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ith more than three decades serving the world elite leaders and celebrities from around the globe, Regent Taipei has not stopped providing its utmost courteous hospitality and prestige accommodation to its many return guests and continues to shine bright and shine high with their mainly award winning dining experiences and elevated enhancements that you will never forget. mylifestylenews writes.

The modern metropolis of Taipei for the first timer is such a melting pot of diverse cuisines, architecture and culture that has the heritage of Chinese and Japanese influence. The skyline is dominated by the world renowned ruyi symbol shaped Taipei 101 skyscraper to the world stage of growing prosperity with unlimited exploration in this city. From drooling street food to its rich Oriental heritage and history as well as the glories of nature, Taiwanese warmest hospitality and welcoming culture sparks every visitor by blending themselves into the modern and civilized city lifestyle in no time.

When it comes to accommodation for a memorable vacation, it is equally important to choose the right hotel in the right location to get the most out of your stay. It is to be expected that there is a plethora of hotels to choose from, but if you wish to experience a hotel that has dominated the luxury scene for decades, the Regent Taipei has a lot to offer for you to bring home with some real good memories to share. Born in Hong Kong in the 1970s, Regent Hotels & Resorts has developed an iconic name in the global hospitality industry and become the world’s most admired hotel brand and for many years set the benchmark for 5-star hotels worldwide.

Opened in 1990, The Regent Taipei rapidly attained its premier status and it has always risen above the vicissitudes of taste and continued to provide timeless elegance without losing its traditional classy feel and sense of you being in a heritage place and has been a constant on the Taipei social scene for its understated approach to luxurious hospitality. Despite the hotel architectural design was built in a classic rectangular box shape from the exterior view that does not date and let’s be honest, a “mid-century” sleek minimalist design is all the rage and in a sense this hotel has withstood the test of time by being classic in outlook.

On entering the lobby, although there is a traditional sensibility with a touch of the Orient to the hotel’s interiors without it being an exact reproduction, it is also necessary to introduce new elements, so you will find designer light fittings, graceful floral displays, classic streamlined furniture, uncluttered public spaces that allow a wonderful vista through the public areas 
and once you are past the lift banks you can gaze down on the main atrium, with floors of renown restaurant outlets below for casual dining and refined wine and dine experience that extends back more deeply than you think, together with world class luxury retail shopping, so the whole hotel footprint is quite large.

The length and breadth of the hotel seems to keep opening up surprises one after another as there are 20 floors above ground level and then four levels below the lobby, so there is so much to offer inside the hotel that swaddles you in the lap of warm luxury that you could spend day after day just enjoying the interior delights.

We were promptly directed to the TAI PAN Lounge on the 19th floor for a more discreet and personalized check-in experience. Regent Taipei’s TAI PAN Residence & Club is a pioneering concept in hospitality and is an exclusive retreat reflecting the splendor of past and present. “Tai Pan” is defined as a businessperson of enormous power and influence, or a foreigner who is a chief executive of a company operating in China. The original Tai Pans are considered to be William Jardine and his partner James Matheson (the inspiration for the novel TAI PAN by James Clavell). These English merchants and connoisseurs of fine arts foresaw opportunities that others could not and reaped the fortunes.

In 1841, the business adventurers opened the first trading company in China and the gate to commerce opportunities. Jardine and Matheson were the most influential figures of the era and, with this history and background, the TAI PAN residence & Club builds its foundation. A fashion statement in itself, TAI PAN fuses revolutionary design aspects and traditions from classical Chinese elements with contemporary architecture and personal butlers.

Located on the 18th and 19th floor, the decorative dimmed lighting at the long hallway to the entrance is elegant, understated and sophisticated. With 80 rooms and suites and a proper lounge, these two floors of exclusive residences coalesce the traditional Oriental milieu with modern contemporary comfort.

The wonderful Emily greeted us in the TAI PAN Lounge for our check-in, formalities were well-handled and our first gaze at the entire lounge was an instant connection due to all the little details and touches, where no decorative touch is superfluous and tradition has a place that is to be observed with pleasure and enjoyment. Despite our arrival was slightly earlier than the usual check-in time, our room was ready for us and we felt valued by the hotel team.

