women provided different inspirations for the collection. Among them is a woman who dreams of becoming a movie star - like Catherine Deneuve - who inspired the new bag of the season, the Beau Vivier.”

Finely crafted in leather, the Beau Vivier bag comes with a top handle and a removable shoulder strap, and in both rich colors, such as magenta, cognac and navy blue, and of course, black. A completely new creation, the Beau Vivier embodies the Maison’s values that have been closely guarded throughout the years. Exclusivity, through the luxurious leather that goes through multiple steps of inspection and quality control at the hands of a master craftsman who has honed his skills for more than 30 years.  Excellence, through the craftsmanship techniques used by, not only the Italian artisans, but also the different creative minds that bring the bag to life – from sketch to prototype to perfect detailing. And finally, refinement, through its sleek, structured shape and elegant details, such as the iconic Roger Vivier buckle. Inspired by the archives, the Beau Vivier buckle pays homage to Monsieur Vivier’s inventive interpretation during the 1960s, when the buckle was placed on the inverse direction, creating a distinctly different silhouette. Designed for the Vivier woman with a bourgeoisie spirit and a contemporary attitude, the Beau Vivier is a new icon for Roger Vivier.



Saint Laurent reveals the condom campaign photographed by Juergen Teller, featuring David Alexander Flinn and Anja Rubik. Products exclusively available at Saint Laurent Rive Droite store through a dedicated dispenser.

Art Direction: 
Anthony Vaccarello

Juergen Teller

David Alexander Flinn
Anja Rubik 


Emporio Armani AW2019/20 Advertising Campaign

Emporio Armani AW2019/20 Advertising Campaign
The light of Milan is unmistakable: northern yet Italian, it forms part of the city’s very own identity.

Milan, an industrious hub open to the world, is a vital component of the Armani DNA, particularly for Emporio: free from forced conventions and standards, the line transforms the pace of urban life into style.

The new advertising campaign, that also includes accessories - watches, jewelry and eyewear - shot in the streets by Lachlan Bailey, is a tribute to the city, to the brand's Milanese roots, and to the brilliance of Milan.

Glimpses of the majestic architecture, of the cobbled and asphalt streets, of the dazzling light that illuminates them, all paint a clear picture of the setting. Flitting across the corners of the city is a cosmopolitan group of individuals from all over the world.

Models Romy Schonberger, Taja Feistner, Vika Evseeva, Ivan Kozak, Andre' Bona, Daniel Morel. They are energetic, exuberant, and caught in the action, as both Milan and Emporio always are.


KENZO AW2019 Advertising Campaign

KENZO AW2019 Advertising Campaign embarks on a journey on the road less travelled. The artistic collaboration between the French fashion house and the storied pop photographer David LaChapelle shifts into a dramatic new focus.

The results of this second creative partnership (KENZO and LaChapelle first collaborated for the house’s SS2019 campaign) are less like a traditional campaign and more like what might best be described as a series of postcards sent from the edge of imagination. Blurring the lines between high art, luxury advertising and the unavoidable wanderlust incited by modern social-media photography, KENZO’s AW2019 campaign asks its audience to take a double or even triple look before drawing conclusions.

At first glance, the unorthodox, densely layered images (and accompanying videos) echo the important cross-cultural conversations that are imprinted into KENZO’s roots since its foundation. In classic LaChapelle form, there is more to these photos than what meets the eye. One-of-a-kind works of “collage art”, the dichotomous images feature original fashion photography by LaChapelle superimposed over his rarely seen personal archive of vintage travel slides he has sourced for decades from his globetrotting adventures all over the world.

It’s a provocative and intergenerational approach to image making that speaks to KENZO’s global sensibilities and conveys a new modern community of people traveling all over the world. Highlights include the actress Logan Browning clad in AW2019’s statement bright-pink tactical pieces happily showing off the resin bijoux “eye” clasp from the season’s Tali double flap bag. The figure of Browning is overlaid on top of a vintage image from the 1960s depicting an elderly woman sunbathing on retro outdoor lounge furniture. The striking image feels unplaceable, surreal, and new in startlingly camp ways. Another composite postcard-esque image depicts the young musician and model Selah Marley in a loosely constructed oxidized-green jumpsuit with a camera around her neck and one hand clutching the exaggerated bright orange shoulder straps of this season’s Tali bag.

Placed seamlessly into a vignette composed from one of LaChapelle’s found archived photos depicting breathtaking natural splendour, Marley flashes a knowing grin that appears to celebrate the juxtaposition between artifice and luxury, and the real and the staged. This postmodern sense of ambiguity is something LaChapelle has helped define since the salad days of his legendary career. Here, this method is employed to break from convention and disrupt the status quo. “I think that crossing cultures is a sensitive conversation because it’s often led by the one in power” Marley says. “Although I am one that finds traveling to be a spiritual experience, I also find it necessary to be sensitive to the culture that I choose to include myself in and be mindful that I am not invading spaces.

The AW2019 campaign’s open dialogue between LaChapelle’s photography in 2019 and the treasure trove of his found images from bygone eras speaks to today’s era where nothing is quite what it seems, and the need for new spaces for shared communality. “We don’t exist in a vacuum; therefore, we must welcome in and seek out the beauty and strife of all people. Celebrating the intersections of cultures progresses us into a truly global community which we need in order to leave the world better than we found it” says Browning.