FURLA SS2021 #FUNFURLA Advertising Campaign

FURLA SS2021 #FUNFURLA Advertising Campaign celebrates optimism and lightness of spirit, looking ahead while enhancing its distinctly Italian DNA. The campaign comprises images and a film and represents a new chapter in terms of creativity, communicating a cheerful lifestyle. #FUNFURLA becomes a brand message, an institutional manifesto and an aesthetic trait d’union across all channels.

Under the motto of freedom, joyful elegance, friendship and complicity Furla’s campaign invites everyone to join in, have fun and embrace the moment. Set against a dreamy, Mediterranean backdrop, the open sky and sparkling sea become #FUNFURLA’s setting. A summer daydream unfolds in a warm, soft breeze with the product at its centre stage. In a play of shadows and silhouettes, the models are displayed mainly from the back and through their body language impalpable feelings of togetherness, freedom and lightness are powerfully transmitted. Unexpected frames emphasize unusual movement that together with the new collection transmit joy.

The soft colour palette of the products, shown in the photos with chromatic ton-sur-ton effects or in contrast to one another, further enhances the feeling of carefreeness. The styling expertly balances volumes, space and colours. Inclusiveness, as well as the company’s core values of heritage and beautiful Italian craftsmanship are conveyed through every image.

The Italian coastline was chosen as panorama for a new storytelling for Furla. Joyful, fresh images give a message of positivity, a new beginning, an inspirational journey. In the video this feeling is underlined by the sound of Cyril Giroux’s ‘I tuoi baci’.

Furla invites you to enter a summer daydream. Open your eyes: #FUNFURLA

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