We were then escorted to our TAI PAN Junior Suite that was assigned on the same level of the TAI PAN Lounge. The 69sqm TAI PAN Junior Suite is composed of two spacious areas connected with the focal point being the large floor to ceiling windows letting the natural light flood all corners of the room. It was not with any clutter, but comfort was a priority, with a view of the nearby tranquil Linsen Park, so an oasis in a bustling city.

As the expression goes, less is more. The stylish decoration and soft tones creates a laid-back atmosphere and calm to the rooms ambience and has a walk-in wardrobe that will allow you to spread out for more than just a day or two and, most importantly, a large and bright all-marble bathroom equipped with a very large bathtub, separate shower and a whole wall mirror. This luxury hotel is not stingy with its bathroom amenities selection, with premium brand such as Diptique on supply together with their in house spa branded soap which adds a truly sensible touch allowing you to fully relax after a challenging day doing business or resting your weary muscles from your shopping or sightseeing.  


The suite is also furnished with a temperature-sensing, pressure-relieving Wellspring Mattress that conforms to a body’s unique contours, along with crisp, breathable cotton sheets, a snug, caressing duvet, and the guest’s preferred pillow from a menu of eight varieties. A beautiful box set of a local candies and snacks awaits our arrival as the welcome amenity was also beyond the norm and was an immediate connection to the local food culture, so a lovely touch. Once we had settled into our beautiful suite, it was time to step out from our ‘comfort zone” and return to the TAI PAN Lounge to further relax and explore it in more detail. The elegant TAI PAN Lounge has three walls of French windows overlooking a city skyline and beyond with specially oxidized metallic panels on the walls creating a rustic and mature understated feel.

The window lattice is an intersection of rings and tetragons based on the designs of ancient Chinese coinage. Stylish flannel sofas accentuate the energetic mode for you to unwind. The zen and tasteful floral decorations are absolutely exquisite from the in-house florist and certainly become a point of great beauty every time you visit the lounge. The feature theme of TAI PAN is of course its 24-hour personalized butler services. A butler is chosen and dedicated to cater to your needs with exquisite care with your preferences even prior to your arrival amongst other bonus added value services offered.

Spending some peaceful and relaxing time at the TAI PAN Lounge is an absolute must. The Club Lounge is superb in terms of fit out and comfort, its quality food and wine selection throughout the daily ‘meal times’ serve a mini buffet breakfast, afternoon tea as well as cocktail hours with premium selection of cheeses and canapes to indulge.

With over decades of dedicated work to the hotel, the TAI PAN Lounge chef team is helmed by Ginny who looks after all your culinary needs and is also on standby to prepare some of your amazing breakfast dishes a la minute that had the best home-cooked flavours.

Emily and her dedicated service team were the perfect hosts to take you through what the lounge has to offer and ensure you will enjoy the most of it without much hesitation. Hiroshi Hibino san, the Japanese and fluently Mandarin spoken VIP service manager for Japanese guests handling is the best person to get the insight of great restaurant recommendations, especially if you are after a good Yakiniku dining experience. The whole TAI PAN Lounge team do put themselves in your shoes to deliver their utmost and worry free seamless hospitality at your disposal.

Checking out the gym despite the front line team were not as welcoming as we expected from their seemingly aggressive and robotic approach which was a little disappointing, but the facilities are absolutely amazing -  a fully equipped techo-gym comes with personal trainers who are ever ready to re-shape your body with some brutal moves and weight lifting, after all no pain, no gain if that is what you are signing up for. The sweat after is best to relax your muscles at its in-house steam and sauna experience. The extended facilities comprise of multiple pools at varying temperatures, a dry sauna, wet sauna and relaxation lounge for you to unwind and recharge.

For a revitalizing spa treatment, a visit to the urban Wellspring Spa to further indulgence and rejuvenation. We took the time to enjoy a facial treatment and felt completely revived with our skin glowing post treatment. The spa treatment rooms are true treatment sanctuaries and beautifully designed to create an ambience that takes you away from the bustling metropolis outside. Get ready to be pampered! One floor up from the spa via the staircase is the heated outdoor rooftop pool deck for some sunbathing or lap swimming to burn off the extra calories so you can indulge in more salivating food.

The Regent Taipei also knows how to present their dining experience to cater for their local and international diners. Skipping ROBIN’S Teppanyaki would be a shame as you can only blame yourself for not having enough time to have the second visit to this exquisite steak house & Teppan grill that is created with the highest quality ingredients by some seriously talented chefs. In here, detail is everything.

