Roger Vivier AW2019 Presents The Courbette

Gherardo Felloni, continues the evolution of the Maison with new styles, still inspired by the archives, but reinterpreted in his own design aesthetic. One such archive piece is the Polichinelle, a heel that curves inward and extends towards the foot, created in 1960 by Monsieur Vivier and inspired by 18th century pumps. During this time, the Polichinelle transformed the silhouette of a conventional heel by challenging the idea of a narrow shape and replacing it with a wider, thicker version in what can be considered as the very first block heel for women’s shoes. Today, more than 50 years later, the archive heel is reborn as the Courbette, designed by Felloni as a bicolor, chunky heel with a curved interior. The Courbette continues Monsieur Vivier’s legacy of innovation and creativity, its shape as unique as its predecessor but with the added dimension of a distinct metallic curve. Roger Vivier is a Maison that brings out the feminine side of every woman, whether through subtle accents or bold statements, and the Courbette styles for Fall/Winter 2019 embody this trademark of the Vivier spirit. The Courbette Bow pumps, hand crafted in exquisite satin or velvet, come adorned with an opulent silk ribbon that decorates the center of the foot – a daring expression of ladylike style. Elegance, another of the Maison’s pillars, is also exemplified by the Courbette Grand Soirée. Inspired by the intricate jewels from Monsieur Vivier’s most exclusive creations, Felloni designed this special pair in silver, with a crystal-encrusted band, perfect for extraordinary occasions. Striking a perfect balance between fantasy and innovation, femininity and functionality, the Courbette is the absolute signature heel of the season.

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