JW Anderson Presents WRS21 Show In A Box

JW Anderson Presents WRS21 Show In A Box that is mysterious yet upbeat masks give a totemic presence to the characters wearing the collection, like they were portals to another dimension.

Silhouettes and materials dialogue seamlessly with men’s: an interchangeability of shapes and solutions is well steeped within the codes of the brand.

A sense of fluid elongation counterbalances the neatness of sharp tailoring. Ties, scarves and pompoms add an element of playfulness. Normality toys with non

Patchworked coats and safari jackets worn with cropped culottes are emblazoned with outsized patch pockets.

Double breasted suits match precise, round-lapeled blazers with relaxed cropped trousers.

Dresses have handkerchief hems, built-in scarves, double panels that create flow and movement, or are fashioned from a patchwork of different fabrics and prints that create visual frenzy.

A jacket is tied in the front, the volume gathered and then liquefied in two strips left dangling.

Voluminous trousers are gathered at the hem and worn with oversized sleeve shirts.

Engaging textures bring interest from shape to surface: juxtapositions or matte and shiny; monochromatic patchworks; brocade and tapestry impressions, flowers.

The overall feel is an offset of sturdy presence and evanescent languor eerily kept together by Bertjan Pot’s abstract, colorful masks.

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