Azie is another to-go-to place for a casual dining, the first Grand Café in Taipei featuring an open-top atrium design, offering creative fusion of Asian and Western cuisine from gourmet pizza to decadent desserts but we were here for their award winning beef noodles.

The award winning beef noodles has two different versions to choose from. We suggest to start with the
 2012 Champion Beef Noodles with Clear Broth which uses premium Australia beef. The clear broth is simply delicious and smooth, with the oil well skimmed from the broth. The thick sliced Australian beef is so tender and needs no further battle with the texture while chewing in your mouth. The noodles are freshly made daily and kept fresh in the refrigerator before the order is placed and cooked to al-dente. Sliced ginger and spring onion are used as garnish and do not underestimate such a small portion that could enhance the entire appetite while it is being enjoyed with the noodle and the meat simultaneously. This is the pleasure and the best way to enjoy such an award winning delicacy.
If you prefer a little spicy in taste to challenge your palette, you may opt for the Regent Beef Noodles with braised U.S. Beef and this is the original version of Taiwanese beef noodle. The broth is thicker yet not over powering from the usual beef noodles you would get from other Taipei’s beef noodle eat outs. The aroma from the soup is purely executed from the length of the broth being simmered and reduced to the right thickness. A hint of spiciness is the traditional and ultimate way to enjoy such beef noodle soup. The 63 degree half boiled egg is another bonus feature to this dish, and we suggest to eat the egg with their own homemade pickles while slurping the al-dente noodle at the same time. This is such a truly Taiwanese style with authenticity. Don’t forget to ask for a refill of the broth if you really enjoy the kick of the chili.

Breakfast served at Brasserie was another dining experience that we looked forward to every day and this has to be the largest breakfast buffet in Taiwan, if not in Taipei. It is not about size, but the entire spread of quality selection. Every pick of the dishes we tried was always on point, from the eye-catching fresh salad bar and detox juices to the pastry selection and the hot dishes selection, it  is hard to resist yet you ask yourself where to begin? The Asian and local sections nearly occupied half of the varieties presented and is seriously not to be missed. There are many to-go-to dishes: the a-la-minute noodles soup with multiple toppings and condiments, hearty dim sum, comfort delights such as sticky rice roll, flaky Chinese pancake, various wok-fried dishes, local sausages to go with your omelet and a few other in between surprises.

As the saying goes, “Go Local or Go Home” if you are not game to explore the vibrant local dining culture while you are away from home. It is super busy and some may find it a little chaotic from the fast pace service and the on-the-go open kitchen scene, yet you will always find a table from the well-organized team and seated promptly and because of the spacious layout of the buffet, it is never too congested. What is even more surprising is that there are more Asian restaurants to tempt your taste buds, Silk House will delight your craving for Canton flavour and Lan Ting offers another sophisticated delights from various Chinese regions gastronomy and Mihan Honke serves a wide selection of traditional nabe including shabu shabu and sukiyaki hot pot dishes all at your fingertips.

Should you not feel the desire to leave the environs of the hotel for shopping, Regent Galleria takes up two whole floors on the lower levels below the lower ground floor and houses the world’s finest haute-fashion boutiques and you will be spoilt for choice as to what label you must acquire before checking out! The Regent Taipei aims at providing services that exceed the expectations of distinguished business travelers and local patrons alike for its iconic name and it sets a standard that is hard to beat by any reckoning. 
While the hotel premise is not the ‘newest kid on the block’, it is well maintained to a very high standard and well suited in the heart of Zhongshan business district, the interior design which remains true to the ethos of the brand is very much to be admired. Most importantly, it is like meeting an old friend that will cheer you up with good memories and they deliver a high level of service that is to be commended and sets a new standard for other luxury hotels to follow. Intimate but majestic, Regent Taipei journey of luxury and treats galore creates a bespoke urban retreat. With every stay, there will be another story to tell and prosper to a new era of true indulgence.

Tried & Tested:
Location: 5/5
Design & Decor: 4.5/5
Food & Beverage: 4.5/5
Housekeeping: 4.5/5
Room Amenities: 4.5/5
Service: 5/5
Value For Money: 4.5/5
Experience: 5/5

TAI PAN Lounge
Robin's Teppanyaki

3, Lane 39, 
Section 2, Zhongshan North Road,
Taipei, Taiwan
Tel: +856 2 2523 8000

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