Holy Bake Scones Pop-up In Harbour City

Holy Bake - the creative local baked scones brand opens its first scones stand alone pop-up store at Harbour City from 1st September for 3 months. Renown for  incorporating unique and modern flavours into their scone’s creations offering endless aftertastes, the Pop-up store, there will also be a limited-time Harbour City Exclusive Lava Sesame Glutinous Rice Ball flavour, which its molten sesame filling spurts like an eruption and astounds you on your first bite. (HK$45 each).

Holy Bake was founded in Hong Kong since April 2021 co-owned by two dedicated and passionate young women who knew each other in a local church who were dedicated and enthusiastic. With Happiness, Originality, Love, and Yummy as the keynote of the brand, as well as God’s grace and love are injected into scones, allowing scone lovers to share creative and sincere local baked scones with relatives, friends, or loved ones.

Putting their hands together, they aim to create the best artisan pastries and bakes up scones in an assortment of flavours, includes Devil’s Chocolate, Earl Grey, Lava Matcha, Jacob’s Club Orange Chocolate and its own secret recipe Ginger Vinegar flavour with 0% preservatives and 100% love, serve with clotted cream and jam for the
ultimate combo. Limited-edition flavours will be released throughout the pop-up period, so keep an eye on their Instagram @holybakehk for the latest updates.

Kiosk K, Level 3, Ocean Terminal, Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui

Business hours: 
Monday to Sunday, 11 am to 8 pm

Opening dates: 
1st September – 30th November 2021


JW Anderson Presents WRS21 Show In A Box

JW Anderson Presents WRS21 Show In A Box that is mysterious yet upbeat masks give a totemic presence to the characters wearing the collection, like they were portals to another dimension.

Silhouettes and materials dialogue seamlessly with men’s: an interchangeability of shapes and solutions is well steeped within the codes of the brand.

A sense of fluid elongation counterbalances the neatness of sharp tailoring. Ties, scarves and pompoms add an element of playfulness. Normality toys with non

Patchworked coats and safari jackets worn with cropped culottes are emblazoned with outsized patch pockets.

Double breasted suits match precise, round-lapeled blazers with relaxed cropped trousers.

Dresses have handkerchief hems, built-in scarves, double panels that create flow and movement, or are fashioned from a patchwork of different fabrics and prints that create visual frenzy.

A jacket is tied in the front, the volume gathered and then liquefied in two strips left dangling.

Voluminous trousers are gathered at the hem and worn with oversized sleeve shirts.

Engaging textures bring interest from shape to surface: juxtapositions or matte and shiny; monochromatic patchworks; brocade and tapestry impressions, flowers.

The overall feel is an offset of sturdy presence and evanescent languor eerily kept together by Bertjan Pot’s abstract, colorful masks.


EA7 Emporio Armani SS2021 Collection

EA7 Emporio Armani SS2021 Collection is about function, the cornerstone of the Armani world, becomes performance in the EA7 Emporio Armani collection. The search for design is coupled with the search for innovation.

In the SS2021 collection, this experimental approach takes tangible form in the idea of “LAB”: an innovative selection of garments enhanced by VENTUS LAB and VIGOR LAB technologies, which is particularly appropriate for intensive activity thanks to the ergonomic details highlighted on the muscle areas, allowing high performance and absolute freedom of movement.

The fitness offer, for men and women, also unfolds through garments suitable for intensive activity enhanced by VIGOR, VENTUS and NATURAL VENTUS technologies. EA7 introduces VIGOR7 AQUA, a swim line created to achieve the highest level of performance by combining compression, lightness and resistance.

In addition to prints – graphic designs and floral motifs combined with geometric elements, for both workout and leisure garments – colour is a key element, with high-impact contrasts of curaçao blue, knockout fluoro-pink, and foxglove and fandango pink mixed with black and white, used for clothing, accessories and footwear.

The Colour Flash range is emblematic; it is designed for men and women, and based on strong and unexpected chromatic juxtapositions, resulting in ensembles constructed in colour blocks.

The 7.0 line, where special technical materials are blended with a sophisticated design with an urban slant, includes specialised sailing garments made with precious fabrics – incorporating coated, glossy nylon, and rubberised tape – and innovative cuts.

For tennis lovers, the new EA7 collection presents a wide range of competitive clothing, with ergonomic details and a heritage design for the female range. Accessories such as headbands, wristbands, backpacks and duffle bags complement the rich offering of sneakers, which are not limited to technical models.

Launched in 2004 as the sports division of Emporio Armani, EA7 has developed its own distinctive identity over the years. It offers a wide range of technical and leisure clothing for sports enthusiasts.


Dior SS2021 Haute Couture Collection - mylifestylenews Top 10's Pick

Dior SS2021 Haute Couture Collection explores the mysterious and pluralistic beauty of the tarot in a series of dresses featuring virtuoso constructions; manifest proof that couture remains the ultimate territory of experimentation and possibility.

Tarot cards are among the keys to accessing the magical realm, to explore the unknown while fearlessly looking deep inside oneself. Maria Grazia Chiuri immediately felt a connection with these imaginary worlds and this visual language whose symbolic lexicon is rich in complex and fascinating characters.

Christian Dior was passionate about the divinatory arts and signs of destiny. His autobiography is punctuated with often fateful encounters with visionary personalities: “It will be extraordinary. Your house will revolutionize fashion!” he recalled of a prophecy come true.

A series of extraordinary evening gowns features abstract constructions, some with veritable bas-relief openwork bodices punctuated with illustrations by Pietro Ruffo. In this spirit, the Roman artist created a singular deck of cards in which characters disclose the graphic energy of the symbols.

Dior gray appears in tweed, cashmere and organza on shirts, skirts, pants and capes. Meanwhile, the Bar jacket is revisited in black velvet, its curves reinterpreted to express a new attitude.

In his staging of these haute couture creations, Matteo Garrone, one of Italy’s most high-profile directors, builds on the narrative iconography by drawing on the visual force of the Visconti-Sforza tarot. Decorated by the illuminator Bonifacio Bembo for the Duke of Milan in the 15th century, this tarot deck illustrates the marvelous tale of this collection. Splendid cards embellished in gold, enamel, and vegetal and geometric interlacing have a solemn and enigmatic presence, revealing an inner journey, like an adventure of self discovery.

A voyage to the heart of a castle populated by characters embodying the major arcana who question and disorient, inviting the viewer to look at the world from a new perspective. In the director’s interpretation, this quest surpasses gender boundaries, presenting a synthesis of masculine and feminine in a new heraldic mythology evoking the enchanted worlds Matteo Garrone loves.

A clairvoyant asks to draw a card in a deck designed as a catalogue of possibilities, a cryptic dictionary of the world. The High Priestess, the Empress, Justice, and the Fool are notably sublimated through excellence of savoir-faire celebrating the art of weaving: lace is inlaid with hand-painted embellishments, golden velvet is enlivened with the signs of the zodiac and precious jacquards are sprinkled with stars, while a cape in multicolored feathers showcases 3D volumes.

In this story, the insider always needs the feminine complement and vice versa, because only such a fusion makes it possible to approach a formative path leading to self-awareness. As Italo Calvino points out in The Castle of Crossed Destinies: “The world has to be read upside-down”.


Emporio Armani SS2021 Watches & Jewellery Advertising Campaign

Emporio Armani SS2021 Watches & Jewellery Advertising Campaign shot by Max Vadukul. The theatricality of gestures as an affirmation of a strong and free identity is the key of the Emporio Armani advertising campaign. The SS2021 watches collection combines the brand dna with contemporary codes taking inspiration from water sports. Men’s watches present cut-out dials with bold logo and dive-style silhouettes and updated movements. New dive-inspired watches take form with colourful two-tone aluminium rotating tachymeter bezels and gleaming sunray dials with Luminova indexes and hands.

Ladies’ timepieces transmit femininity and elegance with its colourful straps and refined cases; the glitz-covered bezel and mother-of-pearl dial with Roman numerals and glitz indexes complete the collection. The women’s offer is enriched with the jewellery collection, also presenting sterling silver necklaces, earrings and bracelets with cultured freshwater pearls and innovative chain links.


CHAUMET Presents The Bee My Love Solar Essential Collection

Maison Chaumet expands its Bee My Love collection with a new resplendent pendant that enhances sun-kissed summer skin. An eye-catching and playful must-have you'll never want to take it off.

Irresistibly incandescent, the new Bee My Love pendant lightly reprises the spare style of the honeycomb, an iconic Chaumet motif. Shining like the a summer’s day across each of its mirror-polished gold cells.

Available in three versions–rose gold, rose gold punctuated with six diamonds or white gold sprinkled with six diamonds–it illuminates the neckline with its solar together and mounted on a delicate gold chain, it recalls the collection’s rings.

A new ultra desirable design to mix with other jewels in the line–and an opportunity to outshine the sun.


Juana Martín SS2021 Couture Collection

Juana Martín presents her SS2021 collection «Cordoba, Heritage of Fashion» inspired by the four places in Cordoba designated as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO.

The four places in Cordoba designated as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO : The Mosque of Cordoba, The Old Town, The Patios Cordobeses and The Medina-Azahara have served as a source of inspiration for Juana Martín for the elaboration of her designs. Once again, the city where she was born and its unique and emblematic places are references for the designer. "We can say that they are engraved in my DNA", said Juana.

The white of the lights of Medina Azahara (City of Light), the black of the intimacy of prayer at the Mezquita and the intense color of the buganvilla, so characteristic of the Cordoban Patios, are the signs of identity and emotions that the designer wants to convey through unique pieces.

For the first time in fashion and thanks to the collaboration of the Cordoba City Council and the Delegation of Tourism of Cordoba, these four emblematic places were the stage and the incomparable setting for the video presentation of the collection, which was released for the first time on January 27th.

All her pieces with jewelry from the brand Facet, specially designed for this event. For Facet, a jewelry brand with more than 30 years of experience, the commitment to responsibility, transparency and integrity are very important in all production processes. Facet is proud to be one of the pioneers in being awarded TRACEMARK (traceability seal). Facet becomes the perfect travel companion for designer Juana Martin to add even more sparkle to this new collection.

This is an exciting project in which the City Council of Cordoba and the Delegation of Tourism of Cordoba have collaborated, allowing the use of these places to record the video inside the Mosque. It was the first time that the cameras recorded in this place.


ANDREW GN 的美[麗]幻[夏]想



願每天美麗            直到不能                   華麗故事會發生 
ANDREW GN在宵禁期間,和許多人一樣,多出了時間去思考和自我審核在工作上的目標,如何去面對那一切的未知,繼續邁進和將自己投射到更好的時代。作爲時尚設計師,Andrew深信著不斷創作和其核心價值正是賦予整個時尚生態運作的動力,帶領著工作室各大工房繼續前進,共度時艱。疫情全球持續升溫,要(出行)去旅行,對於某地某人,只能遐想。不能出巡,困在家中斷拾離,家裏衣櫥堆積之前購入的時尚戰利品,不能適時出櫃獻世,唯有自編、自導、自演時尚秀,透過網上直播時尚秀,去暫時滿足可打扮的即日誘惑,自我感覺良好地參與其中。事實上,it is the denial in us that doesn't want to look pretty,要打破不想看起來漂亮是我們內心的否認格言,領悟到there are little things in life that make us happy;願每天美麗、快活、燦爛,直到不能。活在當下,即時享樂,讓華麗故事去發生,不足為過。
願每一分鐘            活到出神                   我華麗裡生
贏在起跑綫, delete那不戰而敗的態度,懂得謙卑並完美,所以Andrew為今夏設計了一個能帶來快樂、歡愉、悅目及帶有希望的系列,共同跨過這嚴峻的時刻;黑暗終會在黎明的到來結束,在那一天不虧欠地再次普天同慶,與華麗邂逅。像徵著純潔的白色乃系列設計首選,一股清泉驟然暗湧,全白色看起來有著淨化和重生的意義,活潑華麗對比著鮮明的質感紋理及不同材料的拼湊和運用如花邊凸紋、絲綢、蕾絲、粗花呢、流蘇等元素去創作出更時尚、光滑、靈活和多節兼具層次感的設計。輕盈的布料搭配解構廓形設計,強調了優雅灑脫的經典風格,不同的個性,卻緊緊聯繫著,並互相提升,共同體現出一致的時尚態度。 啞光和閃亮的華麗結合、柔和及結構化的反差美學,跳脫矛盾,再度煥發新姿,在這系列表露無遺。
願每天燦爛            直到不能                   我懷著信心
繽紛燦爛的色彩從來都是歡樂的泉源和代言,一系列吸睛和引人入勝的孔雀藍、橘色、黃綠色、淡綠松石色、粉紅色、撒哈拉米色等優質布料織物應用,亮眼艷麗,令人過目不忘。一種具像名為“Iris Border”的印花高超打印技術,靈感來自Andrew親娘的一位日本友人和服,它具有鮮豔的色彩和意念,讓人聯想到日本明治時期絕跡水彩畫,東瀛式的精湛點綴撮成的時代風尚,盡顯玩味奢華。另一種名為櫻花的印象”- Impression of Cherry Blossoms的打印,更爲獨有抽象,它的靈感來自一個Andrew 最近看到的一系列當代繪畫,並即時向他的設計團隊描述了當中的細節,要求他們打開無窮的宇宙想像,藉此探索全新的求真態度,去創作出更無限大的設計方案。出人意表的設計成品另Andrew異常歡欣,並將整個系列命名為《May There Be Light 》,呈獻大家所喜歡的、輕鬆愜意、時尚優雅兼且令人心情愉悅舒適奢華的時尚,去體會世界繽紛色彩,積極享樂人生。


願每天快活            奪魄銷魂                隨日與夜我變身